Best 55+ Boyfriend Birthday Wishes For Your Beloved

Best 55+ Boyfriend Birthday Wishes For Your Beloved
Boyfriend Birthday Wishes - Photo by Vera Arsic from Pexels
SHARE - Your boyfriend that you have right now may be the man that you have been waiting for for a thousand years. The one who really cares about you, the one who will always get your back when you are about to fall, or maybe the one who always laughs at your weirdest jokes. 

If you finally found that one, please keep him with you whatever it takes and one of the best ways to make him feel special is through preparing something special in his born day. You do not need to give a fancy gift or limited edition things, you only need to show him how grateful you are about having him.

Do you already have your own boyfriend birthday wishes? If you are still looking for one, then, these following boyfriend birthday wishes compiled by Tripboba may help you on expressing your gratitude towards the man of your life.

Get your pen with paper ready and here we go!

Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

Boyfriend Birthday Wishes - Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

  • "Before I met you, I was weak, broken and lost. Everything changed when you came around. I celebrate you on this special day for everything you have done, and more so for the amazing things, you will do in the future." – Unknown
  • "The day I met you was the happiest day of my life. You have been so wonderful to me, and I love you so much. I wish you the very best today on your birthday. I love you." – Unknown
  • "Dearest boyfriend, You’re the most special person to me and I want to let you know, you mean the world to me. I’m so lucky to be your girl. Happy birthday my love." – Unknown
  • "Dear boyfriend, when I met you, I never thought you would be this important to me. I’m glad I did, and I want to spend every moment with you. Happy birthday." – Unknown
  • "You are the light that shines at the end of my dark tunnels, the fine breeze that hits my face in the morning, and the glistening stars that colour up my night sky. Seeing your favourite person celebrate their birthday is one of the best feelings in the world. Have a good one, love of my life." – Unknown
  • "My life has been a fairy tale since you rode up on your white horse to rescue me from my loneliness. I love you so very much. Wishing you the best on your birthday and life afterwards." – Unknown
  • "If wishes were rose flowers, then I would be the proud owner of a beautiful garden just to wish you a very prosperous birthday. Happy Birthday, my love." – Unknown
  • "If I sometimes can’t hear what you’re saying, it’s only because my heart is beating so fast. Happy Birthday, my love." – Unknown
  • "Babe, you are plus one today, and that calls for a huge celebration. I hope your birthday is as glorious as you make my life." – Unknown

Birthday Wishes For My Boyfriend

Boyfriend Birthday Wishes - Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels

  • "To the man that owns my heart, may you soar higher than an eagle, may your heart’s desires come true and may you never stop being in love with me. Happy birthday, baby." – Unknown
  • "Happy Birthday to God’s greatest creation. As far as I’m concerned, you’re perfect in every way." – Unknown
  • "To my boyfriend, I am wishing you the very best on this special day. I truly believe that we were meant to be together, and I look forward to spending many more years with you." – Unknown
  • "I have been expecting this day to hug you twice as much. If it can be, that is. Happy Birthday, darling." – Unknown
  • "Happy Birthday to the man that I wish to hold forever in my heart." – Unknown
  • "You take my breath away. You are a dream come true & I’d like to wish you “Happy Birthday” from the depths of my soul." – Unknown
  • "All women-scientists agree: you are a gorgeous hunk. Imagine how lucky a girl can feel beside you. Happy Birthday, my gorgeous!" – Unknown
  • "My wonderful boyfriend is my passion, my wealth and my life. Happy birthday, sweetheart." – Unknown
  • "You are the joy of my life, honey. On your anniversary, may oceans of pleasure and magical surprises fill your life!" – Unknown
  • "Babe, on your special day, I need you to know that you mean more to me than being in the Oval Office means to Hillary Clinton. Enjoy your day!" – Unknown
  • "Happy birthday to my adorable boyfriend who has just become wrinklier today. Just so you know, I will continue to love you more and more with each new wrinkle you get!" – Unknown
  • "Happy birthday to my wonderful boyfriend, who despite not being a cardiologist, takes good care of my heart much better than any cardiologist on earth can ever do." – Unknown
  • "Happy birthday, my sweet love. May this spanking new age make your blessings grow bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s muscles.  Enjoy your day." – Unknown

Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend Romantic

Boyfriend Birthday Wishes - Photo by Hiep Pham from Pixabay

In this part, you can pick your favourite boyfriend birthday wishes in the most romantic way.

  • "We are two hearts, once lost and stray, but we have found our way back to each other. Home is wherever you are, and I am so grateful for everything. Happy birthday, King of my heart." – Unknown
  • "The best gift I could offer you today is my presence and companionship for the rest of our lives. You are yet to know the full extent of my love for you. Happy birthday, my man." – Unknown
  • "So many wishes to you today, I just hope mine will be special because I love you more than you could ever imagine. Happy birthday, baby." – Unknown
  • "It is rare to find someone who is perfect for you. I am so happy that you came into my life. I wish you the best on your birthday, and every day after that. I love you." – Unknown
  • "Happiest birthday to the man of my dreams and the only guy who gets to call me his’. You and I are like bread and butter; smooth and perfect for each other. You deserve the best in life, and I promise to make you feel like the only man in the world." – Unknown
  • "If there’s another lifetime, I would love to spend it with you, honey. being with you gives me joy. May this day bring forth the manifestation of your heart’s desires. Happy birthday." – Unknown
  • "You’re something special, birthday boy. I wouldn’t mind growing old with you." – Unknown
  • "My wish for you on this special day is that you shine brighter than a diamond. May your wishes on this special day come to pass, my dear lover." – Unknown
  • "Just like nature needs sunlight, my heart needs your love. Happy Birthday!" – Unknown
  • "Babe, did you know that the sweetness of your kiss is worth more than a billion bucks? Happy birthday." – Unknown

Cute Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

Boyfriend Birthday Wishes - Photo by Fernanda Latronico from Pexels

There is some alternative for you who looking for boyfriend birthday wishes in the cutest ways!

  • "Thanks for being born, sweetie. You make the world a better place, and you make my world complete." – Unknown
  • "I wish I could shout through the whole universe just to announce that a special person was born today. Happy birthday, my handsome prince." – Unknown
  • "Your love has brought me more luck than a four-leaved clover! Happy Birthday, you’re my true lucky charm." – Unknown
  • "Let this be a day full of love, surprises & music, my love. Happy Birthday, let’s have fun!" – Unknown
  • "I was ready to kiss some frogs in my life, but then I found the prince himself! Happy Birthday!" – Unknown
  • "Your birthday gives me the opportunity to say it loud: “I love you + Happy Birthday”!" – Unknown
  • "I might not say it often, but no one can ever make me half as happy as you make me feel. Happy birthday, my sunshine." – Unknown
  • " My agenda is to make you happy every blessed day of your life. And that is exactly what I shall do until the end of time. Have a glorious birthday, sweetheart." – Unknown
  • "You aren’t only a wish come true. You are the genie itself! Happy Birthday, my genie!" – Unknown
  • "I’m literally under your spell and not interested in finding an antidote. You’re the love magician, Happy Birthday!" – Unknown
  • "Hugs & kisses, love & gratitude, time & affection are going to be my primary birthday presents today. Happy Birthday, my love." – Unknown
  • "Happy Birthday to the most commonly recognized star that fell on earth! Happy Birthday, my heavenly creature!" – Unknown
  • "Let’s chill this whole day out. We deserve it! Happy Birthday, my cool man!" – Unknown
  • "I love being in your arms & I know you like it, too! So, that will be my first Birthday gift tonight! Happy Birthday!" – Unknown

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

Boyfriend Birthday Wishes - Photo by Mohamed Chermiti from Pixabay

Are you not the type of girlfriend who thinks that saying boyfriend birthday wishes in a romantic way is such a cringe? Then you can pick one of these boyfriend birthday wishes in a funny way.

  • "On this special day of yours, I just want you to know that there’s still no cure for ageing. But the good news for you is that you are ageing beautifully. Happy birthday!" – Unknown
  • "Happy birthday my love. Just remember that you can only eat as many sweets as you’re allowed to. Have a good day!" – Unknown
  • "One more year of existence down the drain. People say that the good die young, so I guess that makes you an old badass! It just feels good to have you as my badass. Have a great day and year ahead." – Unknown
  • "Let’s hope your love for me increases just as you are getting older. Because, if this is not the case, perhaps you’ll not live long. Happy birthday!" – Unknown
  • "I wish every day was your birthday. I wish I could celebrate every day with cakes and sweets. Because I love them and I love you too!" – Unknown
  • "You are getting more mature and more handsome. I hope someday you’ll become lovable too. Happy birthday, dear!" – Unknown
  • "I am in love with an extraordinarily handsome and caring guy whom I think about every second because I can’t help myself. If you care to know who he is, all you need do is take a look into the mirror and you’ll see him. Happy birthday." – Unknown
  • "You make me feel like a billion-dollar bill. Happy birthday, my dear." – Unknown
  • "If my money were to grow wildly like my love for you, then by now I’m certain I’d be richer than Jeff Bezos. Happy birthday, babe." – Unknown
  • "If loving each other were a crime, you and I would be more notorious than the outlawed duo Bonnie and Clyde. Happy birthday." – Unknown
  • "Happy birthday, my sweet love. May this spanking new age make your blessings grow bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s muscles.  Enjoy your day." – Unknown

Ok, which one is your favorite boyfriend birthday wishes? Let us know!


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