20 Best Honeymoon Destinations in United Kingdom

United Kingdom - Photo by George Morina from Google Maps

The United Kingdom is a sovereign country located off the north­western coast of the European mainland.

It is famously known for its long history, Big Ben, Red Buses, London, tea, Fish and Chips, and many other things.

The country is home to many incredible and romantic cities such as London, Edinburgh, Blackpool, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, and more.

For honeymoon destination, United Kingdom is ready to bring the best experience for you and your partner. From London Eye, The British Museum, to the Tower Bridge.

Being a part of United Kingdom's iconic places has to be one of the most exciting things to experience.

This is exactly how this country treats your honeymoon, iconic and world-famous places are ready to be a part of your honeymoon.

There are so many romantic things you can do. Take a little tour at this page because Tripboba has listed 20 Best Honeymoon Destinations in United Kingdom for you.



There is no denying that United Kingdom is one of the most sought countries for couples. It is home to many incredible and romantic cities such as London, Edinburgh, Blackpool, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, and more.

In London, for instance. London Eye is among the most popular and visited attractions you and your partner can visit. This huge observation wheel gives you the privilege to witness London as a whole. It is known as Europe's tallest cantilevered observation wheel, as well as the most popular paid tourist attraction in the United Kingdom with over 3 million visitors per year.

If you want to be a part of all the fun from this attraction, Tripboba recommends you to book your ticket in advance for an amazing experience with the impressive panorama of the city. And just to let you know, tour buses stop at the area regularly.

lastminute.com London Eye

This is a popular attraction that offers many exciting rides and excellent service.

Comfortably luxury capsules, each capsule is air-conditioned so visitors are truly comfortable no matter what the temperature outside.

At the London Eye you will have a wide and intact view of the City of London and the River.

Great selection of halal food at affordable prices and impeccable service.

Address : Riverside Building, County Hall, South Bank, London SE1 7PB, UK


Being a part of United Kingdom's iconic landmark has to be one of the best presents for your honeymoon. Big Ben is undoubtedly among London's most popular attractions with its 16-storey Gothic clocktower. As a national symbol, this spot brings you the feeling of bless every moment. One is you are traveling with your lovely partner and the other is you get to see world-class place like this. What a wonderful moment to cherish!

Walk around the area and you'd see many photo opportunities including with the iconic red telephone box. The most popular section of the tower itself has to be its chimes. Visit the chimes and be a part of its incredible history it holds. Also known as The Elizabeth Tower, this tower also allows you to join a talk on the tower or take a tour of the Houses of Parliament that's located just next to tower.

Big Ben

16-storey Gothic clocktower and national symbol at the Eastern end of the Houses of Parliament.

Enjoy opportunity to hear the bell which rings every quarter of an hour.

Address : Westminster, London SW1A 0AA, UK


Once you are in United Kingdom, London to be particular, other people's thoughts are not counted. You do whatever please you and your partner. Some people may think or say that visiting a museum is not a romantic thing to do. But nope! Make it your way. If fact, not visiting The British Museum while in London is absolutely a mistake.

This world-known museum has been a part of London's most popular attractions since ages. This huge museum is showcasing global antiquities including Egyptian mummies and ancient Greek sculpture. You'll definitely love this experience.

While you are in the museum, take the opportunity to see these sections: The Rosetta Stone, Mummy of Katebet, Assyrian Lion Hunt Reliefs, The Elgin Marbles, Lewis Chessmen, Samurai Armour, along with Colossal Granite Head of Amenhotep III and Oxus Treasure. They are worth every bit of your attention.

The British Museum

Huge showcase for global antiquities, including Egyptian mummies and ancient Greek sculptures.

There’s a little restaurant inside too and the building itself is something to see.

Address : Great Russell St, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 3DG, UK


If you happen to be in Edinburgh city, the popularity of Edinburgh Castle is simply unmissable. This 11th-century castle and barracks is housing the Crown Jewels and National War Museum of Scotland. The old and classy vibes from this place can create a romantic journey for you.

Standing atop a dramatic black basalt outcrop, Edinburgh Castle affords magnificent views of many popular attractions including the Royal Mile, Princes Street, and the long green swath of Princes Street Gardens.

In the castle itself, there are many departments we recommend you to explore. The Royal Palace is where you can look over the entrance to the Royal Apartments for the gold letters MAH that represents the initials of the queen and her husband Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley. Located at the south side of the Crown Square, The Great Hall can be spotted with a great collection of arms and armor, as well as stained-glass panels that were added to the restoration to commemorate the Scottish king. And apart from these two, Scottish Crown Jewels and the Stone of Destiny section is also worth exploring.

Edinburgh Castle

One of the best historical places in Edinburgh Scotland.

There is lot to see and learn about history , landscape and architecture.

It has plenty of history to keep you entertained and the view from top is great.

The castle tour takes you to the same era and make you feel like you are one of them.

Overall would recommend as a must see attraction.

Address : Castlehill, Edinburgh EH1 2NG, UK


Even if you are in a city like Windsor you are still served and blessed with many popular attractions. This is how United Kingdom treats your honeymoon, every step you make is memorable and precious.

This tourist attraction, though, is a playful property offering thrilling rides, Lego statues, and theme rooms. Not to mention its colorful hotel. If you're wondering about what attractions are there at this Legoland Windsor Resort, you're lucky because Tripboba has come with a bunch of them.

With over 55 interactive rides, shows, and attractions that are designed for children ages 2 to 12, this attraction offers everything from roller coasters to live Lego building activities. The attractions include Brickville, Castaway Camp, Drench Towers, Fire Academy, Lego Education featuring MINDSTORMS, Lego Games, Miniland, and more.

LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort

It is a paradise for children as it offers lots of rides as well as snacks.

Absolutely amazing LEGO creations and some fantastic rides and family friendly activities.

Address : Winkfield Rd, Windsor SL4 4AY, UK


Iconic places are sprinkled around in London, just like this one popular Tower Bridge. It is absolutely among United Kingdom's most popular places. Panoramic views and aesthetic pictures are guaranteed for you and your love. And yes, there are walkways for pedestrian that allows you to experience the bridge up close.

Spend some of your money and you can get inside the Tower Bridge. An access to the engine room is also guaranteed for you -the spot is where you can learn all about how the bridge works. For more recommendation, head on to the upper walkway, which has glass floors and you can see the Londoners' daily life under your feet.

Tower Bridge

Iconic places are sprinkled around in London, just like this one popular Tower Bridge.

It is absolutely among United Kingdom's most popular places.

Panoramic views and aesthetic pictures are guaranteed for you and your love.

Address : Tower Bridge Rd, London SE1 2UP, UK


The kind of excitement offered at this world-famous palace is totally incomparable. You and your partner can explore the palace's opulent private and state rooms or watch the changing of the guard. The classy surrounding brings you the best feeling in your special honeymoon.

Apart from exploring the palace's opulent private and state rooms and watching the changing of the guard, you can also explore The Royal Mews, The Queen's Gallery, the Clarence House, The Household Cavalry Museum, The Garden at Buckingham Palace, and the Green Park. The Victoria Monument directly in front of the palace itself is also great to explore, it offers one of London's most popular photo settings.

Buckingham Palace

Visitors can tour the palace's opulent private and state rooms or watch the changing of the guard.

One of the top attractions in England.

Address : Westminster, London SW1A 1AA, UK


To further your honeymoon experience in United Kingdom, this huge green park is popularly known as a home to Diana Memorial Fountain and great to explore. The park's beautiful environment lets you get closer to each other while being a part of one of the country's popular parks.

In this park, you can join its popular events such as Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, Royal Parks Half, and British Summer Time Hyde Park. Speakers' Corner, The Rose Garden, The LookOut, and the Great Exhibition Virtual Tour can also be discovered in the park.

Hyde Park

Huge green space, home to Diana Memorial Fountain, with boating and swimming in the Serpentine lake.

The main lake has a bunch of ducks and geese.

There is a lot to check and enjoy on this great park with many restaurant.

Address : London, UK


A castle tour for your honeymoon in the country would be a perfect idea. This historic royal castle is filled with spectacular art and antiques and a very well-known attraction in the country. It is one of the most visited places offering a 1,000-year architecture that's awe-inspiring.

As it opens year-round, this world-class castle offers some of its highlights you can be a part of. Start your journey in the castle by booking a 30-minute tour at The Precincts with informative and knowledgeable staff. You also want to make sure to admire the intricate Gothic architecture of St George's Chapel. Don't forget to pick up a free audio guide for a tour introduced by The Prince of Wales.

Windsor Castle

This is definitely one of the favorite attractions near London.

Very beautiful and a must visit for those who want to know more about royals.

Take some great photos from the river bridge or main gate or from inside.

The staff are polite and helpful and add to the value of the experience.

It's free and adds a ton of history, background and information to the entire visit.

Address : Windsor SL4 1NJ, UK


Romantic doesn't always have to be indoor, outdoor activities with nature can also be romantic, and most importantly fun. This park can be that type of place for you. This national park is known for its beautiful lake and stunning greenery areas.

With more than 3,100 km of rights of way, Lake District National Park is perfect for fun activities such as, a guided walking from gentle rambles to high fell summits from March to October and bicycling by hiring mountain bike as well as family-friendly cycle routes that are ready to explore. Water activities like boat touring and swimming are also unmissable. And as one of the darkest areas in UK, this national park is also great for stargazing.

Lake District National Park

One of the most visited tourist attractions in the UK and offers stunning views.

The view of the birds of prey is fantastic, so spectacular and the castle itself is simply stunning.

It is also very spectacular for cyclists and hikers.

Highly recommended a visit to the Lake District National Park to your wish list, if you've never been there.

Address : United Kingdom


What's great about United Kingdom is that you are recommended to have fun while learning many great things about the country. This historical landmark is a legendary neolithic monument made using stones transported from Wales. The historical landmark is believed to be built for unknown purpose. Though its purpose was unknown, one thing is certain that your honeymoon become various and memorable by visiting this spot.

Stonehenge offers fun explorations such as getting closer with the stone circle, exploring the Stonehenge exhibits, visiting the amazing Salisbury Museum, and shopping incredible pieces from the nearby shop. Stonehenge Cafe is also a great spot to stop by - you will be served with soup, hotpots, vegetarian and traditional pasties, award-winning sausage rolls, sandwiches, salads, and other sweet and savory items.


An incredibly spiritual place.

The stones are magnificent.

The site is looked after and maintained brilliantly

It's definitely a tick off the bucket list type of destination.

Address : Salisbury SP4 7DE, UK


If you want to experience traditional things with your lovely, you can definitely plan a visit to this popular market. This huge market is situated under the railway lines offering anything local including British-reared meat, artisanal baked, and dairy goods. Only you can make a traditional market like this a romantic honeymoon destination.

This market is believed to exist around 1014 and still operated actively until today. When you are at this market, we recommend you to go to the paella and pastries sections - they are popular for fresh Paella and pastries. Along with these two, spices, bread, fresh produce, and duck confit sections are also worth visiting.

Whether you are a die-hard foodie looking for food inspiration and ingredients to cook with, or just hungry and want to spoil your taste, Borough Market is definitely a must visit.

Borough Market

Huge market under the railway lines, for British-reared meat and artisanal baked and dairy goods.

Also offers the widest selection of fresh, colourful fruits and vegetables.

Address : 8 Southwark St, London SE1 1TL, UK


The best way to take this honeymoon to another level is by visiting this popular spot in Bushmills. This unique hexagonal landscape is featuring about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns which is known as the result of an ancient volcanic fissure eruption. Its scenic views make it a favorite place for picture taking.

But with all the great things about it, there are several things we recommend you to do. Hike the Causeway Coast to the Giant's Causeway if you want to reward yourself with adventurous journey. You can also do canoeing or kayaking by paddling the Causeway Coast. Giant's Causeway at sunrise is absolutely unmissable - photographers love this kind of environment. The views are stunning!

Giant's Causeway

Basalt columns jut upwards out of the sea at this iconic landform with a modern visitor's centre.

Address : Bushmills BT57 8SU, UK


Make your honeymoon more special by visiting this iconic plaza and you'll be spoilt by its classiness. This public square was established in the early 19th century and is one of the most popular places you can visit in London. Everything about this place is British - from the fountain, classy buildings, monuments, to the lively environment.

There are many free attractions you can visit at the square area, including museums, monuments, and other points of interest. For those who like to find little-known gems, see the Imperial Measures. Thousands of visitors walk through these steps every day without realizing it - you can actually find them for yourself in the Northeastern part of the Square where the stairs lead to the National Gallery.

Trafalgar Square

Nelson's Column rises above this iconic square's LED-lit fountains, artworks and lion statues.

Its scenic place, one of the most visited areas in London.

Address : Trafalgar Square, Charing Cross, London WC2N 5DN, UK


One of the best things about this country is it gives you the opportunity to explore world-class destinations and attractions. It is home to many popular places just like this famous museum. As the world's largest museum of applied and decorative arts and design, this museum is stunningly designed with classic architecture. It is home to permanent collection of over 2.27 million objects.

Some of the most popular art pieces you need to see are “Job” poster by Alphonse Mucha, “The Three Graces” by Antonio Canova, “Coronation Day” by Cecil Beaton, “Trees at Hampstead” by John Constable, and “The Great Bed of Ware” by Hans Vredeman de Vries.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Blockbuster exhibitions and permanent decorative arts collection, with design shop and ornate cafe.

Make sure you have plenty of time as there is a lot to see.

Address : Cromwell Rd, Knightsbridge, London SW7 2RL, UK


Your honeymoon in the United Kingdom is incomplete without visiting its iconic gardens. One of the best recommendations from Tripboba is this popular botanical garden. It offers trees and flowers from around the world in vast gardens with huge greenhouses and Treetop Walkway. Not only it is perfect for your honeymoon, this place is also among top attractions for couple.

Explore the vast collection of 14,000 trees at the Arboretum section and be a part of a unique living landscape shaped by the seasons. At the Rock Garden, a dramatic valley that's carved through the landscape with wild-collected plants from six mountainous regions of the world can be a great thing to do for you and your partner. The Grass Garden and Lake and Sackler Crossing are also fun for romantic activities.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Trees and flowers from around the globe in vast gardens with huge greenhouses and Treetop Walkway.

All areas are accessible by all which is fabulous and everything is maintained to a high standard.

Address : Richmond TW9, UK


Located in Blenheim Park, this lavish 17th-century stately home is known for its incredible art and architecture as well as its beautiful brown gardens. This classy place will surely be one of the best honeymoon destinations for you.

Once you are in the area, head to the life-size Armistice Day soldier area and stand with the stunning giants of 200 soldier silhouettes and 75 poppy wreaths.

Blenheim Palace

Lavish 17th-century stately home filled with art and standing in Capability Brown-designed gardens.

Address : Woodstock OX20 1PP, UK


Not only home to many old and classy places, United Kingdom also proudly offers exciting and enchanted gardens. This is an expansive park containing Kensington Palace and the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground. Carrying each other's love everywhere you go in the spot has never been this exciting. This is definitely going to be an awesome honeymoon for you.

Join the walking tour held by the park to know everything about this park. Popular offers like Diana Memorial Playground, the Kensington Palace, and Serpentine Galleries are also ready to explore.

Kensington Gardens

Expansive park containing Kensington Palace and the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground.

This is a perfect place to let children enjoy watching swans and geese.

Address : London W2 2UH, UK


Talking about honeymoon in the United Kingdom feels incomplete without visiting this iconic wax museum. You and your partner may have a favorite public figure, this museum is a place where you can see wax figures of popular personalities. There are many life-size wax replicas of famous celebrities & historic icons in this building. This journey is even more exciting with the affordable ticket price.

Create memorable moments and snap pictures with musicians, A lists, Royals, and Marvels' figures. This is the kind of place where fun and excitement can be found.

Madame Tussauds London

Museum chain for life-size wax replicas of famous celebrities & historic icons in themed galleries.

The whole lights and colors, and the environment is very fun.

Address : Marylebone Rd, Marylebone, London NW1 5LR, UK


One of the best things you can do in the country is paying a visit to this wonderful spot. This amusement park has been open since 1899 and still is one of the top attractions in Brighton city. It is home to many entertainment such as fairground rides, bars, restaurants, and deckchairs to enjoy the sea view.

The Rodent Racing, Raw Data, and the VR Pods at The VR Dome are great to complete your journey. Fun experiences are guaranteed. For more attractions, Turbo Coaster, Dragon Fly, Trampolines, Carousel, and Wild River are also great to try.

Brighton Palace Pier

Opened in 1899 and home to fairground rides, bars, restaurants and deckchairs to enjoy the sea view.

You can spend the entire day there, watching the sea, the birds and the people.

Address : Madeira Dr, Brighton BN2 1TW, United Kingdom