100+ Funny Quiz Questions to Play with Friends, Couple, and Families


Funny Christmas Quiz Questions and Answers

Funny Quiz Questions - Photo by Ronê Ferreira from Pexels

When you are gathering up with your family and friends on Christmas, you can play some quiz to play. Here are some funny quiz questions for you!

  • "Would you rather make funny sounds all of the time or would you rather have a tree growing out of your head?"
  • "Would you rather have webbed feet or webbed hands?"
  • "Would you rather have rainbow colored skin or a voice that sings every time you speak?"
  • "Would you rather have a body that is shaped like a candy cane or shaped like a lollipop?"
  • "Would you rather giggle every time you spoke or would you rather everyone you spoke to giggled in response to what you’ve said?"
  • "Would you rather have to sleep hanging upside down or sleep in a bed of garbage?"
  • "Would you rather have to use a little box to go to the bathroom or be walked like a dog?"
  • "Would you rather have very smelly feet or hair that smells like lasagna?"
  • "Would you rather be tickled by a vampire or licked by a werewolf every single day?"
  • "Would you rather turn into a purple bear or a heart shaped pillow every time you felt happy?"
  • "Would you rather only be able to get around by bouncing like a kangaroo or leaping like a ballerina?"
  • "Would you rather have four arms or four legs?"
  • "Would you rather have to wear a clown now or clown face paint for the rest of your life?"
  • "Would you rather smell like rotten eggs or sour milk all the time?"
  • "Would you rather dance like a monkey or dance like a bear?"
  • "Would you rather look like a skunk or smell like a skunk?"
  • "Would you rather eyes all around your head or noses?"
  • "Would you rather burp or fart all of the time?"
  • "Would you rather lick a dirty trash can or moldy food?"
  • "Would you rather have rainbows or flowers shoot out of your eyes?"


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