Get Inspired: This Japanese Man Makes Miniature Every Day and They're So Amazing!

Get Inspired: This Japanese Man Makes Miniature Every Day and They're So Amazing!
Photo by @tanaka_tatsuya from Instagram.
SHARE - “Follow your passion; it will lead to your purpose” is a very wise advice once said by Oprah Winfrey. And that’s what Tanaka Tatsuya has been doing every day. He follows his passion by making miniature art and posting them on his Instagram account every day. This miniature artist who was born in Kumamoto Prefecture has amassed 2.6 followers today. 

Tatsuya began creating “Miniature Calendar” in 2011, which is a form of art where he uses items that we use every day in life to be featured in her miniature works. He also had held exhibition titled “Miniature Life Exhibition: Tatsuya Tanaka’s World of Resemblance,” which was held both in Japan and internationally. 

Without further ado, let’s check out his works and be inspired of them! Maybe you can make miniature arts too from the things you can find around you. 

1. Cosmetic Bento

2. Golf Course Meal

3. Candle Eel

4. XXXXXXL Size Pizza

5. La La Laundry

6. How to cook hot dog

7. Blackboard Tennis

8. Post Socket

9. Shoryuken

10. Night Phone

11. Eye Mac

12. Eyecling

13. Uber Eats

14. Seasonal Clothes

15. Kaonashi

16. Hang Laundry

17. Invisible Voyage

18. Fast Travel

19. Clean Screen

20. Mosquito vs Strange


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