What Does Your Perfume Say About Your Personality? Here's the Answer!

Sep 30, 2020 04:00 PM

Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

Tripboba.com - The scent in someone’s body can be a good indication of their personality.

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According to research by Alan R. Hirsch, MD, founder of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, there’s interesting data linking your perfume choice to your personality.

Though it’s just a scent, people may know better about your personality or trait through your body scent.

For some people, scent is also important – not just to smell good, they want to smell like a specific scent. Many people spend good fortune and hours to choose the right scent for themselves, which says enough about how important it is to deliver to someone that they have a specific “vibe” that will remind everyone else about them. 

Tropboba has collected 10 scents that people use for their bodies and what it says about their personality. Without further ado, scroll down below to find out!

1. Citrus

Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels

People who love to wear citrus scent have the tendency to lead the pack or taking charge in group situation. Just like the scent, they have a strong-minded personality, ambitious, and natural leaders. Some people may also see them as dominant and aggressive.

2. Rose 

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

This popular flower scent also has its own explanation about someone's personality. Dr. Hirsch says that people who wear rose-scented perfume are introspective and sensitive to the needs of others.

Being considerate, they tend to weigh all potions before making a choice. People who like to wear this scent also have very few moments they regret in life, as they take more time to think before they act. 

3. Lavender 

Photo by Mareefe from Pexels

Lavender scent means that the person who wears it is friendly and easily gets along with people. Dr. Hirsch said that people who prefer lavender tend to be sexually reserved, but curious individuals.

They value friendship and they tend to work well in groups. They’re thought of as contemplative and thoughtful. 

If you’re a lavender fan, you’re most probably to be that friend who’s always there to cheer your friends up during their tough times.

4. Vanilla 

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Contrary to the belief that “vanilla” people are boring, people who wear vanilla scent are anything but vanilla. They are the life of the party and they have extroverted energy inside them.

Lively, energetic, and fun-loving, vanilla-scented people mostly would rather spend the night on the town instead of staying at home on the weekend. 

5. Sandalwood 

Photo by xbqs42 from Pixabay

People who gravitate toward sandalwood scent are believed to be perfectionists and high-achieving people in life. Sometimes, they can even be too hard on themselves. They demand excellence in every aspect of their life, such as academia, athletics, as well as career.

Not only they have high expectations for themselves, but they also portray those standards to other people, which can make them disappointed many times.

If you’re using sandalwood-scented perfume and feel like this is true, we advise you to relax a little! Give yourself some appreciation and pat yourself for all those processes you went through even though the result is not what you expected. 

6. Fruity 

Photo by Trang Doan from Pexels

We might think that people who wear fruity-scented perfume are sweet and loving, as well as lively. It turns out that research says people who gravitate towards this scent are moody, irritable, cranky, and oftentimes pessimistic.

They are sarcastic and easily annoyed. They might think that their sarcastic personality is hilarious, but people can get tired of it. If they don’t make any effort to cheer up and fix their moodiness, they will find themselves isolated instead. 

7. Coconut 

Photo by samer daboul from Pexels

People who wear coconut-scented perfume tend to have very good taste in fashion, jewelry, and any other accessories. They’re immaculate dressers that can be thought of as wearing expensive jewelry.

Dr. Hirsch also said that coconut wearers enjoy the finer things in life, which means they’ve got a closet full of the designer labels and collecting precious gems. 

People trust their intuition and their taste, which is why they’re often trusted as leaders who can take charge in situations. 

8. Linen or fresh laundry 

Photo by Dom J from Pexels

If you wear linen or fresh laundry scented perfume, you might be someone who loves competition too much and easily drawn to challenges. You’re the type who sign up for a marathon just for fun and challenge.

And when you achieve it, it gives you happiness in life. You’re intuitive, goal-oriented, and always in control. You know exactly your strength and how much you can achieve, and you always try to outdo yourself. 

9. Gardenia 

Photo by endro lewa from Pixabay

Gardenia-scented people are believed to gravitate into a stable situation. Gardenia lovers are steady and dependable. They also enjoy a safe and secure relationship.

They would choose to be in a comfortable-long term relationship rather than enduring the unpredictability of serial-dating. Dr. Hirsch also said that they’re more of a follower than a leader, also they tend to be team players and a people pleaser.  

10. Jasmine 

Photo by Manfred Richter from Pixabay

People who wear jasmine-scented perfume can’t stand boring situations even for a short time. They love adventures and sun, going outside, and craving novelty.

They’re also proactive and can be thought of as partiers who enjoy a good time. Activities such as dancing is absolutely what they love, and they never met a margarita they didn’t like.

Jasmine-scented people also couldn’t care less about what people think of them as well as how they dress. They live in the moment!


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