Feeling Bored? Watch These Cute Cats and Dogs Doing Level Up Challenge on TikTok!

Aug 11, 2020 02:00 PM

Photo by @sharonchicky on TikTok

Tripboba.com - Some of us just can’t get enough of pets’ cuteness, be it cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, or any other pets!

Added with the boredom during the pandemic, some people have started TikTok challenges that involve their fur baby, showing the world how cute their pets are. One of the most famous TikTok challenges for pets right now is the Level Up challenge.

In the Level Up challenge, pet owners put a barrier between them and their pets, usually rolls of toilet paper. When the pets succeeded to jump on the toilet papers, pet owners will add more toilet paper so the barrier will be higher, until the pets can’t jump on them anymore without breaking the barriers.

It’s fun and very adorable to watch! So, check the list out to boost your mood!


Look at this little fluff jumping over the toilet papers and put its face on its owner’s hand!


When Panna can't jump over the toilet papers on the 4th level, way too cute!


So, that's all the toilet papers went... Well, it's worth it!


This chunky cat proved that he can jump high!


Instead of using toilet paper, this cat owner creatively used duct tapes to make the barriers. Glad the cat made it!


Well, if this ain't flexing..


 The cat went full supersonic mode at the 3rd level!

Are you interested to follow this challenge? We hope your pet isn't too lazy to jump over the barriers!


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