This Web Comic Will Make Your Day Better with Its Fun and Creative Concept

Nov 17, 2020 07:45 PM

Photo by @madebytio on Instagram
SHARE - There is a lot of webcomics that you can find and read out there. The webcomics itself have their own characteristic and ideas that can make the readers interested to read it.

Webcomic needs a platform to publish on social media, there is a lot platform that they can use such as Reddit, Tumblr, Webtoon, Instagram, etc. But, the platform that can be a good choice if you are new to this field is Instagram.

Instagram has tons of users so it could be a great choice to attract readers to read your webcomic. Just like this webcomic, they use Instagram as their platform and now they got 45.5k followers on Instagram.

The webcomic that we are talking about is madebytio, they make a funny webcomic and can make you laugh after you read it. Tripboba collects a few comics from madebytio, here is the list!


#1 Adult..

#2 PS5 is on The List!

#3 Money Can't Buy Happiness...

#4 Good Cat

#5 School Time!!

#6 PS5, Me, and My Poor Wallet

#7 Every Single Dad in This World

#8 Brace Yourself, Kid

#9 Oh My Cat

#10 Is This True?

#11 Don't Forget to do Some Exercises Guys

#12 Sit Properly Guys

#13 Sweet Revenge

#14 High Level Cooking

#15 We are, Every Single Night


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