10 Viral Cat Videos Perfectly Showing How It's Like to Have Cats Around Us!

Photo by @sangganisti / @chanlillo02 / @Donsutherland97 on Twitter

Aug 13, 2020 10:00 PM

Having cats around is always a blessing – though they can be evil and stupid sometimes. They’re so curious about new things and though they don’t show it as much as dogs do, cats also love us!

Their behavior sometimes just puzzling and amazing at the same time and we can’t be mad for too long at them.

As cat lovers, cats must have lifted your mood in your bad days. They’re just so too adorable but also annoying!

There are no other animals that could cheer us up like cats do, and cat owners sometimes recorded their fur baby’s behavior in perfect timing when they’re “on missions.”

Well, Tripboba has collected 10 of the most viral cat videos that have been going around Twitter. Check them out by scrolling down!


Are all orange-colored cats like this? It seemed like orange-colored cats just have a whole different level of stupidity and aggressiveness (and it’s hilarious).

This cat accidentally got stuck in the owner’s neighbor’s car and turned the hazard light on.. who would’ve thought!


This cat just decided that it can swim through the flood even though the hooman has tried to help it rescue with the bucket.

But anyway, why didn't the hooman just pick up the cat without using the bucket?


Cats can’t even let its hooman record her TikTok video peacefully.


Poor cat has its tail exposed.


Let him do the CATwalk!


The cat be like: OKAY geez I’m sorry I’ll stop hissing!


What cat wants, what cat gets. 


Is this cat possessed?


What about don’t go to work and just pet her all day? Sounds like a good plan!


It didn’t run, it teleported!


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