7 Most Hilarious Video of Real People Trying to Copy Anime Scenes, Anime Lovers Should Watch!

Photo by @SupremeDreams_1 / @yebtazer on Twitter

Aug 14, 2020 11:00 AM

Anime has been one of the most popular forms of pop culture, not only in Japan where it’s originated, but also worldwide.

It has millions of fans around the world, who are not only patiently waiting for their favorite anime to drop the next episode, but also actively buying merchandises as well as doing cosplays.

One of the most unique things about anime is how one scene can be portrayed. Animators are trying to make the characters do something while looking as cool as possible.

Some anime fans have been trying to imitate typical scenes in anime and they’re hilarious! Scroll down to check out the masterpieces!

#1 The backstories

That dramatic backstory for the protagonists or antagonists of the anime.. we're too familiar.

#2 Basketball anime

Everything has to be paused and every movement is analyzed. And then the characters looking at each other with death stares. 

#3 The swordsmen

*pulls sword* *push it back to the scabbard* *everyone dies instantly*

#4 The smart characters

And they mostly use eyeglasses!

#5 Soccer anime

The slow motions have to be on point and the goals gotta be dramatic as it could be!

#6 My Hero Academia

No words, he slayed it.

#7 Bonus: Anime voice acting!

This talent is just one of a kind!


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