These 15 Comics About Living with a Cat are Too Hilarious to Miss!

Nov 25, 2020 02:00 AM

Photo by @lucasturnbloom from Instagram
SHARE - Social media is full of creative people who create content almost every day or every week to make their account/page develops. Many users of social media such as Instagram users make the platform as their workplace to get some bucks.

But, how can they get money from Instagram or any other social media platform? It can be from endorsement or collaboration with other accounts to get the benefits for two or three of them. There are some people or account that make Instagram as a place to accommodate their hobby and luckily get some followers that have similar interest with them.

Nonetheless, we are not talking about how to get money from social media. Now, we're talking about comics on Instagram that tell us the reality of living with a cat. If you have a cat at your home, these comics by Lucas Turnbloom might be relatable for you.

Tripboba has compiled 15 funny comics from Lucas Turnbloom, without any further ado, here's the list!

















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