This Guy Will Follow All The Requests By His Followers From The Comment Section on TikTok

Nov 17, 2020 11:13 PM

Photo by @ryan.omoto from TikTok.
SHARE - TikTok is full of creative people, they can make unexpected videos or content that we never thought of before. They have no limit to making creative and innovative things on TikTok.

The creators have come from many environments, it can be a famous person, brand, Actress, and actors or just ordinary people. 

This man, Ryan Omoto has unique video content on TikTok which is he followed all the requests by his followers on TikTok. Usually, he picks followers' demand in the comment section.

Mostly, he followed some crazy requests and it makes him got a lot of viewers and now he has 540k followers on TikTok. He does this insane content with his brother.

Here are some videos of Ryan Omoto which Tripboba collects to show to you guys! 

#1 Thor Hammer!

#2 The Whole Ice Cream!

#3 Something Crazy in His Brother's Birthday

#4 Fish Tank Full of Boba & Milk Tea!

#5 Fish Tank Full of Burgers!!!

#6 Full Tank of Ramen!

#7 Toothpaste of Fish Tank

#8 New Gaming Setup for His Brother!

#9 Bought All Ice Cream in Baskin Robbins!

#10 Fish Tank Full of Soy Sauce!


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