These Dogs Have 26 Million Followers Combined on Instagram, What a Number!

Nov 05, 2020 03:00 AM

Photo by @marutaro & @jiffpom on Instagram
SHARE - Instagram has been one of the best apps for 10 years after its release on the Internet. This app becomes popular in 2012 and getting the hype up until now.

There is a lot of celeb and brand with many followers like a million followers on Instagram. For example, Dwayne "Rock" Johnson who has 202M followers, the football icon Cristiano Ronaldo with 241M followers, and Nike as a brand with 122M followers.

The "celebgram" does not only come from actor, actress, or brand, but it can go to everyone who got a lot of followers. The unexpected is even a pet like cats and dogs have their own Instagram and get many followers.

Tripboba will share with you some pets that get a million followers on Instagram, especially dogs. Here are 10 Dogs with an unexpected number of Instagram followers. Let's get into the list!

10. @lokistagram (750K Followers)

9. @manny_the_frenchie (1,1M Followers)

8. @thiswildidea (1,3M Followers)

7. @harlowandsage (1,7M Followers)

6. @loki (2M Followers)

5. @tunameltsmyheart (2,1M Followers)

4. @marniethedog (1.7M Followers)

3. @marutaro (2,5M Followers)

2. @itsdougthepug (4M Followers)

1. @jiffpom (10,6M Followers)


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