This Tattoo Artist Draws Patches-Like-Tattoos and It's Amazing to Look At (17 Pictures)

This Tattoo Artist Draws Patches-Like-Tattoos and It's Amazing to Look At (17 Pictures)
Photo by @min_zumi on Instagram
SHARE - Many of us are aware that many types of tattoos exist in this world. From black-inked tattoo, white tattoo, tattoos with simple or super intricate style, we can find them all easily on social media.

But, have you ever heard of patches tattoos? Well, this style of tattoo is made by an Australian tattoo artist named Min Zumi who is based in Sydney!

Their designs of tattoos are super real, just like a real patch! The tattooist also put immense attention to detail when they’re drawing it. Each line perfectly mimics the look of stitches.

Let’s take a look at his designs and creations that he has done!





Min Zumi told Bored Panda that his passion for tattoos grows since he got his own tattoo.

“It was very exciting. The outcome was great and so I realized that I also wanted to be able to design and create the same excitement for others,” he said.

He also shared that other artists’ great creations and skills fuel and motivate him to better his design for his clients. He constantly researches for artworks and searches for inspirational pieces. 






Min Zumi also explained that the process of making this style of tattoos requires a lot of planning and concentration, but it’s also very fun.

“The fine details are an effect consisting of thin lines of varying colors and shades which creates the illusion of threads sewn onto the skin”, the artist added. 

If you love this style, you can book a session with him! A typical tattoo will take between 3 and 6 hours and he charges roughly USD 200 per hour. 










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