100+ Funny Quiz Questions to Play with Friends, Couple, and Families


Funny Quiz Questions and Answers

Funny Quiz Questions - Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

If you have played this game, you know how fun this game is. Try these funny quiz questions with friends!

  • "Would you rather go on a camping vacation on the moon or a beach vacation on a newly discovered planet?"
  • "Would you rather feel itchy every day or get tickled every day?"
  • "Would you rather smell bad or have walrus teeth?"
  • "Would you rather get to read and write books all day or make and look at art all day?"
  • "Would you rather live in a science museum or an art museum?"
  • "Would you rather live in a jungle or in a zoo?"
  • "Would you rather smell vomit or fart?"
  • "Would you rather explode or shrink into the size of an ant?"
  • "Would you rather eat rotten eggs or drink sour milk?"
  • "Would you rather swim in pudding or ice cream?"
  • "Would you rather have a koala or a panda bear for a pet?"
  • "Would you rather be able to visit the stars or discover a treasure on earth?"
  • "Would you rather eat only pink foods or only blue foods?"
  • "Would you rather eat dog food or cat food?"
  • "Would you rather eat pig’s feet or have your feet look like pig’s feet?"
  • "Would you rather eat donuts or candy every day?"
  • "Would you rather have an ice cream cake or a bakery cake?"
  • "Would you rather eat only chocolate or only vanilla food?"
  • "Would you rather have to take one bite every day of the stinkiest cheese or a fresh snail from the ocean?"
  • "Would you rather only use maple syrup or only use honey on your meals for the rest of your life?"


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