20 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Spain: An Ultimate Guide

L'Oceanogràfic Aquarium, Valencia - Photo from cac.es

Spain is undeniably a beautiful country that is perfect for your romantic getaway!

It is home to bustling urban cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Benidorm, Granada, Seville, Valencia, and many more.

Each city represents itself with world-class attractions such as La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and Alhambra in Granada.

Your honeymoon experience will become better and better in Spain because many world-famous places are ready to be a part of your romantic moments!

From the iconic Valencia Bioparc, the enchanted Catedral de Mallorca, the colorful Alcazaba, to the luxurious Caló del Moro, all are ready to be explored.

Take a look at this page and know more about 20 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Spain. You'll definitely love this!



You can definitely expect a romantic honeymoon experience in Spain. There are many incredible places that are ready to be a part of your honeymoon this holiday season. This majestic basilica is one of the best ones. From the intriguing architecture, the gorgeous building detail, to the amazing designs, not to mention the interesting museum and city views it serves. Your honeymoon will be unforgettable once you touch down at this iconic landmark.

Learn about The Sagrada Familia, the Casa Batllo, and Casa Mila (La Pedrera) through the Gaudi Tour. You'll discover many interesting hidden facts and secrets with this tour. You can also take advantage of the audio guide this place provides, it will help make your experience easier. Be sure to also discover the gems at the Eastern facade.

La Sagrada Familia

Antoni Gaudí's renowned unfinished church, started in the 1880s, with museum and city views.

Many stunning photo opportunities with all the colours and shapes.

It is one of the most popular places in Spain with many incredible experiences guaranteed.

Address : C. de Mallorca, 401, 08013 Barcelona, Spain


Each step you take in this incredible museum has its own meaning. This art museum is among Spain's top attractions with masterpieces from the 12th to the 19th-century collection. Not only increasing your bond with your partner, this place also allows you to explore one of Spain's interesting places. Get yourself immersed in the main Spanish national art museum by exploring the whole museum, both inside and outside!

As the most popular museum in Spain, you want to make sure to explore many inviting pieces including famous paintings by Velázquez and Goya. Not only that, this museum is also home to some of the greatest Dutch, Italian, Greek and Flemish painters' artworks. The largest collection of paintings by Bosch, Titian, El Greco, and Rubens are actually inside this museum.

Museo Nacional del Prado

This is an excellent museum with an incredible collection of masterpieces from some of Spain's most famous artists.

It has a large collection of works of art and the most famous of which are Goya paintings.

Inside of the museum, you can find lots of great arts and things.

Address : Calle de Ruiz de Alarcón, 23, 28014 Madrid, Spain


The kind of excitement you get from Spain is definitely the best for your honeymoon. This country landmark of Moorish royal palace is where you can pamper yourself and your partner with anything classy. From the enchanting architecture, fountain, beautiful gardens, ornate arches, to 16th-century tiles. This castle is all set to be a part of your honeymoon. Book your tickets online to avoid the long queue so you can visit this oldest used palace in Europe with your beloved partner!

If you want have an amazing experience here, make sure to order your ticket online for time saving. Because if you don't you'll face a long line in the area. There are many tour guides you can take advantage of. Once you are inside, visit the royal chambers and the popular garden.

Royal Alcázar of Seville

This landmark Moorish royal palace is where you can cherish yourself with fountain-field gardens, ornate arches, and 16-century tiles.

While its garden is stunningly shown outside, the building's architecture charms you until the very corner of your eyes.

Address : Patio de Banderas, s/n, 41004 Sevilla, Spain


Looking for nature-themed honeymoon destinations? Then, Valencia Bioparc is the answer! One of the best things you can do with your partner is admiring everything offered in this beautiful animal park. With its naturalistic habitats, this zoo is showcasing animals like lions, giraffes, gorillas, elephants, and more. Don't forget to take pictures together with these cute animals!

If you want to avoid the crowds, head there at 4 pm and own the park like your own. There are many interesting sections in the park, Madagascar section is great to visit experiences you've never felt before.

Valencia Bioparc

Zoo with naturalistic habitats for animals including lions, giraffes, gorillas & elephants.

Address : Av. Pío Baroja, 3, 46015 València, Valencia, Spain


Honeymooning in Spain means you are treated very classily. Every place you visit has its own meaning to the existence of the country. This ornate Gothic cathedral, for example, is one of the most visited places for couples. It offers some of the most beautiful sights for your eyes. This cathedral can be a perfect Instagrammable destination!

Join the prayer routine for right in the middle of medieval beauties on Monday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. The exterior and the outside areas are unmissable.

Catedral-Basílica de Santa María de Mallorca

Ornate Gothic edifice overlooking the sea, with a vast rose window & wrought-iron canopy by Gaudí.

These provide you with a different angle of the cathedral.

Address : Plaça de la Seu, s/n, 07001 Palma, Illes Balears, Spain


This incredible place is where you can fill each other's emptiness with the stunning sea surrounding while soaking in the calming breeze. Its panoramic views that overlooks two sandy beaches allow you to get closer like never before.

In order to experience this, you must climb and walk the easy pedestrian pathways. Once you arrive, stand by the balcony and do your iconic pose for a picture. The views are spectacular.

Balcó del Mediterrani

Observation area offering views of the sea, the port, the beach & the Roman amphitheater.

Address : Passeig de les Palmeres, s/n, 43004 Tarragona, Spain


Alcazaba becomes an important place to visit for your honeymoon. This castle is probably the most important military fortification remaining from the Hispanic-Arabic period. Not only you will become a part of Spain's history, but also you get to do this with your significant other.

Pass through several defensive gates before reaching the bottom of the fortress. Make a stop there for a moment to climb the wall where you can have a great view of Malaga's old quarter. On the walls, you can admire the incredible roof of the Palacio de la Aduana. You don't want to miss the vast expanse of silver and blue flickering in the sunlight. For the next step, you'll walk through a series of gateways, terraces, and gardens. These are even better in spring when the scent of citrus blossoms accompanies you everywhere. Bougainvillea flowers, though, are vibrant most of the year.


Enduring fort with protective stone walls around an ancient compound, now with historical exhibits.

Easy enough to find and walkable from around the city.

Address : Calle Almanzor, s/n, 04002 Almería, Spain


There is nothing better than celebrating your honeymoon in Spain's most iconic place. This medieval complex is a world-class attraction that houses palaces, carved Moorish throne room, and cloistered courtyards with gorgeous fountains. Alhambra has also been a favorite filming location for international movies including a popular Korean drama. It is so beautiful and large that you don't want to leave and let go of this opportunity!

Apart from admiring its enchanted architecture, you can explore the Generalife that was built between the 12th and 14th centuries. Educational programs are also available for a useful trip.


Everything you do in Granada should start at this famous palace, Alhambra.

This palace is a fortified Moorish palace that was built between 1248 and 1354.

The architecture is one of the best things of this palace.

Address : Calle Real de la Alhambra, s/n, 18009 Granada, Spain


You should always have the time to explore Spain's interesting beaches. Visiting this popular beach would be one of the best decisions you make while honeymooning in this country. It is best known for its boisterous nightclubs and sandy beaches with fun water sports. Make sure to try each of the water sports and feel yourself refreshed by the challenging activities!

This popular beach offers any kind of entertainment and activities for your. The promenade is great for walking the afternoon while and admiring the beach's beauty. Nightlife entertainment and clubs and shopping center and boutiques are also ready to complete your beach life. And if you want to take this experience to another level, you can rent a car to explore the island.

Playa de las Américas

Visiting this popular beach would be one of the best decisions you make while honeymooning in this country.

It is best known for its boisterous nightclubs and sandy beaches with fun water sports.

Address : 38660 Arona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain


Who doesn't want to be a part of the urban chic of Madrid? As the capital of the country, Madrid offers world-class attractions like this interesting park. It is known as one of the largest and oldest parks in Madrid offering everything 19th century - from numerous fountains, classy statues, stunning gardens, to its unforgettable environment.

There are many cool things you can try in this park. Try boat riding at the popular lake with and feed the giant grouper fish that lives in the pond, and you can also watch the ducks paddle over the calm lake water. Other popular spots like Casita del Pescador, Palacio de Cristal, Jardines de Cecilio Rodríguez, La Rosaleda, and Paseo de la Argentina are also great to explore.

El Retiro Park

Beautiful park with lots of options to do such as physical activities, walking, running, and many more.

Perfect for a walk with the kids or just sitting on the grass and enjoying a book.

You can ride a boat in the lake or take a ride in a bike.

Address : Plaza de la Independencia, 7, 28001 Madrid, Spain


There is another way to take your romance to another level, and that is by coming to this wonderful historical landmark. This 18th-century arch bridge allows you to witness the beauty of Spain. The breeze coming your way brings closeness to your presence. Puente Nuevo is the newest and largest of three bridges that span the 120-meter-deep (390 ft) chasm.

Go for a walk to see the magnificent view of the surrounding from the bottom, and at the top there are different spots to capture the iconic bridge. For more information about Spain's history and the place itself, you can visit a museum available there.

Puente Nuevo

Truly a wonder of natural beauty and relatively modern bridge building.

The architecture is amazing and being between rocks makes it more beautiful.

Take the time to walk the tail down to see the view from below.

It's worthy visiting it and meet with the history and art.

Address : Calle Armiñán, s/n, 29400 Ronda, Málaga, Spain


Walking and holding hands at this classy square has to be one of the most romantic feelings ever. This historical landmark is, in fact, among Spain's most sought places for walking without being bothered. It features large water, seats, painted ceramic tiles, and an ornate pavilion, making it an unforgettable spot for your romantic getaway.

The main attractions of this plaza are semicircular lake, the twin towers, the benches on which 49 Spanish provinces and provinces appear, and its beautiful coffered ceiling. Head to a large park opposite the plaza to relax in afterwards. All of these facilities can be enjoyed freely with no charges needed.

Plaza de España

It is a landmark example of the Regionalism Architecture, mixing elements of the Baroque Revival, Renaissance Revival and Moorish Revival (Neo-Mudéjar) styles of Spanish architecture.

Definitely one of the top attractions in Spain.

Address : Av de Isabel la Católica, 41004 Sevilla, Spain


What's great about honeymooning in Spain is that you are served and blessed with many incredible and world-class places just like this castle. This castle brings you together through the liveliness of the city views. With this, Santa Bárbara Castle makes a cut to one of the best places for your honeymoon.

Located on Mount Benacantil, Santa Bárbara Castle is perfect to explore for a few hours. The binocular on the top is great to look around for more detail of the area. The Museum of the City of Alicante can also be explored - there are 10 permanent exhibit rooms in the museum. And if you need a rest, there is a restaurant and drink and snack stands for you.

Santa Bárbara Castle

Extraordinary castle that offers gorgeous views of the city and coastline as well.

The hike takes you through beautiful gardens until you reach the entrance of the castle.

Of course beautiful views await you at the top of the castle.

Recommended place to visit to this city.

Address : 03002 Alicante, Spain


You can also fill your honeymoon with luxurious adventures such as visiting this incredible and popular beach. What makes it interesting is its location - it is tucked in a cove offering a gorgeous white beach with shallow crystal, turquoise water. This beach is also best known for sunset gazing.

Though it is quite hard to access and can only be reached by boat and the depth of water, Calo des Moro is one of the most challenging beaches to access. But once you arrive, all the struggles and efforts will pay off with the gorgeous white beach and the clear water. The calmness of it makes it a favorite spot for relaxing. Swimming and snorkeling are popular at this beach.

Caló del Moro

One of the best and famous beaches in Palma.

The water is clear and the sand is fine without pollution.

Amazing clear blue water and rocks to hike and enjoy the view or jump into the sea.

Address : 07650 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Balearic Islands, Spain


To further your journey in the country, visiting this world-famous place of worship has to be on your honeymoon list. It offers a hall of arched pillars and a basilica with frescos. Its enchanted architecture is aesthetically gorgeous.

See the stunning decorated marble pillars that extend to the ceiling and you'll be mesmerized by it. A couple of hours at this place would a great idea for you. For a unique kind of tour, you can book a guided tour by the available tour guides like the Artencordoba.

Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba

It is a very historical and mystical area that makes people of different religious faiths meet, live and experience.

The architecture is wonderful and the green yard is such a fresh breeze.

Lots of information available in many languages.

Be sure to give yourself around 1-2 minimum to explore the grounds as there is much to see and the artwork is incredible.

Address : Calle Cardenal Herrero, 1, 14003 Córdoba, Spain


Cathedral always has its own way to attract tourists. As one of the most popular places in Barcelona, this cathedral makes a cut to this list because of its Gothic architecture, its geese-filled cloisters, and its city-wide views. The Barcelona Cathedral is free to enter without tickets at certain times. Take note to know when you can enter freely.

Weekdays: 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and 5:45 pm to 7:30 pm.
Saturdays: 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and 5:15 pm to 8:00 pm.
Sundays/holidays: 8:30 am to 1:45 pm and 5:15 pm to 8:00 pm.

Elevator rides are offered to the roof where stunning views of the city in all directions can be seen. While the atmosphere is very inviting, the street performances will entertain your visit with many cool and fun stuff. The nearby cloister is free to visit and is very nice to see the beautiful geese play around. A flea market is also available where you can find and buy old and rare stuff.

Cathedral of Barcelona

An old gothic cathedral built in the 14th century.

It represents the importance of Barcelona as an ancient Spanish city.

The cheerful and informative style is captivating and leaves a lasting impression.

Address : Pla de la Seu, s/n, 08002 Barcelona, Spain


Get closer to each other by visiting this classy tower. Visiting this tower means you are treated greatly twice. Because not only you get to explore this tower, but you can also discover one of Spain's gems Catedral de Sevilla, as it is located in the Catedral de Sevilla area. This is exactly how Spain treats your honeymoon. Everything is worth thankful for!

The 34 ramps will bring you to the most spectacular views! There are also places on the way up where you can catch your breath and relaxing. The popular Catedral de Sevilla is worth visiting. And after finishing your trip, make a stop at Patio de Los Naranjos, an outdoor square filled with aromatic orange trees.

La Giralda

One of the most distinctive and important monuments in Seville.

It will be nice when you see it from outside and walk around the site.

There are lots of interesting things to stop and see on your trip and lots of photo opportunities.

Address : Av. de la Constitución, s/n, 41004 Sevilla, Spain


Who says performing arts theater can't be a romantic destination? Not visiting this place is actually a mistake while honeymooning in Spain. It is undoubtedly one of the most important and popular attractions of Valencia Spain that's known for its intriguing architecture. It is set within a landscaped park with a huge aquarium and IMAX screen. The uniqueness shown throughout this place is too precious not to be a part of your honeymoon.

This place is made up of 5 main elements that can be explored and bring the best experiences. These elements are the Hemisfèric that includes the IMAX cinema and digital projections, the Umbracle which includes a landscaped vantage point and car park, the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum where you can enjoy the innovative center of interactive science, the Oceanográfico that's known as the largest aquarium in Europe with more than 500 marine species, and the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía that takes care of the operatic program.

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

The most fun spot with interesting historical stories, lots of things you can play, or just learn.

A unique view of modern Valencia and other Cities of Arts and Sciences.

Absolutely stunning structure and beautifully manicured grounds.

With swimming pools, walking trails, gardens and museums, it's all worth a full day's visit.

Address : Av. del Professor López Piñero, 7, 46013 València, Valencia, Spain


Just like its name, this popular spot lets you have a magical experience with your significant other. It is a huge circular fountain popularly known for its scheduled shows of water and light that is choreographed to music. And the best of all, this spot won't cost you a penny! This is definitely one of the most admirable places for your honeymoon.

For a comfortable seat, make sure to head there early or 45 minutes before the show starts at 5 pm to 8 pm), as it attracts a large number of tourist every day. Aside from showing an attractive show, the food sold here apparently isn't expensive as one would have expected. And just so you know, better go to the toilet before heading there, because you don't want to wait a long queue with a small number of toilets - you might miss the show.

Font Màgica de Montjuïc

A beautiful place with a cool fountain and perfect for a leisurely walk.

Offers a beautiful show with lights and water and lovely music.

It presents to the visitor some peace and calm in the middle of the busy city of Barcelona.

Worth an evening visit to experience the creative mixture of water, light and music.

Address : Plaça de Carles Buïgas, 1, 08038 Barcelona, Spain


Outdoor activity in Caminito del Rey is one of the most romantic experiences you and your spouse can do. Pinned along the steep walls of a narrow gorge in El Chorro, this walkway is an aesthetic destination for you. It allows you to do hiking while surrounded by gorgeousness all over.

This hiking area is home to many incredible gems and spots to discover. Take the tour guide, it'll help you to know this place better. Also take note to the area and be careful, it is a pretty dangerous walk. Don't loose your balance and wear a proper footwear. The stunning, turquoise lake is perfect for swimming. Definitely a must visit.

Caminito del Rey

This is a suitable place for those of you who are adventurous and nature enthusiasts.

The water that flows down the valley is a beautiful turquoise color and is so pure.

The rocks surrounding it are beautiful colors too, the whole scene is amazing.

Address : El Caminito del Rey, 29550, Málaga, Spain