60+ Good Morning Wishes to Start Your Day with Positive Mind

60+ Good Morning Wishes to Start Your Day with Positive Mind
Photo by Mara Arantes on Flickr

Tripboba.com - Help your loved ones to kick-start their day by giving one of these good morning wishes. These best good morning wishes are guaranteed to make your loved one’s entire day. Show your love and care through these beautiful good morning wishes Tripboba has compiled for you. Scroll down!

Good Morning Wishes for Her

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Here are some heart-touching good morning wishes for her.

“The light in your eyes as you gaze at me is like looking at the sunrise. I can’t look away for a second.”

“You’re the only girl in the world for me, and each day when the world turns around to face the sun, “I’m glad I’m waking up with you. Good morning, my beautiful Angel!”

“As I listen to the rain pitter patter on the roof, your smile is the bright spot of my morning. I love you, darling.”

“The light that shines from you is more vital to me than the sunlight in the morning. Rise and shine my beautiful queen.”

“Waking up and holding you in my arms every morning is like a dream that I never want to end. Good morning, my bride.”

“The sun has made our paths golden today. What a beautiful morning to spend with you, my lovely lady.”

“I look forward to three things from you each morning, my princess: laughter, Love, and a latte. You make the best lattes.”

“God has given us another day filled with more blessings than we can count. However, let’s try it anyway. Good morning my Love!”

“Every morning that I wake up next to you is one that I will cherish forever. I won’t wake you up though; enjoy your day.”

“I am truly blessed to be able to call you my Love. Good morning, lovely. I hope that you have a great day.”

“I never imagined that true Love existed until the day that I fell in Love with you. Good morning, enjoy your day my dear.”

“It’s never an ordinary day when I start it with you. Thank you for blessing me daily, my angel.”

“Good morning sweetheart! May the bluebirds sing songs of Love for you to hear as you are getting ready for the day ahead.”

“When I wake up and hear you singing in the shower, I wish that sound could be the start of my day every morning.”

“I know that you enjoy wearing makeup, but you are more beautiful when you first awake. I truly love your messy perfection.”

“As each day passes, I find myself loving you more. I know I’ll see you tonight, but I just wanted to say good morning.”

“I am sending you my love and butterfly kisses this morning so that you smile as you take on the day. Good morning girl.”

“Good morning! I hope that you slept well last night; your teddy bear will be home tonight. Until then, have an amazing day, my sweet.”

Good Morning Friday Wishes

Good Morning Friday Wishes
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Show your Love to your loved ones by sending these good morning wishes.

“Each day brings new opportunities, those who start their day early, grab them before others. Good Morning!”

“Start spreading Love wherever you go to harness the power of Love. Good morning!”

“Good Morning to the lovely morning. Hey, it’s also wishing us, get up and hear the sound.”

“No matter what, the morning is always beautiful. Embrace it to feel its beauty. Good Morning.”

“Sunrises are beautiful just like you; I wish to start my beautiful day sitting beside you. Good morning honey, hope you have a wonderful day!”

“A very good morning to you may this day bring a healthy light upon you and you are energized to stay positive for the whole day. Smile the day has just started!”

“Well, who needs a sunrise when I have you by my side. You are the sunrise I would always want to wake up by seeing you. Good morning!”

“Sunrises are the best; enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with yourself because this day is yours, good morning! Have a wonderful day ahead.”

“A bad day will always have a good morning, hope all your worries are gone and everything you wish could find a place. Good morning!”

“Having a sweet morning, a cup of coffee, a day with your loved ones is what sets your “Good Morning” have a nice day!”

“Morning is not only sunrise but A Beautiful Miracle of God that defeats the darkness and spread light. Good Morning.”

“Life never gives you a second chance. So, enjoy every bit of it. Why not start with this beautiful morning. Good Morning!”

“Nothing is in your hand except your Karma. Do good without any hope and desire. Good Morning”

“Nothing is impossible when God is on your side. Good morning.”

“No morning is good until you make it good. Now go ahead and make it a great morning.”

“Have faith in God’s plan, his plannings are impeccable. Enjoy the morning.”

“It is better to be silent with people who don’t value words. Good Morning, Have a Happy Day”

“Every problem has a solution. Just look around. Good Morning”

“Good Morning, Life has given you another chance to correct your mistakes and look forward.”

“May the new dawn bring you hope and happiness. Good Morning!

Good Morning Wishes for Him

Good Morning Wishes for Him
Photo by Sea Anglers on Flickr

Here many sweet good morning wishes you can choose from. 

“You are always in my mind even if we’re not together. Good morning, my man.”

“You are the reason I wake up in the morning with a smile. Good morning, Love.”

“Good morning to the king of my heart who fills my heart with happiness.”

“Have a beautiful morning my Love! I hope today, everything may go well and all your plans may accomplish in the right way!”

“A perfect morning with best wishes so that you have a day full of good things and full of blessings and love!”

“Your smile is brighter than the morning sun to me. Good morning.”

“Nothing is more beautiful than your smile as the first thing in the morning to me!”

“Good morning, my sunshine. You light up my day.”

“Every morning is beautiful because you are in my life. I wish to start every morning with you till my last breath!”

“I want to let you know that you are one of the biggest achievements of my life. Thank you for all the Love and support. Good morning, sweetheart!”

“Good morning, my love! Be with me today and tomorrow, and forever! I love you.”

“I love you as I love my first cup of coffee in the morning and wish to have it with you always! Good morning!”

“I thank God for giving me eyes to see your adorable face and to love the most wonderful person in my life. A sweet Good Morning to my handsome.”

“When the Love is true, distance never bothers you. You’re always in my heart! I love you! Happy morning my dear!”

“This morning, I want you to know that you are the man of my dreams, and I am so lucky that you are my reality too. I love you. I never want to lose you. Good morning.”

“Everything might not go as per your plans, but always remember that my Love would be the same for you. Enjoy this sunny morning!”

“When I wake up in the morning and think of you, I cannot help but smile. You never fail to make my day brighter. Good morning, my man.”

“Every morning spent with you is a ‘dream came true’ for me. Have a lovely and peaceful day!”

“You are always of my kind no matter what. Having you in my life is the best blessing that anyone can ask for. Good morning, sweetheart, and have a nice day.”

“Thank you for existing, baby. You probably don’t know you mean the world to me. Good morning to the most handsome boy in the world.”

“All I wish that every day of my life is spent watching the lovely smile on your face. Good Morning my Love!”


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