20 Best Family Vacation Destinations In Ireland

20 Best Family Vacation Destinations In Ireland - Photo from www.trivago.ae

Ireland is always one of the best destinations to take your family to have great holiday.

Boasting numerous spectacular and amazing landscapes, Ireland is one of the most favorited countries to visit.

Here you can explore the location where The Game of Throne film series take place, and also explore its old town.

Most of the attractions in Ireland are the spectacular mountains overlooking the ocean which is incredible.

If you're planning to visit it with your family, here are the 20 best family vacation destinations in Ireland.



The Wild Atlantic Way is a tourism trail on the west coast of Ireland. This trail is also part of the main road leading to the north and south coast. Stretching for 2,500 kilometers, the trail passes through nine counties and three provinces in Ireland. This will give you a beautiful view of the various counties that you will pass. Long trips with your family from this trail will make your vacation even more exciting.

The Wild Atlantic Way is one of the longest road trip you can explore in Ireland. This road boasts breathtaking views along the 2,500 kilometers and you can stop off at any places. The mountainous views dominating the road which is seemed to be so small from the top of mountains. It is a popular road where many tourist spend their time to trip form the north side of Ireland to the south which ends in Atlantic Ocean. You should try it!

Wild Atlantic Way Road Trip

A stunning coastal drive along the west coast of Ireland in picturesque surroundings.

Address : Main Street, Newport, Co. Mayo, F28 YX89, Ireland


The Irish National Stud is a Thoroughbred horse located in Tully, County Kidare, Ireland. In this place you can see horse breeding and feed the existing horses. In addition, this place is equipped with a garden where you can see horses running around and also interact with them. Vacation with family to this place will be very suitable because you can play and learn.

This place is one of the best recommended family destinations in County Kidare. You can take all of your kids and not worrying of being bored. They can spend their time to see and interact with the horses and feeding them as well. If you want to try, you can do horseback riding along the stud. Pretty fun, isn't it?

Irish National Stud & Gardens

Stallion-breeding stud farm, plus formal Eastern- and rugged Irish-style gardens, plus horse museum.

Address : Brallistown Little, Tully, Co. Kildare, R51 KX25, Ireland


The Viking Triangle in Waterford is a medieval museum in southeastern Ireland. Here you can take an epic tour around the Viking heritage buildings and see some preserved artifacts. You can go around with your family and join the tour with a tour guide who will explain the history. In addition, the shape of the building which is dominated by a triangle is a characteristic of the Vikings. It would be very suitable to be a photo object with family.

This place offers such an unique and ancient artifacts with old buildings. Thinking to take pictures? The buildings are absolutely the best object for photography. The Gothic architecture style still remaining and well preserved. Taking up your family to this place is also recommended, because you can learn and see the magnificent buildings of the Vikings age.

The Viking Triangle

Lots to see. From Viking Ships to Round Towers, massive carved swords to Statues nestling in corners there is lots to see in this area. Very interesting.

Loved the Viking Triangle My Mum a native of Dungarvan who has lived in Dublin for over 50 years enjoyed her recent visit with me to Waterford City and The Viking Triangle made our walk around the city so informative and as a...

Absolutely Wonderful As good a day on holiday as alive had in a long time, the Viking Trianlge in Waterford is quite magnificent. The highlight is the area around Cathedral Square where you have the Medieval Treasures Museum and...

Address : High Street and Henrietta Street, Waterford Ireland


The Inishowen Peninsula is one of the many peninsulas you will find in Ireland. This place is located in Donegal County and offers views of the sea and the bustle of local residents on the beach. Inishowen is the largest peninsula in Ireland which is also the northernmost tip of Ireland which is also called the Main Head. You can visit this place as the best family vacation destination in Ireland.

This peninsula is one of the best places in Donegal County. The breathtaking views of the ocean from the tip of the northernmost Ireland is undoubtedly amazing. It is also called "Main Head" referring its location in the northernmost of the island. You can travel to this place with family since the track is easy and kind of friendly. So, thinking to visit this place?


Rustic land mass with a 100-mile designated scenic drive, fishing harbors, sporting & museums.

Address : Inishowen, Owenboy, Co. Donegal, Ireland


Giant's Causeway is the most popular tourist attraction in Northern Ireland. Geologically, this Giant Causeway phenomenon occurs due to volcanic activity during the Paleogene period several tens of millions of years ago. This site, which is the only UNESCO world heritage site in Ireland, is now often visited by many tourists and is Ireland's main attraction. You can invite your family to take a vacation to this one destination, and still be careful.

When you step on Giant's Causeway, it will remind you to the homeland of Superman. Its unique stone shape is its best main attractions and it is said that the formation of the stone is caused by volcanic activity. On the tip of the place, you can witness the breathtaking view of the ocean down below. Bear in mind, equip yourself with anti-slip boots when visiting this place. After all, it is still the best destination for family vacation!

Giant's Causeway

Basalt columns jut upwards out of the sea at this iconic landform with a modern visitor's centre.

Address : Bushmills BT57 8SU, UK


Birr Castle Demense is a heritage castle in Ireland, located in County Offaly, Ireland. This castle and garden was once a winner of Award-Winning Gardens and is the main attraction for tourists to visit it. Here you will find many types of rare plants and flowers. You will enjoy the beauty of a green garden and can be an Instagrammable photo object. If you visit it with your family, this place will be suitable as a comfortable picnic spot.

Birr Castle Demense is another best destination for family vacation. The green space of the garden and also the castle within the park will let you amazed. Loving photography? This place indeed is the best photo object with its rare plants and beautiful scenery. Get your best family vacation pictures and upload it on Instagram!

Birr Castle Demense

Scenic castle gardens featuring rare trees and a science centre with a 19th-century telescope.

Address : Townparks, Birr, Co. Offaly, Ireland


Bunratty Castle and Folk Park is a large historical park, located in County Clare. This park offers an old building dating back to the 15th century. You will find many historical and cultural heritages that are thick in this park. In addition, with a large enough area, you can walk around and see a pretty instagrammable view. Vacation with family to this place will certainly provide an unforgettable exciting experience.

Bunratty Castle is one of the best historical and cultural site in County Clare. Its large area boasts numerous beautiful spots, best for afternoon jogging or just taking some instagrammable pictures. On the weekend, you can take a short time picnic on its greenery space and enjoying relaxed atmosphere.

Bunratty Castle and Folk Park

Good folk park and castle The castle and folk park are well preserved. Each of the buildings has a short description at the door, and the printed map guide has a bit of additional information. Unfortunately COVID 19 restrictions...

Very good We visited here on a wet day and with covid restrictions this meant we had to wait out in the rain to access some of the houses. Although the restrictions put in place for covid were good and made us feel safer so this...

Brilliant day out Highly highly recommend a day out here! Heard they are closing down end of August which is a disgrace!! Please remain open brilliant day out! Can not speak highly enough of it

Address : Bunratty West, Bunratty Ireland


The town of Killarney can be explored on foot, and every corner offers historical information. On foot, visit Ireland's first national park, consisting of 26,000 acres of forest, sandstone mountains and lowland lakes. When tired, explore Killarney National Park by boat from Ross Castle. As Killarney has more hotels than any other city in Ireland (apart from Dublin), you will have no shortage of places to rest your body.

Killarney can be said is a city where you don't need any transportation. It is suitable for those who love outdoor activities and lots of moves. Its Ross Castle is a nice place to go with family, admiring the old and ancient architecture style which is well preserved. You can also take your family to explore the Killarney National Park where you can see the beautiful green space with rare plants, birdwatching points, and many more.


Killarney is a tourist spot with a lot of history, heritage, activities and world-class hospitality.

Its beauty and wide variety of recreational activities make Killarney one of the most popular tourist centers.

Address : Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland


Marble Arch Caves is one of the most challenging tourist sites in Ireland. This tourist attraction offers a cave experience that is hundreds of years old with a series of limestone and stalactites on the cave walls. Here you can see many unique things from ancient humans with the water still flowing. If you invite your family, you will be guided by a tour guide through this cave. Guaranteed safety standards will make your experience exciting exploring one of the attractions in Ireland.

If you prefer exploring the hidden side of Ireland, Marble Arch Cave is your best spot. You can experience the ancient human made cave exploration. Here, you will find the ancient humans artifacts and sort of things which is covered by the water flowing from the top of the cave. It is a bit thrilling yet challenging for any ages. You will be guided by experienced and licensed tour guide. Don't be worry!

Marble Arch Caves

Guided tours on walkways and by boat through UNESCO subterranean caves, open March to September.

Address : 43 Marlbank Rd, Enniskillen BT92 1EW, UK


If you like the outdoors with your family, then visiting the Cliffs of Moher is the right choice. Through these cliffs, you can enjoy the most amazing views of the entire island. The beauty of the Cliffs of Moher itself is a natural phenomenon that was carved by the giant river delta for more than 320 million years ago. At the top of this ridge are lush green meadows, while the bottom is bathed in the musical sounds of the majestic Galway Bay.

This place is one of the location where you can notice the setting of Game of Thrones films. The typical magnificent cliffs in Ireland is always becoming the location of movies. On the top of the cliffs, you can witness the breathtaking view of the Galway Bay. It is pretty amazing that you can't handle yourself to take some pictures, or maybe more!

Cliffs of Moher

Dramatic seaside cliffs featuring an 18-km. hiking path, O'Brien's Tower and a visitor centre.

Address : Cliffs of Moher, Lislorkan North, Co. Clare, Ireland


Chocolate Garden of Ireland is a family-friendly tourist attraction. This place is in the city of Wicklow and is very instagrammable as a photo object. If you are on vacation in Ireland with your family, you can invite them to visit this cozy place. Here you can enjoy warm chocolate and chocolate-based foods. It is suitable as an object for those who like chocolate.

This friendly and cozy spot in Wicklow is your best family vacation destination to just chill and relax. Various kinds of chocolate in variety of products can be enjoyed. It is one of the best tourist spots to stop off and having relaxed time in the bustling area of Wicklow. You can take your family to have a fun time in this spot as well.

The Chocolate Garden of Ireland

This is a place for kids and adults too to enjoy coffee or chocolate.

They offer delicious sandwiches, cakes, chocolate and strawberries and a marshmallow fondue.

Address : Chocolate Garden, Rath East, Co. Wicklow, R93 PY82, Ireland


The Hook Peninsula is a tourist destination located in County Wexford, Ireland. This place is known for its legendary and very iconic old lighthouse. In this place there are also Viking buildings, Anglo-Normans, and ancient British buildings. The coastline is quite beautiful with the rocks and the open sea offers spectacular views. If you plan to visit it with your family, make sure you prepare your necessities such as special anti-slip shoes.

Since Ireland has plenty of peninsula, Hook is one of the best with its legendary lighthouse. The old and ancient lighthouse of the Anglo-Normans is its main attractions, besides the views of the ocean. From far away, you will easily notice the lighthouse that is prominently can be seen from far. It is the best photo object for your family vacation. So, don't forget to snap some pictures!

Hook Peninsula

A suitable place for a leisurely stroll.

Address : Hook Peninsula, Slade, Co. Wexford, Ireland


Clonakilty is an interesting little town that you should visit in Ireland. Here you will be treated to a beautiful beach view and you shouldn't miss it. Besides that, the city is also clean and neat. Its comfortable and quiet place will be your best family tourist destination. You can invite your family to tour and enjoy the comfort of this small town.

Clonakilty is a small town where you can enjoy the other side of Ireland. You may think that Ireland is only about big cities, yet Clonakilty is an exceptional one. The friendly neighborhood and fresh atmosphere of the countryside will make you feel comfortable. The neat and comfy places to stay are also available nearby. So, it is a must-visit places in Ireland that you should consider!


A city that offers colorful houses and pretty cool tourist destinations.

Address : Clonakilty, Co. Cork, Ireland


Galway is very nice because you can get around the city on foot. Once here, walk through the streets of the city. You'll find lively taverns, quirky shops and lined cobbled streets filled with students, artists, writers and craftsmen. On the beach, you will see quite a beautiful view with the waves and hills that surround it. Vacation with family to this place will definitely be very suitable. You can go around and look for unique souvenirs and gifts at a fairly cheap price.

The coast of this place is amazingly incredible. Giant's Causeway is an icon where you can admire by the Krypton-alike stone, and the coast down below is even more majestic. The hard and high tides is the mesmerizing views you can enjoy from the tip of the cliffs. Keep in mind that you should be careful, especially when you take your family. Anti-slip boots are required to keep you safe.

The Causeway Coast (near Giant's Causeway)

This is definitely the busiest destination along the coast.

Address : Bushmills BT57 8SU, UK


Connemara is a district in western Ireland and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. It has charm on its beautiful coastline with fishing villages and beautiful bays. If you are on vacation with your family to Ireland, Connemara can be one of the destinations that you must visit. There is also Connemara National Park which is dominated by beautiful mountains and provides spectacular views.

This western district of Ireland is one of the best places you should consider. Its Connemara National Park is mainly the best tourist spot to visit. Take your family and enjoy the amazing views of mountainous sceneries. On the view point of the mountain, you can take a deep breath while looking at the green and large landscapes of natural beauty.


The best place to spend your time and feel the fresh air.

Many narrow streets invite you to Rumkurven and its beautiful corner of Ireland.

Address : letterfrack Lodge , Letterfrack, Letterfrack, connemara, Co. Galway, Ireland


Dublin is one of the most walkable cities in Europe, so families will find it this place to take a vacation together. What's more, its fertile meadows, including St. Stephen's Green and Phoenix Park can be a relaxing place to relax. And when it's time to eat, parents can enjoy a glass of Guinness while the little ones can enjoy classic Irish dishes like shepherd's pie and mouthwatering beef stew.

The capital city of Dublin is a must-visit place. Plenty of places you can explore and discover throughout the city. From the old and ancient cathedrals, museums, pubs, and many more. It is a well-packed place where you can spend two or three days exploring the beauty of this Ireland most modern city.

Dublin City

Dublin is the capital of Ireland which offers many popular tourist attractions.

Address : Dublin, Ireland


Sligo is a port city in Ireland which has a beautiful typical Irish landscape. Sligo is also known to be a beautiful destination and one of the best places to visit in Ireland for adventure lovers. This city is also very suitable for surfers because it has big waves and you can also explore the rolling hills around this city while hiking.

Besides the mountainous landscapes, Sligo also offers beautiful beaches with high tides, suitable for surfing lovers. Situated in the north of the country, this city is one of the best tourist destinations to explore the outdoors. You can do surfing on the beaches, hiking on the mountain trails, and exploring the beautiful and bustling area in the downtown.


This is an interesting place to visit with aesthetic houses.

This place is full of colorful houses and flowing rivers.

Address : Sligo, Ireland


Cork is Ireland's second largest city and tops the list of the best places to visit when you're on your holiday in the country. In this city, almost every corner of the street there are pubs, cafes, bars and restaurants that you can visit. Plus, a vibrant art gallery and several museums are perfect for those of you who love history.

Cork offers numerous spots for nightlife lovers and party goers. The typical ambiance of the nightlife in Cork is a perfect place for those who love spending night alongside spirits and drinks. You can also visit a more appropriate place for kids, such as the museums and art galleries in the downtown.


Had a great time at Cork We had an SMU event at Cork and honestly it was a delightful night. Staff was helpful and welcoming until the moment we left. We will be back.

Best wine bar in the area Cork is the best wine bar in the Uptown/West Village of Dallas. Their wine selection fits every palate, and the atmosphere is perfect for a girls night out, or a romantic date night. They even have a small...

Cork is Cool! I recently visited Cork for the first time to meet a new friend for wine. WOW! The selections were outstanding and you can have a flight of any of their wines. Tony was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Patio...

Address : 3636 McKinney Ave Suite 170, Dallas, TX 75204-1422


Donegal is one of the cities in Ireland which is known for its magnificent palaces. This place is on a rocky coastline and has stunning mountains like Mount Errigal. In addition, this city also has the Glenveagh National Park which is suitable for nature lovers. You will enjoy the beautiful scenery with your family by walking around and taking a walk on the beach.

Donegal can be your another option to visit mountainous city in Ireland. The popular Errigal Mountain is your best outdoor spot to do climbing, hiking, or exploring wild life. Another national park in Glenveagh park is suitable for family vacation. Spending time in the nature area will make your vacation warmer and fun. Get your family to Donegal and explore the whole beauty of this city!


This is an attractive town that offers a variety of tourist attractions.

There are charming harbors, serene beaches and the remains of the stoic rock of centuries ago.

Address : Donegal, Ireland


North Wexford is a part of the city of Wexford which is located in the northern part. This city is known as a coastline city where you will find lots of tourist attractions which are dominated by a long coastline. In addition, here you can visit historical places such as the West Gate Heritage Tower which has been established since the 12th century. Vacationing with your family to North Wexford will be more fun by walking around the city which is filled with historical buildings.

North Wexford is still a part of Wexford which is located a bit far in the north. Plenty of its historical and cultural sites throughout the city is your family best destinations. Get around the 12th century tower and make the best family vacation memories in the frame of pictures. You will enjoy every corner of this city since it is not that far from the downtown.

North Wexford

This city is known as a coastline city where you will find lots of tourist attractions which are dominated by a long coastline.

Address : Wexford, Ireland