65+ Hilarious Egg Jokes that Will Surely Make You Laugh Out Loud

65+ Hilarious Egg Jokes that Will Surely Make You Laugh Out Loud
Egg Jokes - Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels

Tripboba.com - Eggs are one of the best and simple foods around. They are popular for breakfast and brunch Whether they are scrambled, fried, or poached, eggs are everyone's favorite. https://admin.tripboba.com/article/create#

Talking about eggs, they are not only function as food, but eggs offer plenty of opportunity for egg jokes and egg puns. On this page, we will share with you funny egg jokes and egg puns to crack you up.

Funny Egg Jokes

Funny Egg Jokes
Egg Jokes - Photo by Monstera from Pexels

These funny egg jokes are sure to make you laugh and it is good since laughter is the best medicine. Enjoy the egg jokes!

  • "What did the egg do when it saw the frying pan? It scrambled!"
  • "What did the egg say after it was ghosted? Why the hell are you egg-noring me?"
  • "Why should you be careful about what you say around egg whites?
  • Everyone knows they can’t take a yolk."
  • "What does Mr. Egg say every morning to Mrs. Egg? Have an eggs-tra special day!”v
  • "Why do so many people love a boiled egg for breakfast? It’s so hard to beat."
  • "Did you hear about the hen who laid her egg on an axe? She wanted to hatchet."
  • "Why did the new egg feel so good? Because he just got laid!"
  • "What did the doctor tell the chicken with high cholesterol? Try to lay off eggs for a while!”
  • "What do you call a smart omelet? An egg head!"
  • "How did the omelet find out she was ill? She had a medical eggs-am!"
  • "Why wouldn’t the farmer let the hen in his house? She kept laying deviled eggs!"
  • "Why did it take the chicken so long to cross the road? There was no eggs-press lane!"
  • "What’s the worst crime as far as an egg is concerned? Poaching!"
  • "What do you call a mischievous egg? A practical yolker!"
  • "How does the Easter Bunny feel after she’s made all her deliveries? Eggs-hausted!"

Easter Egg Jokes

Egg Jokes - Photo by Monstera from Pexels

Easter is one of everyone's favorite holidays to celebrate with your family and friends. Filled this special day with fun and of course Easter egg hunt.  White some Easter jokes on a sheet of paper and include them in your children's lunch box or give some

  • "What do you get when you pour hot water into a rabbit hole? Hot cross bunnies."
  • "What did the Easter Bunny say to the carrot? Nice gnawing you."
  • "What is Easter Bunny’s favorite kind of music? Hip-hop!"
  • "What do you get if you give an Easter Bunny a pair of socks? A sock hop!"
  • "What's the best way to make Easter easier? Put an "i" where the "t" is."
  • "How does Easter end? With an "R"!"
  • "Where does Easter take place every year? Where eggs mark the spot!"
  • "How can you make Easter preparations go faster? Use the eggs-press lane!"
  • "What should you do to prepare for all the Easter treats? Eggs-ercise!
  • What kind of jewelry is the best Easter gift? A 14-carrot gold necklace."
  • "What kind of bean can't grow in a garden? A jelly bean."
  • "What happens if you get married on Easter? You live hoppily ever after."
  • "How did the eggs leave the highway? They went through the Eggs-it."
  • "Why was the little girl sad after the race? Because of an egg beater!"
  • "Why did the egg go to the baseball game? For the egg-stra innings!"
  • "What kind of jokes do eggs tell? Egg yolks"
  • "What do you call a sleeping egg? Egg-zosted!"
  • "What did the eggs do when the light turned green? They egg-cellerated."
  • "What's red, pink and blue with yellow all over? A. An Easter egg rolling down the hill."

Egg Jokes Puns

Egg Jokes Puns
Egg Jokes - Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

We have put together egg jokes puns below if you still need more references.

  • "How did the hen get to work so fast? She used the eggs-press lane!"
  • "Why should you be careful what you say around egg whites?
  • They can't take a yolk!"
  • "What did the egg say after acing its test? Omelet smarter than I look!"
  • "Why do people love having hard-boiled eggs for breakfast? They're so hard to beat!"
  • "How do monsters like their eggs? Terri-fried."
  • "Why were the eggs running so fast? They were afraid of being beaten!"
  • "What came first, the chicken or the egg? The dinosaur."
  • "Why did the Easter egg hide? He was a little chicken!"
  • "What happened to the chicken at school? He was eggs-pelled!"
  • "Who tells the best eggs puns? The comedy-hens!"
  • "How did the chicken feel after a long day on the farm? Eggs-hausted!"
  • "Don’t I have the best egg puns? I can be a real comedi-hen."
  • "Have you done something different with your hair?You look eggs-traordinary!"

Egg Jokes and Puns

Egg Jokes - Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels

These egg jokes and puns are sure to crack you up. You can send them to your family and friends to make their day brighter.

  • "What did the hen say to her chick? Don't you egg-nore me!"
  • "Why did the egg fail its driving test? He liked to egg-celerate too much!"
  • "Why did the egg cross the road? To get to the Shell station!"
  • "What do you call a scared egg? Terri-fried!"
  • "Why was the egg late for school? He didn't study for the eggs-am."
  • What's an egg's favorite type of coffee? An eggspresso!
  • "Why did the celebrity egg start losing her friends? They called her a shell-out."
  • "What's a chicken's favorite coffee drink? An egg-spresso!"
  • "What does Mr. Egg say every morning to Mrs. Egg? Have an eggs-tra special day!"
  • "What did the egg do when it saw the frying pan? It scrambled!"
  • "How do chickens stay fit? They eggs-ercise!"
  • "Where’s the best place to get information about eggs? The hen-cyclopedia."
  • "What day do eggs hate the most? Fry-day."
  • "How many French eggs do you need? One egg is un oeuf."
  • "Why did the chicken stop in the middle of the road? Because it wanted to lay it on the line."
  • "What’s a hen’s favorite shipping company? Federal Egg-spress."


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