These 15 Pictures Will Show You That Older Cats Don't Lose Their Wittiness and Warmth!

These 15 Pictures Will Show You That Older Cats Don't Lose Their Wittiness and Warmth!
Photo by u/cascel9498 / u/Lewie_Kong on Reddit
SHARE - For some people, pets are everything in their life. They accompany us in our house, meows when they’re hungry, and just chill around without making a big fuss. Not to mention how amazing their sound when they purr.

They’re a special animal, and we believe that many of you have them around for a long time. Average cats have a lifespan of 2 – 16 years old. This means that some cats have been lingering around their owners for a long time, especially if they’re given the best care and attention in terms of their foods and health.

Many believe that kittens or baby cats are the cutest, but this article will prove to you that older cats also have their own charm! 

Many Reddit users in the “Senior Kitties” subreddit shared their cat photos which are considered old age for a cat and the owners’ love for them only increases from time to time. Let’s check them out down here! 

1. My 100-year-old Grandpa and his 17-year-old cat 

Photo by u/tyjack on Reddit

2. When he awake, he still has the energy of a kitten. Trust me. 

Photo by u/Samie153 on Reddit

3. My 2 senior girls. Savannah (top) is 12. Kitty is 19 (bottom). Both joined my home in the last year. 

Photo by u/cascel9498 on Reddit

4. Almost 13 and still spry as ever. 

Photo by u/catmeme27 on Reddit

5. Here’s my stinky 20-year-old bean! I miss her so much since I moved away. 

Photo by u/smcallaway on Reddit

As the group said in its description box section, "This is a group for owners of senior cats. Post pictures, stories, or just to talk."

The group currently has 44.4K members since it was created in May 2014. Not only posting of senior cats, but the members are also allowed to talk about other relatable topics such as other people’s cats. 

6. Meet Poppy, my 14-year-old rescue. She's only been with me for a few days but she has already made herself at home! 

Photo by u/Lewie_Kong on Reddit

7. It’s sweater time, she looks fetching! 

Photo by u/Pjstjohn on Reddit

8. Baby girl Francisca is only 16 yo, we recently discovered she has kidney problems but we're doing our best, she's been with me since I was 9. We lived throughout my mom's death, my marriage, and a lot of other things together. 

Photo by u/madonna4ever94 on Reddit

9. 16-year-old blep. I miss my senior boy! 

Photo by u/Imarealcat54 on Reddit

10. Balou (14) using my leg as a pillow 

Photo by u/A_KL on Reddit

11. Knuckles just turned 19! This is now she sits when she wants you to kiss her forehead 

Photo by u/OneStrangeMango on Reddit

12. 16-year-old Elvis chillin' on my lap 

Photo by u/violethaze04 on Reddit

13. My buddy just got the good old age of 20! Still going strong! 

Photo by u/vonyggystein on Reddit

14. Sammy is now 19. Rescued from a hoarder, no eyes, and the sweetest, bravest boy you will ever meet! 

Photo by u/monocle-lewinski on Reddit

15. Kitty kisses from my favorite old man, Tom. Love in its purest form ❤️ 

Photo by u/Hot_Tub_Is_Too_Hot on Reddit


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