20 Best Family Vacation Destinations In Philippines

20 Best Family Vacation Destinations In Philippines - Photo from www.azamara.com

Philippines is one of the best tourist destinations in Southeast Asian countries.

The country boasts numerous attractions from beautiful beaches, mountainous gardens, falls, and many more.

If you're planning to take your family to Southeast Asia for traveling, Philippines is one of the best choices.

In its capital city of Manila you can find numerus interesting spots to relax and enjoy the family time.

Tripboba have wrapped the 20 best family vacation destinations in Philippines you can visit for the next trip. Let's check 'em out!



Coron Island is a beautiful island located in the Calamian Islands, Palawan, Philippines. This island is the third largest island in the Calamian Islands, Palawan, Philippines. On this beach, you can see the blue sea water, calm waves, and really beautiful scenery. You can even do some really fun water activities! Like snorkeling and diving. Uniquely, on Coron Island or Coron Island there is a Japanese shipwreck during World War II.

If you're planning to spend your family vacation in the next holiday season in Philippines, Coron Island should be on your bucket list. Its pristine and turquoise water will make you amaze. Besides, plenty of hotels and restaurants nearby the beach. It is going to be an ideal destination for you and family.

Coron Island

This island is the third largest island in the Calamian Islands, Palawan, Philippines.

Address : Coron Island, Coron, Philippines


The Loboc River is the largest river on Bohol Island, Philippines. Wading the river using a Paddle board is certainly a new fun activity. You can choose the time you want. Can be during the day, or at night. You will feel a different sensation if you choose Stand up Paddle at night. Because you will only be illuminated by the lights from people's houses or by the light from fireflies in the trees along the river.

All green scenery adorns every corner, namely the beautiful trees on either side of the river and clean river water that is green because of the color reflection of the various abaca fern trees that grow on the riverbank. Towards the end of the route, you will be presented with local art attractions in the form of singing performances and bamboo game events. This simple but unusual event makes the tour even more interesting. You can also participate in playing bamboo together.

Loboc River

The source of the Loboc River is located in the town of Carmen, almost in the center of Bohol.

Address : Loboc River, Bohol, Philippines


Boracay is one of the famous tourist attractions in the Philippines. No wonder if you go to the Philippines, Boracay will definitely be on your bucket list. Boracay Island has 4 beaches with beautiful views. Such as Baling Hai Beach, Bulabog Beach, Puka Beach, and White Beach. Each beach has its own characteristics. If you want a quiet atmosphere to be alone, then you can visit Puka Beach. Meanwhile, for those of you who want to try various water activities such as snorkeling and diving, you can go to Balinghai Beach and Bulabog Beach.

One of the activities you can do while in Boracay yesterday is island hoping. You can also opt for a private tour program at a higher cost, of course. At 9.30 am there will be a guide that will pick you up at the hotel to go to the departure gathering point. Another activity you can do in Boracay is diving. Boracay is touted as the tropical paradise of the Philippines. You can find reef sharks, tuna, pompano fish, and marine life that will not disappoint you. If diving is too difficult, you can enjoy the beauty of the underwater world with helmet diving. There are still many activities you can do, such as sunset sailing.

Boracay, Malay

Great place to relax and have fun.

Best white sand beach and great sunsets.

Life is short, explore and witness the true beauty of nature.

Address : Boracay, Malay, Philippines


El Nido is also a famous tourist spot in the Philippines. But unfortunately this tourist spot is not as busy as Boracay, even though El Nido also has tourist attractions in the form of small, exotic islands and of course still empty of visitors. The name Nido from El Nido itself means swallow. This is because El Nido was once an area for producing swallow nests, before finally tourist attractions on this island became increasingly popular with tourists and became the livelihood of local residents.

In El Nido, there are at least 43 small islands that have natural beauty that is second to none. You will love exploring this uninhabited island. By exploring the islands, you will find various and interesting things. Taking up your family to El Nido is a fun way to spend your holiday.

El Nido

Tourist or local, it's very very good! I've been going to El Nido for many years and have ALWAYS been greeted with open arms, great service and 1st class food and drink no matter what I ordered! The people here that reported...

great local restaurant. El Nido is in the center of Rosarito Beach. The food is great. I have eaten there several times. So whether you want seafood, Mexican food or just a good breakfast they will not disappoint. Also the...

Great atmosphere & food! Not only is the food excellent, but the staff and chef were able to accommodate food allergies (gluten free & Alpha Gal) with no problem. The atmosphere is unique. Watch tortillas being made, potatoes...

Address : Boulevard Benito Juarez # 67 Centro, Rosarito 22706 Mexico


Puerto Princesa Underground River is a truly amazing place. Once through the cave by boat, you will find a treasure that will amaze you. Even the Puerto Princesa underground river is already included in the 7 wonders of the world. The location of the Puerto Princesa Underground River is about 80 kilometers north of Puerto Princesa City. You really have to come here when you decide to go on vacation to the Philippines. Because it will feel really worth it!

Besides exploring the underground river, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the place. The green trees and high cliffs around will amaze you. If you're planning to enjoy Philippines in its natural side, Puerto Princesa Underground River is the best choice. You will be surrounded by fresh atmosphere and also its unique and spectacular underground river. So, enjoy!

Puerto Princesa Underground River

A vacation to remember A hidden gem! Photos are not enough to express the beauty of this place. What adds more to the experience are the amazing tour guides and locals who are at the top of their game, making each guests feel...

Must see The underground trip is amazing. I bet every tourists enjoyed a lot. The way the tourists are being managed is superb. Going to the underground river we have complete gears for protections. We also have a lapel and a...

Fantastic day trip high value for the money I remember reading reviews before I went. Some people questioned whether you should go. The answer now that I’ve done it is yes definitely you need to go to the underground river....

Address : Sabang, Puerto Princesa, Palawan Island 5300 Philippines


Intramuros is a historic part of the city in Manila, because it was here the center of government and political power when the Philippines was under the Spanish Empire. Intramuros itself is also called the Walled City, which is synonymous with the city of Manila. There are several important places in the old city of tourist attractions in the Philippines, including the Manila Cathedral, the Church of San Augustine, and Fort Santiago.

If you want to get around the tourist attractions in the Philippines, Intramuros, which covers 0.67 square km, you can walk or take a rickshaw. Buildings in the city is dominated by old and ancient building. You can consider this city as one of your must-visit places. For some visitors, Intramuros is an escape place to enjoy anti-mainstream destinations in Philippines. You can also do the same thing. Well, give it a try!


Ancient Intramuros is the location of famous Spanish-era buildings such as Fort Santiago, with large stone gates and temples for national hero José Rizal


The National Museum of the Philippines is a government agency in the Philippines and serves as an educational, scientific and cultural institution presenting permanent national collections featuring anthropology, archeology and fine arts in the Philippines. The historical collections owned by tourist attractions in the Philippines National Museum are divided into four categories. Art, ethnography, archeology and history.

This museum displays numerous historical and ancient artifacts as well as arts of Philippines. You can explore its arts, ethnography, history, and archeology section. Learn about a place's history and culture will be an interesting thing to do. Not only traveling but also gaining new things.

National Museum of the Philippines

The museum displays rich history and culture including ethnographic, anthropological, archaeological and visual arts collections.

Address : Padre Burgos Ave, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila, Philippines


The Heritage City of Vigan is the capital of Ilocos Sur, Philippines. This tourist town in the Philippines is an old city from the Spanish colonial era. The architecture features touches of authentic Filipino culture combined with elements from China and Europe. Usually, visitors come to tourist attractions in the Philippine city of Vigan to enjoy the atmosphere of the old town which is calm, cool, and peaceful.

At night, you can see the dancing fountain complete with decorative lights under the water that is ready to amaze you. Besides, the combination of Chinese and European elements in this city is the main attractions. You can see it from the building architecture style and also the atmosphere. It feels like you're in both continent. So, eager to explore this city?

Vigan City

A town known for its preserved Spanish colonial and Asian architecture.

Offering fountain light shows, and Plaza Burgos, known for its street-food stalls.

Address : Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, Philippines


Banaue Rice Terraces are the highest terraces in the world. With a slope of more than 50 percent in some parts, the rows of green rice fields look like giant staircases carved in a special way. The terraced rice fields, which rise to a height of more than a thousand meters, look so exotic with the curves and curves of the embankments following irregular but neat contours. Like a mosaic that stretched as far as the eye could see.

Banaue Rice Terraces is located at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level and is estimated to be around 2,000 years old. With its unique natural conditions which have an area of about 10,360 square kilometers, UNESCO designated it as a world heritage site in 1995. Well, who would not be dazzled and amazed when they saw the beauty of this tourist spot in the Philippines, with its green rice fields that blend with another beauty.

Banaue Rice Terraces

These terraces were carved by the ancestors of the local community to grow rice and vegetables.

Natural springs from the mountains allow them to plant and harvest rice all year round.

The terraces have been preserved for future generations to see.

Address : Nueva Vizcaya - Ifugao - Mountain Province Rd, Banaue, Ifugao, Philippines


Chocolate Hill is a collection of very large hills with a small size. Popping up in some corners. Visitors can find Chocolate Hills in three different cities namely Batuan, Carmen and Sagbayan. Chocolate Hills provide different views in different seasons. During the rainy season the hills will be bright green. Meanwhile, during the dry season the landscape turns brown. The hills are limestone hills covered in grass.

Chocolate Hills Bohol is known for having a brown color. This phenomenon usually occurs during the dry season in the Philippines when the green grass covering the hills dries up and turns brown. There are more than a thousand hills spread over an area of 50 square kilometers. The area includes the cities of Carmen, Batuan, and Sagbayan in Bohol. At first glance, these hills look the same, even though they are actually different sizes. It is an ideal destination to visit for family vacation.

Chocolate Hills

Hiking & photography at a unique geological formation comprising 1,200+ round, grass-covered hills.

Address : Chocolate Hills Complex, Carmen, 6319 Bohol, Philippines


Manila Ocean Park is one of the tourist attractions that you can visit while in the Philippines. Where this place there are various kinds of fish species that you can see from around the world. The number can reach approximately 400 individuals and has a garden area of about 8,000 square meters. Not only that, visitors can also snorkel and dive like in the sea.

Even though this place is a giant artificial aquarium, diving and snorkeling equipment are provided, you can interact directly with various types of fish in the Manila Ocean Park. Besides that, in the Manila Ocean Park you can also see a very attractive attraction sea lions which are very stunning. So that your vacation will be more complete and attractive. Around Manila Ocean Park, various buildings have been built such as swimming pools, malls, hotels and so on, if you are tired of walking around then you can pamper yourself at the fish spa, you can also visit marine life habitats, Jellies Exhibit, namely jellyfish exhibitions, Trails to Antarica, and various musical fountain shows that are very interesting.

Manila Ocean Park

A stunning place for the family and enjoy marine life and other animals.

Apart from educational tours that you can do, there are many activities that you can enjoy here.

The giant aquarium is the highlight where you can see different species of sea creatures, especially sharks and rays.

You can also enjoy dancing jellyfish, penguins and farm animals.

Highly recommend this place to anyone visiting Manila.

Address : 666 Behind, Quirino Grandstand, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila, Philippines


Luneta National Park is the largest national park in Asia, this place is the best tourist recommendation in Manila. Located on Roxas Boulevard, this museum has complete tourist facilities such as an orchid garden, free cinema, Japanese garden, Chinese garden, and the main part of the Jose Rizal monument. This park can be a family tourist destination in the Philippines with various play areas for children.

Luneta Park is part of Rizal Park where you can enjoy numerous and various places. The Chinese garden inside the park is one of the best spot you can visit. You can get great pictures with the garden as the background. Besides, enjoying the weekend at this park is recommended, so you can enjoy its fresh atmosphere.

Luneta Park

An eco-friendly place to take a leisurely stroll or take pictures with your whole family or friends.

You can have a picnic in the shade of the trees in the park.

Many people flock to this park during their family holidays to bond and relax.

Address : 210 Taft Ave, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila, Philippines


Siargao offers a variety of natural beauty that will not be forgotten with family. This beach has quite high waves and is perfect for activities such as snorkeling. Many tourists visit here to feel the sensation of the waves on this beach. Not only that, but the natural charm that is offered can spoil your eyes so that it makes you feel very at home here. For that, for those of you who are looking for interesting and beautiful tourist attractions in the Philippines, you can choose this place.

In Siargao, no beach is too specific to visit. But you can go to any beach, because all the beaches are equally nice and beautiful. You can also bring a surfboard to surf. If you are on vacation with your family, you can relax under shady coconut trees while seeing the beauty of the beach.

Siargao Island

Teardrop-shaped island covered with palm trees, with a pier, surfing & rock pools.

Offering clean white sand accompanied by fresh air, clear water, seafood and people who welcome you wholeheartedly.

Address : Siargao Island, Philippines


Maria Cristina Falls is known for its natural beauty and is the main source of electrical energy for the industrial city. The waterfall which has a height of 98 meters is said to have a legend. Stories circulating in the community have existed since time immemorial. Told there are two angels named Maria and Cristina. They met, fell in love, and married humans at this waterfall.

One of the activities that tourists can do is swimming. However, when the water is swift, visitors are prohibited from swimming for safety reasons. So, make sure you pick the right time when visiting Maria Cristina Falls. And, by the way, if you're traveling with family, you'd better rent a car to avoid being exhausted during your way to this place.

Maria Cristina Falls

Maria Cristina is one of the magnificent waterfalls in the city of Iligan.

It's exhilarating and amazing to see first hand how beautiful the falls are.

There are facilities available and all are well maintained.

Address : Misamis Oriental - Maria Cristina Boundary Rd, Iligan City, Lanao del Norte, Philippines


Baguio City Market is a traditional market in Baguio. There are many local sellers that you can make shopping destinations for. Some sell food, handicrafts, and so on. those of you who like fruits and vegetables can also shop there. In this tourist market in the Philippines, fresh fruit is sold at very reasonable prices as well as fresh vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage and cauliflower. For souvenirs, there are craft items such as blankets, furniture, home decorations, and others.

Baguio City Market is your best stop off in the last day in Philippines. In this market you can buy souvenirs to bring home and various unique items. The prices are good and the quality as well. If you're good enough in bargaining, you may get discount for the items.

Baguio City Market

This is a favorite market that offers vegetables, fresh fruits, and your daily necessities at affordable prices.

You can buy here a wide variety of Baguio Benguet products (fruit vegetables, processed goods, etc.)

There are toilets inside as well as a police station.

Address : Magsaysay Ave, Baguio, 2600 Benguet, Philippines


Malacañang Palace, officially the Malacañan Palace is the official residence, but not the direct residence, and the main workplace of the President of the Philippines. The palace is located on the banks of the Pasig River. Malacañang was built in 1750 in the Spanish Colonial style. This combined museum and library at a tourist spot in Manila exhibits a gallery displaying various presidential activities.

Starting from President Emilio Aguinaldo to the time of Benigno Aquino III. There are works of art and furniture which are old collections from the Malacanang Palace. This palace is a good spot for photography. Its magnificent building and kinda luxurious makes it look so instagrammable. So, you better bring your pocket camera or smartphone to snap some good pictures.

Presidential Museum and Library - Malacañan Palace

If you are a Filipino come here and you can see personal belongings of past presidents and important people of the Philippines.

There is also lots of trivia and information about people who have lived in Malacañan.

Very informative museum with friendly and knowledgeable expert museum guides.

Address : Malacañan Palace, JP, Kalayaan Hall, 2/F Jose Laurel St, San Miguel, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines


The Metropolitan Museum of Manila is the first Philippine arts institution to offer a bilingual program. The activity of tourist attractions in Manila, the Metropolitan Museum, covers a wide range. The Philippine art exhibition is a curation of cultural institutes, a private collection, and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Art Collection. Foreign art exhibitions are possible with sponsorship from various cultural offices.

This tourist spot in Manila has 92 works of art with 70 paintings, and 2-dimensional works and 22 sculptures and 24 pieces in a collection of contemporary prints. The museum's collection mainly consists of artwork created by contemporary Filipino artists. It can be one of the best place you can visit with family to see many unique and antique artifacts.

Metropolitan Museum of Manila

The Metropolitan Museum houses various works of art from various eras of Philippine art.

Their exhibits are diverse, people of all ages and backgrounds can appreciate what's in this museum.

There are Korean exhibits which are well presented and the staff are very friendly.

If you are a fine art lover this is a must visit and you can really spend the whole day here.

Address : BSP Complex, Roxas Blvd, Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila, Philippines


Rizal Park is a 58 hectare park located in the heart of Manila City. Precisely on Lunete Jalan Roxas Boulevard, this park overlooking Manila Bay is a local favorite. Rizal Park is a favorite tourist spot in Manila, because there are many interesting things that you can see in Rizal Park, the first is the Jose Rizal Monument. Jose Rizal Monument is a monument built in 1908 to commemorate the heroic services of Dr. Jose Rizal.

The good and interesting things about this park is its size, it's large enough to be explored in one day. Spending one day trip in this park is suitable and get into some of its main attractions such as Lunate Park and Chinese garden inside the park. So, it is pretty good to visit!

Rizal Park

The 140-acre park has grass, gardens, outdoor events and a monument to the hero José Rizal


Manila Baywalk in Manila Bay is a tourist spot in Manila in the form of a lane or road made specifically for pedestrians. Previously this place was not well maintained and unsafe for the passing people. It was later fixed into an attractive and comfortable place to walk even at night. The location of Baywalk is on the edge of Manila Bay, and has a length of 2 km.

This pedestrian path is planted with coconut trees in the middle that function as shade and beautify the atmosphere and its surface in the form of grass. From the baywalk, you can enjoy the beautiful and breathtaking view of the bay. It is also the tourists' favorite for photography.

Manila Baywalk

Tourism places

Address : Roxas Blvd, Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila, Philippines


Mines View Park is a view point which is located above the plateau. You can reach this park on a hill in about 15 minutes from the direction of Baguio City and offers panoramic views that are very beautiful and pretty. Here you can also take photos with a very beautiful mountain view. This place is suitable for gathering with family while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery.

This view point boats such mesmerizing view of the Baguio city. You can stop off at the restaurant nearby and get your best seat. The view of the mountainous and hilly surroundings will be more beautiful at night. The sparkling lights of the city will add such panoramic view from this view park.

Mines View Park, Philippines

This is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions that offers stunning views.

You can take pictures with your family, friends or lovers with mountains as the background.

Address : Mines View Park, Baguio, Benguet, Philippines