Commiting to #VanLife? Check Out These 7 Coolest Camper Vans!

Commiting to #VanLife? Check Out These 7 Coolest Camper Vans!
Paved to Pines official Instagram account - Photo by Paved to Pines
SHARE - For adventurous souls, camping must be something thrilling and exciting at the same time. Some people are even committed to #VanLife, meaning that they’re spending their days inside a van, being a nomad.

Living inside a home that is constantly moving certainly has its own challenge – you don’t even know where you’ll be sleeping that night. You have to be adaptive to new environments and locations!

To support this, there are many camper vans that have the facilities that will give you comfort throughout your journey! Though, you should also consider what your need in a camper van, such as its size, drivetrain, fuel economy, whether it uses diesel or gasoline, and service history and mileage if it’s a used van.

Without further ado, here are our picks of 7 of the coolest camper vans!

1. Yama Nomad’s Christopher Wallace

A Canadian couple, Alex Welsh and Patrick Burns had successfully converted a 2018 four-wheel-drive Mercedes Benz Sprinter into a stunning camper van. The van is equipped with gorgeous interior design as well as modern features, such as diesel cooktop and diesel air/water heater within the interior design. 

Sprinter was also chosen by the couple to be converted to Christopher Wallace because it fits for the demands of the Canadian Rockies terrain and diverse condition. 

2. Hymer’s Grand Canyon

Built from Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, Hymer Grand Canyon is currently one of the coolest camping vans you can get. With superb driver assistance system, kitchen with tall refrigerator, and optional pop-top roof, this camping van surely will get you the most comfortable #vanlife. Inside the van itself is spacious and there are lots of storage areas you can use!

3. Outside Van’s Wanderlust

Another famous convert from Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is Outside Van’s Wanderlust. This van is made for those with a tall body so they can fully stand inside. Outside Van accomplished this feature by reducing the amount of insulation in certain areas of the ceiling.

The van is also equipped with a kitchen, refrigerator, sink, induction cooktop, removable three panel bed, and a removable bench seat. A perfect vehicle if you seek a relaxing getaway!

4. Peugeot’s Rifter 4x4 edition

In 2018, Peugeot showcased their Peugeot Rifter 4x4 in the Geneva International Motor Show. Equipped with “Overland” tent developed with specialist Autohome, this camper van became very popular amongst campers.

Easy to set up, the tent above the car would be such a cool addition for your camping journey, not to mention its assertive design and power tube MTB which allows you to herald eBikes from the Lion brand. 

5. Volkswagen’s Microbus

In its classic design, Volkswagen Microbus has been a popular choice amongst youth for camping!

First produced in 1949, this van has gone through many changes in design, as well as engine configuration. This van is relatively cheap, available in high numbers, and has the cute look that vintage-lovers would fall in love with! 

6. Knaus’ Boxstar

Dreaming of a luxury van life? Well, Knaus’ Boxstar 600 is a perfect choice! With the technology of LED lighting, closed insulation with comfort features, you’re guaranteed high living comfort with compact van dimension and dynamic handling.

It has 11 color variants and finishes that you could choose, as well as interior variants: 600 streets, 600 families, and 600 lifetimes. 

7. Paved to Pines’ School Bus

If you’re loving an even bigger space for camping with friends, then why don’t you get Paved to Pines’ School Bus? They transformed a used or new school bus into a habitable vehicle that is perfect for family adventures, solo adventures, or weekend getaway.

They work based on requests, so make sure you know what features you want to add to the school bus and they will make it come true!


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