PHOTOS: This Ridiculously Cute Shih Tzu Dog Went Viral Because of Its Sleeping Position

Sep 15, 2020 05:00 PM

Photo by @therealpaningning on Instagram
SHARE - Puppies gave us colors in our life, because whatever they do, they cheer us up. They can play around, eat, snuggling with our feet, and even sleep – they will always look cute and release the burden in our shoulders when we see them.

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Paningning, a Shih Tzu puppy went viral because of its small, cute build, and hilarious sleeping position.

Her owner, Janess Cua uploaded photos of her to a Facebook group called “Dog Lovers Philippines”, which show her sleeping position, laying on her back like she has just done an errand.

The photos quickly spread around the internet and now her Instagram has more than 144K followers. Cua said that it has been Paningning’s sleeping position since birth because it’s the way she feels most comfortable.

Though it looks like sleeping is her favorite thing to do, Paningning is actually very playful and enjoys romping around with her siblings! Scroll down to see her cute sleeping photos.






Paningning is the youngest sibling of 3 puppies. Since she has the brightest fur, Cua intended to name her “Maningning” instead. But, her daughter wanted her name to start with “P” si it became Paningning.

Cua said that even though Paningning looks well behaved, she often acts naughty like many other puppies. 












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