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First Time Tourists Guide

Berlin, [DE] Germany

Image by melancholiaphotography from Pixabay

Berlin is a city that survived the destruction of World War II. Now, this capital of Germany has impressing economic and cultural growth. The city is known as a multicultural metropolis that still maintains its 'root'. Despite the global influence, the locals know how to 'live and let live'. No wonder they live in freedom and don't really care about wealth or status symbol. Berlin is a big but compact city where you can easily enjoy the city by bike, public transport, or even on foot.



When visiting Berlin, Brandenburg Gate is the first stop for every tourist. This iconic landmark offers fascinating view at night. If you want to enjoy Berlin like local people, cycling is one of the solutions. Rental bike can be found easily in the city. The most popular one is in Alexanderplatz.


Mitte is the heart of Berlin. It's a home for cultural venues, architectures and restaurants.


When talking about shopping street, Kurfürstendamm is the most famous destination in Berlin. There are over 100 shops that sell variety of goods. So, this place will definitely be a paradise for shopaholics.

Food & Drink

Berlin is widely known as an industrial drinking town. You can try out any kind of drinks there. Other than that, this city also offers promising culinary that will never disappoint you.


The city is home for prestigious universities, museums, orchestras, carnivals, festivals and even sporting centers. No wonder if Berlin has become one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in Europe.

Best Time To Visit

We recommend you to visit Berlin between May to September to experience a warm fuzzy feeling.



Hotel Adlon Kempinski with its historical and classic interior will give you the feeling of authentic European culture. But if you are looking for a modern and minimalist furnishing, the Mandala Hotel will fulfill your need.


Zur letzten Instanz is the oldest restaurant in Berlin. This place is highly recommended if you want to try the authentic taste of Berlin. But if you are craving for burger, steak, or any other meaty menus, The Bird will be the best choice.


Kastanientörtchen is the best cafe when you long for something sweet. You can choose your own tarts with different bases, creams and toppings. But, The Barn can be another alternative if you want to take a sip of coffee. This cafe is known as one of the top Coffee Roasters in Germany.

Bar and Nightlife

Klunkerkranich is one of the most recommended bars for youngster. It is located on the top of multi-story car park. The best time to hang out in this bar is in summer. But if you want to get more intimate with your partner or your travel buddy, you should visit Velvet Bar. This bar is famous for its seasonal ingredients coined by Damien Guichard who has expertise in making cocktails.

Interesting Places

You can't leave Berlin if you haven't visited The Berlin Wall Memorial. This place has all of the Cold War memories laid in there. You can see the Monument in Memory of the Divided City, the Window of Remembrance, as well as the Victims of Communist Tyranny. Also, you can go to Checkpoint Charlie, a famous crossing point between East and West Germany during the Cold War. Even though the checkpoint is already redeveloped, you can see the original building in the Allied Museum.

Instagramable Spots

The East Side Gallery is not only the most instagrammable spot in Berlin. It is also one of the most instagrammable spots in the world. You can find many beautiful corners by walking up and down the East Side Gallery. On the other side, when you want to make your Instagram feeds filled with pictures of elegant classic building, you can take a snap in The Berlin Cathedral. The photos will always look good in every weather.