20+ Photos of a Girl Remaking Her Traveling Photos Into Quarantine Version, Should We Do It Too?

Oct 15, 2020 08:30 PM

Photo by @thesharonicles on Instagram

Tripboba.com - There are so many things we can’t do during this pandemic. Meeting other people, enjoying our coffee in a café without worrying about the risk, and one of the most obvious ones is that people can’t travel as freely as before.

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Many countries decided to lock their borders down so they won’t get any new infections from people abroad and can focus on treating people on the territory. 

This doesn’t stop Sharon Waugh from being creative and making her travel plans “come true.” To outsmart this situation, she has been practicing poses of herself when she was able to travel to other places.

According to Sharon, practicing travel poses is one way for travel-obsessed people to cope with lockdown and current travel restrictions. 

She has been uploading those photos on Instagram, and Tripboba has picked the 20 best posts of them all! Let's check out down below and learn more about what Sharon thinks about this situation. 






During this pandemic, Sharon admitted that aside from practicing her Instagram travel poses, she also have consumed loads of carbs – mostly from the comfort of her living room couch cushion fort, as one does. 





Sharon believes that after the coronavirus pandemic cools down, regional travel will open up before international travel.

As someone who is based in South Africa, the first place she wishes to visit is the giant pineapple in the small town of Bathurst – one of the most iconic landmarks in South Africa. She also plans to invite her family to join her, as they haven’t met with each other for so long. 

She also put the Namibian desert town of Swakopmund on her visit list, to take post-apocalyptic dystopia-grams in buildings slowly being engulfed by desert sand. 














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