This Webcomic Will Force You to Think Hard and Read The Comment Section to Understand The Meaning

Nov 27, 2020 02:01 PM

Photo by @mindblowoncomics from Instagram.
SHARE - There is a lot of webcomics that you can find easily on Instagram which each webcomic have their own creativity of draw and characters. Besides the character, the thing that you need to get attention to is the technic of drawing, each webcomic has its own technic to make a comic. Some webcomic uses complicated and detailed drawing, some webcomic uses a simple draw.

The webcomic is also has a genre, just like a song. So many webcomics out there have a genre such as comedy, romantic, lovely, horror, dark jokes, cute, or even gore. Each genre of the comic has its own fans, so it still makes the readers happy and entertained. 

There is one webcomic which has a comedy genre and a simple technic of drawing, its name is Mindblowon Comics. This comic has come from Indonesia and it got 76.6K followers on Instagram, Actually. Mindblowon Comics has its Indonesia version comic named tahilalats which has 4.3M followers on Instagram.

Nevertheless, you have to read it clearly and many times to understand what is the meaning of the comic, if you still don't get it, you force to open the comment section to know the meaning by the other readers. 

Tripboba collects some comics from Mindblowon Comics's Instagram, get ready to think hard, and here is the list!
















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