80 Heartfelt Wishes for Baby Boy to Write in a Card

80 Heartfelt Wishes for Baby Boy to Write in a Card
Wishes for Baby Boy - Photo by The Craft Wonder from Pexels

Tripboba.com - A new baby is a divine bundle of joy. Most people anticipate weddings, graduations, and anniversaries, but no one seems to remember baby showers and welcoming parties.

Whether you are a friend, relative, colleague, neighbor, or professional acquaintance, you may be called upon to celebrate and welcome a newborn. With that in mind, Tripboba has prepared a list of some of the most honorable and touching wishes for a baby boy.

Along with the right gift, your attendance and message will be very appreciated. Here are some heartwarming wishes for a baby boy you can send to them. Also, we prepared good wishes that can be used by parents. Let’s have a check!

Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy from Mother

Wishes for Baby Boy - Photo by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

A baby's first birthday is special. This is an important time for parents and other close family members. As a mother, you always hope the best for your son and give all your blessings to him. However, birthday wishes for baby boy from mom should be as special as the birthday itself. Here are some wishes for baby boy that he will love as he can read them.

  • “You are my sweetheart, and I promise, you will find me standing next to you no matter what. Love you my darling, happy birthday.” — Unknown
  • “My love, my sweetheart, my baby, you me the world to me. Love you my sweetheart, have a great birthday.” — Unknown
  • “Dear baby, I am writing a message to let you know what I feel for you, today. Your cute and innocent face always reminds me of my vow to protect you always. Happy Birthday sweetheart.” — Unknown
  • “All my blessings are for you, all my love for you, all my life is for you, I love you so much that I can even give my life to protect you. Happy Birthday, my life.” — Unknown
  • “Whilst I was praying for happiness, God put in my tummy and when you came out, I became so-so happy. Love you baby, happy birthday.” — Unknown
  • “Happy Birthday to you my love, you are my first love, your dad is now the second.” — Unknown
  • “For me paradise is in your palms, on your face and your little feet. My darling, you have made me so happy that I can express myself. Happy Birthday sweetheart.” — Unknown
  • “Happy birthday, my love! Every moment I see you growing, and every moment I pray for you that no hurdle touches your way. Love you.” — Unknown
  • “I love you just like my life (limitless). And I will keep loving you the same way till I take my last breath. Happy Birthday my sweet son.” — Unknown
  • “The love between a mother and her baby needs no explanation. It is incredible and limitless. Our love is similar. Thank you for being my baby, my little star. Happy Birthday.” — Unknown
  • “Happy Birthday to you my cute, sweet, smart, adorable baby. Mom loves you lot, in fact, more than your dad.” — Unknown
  • “There is only one time a mother smiles when her son cries, and that is when came in my lap. Happy Birthday, my love!” — Unknown
  • “You are my star that will shine bright always in my life. Happy birthday to you my little one.” — Unknown
  • “Dear son, you have replaced your father in my life. Now, you are my first love. Happy Birthday!” — Unknown
  • “You keep growing healthy and happy, your mum is there to protect you every moment, every time. Love you baby, happy birthday. The time I took you in my lap, I wasn’t sure how I’ll take care of you. But your sweet nature made me a super mom. Happy Birthday my sweetheart!” — Unknown
  • “I have brought you to the earth so I am responsible to take care of your health, your wellbeing and to give you a good life. Never worry about anything dear Son, when your mum is there.” — Unknown
  • “Whilst you in my lap away from all the worries of this world rest, I will try everything to give you the best. Happy Birthday, my cute baby.” — Unknown
  • “Maybe you also know that your mom is not a super mom, and that’s why you become my super kid. Love you my body, happy birthday!” — Unknown
  • “You made my life incredibly bliss. You have completed me as a mother and have made me so great.” — Unknown
  • “You are a true sweetheart of your mother, I wanna hug you tight and keep you near forever. Love you, happy birthday!” — Unknown
  • “I promised to protect you from all troubles when I hold your soft little hand in my hand. I will keep my promise till my life’s end. Love you baby, keep growing healthy.” — Unknown

Baby Shower Wishes for Boy

Baby Shower Wishes for Boy
Wishes for Baby Boy - Photo by Min An from Pexels

To help you write some heartfelt words for moms-to-be, Tripboba compiled a list of some of the most favorite baby shower messages. Have a look at these warm wishes for baby boy.

  • “Your baby will be so loved and cherished! Can’t wait to meet the little one.” — Unknown
  • “Your little prince is so lucky to have you as parents. Wishing your family lots of happiness and health.” — Unknown
  • “Congrats on your new baby boy. With you as parents, he’s sure to be one handsome and kind little boy.” — Unknown
  • “You’re having a boy! I’m sure it’ll be endless sticky fingers, plenty of cardio, and a home filled with laughter.” — Unknown
  • “Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Can’t wait to see their beautiful smiles.” — Unknown
  • “Can’t wait to meet the new handsome man in your life. I’m sure he’s a keeper!” — Unknown
  • “Oh boy! Let the adventure begin. Congrats on your little crusader.” — Unknown
  • “May you have a safe delivery and a speedy recovery. Best wishes to your growing family.” — Unknown
  • “I hope your baby boy’s life is filled with happiness, love and adventure.” — Unknown
  • “This baby boy is going to be the greatest blessing. Excited to see how much joy and laughter he’s sure to bring to your home.” — Unknown
  • “Many congrats to the new parents-to-be! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness with your new baby.” — Unknown
  • “Sending lots of love to your little man. May he always be healthy and safe.” — Unknown
  • “Welcome to the world, little one! You’re already so loved.” — Unknown
  • “Sorry dad, this little boy is about to steal mom’s heart.” — Unknown
  • “Wishing you lots of love and happiness to you and your little miracle.” — Unknown
  • “Best wishes on the arrival of your first baby!” — Unknown
  • “We’re excited to meet your ray of sunshine. Best wishes on your baby boy’s arrival.” — Unknown
  • “Congratulations on this new adventure! It’s sure to be a great one.” — Unknown
  • “May your life as parents bring you many blessings and joy.” — Unknown
  • “May your journey be one filled with love, happiness, and adventure.” — Unknown

Best Wishes for Baby Boy

Best Wishes for Baby Boy
Wishes for Baby Boy - Photo by PublicDomainPictures from Pexels

Send your warmest messages and heartfelt wishes for baby boy with the following expressions. Pick the best among the wishes!

  • “Receive my deepest congratulations for the birth of your adorable baby boy. May your hearts and minds swell with joy every time you think of him. Cheers to a new life!” — Unknown
  • “Congratulations on the newest member of your family. Blessings and good wishes to all of you. Receive good health, happiness, and prosperity now and in the years to come.” — Unknown
  • “I’m sending loads of wishes filled with joy and sincere congratulations on the arrival of your cute prince.” — Unknown
  • “A baby is seen as a huge responsibility but is also a great bundle of joy. You will handle all the challenges that come with raising a son because I know how determined you are. Best of luck, my friend.” — Unknown
  • “It’s such a good day because we now have a prince in the family. Congratulations dear for the arrival of your new baby boy.” — Unknown
  • “I wish I was one of the godparents of this sweet baby. I have a strong feeling that this is the beginning of many great things. Have fun discovering the surprises and perks of having a son. I will keep you in my prayers.” — Unknown
  • “Allow me to say congratulations on the arrival of your bundle of joy. Blessings and best wishes to the new baby boy.” — Unknown
  • “Congratulations on the addition of a cute prince to your family. He’s adorable and I’m happy for you.” — Unknown
  • “I still can’t believe he is here already. We prayed and prepared for this day and finally, we can smile in relief because the baby is alive and healthy. Hugs and kisses to you all as you prepare for this great journey.” — Unknown
  • “Hurray, it’s a baby boy, my sincere congratulations to you and my prayers are with the little man.” — Unknown
  • “How exciting it is, to have a new addition to your family. Congratulations! He is the spitting image of his father!” — Unknown
  • “We wish the very best as you welcome a new member to your family. Children can be such a joy. Congratulations to you and your wife!” — Unknown
  • “I’m sending you this message to congratulate you on the arrival of your adorable baby. I’m sure he’s as sweet as you are. Congratulations dearest.” — Unknown
  • “We wish you and your family every blessing because of the new member. Congratulations! Prayers for health and happiness for all of you.” — Unknown
  • “Your baby is the luckiest person on earth because he has got an amazing parent like you. Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy.” — Unknown
  • “Being a new mother can be frightening and scary, I know. I just wanted to let you know that I am here for you, my daughter. Congratulations.” — Unknown
  • “We just received your message with the picture of your new son! He is so handsome. He looks just like his father. Congratulations to you and your wife.” — Unknown
  • “Hey, sis! Thank you so much for making me an auntie. I am so excited. Congratulations on your new son. I look forward to meeting my nephew!” — Unknown
  • “To my best friend, I am so happy for you and your husband for the birth of your first child. Blessings to you and your family.” — Unknown
  • “Congratulations on your new child. I know that the two of you have been trying for a long time. I wish you and your family all the best.” — Unknown

2nd Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

2nd Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy
Wishes for Baby Boy - Photo by DivvyPixel from Pixabay

Second birthdays are commonly about drooling on your little toes and chubby cheeks, while celebrating years of innocence! In case your baby turns two today, these sweet birthday wishes for baby boy can make the day even more special.

  • "You’re absolutely the sweetest thing that has happened in our life! Happy 2nd birthday to you, our little bundle of joy! We love you so much!"— Unknown
  • "To my dearest little baby! Happy 2nd birthday! I just want to wish you a lifetime of happiness, love, success, and blessings! Thank you for inspiring me in so many ways! Enjoy your birthday!"— Unknown
  • "My dearest child, it’s time to celebrate your 24 months of existence in this world. Thank you so much for coming into our life. Happy birthday!"— Unknown
  • "Happy 2nd birthday to my awesome baby! Your laughter surely brings tickles to my spine and your smile soothes my weary soul. I love you so much my little girl, enjoy your party!"— Unknown
  • "To my darling little princess who is celebrating her second birthday today. May you grow up to be a beautiful, smart, and wonderful woman! Please know that I love you to pieces!"— Unknown
  • "To the cutest star of my life, happy second birthday! Please know that no matter how old you’ll become, you will always be my darling little baby! I love you honey!"— Unknown
  • "When you came into our life, I looked at you in awe! Now, I’m looking at you with wonder and an abundance of love. Happy second birthday, my tiny little daughter!"— Unknown
  • "It’s finally the second year of your life here on Earth, my little one! My only wish is for you to grow up to be a fine young man and for your life to be filled with loads of happiness, blessings, and success! Happy birthday!"— Unknown
  • "Each time I look at you, I’m reminded of all the beautiful miracles that have happened in my life every single day. I love you so much, my dear one! May you have an amazing second birthday!"— Unknown
  • "Happy 2nd birthday to my sweet child! I can never forget your sweet smile, your first step, and your charming little face. Thank you for giving me so much happiness. Please don’t grow up so fast!"— Unknown
  • "Happy 2nd birthday, baby! I just want to wish you a magical birthday that will only become even more and more magical as the years pass by!"— Unknown
  • "I must be the luckiest person on Earth because I was given a precious two year old who has the sweetest and most adorable smile in the world! Happy 2nd birthday, cutie! May you get the most out of life and may you prosper in all your endeavors in life!"— Unknown
  • "I can’t believe that it’s been two years since you were born into this world! Time indeed flies very fast! Happy 2nd birthday to you, my little one! I look forward to creating many more amazing memories with you!"— Unknown
  • "Happy birthday love! You may only be two years old, but I can already see so much potential in you. You’re smart, talented, and absolutely beautiful! Enjoy your day, little one!"— Unknown
  • "Happy 2nd birthday my little one! Please know that the people around you always love you. So in everything, always remember that we are here to love you and support you!"— Unknown
  • "To the most adorable 2-year old I know! I hope you will have the most fantastic birthday! Please know that I will always be here to guide and support you along the way! Enjoy your birthday party!"— Unknown
  • "I know I’ve got no superpowers that I can pass into you but I am pretty sure that you will grow up to be really incredible! Happy second birthday to you, my darling little one!"— Unknown
  • "To our little bundle of joy, happy 2nd birthday! May you grow up achieving all your dreams and aspirations in life! Please know that whatever happens, I won’t mind moving mountains just to give you the kind of life that you truly deserve!"— Unknown
  • "To my adorable two-year-old boy! May you grow to be a smart, wise, and handsome lad and may you excel in your career in life! Thank you for the happiness you’ve brought into our lives! Happy second birthday!"— Unknown


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