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Amsterdam, [NL] Netherlands

Image by Ansgar Scheffold from Pixabay

Amsterdam is a century old-trading hub, it makes the city a place where most of the cultures in all around the world meet. Museums and Art Galleries are the most visited places. The main attraction of this city is its waterways because the city is surrounded by canals.



Amsterdam is a city of museums, over seventy museums are available for tourists throughout the year. From the biggest museum Rijksmuseum, the biggest park Vondelpark, the iconic houses Damrak will never disappoint you when you take your step to this city.


The center city of Amsterdam is in the main streets of Damrak follow the former path of the river Amstel, meeting at Dam Square. You can easily find shops, restaurants, hotels, and universities in the center of the city.

Places Dam Square

When it comes to the shopping center in Amsterdam, Nine Streets is your best bet. It's like a paradise for the youngsters for branded items. But if you are looking for a high-end fashion brand, Bijenkorf is the right place to go.

Food & Drink

The locals usually have home-cooking meals, so it's rare to find a restaurant that sells Amsterdam traditional menu. But you can easily find apple pie and stroopwafels in every coffee shop in the city.


Amsterdam culture is built upon other cultures that mingle in this city. It makes the vibes of the city vibrant and has a rich cultural life.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Amsterdam in April to May, enjoy the autumn while doing some canal cruising.



Hotel Pulitzer is one of the best choices when it comes to an authentic hotel in Amsterdam. The hotel offers a garden or canal view in every room and you can explore the city's canals with the hotel's canal boat. Hotel de L’Europe is another option if you want to stay near Amstel River, intimate ambiance and genuine service is something you can expect from this hotel.


Janz restaurant mainly served steak and salad, but the dessert is such a scene-stealer with its sweetness. But there is always another choice for those who want to get the real Amsterdam taste, you can head to Haesje Claes, the menu offers exclusively old-fashioned Dutch food such as pea soup and fish soup.


Café De Jaren gives you the best view of the Amstel River by its outdoor terrace. The interior of this cafe has a tiled mosaic floor and modern art on the wall. Coffee and Coconuts are other options for you who needs some caffeine with a twist of coconut-based dessert. This cafe is a former cinema with a high ceiling so it has a bright atmosphere.

Bar and Nightlife

Belushi's has a fun and sociable feel to it which is suitable for backpackers. Here, you can easily get some new friends. In this bar, the drinks are affordable and you can order some tasty burgers to refill your energy. On the other side, if you want to take a sip of the cocktail while enjoying the south views of the city you can open a table in Canvas Bar. The bar offers different varieties of cocktails and a fun atmosphere.

Places Belushi's Canvas
Interesting Places

Rijksmuseum is the most popular museum in Amsterdam and a home for more than 5,000 important paintings. This terrace museum has another charm when it comes to spring season. Another top interesting place in Amsterdam is the Van Gogh Museum, which maintains the works of the world’s most popular artist - Vincent van Gogh.

Instagramable Spots

You do not need a certain time or season to see the beauty of Vondelpark because this park is always gorgeous throughout the year. Fill your Instagram feed with the green and historical classic sculpture in every corner in this park. You have to make sure that you come to Amsterdam by taking a photo in front of the houses in Damrak. Surely, you will get your feeds stand-out with the charm of the building and the water view in front of it.