This Webcomic Show Us The Difference of Celebrity Life Compared To Ordinary Person

Nov 19, 2020 11:53 PM

Photo by @bloome_comics from Instagram.
SHARE - There is a lot of webcomics that you can read on social media, especially on Instagram. These platforms have become the favorites place for webcomic makers out there because Instagram has tons of users and a little bit easy to use.

Webcomic has its own characteristics, it delivers comics with a different meaning of content. There are a few comics which has comedy content, horror content, creepy content, sarcasm content, or even cultural content. So, the readers can choose the webcomic that they love based on their interest.

Have you ever think about how life that celebrity does? What kind of food they eat, what kind of breakfast they bite every morning, or what kind of skincare that they use every night. Maybe just a little bit of people think about it but this webcomic does.

This webcomic named Bloome Comics on Instagram drawing about how if an ordinary person's life comparing with celebrity life. There are a lot of differences that you can see as seen in this webcomic.

Tripboba collects a few images by Bloome Comics about comparing ordinary person life with celebrity life. Without any further ado, here is the list!

#1 The Nails

#2 Baby Pictures

#3 Crop Top

#4 The Height Difference

#5 Ponytail

#6 ABS!

#7 Younger Years...

#8 Rihana

#9 Another Baby Photos

#10 I'm Speechless..


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