These 15 Photos of Cats Chilling on Books Show How Much They Want To Be Around Their Owners!

Sep 19, 2020 09:00 PM

Photo by @kenzhadley on Twitter
SHARE - Cats are popular to be the kind of pet that is more collected and calmer than dogs (some may even say cats don’t care at all about their owners).

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Compared to dogs, cats rarely ask us to play with them and oftentimes, they’re just too lazy when we want to play. It almost feels like their life is only spent on eating and sleeping.

But, cats do want attention. When they’re attached to us, they will follow us wherever we go (including to the toilet) or when we’re working. It seems like they’re curious about what we’re so busy about! And then, they’re imitating us by chilling on the item we’re working with, like laptops or books. 

Down below is a collection of cats just chilling on a book which is too cute to ignore! Scroll down and say “aww” together with us. 

















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