45+ Birthday Wishes For Crush: Heart-fluttering Selections of Wishes For Your Crush's Birthday!

45+ Birthday Wishes For Crush: Heart-fluttering Selections of Wishes For Your Crush's Birthday!
Birthday Wishes For Crush - Photo by profivideos from Pixabay

Tripboba.com - Are you currently trying to get a place in someone's heart? Then, how about sending the best birthday wishes on his/her special day? Your special someone would love to receive a heart-fluttering birthday wish from you. If you run out of words, don't worry, Tripboba got your back. We have carefully selected the best of the best list of birthday wishes for crush just for you. Get ready and go through the selections of birthday wishes for crush down below and find the best one for your special someone. 

In this article, Tripboba has prepared the best of the best selections of birthday wishes for crush that you should never miss for your crush's special day. Send your best and warm wishes to your crush's birthday and put the nicest smile on their faces. Stay tuned to the very end of this article to get to know all 45+ collections of birthday wishes for crush to be sent to your crush's birthday.

Are you ready to hope in and find the best of the best birthday wishes for crush for your loved one? Come on in!

Birthday Wishes For Crush Male

Birthday Wishes For Crush - Photo by InspireCreateCelebrate from Pixabay

Take a look at the wonderful selections of birthday wishes for crush down below and choose your favorites!

  • "Wishing a very happy birthday to my favorite guy today! I hope your birthday is one full of love that warms that beautiful soul of yours." - Unknown
  • "Happy birthday to my favorite human! I have admired you for such a long time now that I just can’t hide the way I feel about you for a moment longer!" - Unknown
  • "To a gorgeous guy who gives me butterflies every time I see him, I’m wishing for a birthday filled with love, laughter, and immense happiness!" - Unknown
  • "Happy birthday, handsome! If I were to admit that I have a little crush on you, what better time to tell you than your birthday?" - Unknown
  • "To the guy who is always on my mind and forever in my heart, I’m wishing you the most wonderful birthday possible today!" - Unknown
  • "Happy birthday to a special someone who truly is a gift from heaven! You might not realize it but to some people, you mean the absolute world." - Unknown
  • "On your special day this year, I just wanted to tell you that to me you're perfect and always have been. All my love to you today!" - Unknown
  • "Happy birthday, birthday boy! It’s no secret that you are one of my favorite guys, but I just wanted you to know, on your special day, how much you mean to me. Because of you, my days are brighter and everything’s sweeter." - Unknown
  • "Happy birthday to a sweet guy who really does make me feel like a teenage girl! You make me go weak at the knees!" - Unknown
  • "Oh boy, if only you knew exactly how much of an impact you’ve had on my life! You light up my days just with your smile and warm heart. A guy like you is a blessing in anyone’s life!" - Unknown
  • "Happy birthday to the guy I don’t only admire, who has my whole heart, the one I most desire!" - Unknown
  • "Happy birthday to my special guy! You know that you mean the world to me and I care about you a lot, but on your special day, I want you to know just how strong those feelings are and how important you are to me." - Unknown
  • "I’m wishing you a very sweet birthday today, you beautiful boy! I hope you know just how special a person you are to me!" - Unknown
  • "Happy birthday to the perfect gentleman! Your kindness and presence in my life have touched my heart in more ways than one and more than you will ever know." - Unknown
  • "Happy birthday! I obviously have a soft spot for you but I mean, can you blame me! Enjoy your special day today!" - Unknown
  • "A very special someone was born on this day many years ago: you! I’m sending you the best birthday wishes full of love and adoration today to help you celebrate your special day. You truly are one in a million." - Unknown

Happy Birthday Wishes For Crush Girl

Happy Birthday Wishes For Crush Girl
Birthday Wishes For Crush - Photo by JillWellington from Pixabay

You may like this awesome list of birthday wishes for crush that has been curated by Tripboba down below.

  • "Sending you a universe of joy and love as you commemorate this special chapter of your life." - Unknown
  • "I pray God will bless your life with great happiness – today and for as long as Father Time exists. You mean more to me than you’d ever know. Have a truly fabulous celebration today." - Unknown
  • "I hope your birthday is as beautiful and wonderful as you are to my eyes. Happy birthday." - Unknown
  • "Since I met you, the sun in my sky shines more brightly. Happy birthday to you, my special one." - Unknown
  • "Happy birthday. Don’t ever feel down that you’re getting older. In my eyes, you are more gorgeous than ever. Have the most fun birthday celebration ever." - Unknown
  • "You have no idea how much I like you for decorating my world the brilliant way you do. I am privileged to know such a sweet woman like you. May the sweetest and most beautiful things in the universe forever surround you. Happy birthday." - Unknown
  • "In my eyes, you are the most beautiful woman on this planet. I wish you a day that is as beautiful as your outstanding beauty." - Unknown
  • "You mean a lot to me, dear. May the birthday that you celebrate today to bless you with so much happiness and love. Happy birthday." - Unknown
  • "You are not just my secret crush but also one of the reasons I smile in life. May your birthday make your heart as happy as your presence makes mine. Happy birthday." - Unknown
  • "You are such a special person in my life whom I cherish dearly. May your birthday today bring you a step closer to realizing every beautiful dream of yours." - Unknown
  • "Here’s to the special day of a special lady in my life! May your birthday be packed with passion, love, and joy." - Unknown
  • "There’s nothing about you that I don’t adore. You brighten up my life and make me feel happy to be alive. Happy birthday." - Unknown

Best Birthday Wishes For Crush

Birthday Wishes For Crush - Photo by Dgdom from Pixabay

  • "Because you bring so much joy into my soul, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to get the opportunity to spend an awful amount of time in your company. Today, I wish you a fabulous and truly joyful anniversary." - Unknown
  • "My heart has been long set ablaze by you, your love, my heart cannot contain, it’s too much, I hope you’ll share in this love with me someday. Happy Birthday dear crush of mine!" - Unknown
  • "Best wishes to you on your birthday for a long, happy and prosperous life. Sadly, you’ll never know how many colors you bring into my world." - Unknown
  • "I wish you laughter. I wish you a million smiles. I wish you the best moments ever, so you can look back and say your birthday was a remarkable day. Happy Birthday dear." - Unknown
  • "I wish you immense happiness not only on your birthday but also on all the days of your beautiful life because you make my soul happy. Happy birthday." - Unknown
  • "I know I’m not the only one who wishes you birthday, but I want to be the only one in your heart." - Unknown
  • "Sweetheart, your awesomeness is nothing short of mesmerizing. May your birthday today make you even more awesome. Have a truly outstanding birthday and life." - Unknown
  • "I get an extraordinarily huge rush of joy whenever you are near me. That’s how much you mean to me. Happy birthday, dearest." - Unknown
  • "Happy birthday! I will celebrate this great day of your life to the fullest because you are important to my happiness. May God bless you more and more each brand new day." - Unknown
  • "Today is a special day in your life. I wish you happiness, peace, and prosperity. Have a great birthday!" - Unknown
  • "I have a little secret which I want to share with you today. The secret is that I think of you more than I think of anyone else. I guess that’s because you’re absolutely amazing. Have yourself a great and joyous birthday." - Unknown

Flirty Birthday Wishes For A Crush

Flirty Birthday Wishes For A Crush
Birthday Wishes For Crush - Photo by JillWellington from Pixabay

Here comes the more wonderful list of birthday wishes for crush that you should never miss. Don't forget to pick up the best line of birthday wishes for crush along the way!

  • "Gifts are enormous, but the one I have for you is one that I have never given to anyone; my heart. I give you my heart on this special day." - Unknown
  • "Anytime I imagine a future with you, a smile come upon my face and I just can’t wait to have you to myself." - Unknown
  • "Have a lovely day honey. For every candle blown out, there is a burning flame of your love in my heart." - Unknown
  • "I hope that we will be lovers before your next birthday, so I can show you the care and affection of a true lover. I am so happy for you." - Unknown
  • "Our future lies in your hands just as your birthday celebration, accept my proposal and I will do my best to make you the happiest woman." - Unknown
  • "My love has always prevailed over all the challenges that come our way, and I hope this will mean something to you. Have a nice day. I celebrate you now and every day." - Unknown
  • "Wishing you a fun and flirty birthday, sweetie! Just remember that today is your day, so make sure you enjoy it and soak up all the attention!" - Unknown
  • "Have a sweet day my love, as you grow older grow wiser, heartier, and happier. You are always on my mind." - Unknown
  • "Your love is forever like a melody in my heart; it’s been singing for a very long time, I hope you’ll join in singing someday soon. Have a sweet day girl, I hope that day comes soon." - Unknown
  • "I wish that you had a pink and happy birthday; mine will be unfulfilled because I still wait on the day we will celebrate as a couple." - Unknown
  • "My Heart is golden and a person like you deserves a partner with a golden heart. I will never betray you if you give me a chance to be yours. Happy Birthday forever crush." - Unknown

Those are all the selections of birthday wishes for crush to be sent to your crush's special day. From all 45+ awesome collections of birthday wishes for crush above, which one is your favorite? Send your warm messages to your boy/girl crush and wish them a wonderful birthday!


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