65+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Husband: What to Write on a Birthday Card!

65+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Husband: What to Write on a Birthday Card!
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels

Tripboba.com - Finding the right words to celebrate your loved ones' special days can be difficult at times, particularly when it comes to your husband's birthday. On his birthday, you still want to make him feel extra special.

Don't worry if you don't know what to write on a birthday card. Tripboba has compiled a list of some of the most beautifully made funny birthday wishes for husband for you to enjoy.

Simply choose one of these funny birthday wishes for husband that you like and change it to suit your needs. Send these funny birthday wishes for husband to make him feel cherished and adored in every way possible.

When you're trying to find the right words to express your love and affection for your life partner, it can be difficult. These funny birthday wishes for husband are sure to stick with him for the rest of his life. You'll find the best funny birthday wishes for husband on this list.

Have a look at the greatest funny birthday wishes for husband below!

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for Husband

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  • “I feel the happiest when I’m in your arms. This is why I terribly miss you today. Happy birthday, my darling husband.”
  • “Happy Birthday, Peanut Butter. I am nuts about you! Love, Jelly.”
  • “You are the greatest blessing and I thank God every day that he put you in my life! May you have a truly wonderful birthday.”
  • “You are always the one pushing me to my limits. You are always the one who tells me it will all be alright. With your endless love and support I became the strongest woman. You are my everything. Happy Birthday darling and thank you for all you have done!”
  • “Let the birthday boy see the cake! Happy Birthday!”
  • “I love you for just being who you are. Never change, simply grow. For you are amazing and wonderful. I couldn’t ask for more.”
  • “My birthday boy, I have so much love to give and it’s all for you. Happy Birthday, sweetie.”
  • “When the good outweighs the bad, marriage is a beautiful ride. Happy Birthday to my dear husband.”
  • “It is a treasured gift to have someone who loves you in spite of your flaws. Thank you for loving me despite my faults. Wishing you a lovely birthday.”
  • “Happy Birthday! Thanks for being amazing.”
  • “Smoking hot again this year. Happy Birthday”
  • “Happy, happy birthday to my sweet husband. I love your forever and always.”
  • “You are the greatest gift to me. How could I ever top that. Have an amazing birthday!”
  • “My love for you just grows and grow. It is stronger today than the day we first met. I love you so much.”
  • “I wish I could bring you as many blessing as you have brought to me. You are an outstanding husband. Have a happy birthday.”
  • "Cheers to another birthday. May this be a year of growth and success for you, my love. Enjoy your birthday."
  • "I know that it’s your birthday but I must say that I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have the opportunity to celebrate such a wonderful husband. Wishing you a happy birthday!"

Funny Birthday Wishes for Husband on Facebook

Funny Birthday Wishes for Husband on Facebook
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels

    • “You are great at being an amazing husband and you make it look so easy. Wishing you a very happy birthday.”
    • “Hugs, kisses, and sweet birthday wishes from your one and only Mrs.”
    • “To my king, happy birthday from the bottom of my heart.”
    • “Happy birthday to the #1 hubby!”
    • “Happy Birthday to the keeper of my heart.”
    • “You’re still sexier than ever. Happy Birthday, Hubby!”
    • “Husband, I love you like I love my wine. Sweet smelling, older…and aged in oak barrels.”
    • “Happy birthday to my special man! Nobody else would take you, so I guess I’d better plan for a lifetime together!”
    • “Here’s to the most beautiful, sexy, and overall most outstanding woman, me! Wait. It’s YOUR birthday? Well, shoot. Then here’s to you, my wonderful husband.”
    • “Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear husband! Here’s to another fun year with you!”
    • “Knock knock. Who’s there? Sexy. Sexy, who? Sexy was brought back with you! Happy birthday to my one true love!”
    • “For your birthday, I prayed that you will get every blessing that you deserve. Don’t expect much.”
    • “The next time you think about complaining about your old age, don’t forget that I am older than you! Enjoy your birthday, hubby.”
    • “Knock. Knock. Who’s there? Well, I’ll be! “Well, I’ll be” who? Well, I’ll be waiting for you with cake at the end of the day!”
    • “Happy birthday to the man who makes me laugh so hard I cry tears of joy. May we forever be as happy as we are today. I love you!”
    • “Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband. You are the definition of a noble husband and a great father. You always put family first. You are always there to depend on. I’m proud to call you my husband.”

    Funny Birthday Wishes for Husband from Wife

    Funny Birthday Wishes for Husband from Wife
    Photo by Kampus Production on Pexels
    • “I’m so happy I found someone who is as amazing, beautiful, charming, stylish, and humble as me. Happy birthday, dear husband!”
    • “Ιt is your birthday! Time to celebrate! Or nap. You are old now. You should really just take a nap.”
    • “Wishing my husband Happy Birthday! Usually, I would let someone know that getting older is not such a big deal! In your case, it IS a big deal! Seriously, you should be worried, right now… #thatsthespirit”
    • “Happy Birthday! I love you more than as much as I love chocolate and wine!”
    • “Happy birthday, sweet husband! Thanks for doing your part to make me look younger every year.”
    • “Happy Birthday, Husband. You may be getting older but look on the bright side…You have a beautiful and wonderful wife to keep you company on the ride to old age.”
    • “No worries, dear. With every new wrinkle, my love extends beyond your fleeting good looks. Happy Birthday.”
    • “Congratulations! For your birthday, you’re getting extra house chores. Love you honey!”
    • “Happy Birthday to you, Hubby. You are the smartest man alive and I am the craziest woman alive. You were smart enough to ask for my hand in marriage and I was crazy enough to say, “Yes”.”
    • “Sometimes you make loving you the hardest task of all… but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world. Love you, Honey! Have a nice birthday!”
    • “Thank goodness our children inherited my brains. I worry about you sometimes.”
    • “Happy birthday! You certainly don’t look like you did when we first met in our younger years. But since it’s your birthday, I won’t make fun of your pot belly. Your welcome!”
    • “Happy Birthday and congratulation on having a head start in our race to the grave. Love always, your awesome wife.”
    • “Dear Husband. You are getting a bit too old to party hard like we used to on your birthday. But I’m not so I’ll have twice as much fun in remembrance of you.”
    • “My sweet husband, I want to kick you out on most days. Then I remember that I simply can’t live without you.”
    • “Happy Birthday to my handsome man. I’m so glad to have married a man almost as beautiful as me!”
    • “You are a great father, a hard worker, a loyal friend, a trusting neighbor and most of all a phenomenal husband! Best birthday wishes to you.”
    • “Happy birthday to the man who warms my heart, lightens my load, and fulfills my dreams. You are amazing!”

    Funny Birthday Wishes for Wife from Husband

    Funny Birthday Wishes for Wife from Husband
    Photo by Git Stephen Gitau on Pexels

    • “I was going to give you a hundred free birthday wishes. But I used 99 of them on myself.”
    • “No one is perfect…not even you. I have of list of things you can work on but, today, let’s just enjoy your birthday.”
    • “My hubby, my hero! Happy Birthday.”
    • “Happy Birthday to a wonderful husband, you have turned my ordinary life into a fairy tale.”
    • “You are a wonderful husband and a really fabulous father; you deserve the best for your birthday. I love you!”
    • “A husband like you is the chocolate on the birthday cake of life. Sweet, yummy and completely irresistible! Happy birthday, lover boy!”
    • “You are honest, loving, and charming. More than a wife could dream up. Happy Birthday to the man of my dreams.”
    • “Happy Birthday to you. There’s no way I could ever live without you. You make me a better person and a better wife. Thank you for everything.”
    • “True love lasts forever. In you, I have found true love and true friendship, a connection that cannot be broken. Love always, happy birthday!”
    • “A love like yours makes my world go round. Happy Birthday, Dear!”
    • “Who needs superheroes when you have a super husband? Happy Birthday, my superman!
    • To the most loving husband of all, I wish you a very happy birthday. You mean the world to me.”
    • “I have searched high and low, near and far. But I have never found a man like you, a man of integrity and honesty with a heart of pure gold. Happy Birthday, my love!”
    • “Through every storm, through every tear, through every heartache, through every fear… you have been there to weather the storms and turn my anxieties into care-free laughter. Have a wonderful birthday, from your wife.”
    • “Happy Birthday! Sharing my life with you was the best decision I’ve ever made. I am grateful for every moment.”
    • “Thank you for being the husband I thought could never exist outside of fairy tales.”

    • “I thank you for the invitation to create a lifetime of memories with you. Here’s to another year of gladness.”


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