19 Times When People Are Wearing Weird Mask in Subway: A Funny Compilation on Instagram

19 Times When People Are Wearing Weird Mask in Subway: A Funny Compilation on Instagram
Photo by @subwaycreatures on Instagram

Tripboba.com - Ever since COVID-19 hit us, we all now became aware of how important it is for us to wear a mask in public. Mask is proven effective to prevent viruses from spreading.

So, aside from keeping a distance from other people for at least 6 feet, we also should not leave our mask at home. This all is to keep the virus at bay.

However, that doesn’t stop people from being creative. We don’t know if it’s fashion, or they just have a different perspective of science – but some people who use the subway wear questionable-looking masks. From covering their entire head with plastics to writing “wake me up at 23 st”. 

This Instagram account named @subwaycreatures has been uploading submissions of people who took photos of people who wear weird-looking masks. Let’s check out the photos by scrolling down this page! Also, you can swipe on each picture to see more weird mask photos the account collected. 






The person who handles the account is Rick McGuire, who is based in New York. Even before the pandemic, he has been uploading submissions of people’s photos when they’re doing questionable things in the trains or stations. 

“A good number of people are still scared to use public transportation despite studies showing there is a very minimal risk of contracting COVID-19 on the trains. In addition, there is a decent amount of people who no longer have to commute to work because they are now working from home.”

He then explained how this affects his Instagram account. “It’s hurting the public transportation system badly, as well as content for my page Subway Creatures.”






The account itself has amassed 2.1 million followers with more than 3000 post ever since it was created. The bizarre things Rick found in the subway captivated him as he himself commuting to work. “I was commuting to work in NYC every day and seeing the wild, bizarre, and crazy things the city has to offer and noticed there really wasn’t a place where it was all being documented.”











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