20 Pictures of "Dudette With Sign" Show Her Arguments Are No Less Important Than the "Dude With Sign"

Sep 22, 2020 11:30 PM

Photo by @dudettewithsign on Instagram

Tripboba.com - Have you read our “Dude with Sign” article? Well, there is a female version who’s doing exactly the same as the @dudewithsign guy under the same label.

Her name is Beth and she has been uploading her photos where she’s standing on the streets holding up signs. The things she’s protesting vary – not only about petty things in everyday life, but also about gender issues. She's uploading the photos under the username @dudettewithsign.

She now has more than 375K followers on Instagram. She also has the same bio with the @dudewithsign, which is “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

Even though she’s sometimes protesting about “heavy issues” for some people, she still delivering it in a funny way and would make people think harder.

Here are some of our favorite ones!

1. Don't leave me behind..

2. This is like that one song we love to sing...

3. Very well said!!


5. Chaotic is my passion

6. Who laugh with us?

7. Stop this is a personal attack

8. The accuracy level!

9. Yes I am just bored and not hungry

10. The truest!

11. Who else agree with this?

12. No bra day is okay but don't forget to wash it!

13. Words have failed...

14. It did nothing wrong!

15. To all the boys...

16. No is a no

17. Shoutout to all wonder women out there!

18. What about we change it to "Corona pls go away"

19. Anyone has job vacancy info?

20. Bigger and safer, please..


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