These 30 Illustrations by a Thai Artist Sum Up How It Feels Like to Be a Woman

Sep 15, 2020 12:00 AM

Photo by @bella.illustration on Instagram
SHARE - How does it feel to be a woman? Well, there are many ways to describe it.

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Women go through their struggles every day just for being women, such as going through labor pain, menstrual cramp, mood changes, so on and so forth.

While this may not apply to all women, many can vouch that these illustrations perfectly depict women's struggles in a funny way.

Bella Sriwantana is a Thai artist living in Belgium, popular for her comics starring a woman with blond hair as her original character. Right now, she has almost 100K followers on Instagram!

With the support of her husband and her lovely dog, she has made many amazing comics that resonate with many women. Scroll down to see her comics!

1. Some of us don't hear alarms

2. Cringing at our past self

3. What friends are for

4. What if a supermodel agent is standing nearby?

5. Where's the magic?

6. Who dis?

7. Cooling down

8. Simple things that make us whole

9. The answer is always food

10. 4 moods in a nutshell

11. Can't choose toppings

12. Hiding our burp

13. Inner soul

14. Reality hits hard

15. Or giving up in the first 5 minutes

16. There's always room for dessert

17. Gotta be extra for the 'gram

18. Truth be told

19. And we wonder why are we still the same weight

20. Moods

21. We can't refuse fries

22. Be careful

23. Gotta be extra careful

24. Seeing colors

25. Gotta sit how we want to

26. Weird faces when we do make up

27. Sale

28. Cutting bangs

29. That annoying relatives

30. Make up


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