These #ohno Videos are Popular on TikTok Since the First November and It's Hilarious to See! (12 Video Inside)

Nov 20, 2020 12:52 PM

Photo by florcodova73 from TikTok.
SHARE - As we know, TikTok is full of creative people, they can make funny, creative, prank, or skill full videos. Nevertheless, not all videos that TikTok users made get trending, this platform also has an algorithm that we need to know.

TikTok always shows a few videos which popular and gone trending. Sometimes, there is some kind of random videos that appear on your FYP (For Your Page) section, or the videos on your FYP are come based on what kind of videos that you hit likes. 

These #ohno videos are always appearing on TikTok's FYP since first November and it getting hype until now. This kind of trend shows you the video of someone or a pet which they got an accident but it packed with funny editing.

Tripboba collects 15 videos of #ohno trending from TikTok, without any further ado, here are the videos for you guys!

#1 This Cat...

#2 This Girl Power... I'm Speechless

#3 She is fall!!

#4 It's Broken!!

#5 This is Nightmare

#6 The Ring...

#7 Oh No, This Cat..

#8 Slip

#9 Clash

#10 This is so funny

#11 Cat vs Water

#12 This Dog Face..


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