20 Best Instagrammable Outdoor Destinations in France

20 Best Instagrammable Outdoor Destinations in France - Photo from www.worldatlas.com

France is a country that has many beautiful and magical tourist destinations. And this guide will sum up the magic of France right through your phone!

Starting from the tourist destinations of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, Paris Disneyland, the Palace of Versailles, to the Orsay Museum.

But if you prefer outdoor activities with Instagrammable views, France has plenty of places to visit.

You can start by visiting cities, communes, and villages in the Alps and enjoying their beauty.

Here are the 20 best instagrammable outdoor destinations in France for your vacation reference!



Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, a city located on the French border between Switzerland and Italy. Including sixteen small villages, stretching from north to south, the city shares with the municipality of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains the highest altitude record in France, from 995m to 4809m above sea level. It's famous for skiing, paragliding, especially the top of Mont Blanc. Chamonix never fails to attract many tourists, climbers, and explorers around the world!

Besides being able to do winter sports such as skiing and other activities such as hiking, Chamonix also provides facilities for those of you who want to enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. You can take the cable car, wheeled train, to eat at mountain restaurants. From your dining table, you can enjoy the stunning beauty of the steep slopes. While enjoying your meal, you can take photos and pose against a spectacular backdrop of the mountains.


Chamonix is ​​a popular resort area for skiing.

Address : 74400 Chamonix, France


Val-d'Isere in France is one of the best ski areas in the world today. The oldest and most beautiful national park in France is spread across high valleys between peaks that rise to 3,000 meters. Val-d'Isere itself is one of the favorite resorts with a terrain area of 300 kilometers which includes more than 150 ski lifts. This one ski area is suitable for experts, intermediates, and offers attractive mileage. Interestingly, Val-d'Isere has a ski area with gentle slopes suitable for beginners and children who want to enjoy the fun of skiing.

Val d'Isère is the best tourist spot in France that you must visit for those who like skiing and outdoor sports. In general, Val d'Isère is a popular ski resort in southeastern France close to the border with Italy. The resort is also a frequent location for world-class ski tournaments. Apart from that, Val d'lsere also has great views of the surroundings so it's a very Instagrammable place.


This is a famous ski resort and is located in the French Alps.

Ski lifts provide access to the sites, and are famous for their summer ski runs.

Address : 73150 Val-d'Isère, France


Tignes is the most popular ski resort in France. This place is very suitable for ski lovers to visit, because the operating hours are quite long. Tignes also offers a large selection of tracks. Ranging from easy to challenging. With a combination of an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level and a total length of 300 km of ski tracks, making it a very suitable place to ski in the spring.

Tignes is one of France's best ski resorts where you can enjoy the spectacular views of the mountainous surroundings. It is going to be an amazing destination for those who love photography as well. If you're traveling to Tignes, you should bring your camera or your phone. Because, the surroundings of the mountains are the best thing to get instagrammable spots.


Tignes is a group of villages that make up the highland ski resort.

In summer, the area offers trails, golf and bicycle parks, plus ski trails.

Address : 73320 Tignes, France


Corsica is an island in France, located very close to the island of Sardinia in Italy. Corsica is the local name of the island, while its French name is Corse. There are several major cities in Corsica that have airport and port access. For airport access, these cities are Ajaccio, Bastia, Calvi, and Figari. Meanwhile, if you want to take a ferry from France, you can take a ferry to Calvi, L'ille-Rousse, Ajaccio, and Bastia.

Aside from a quieter beach, you'll love beaches with soft sand. Even though it's not as smooth as baby powder, it doesn't hurt when you step on it, that's what's important. Besides that, the water is very clear and also quite calm, perfect for those of you who prefer to relax on the edge without having to swim. Apart from Bodri Beach, there are several other beaches that you can visit in Corsica.


A mountainous island offering a mix of stylish coastal cities, dense forests and rugged peaks.

Offers many water attractions such as diving, swimming or sunbathing.

Address : Corsica, France


Biarritz is located on the bay of Biskaya, on the Atlantic coast, at the southwestern tip of France, close to the Spanish border. Biarritz is in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine (New Aquitaine) region. The name "Aquitania" was given by the Romans, who conquered the region in the 6th century BC. The city of Biarritz is famous for its very beautiful beaches, it was once a vacation spot for royals. Biarritz is well-known as a city of retreats and is also loved by surfers. The ideal time to visit this place is between May and October, the temperature ranges from 19 to 26 degrees Celsius.

Biarritz used to be a vacation spot for aristocrats and is now the surfing hub of Europe. This place is one of the best summer tourist destinations in France and Europe. If you want to try to spend your summer, Biarritz can be the best destination. Apart from the beaches, the bustling city center can be a place to go around and find good restaurants. The urban background and beautiful beaches can be quite interesting Instagram photo objects.


It is an elegant seaside town known for its prime surfing destination, with long sandy beaches.

Address : 64200 Biarritz, France


Morzine is a ski resort in France which is directly adjacent to the Swiss border. In Morzine you can find the Pleney Ski Lift. Visitors highly recommend popular activities such as the popular ski areas in Morzine. If you are looking for attractions in the area, you may want to visit Les Gets Ski Resort and Avoriaz Ski Resort.

Morzine is one of many ski resorts in France where you can spend your holiday in winter. Plenty of ski lovers from around the world visit most of the ski resorts in France, including Morzine. If you want to try something new during your winter holiday, this place can be your best pick. The mesmerizing views of the mountainous surroundings is also the best panorama you can snap on your camera.


One of the most famous resorts in the French Alps for popular winter skiing.

This place is attractive with high tech equipment for those who love to ski.

There is babysitting for 2 month old babies and the ski school offers classes for children aged 3.5 years.

Address : Route des Putheys, 74110 Morzine, France


Dubbed the 'surfing capital of Europe', it's no surprise that Hossegor tops many lists of the best surfing destinations in Europe. With such fame, Hossegor has become a must-visit surf destination, attracting not only surf enthusiasts and pros alike, but also people who want to watch professional tube travel, which can rival Hawaii for its heavy walls breaking over the incredibly sand. shallow.

Apart from being a popular beach tourism destination, Hossegor is also home to many festivals. Rocamadour in the Dordogne Valley doesn't just feature a stunning cultural festival in summer. The festival features the Montgolfiades balloon, which is named after the French engineer who first managed to fly a hot air balloon. For those of you who want to see something truly amazing, you must visit the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro France festival which takes place on October 3-13 each year. This festival features some of the best surfers in the world, and you can have a front row seat right off the beach. Summertown of Hossegor has everything from sand to surf to drinks.


This is a famous seaside resort that offers the best surfing spots in the world.

Address : 40150 Hossegor, France


For a luxurious, fairy tale getaway away from the crowds, visit Megève, a medieval village located in southeastern France, near the Italian and Swiss border. Hailed as a popular ski destination for the bourgeoisie from the 1920s to the present day, Megève still retains its quintessential old charm, despite having its own airport and owning 5-star hotels and luxury villas. The village hosts three of the best ski resorts in the country, Rochebrune, Mont d'Arbois and Le Jaillet, with stunning views of Mont Blanc.

The city hosts three of the best ski resorts in the country - Rochebrune, Mont d'Arbois and Le Jaillet, with stunning views of Mont Blanc. The city has a number of restaurants for leisure purposes and of 89 of them, 3 are Michelin-starred; Flocons de Sel, Le 1920 and La Table de l'Alpaga. On the slopes, explore the charm of its medieval city center.


It is an attractive tourist spot that offers ski resorts, stylish malls, and more.

You can do many sports, apart from walking and hiking.

Address : 74120 Megève, France


Huez is a commune located in southeastern France. This place is part of the mountainous Alps region and is one of the best ski destinations. Its location is between mountains and green scenery, making it the location for the Tour de France. If you like outdoor activities, this place can be the best destination.

Huez city is dominated by hilly roads where many bikers from over the world held tour. You can enjoy such mesmerizing views of the city from the view point. If you're lucky enough to visit this city during the annual of Tour de France, you can see many bikers are competing. Besides, you can also enjoy a warm coffee in the nearby cafe on top of the hills.


This is one of the spots that offers great ski areas, restaurants, stylish hotels, and much more.

The ski area is well maintained and suitable for a family vacation or with your friends.

Address : 38750 Huez, France


The city of Brittany is visited by many Europeans for a vacation there. Saint-Malo is surrounded by a wall about 2 km long. Brittany is indeed an old city that will give you a special impression when you visit there. A waterfront area that has now turned into a tourist destination in France, it was originally a fortress that was conceived to protect the Rance River from pirates. There you can not only enjoy the beauty of the beach and play in the shallow sea, but there are various other French tourist objects that can be visited in this city such as the Grand Aquarium, Grande Porte, Musee de la Ville, and also Porte St Vincent.

Brittany, a city known as a port city and vacation spot. The city of Brittany is visited by many Europeans for a vacation there. Saint-Malo is surrounded by a wall about 2 km long. Brittany is indeed an old city that will give you a special impression when you visit there. There you can not only enjoy the beauty of the beach and play in the shallow sea, but there are various other French tourist objects that can be visited in this city such as the Grand Aquarium, Grande Porte, Musee de la Ville, and also Porte St Vincent.


Brittany is famous for its mysterious megalithic monuments and artistic remains.

Address : 36110 Brittany, France


Verdon Gorge, a gorge that provides a beautiful view of France. This place is called the European-style Grand Canyon. Gorge Verdon or better known as Gorges du Verdon is located in the southern part of France, precisely between Alpes de Haute Provence and Var. This tourist spot in France is a very spectacular river gorge, often considered one of the most beautiful places in Europe. The canyon is 25 kilometers long and 700 meters high and varies in width, between 6-100 meters at the bottom and 200-1500 meters at the edges.

There are many things to do at Verdon Gorge. Water lovers will love to linger in this river. The clear blue water attracts many tourists, especially during the summer. Swimming with the current while enjoying the canyons on the left and right of the river is one of the favorite activities for tourists. If you are tired of swimming or can't swim, you can rent a kayak in a nearby village. Try and enjoy the sensation of wading the river yourself by kayak. Most of those who use kayaks are older tourists or women.

Verdon Gorge

Paths include the Blanc-Martel trail, ending at Point Sublime lookout.

Address : 83630 Aiguines, France


La Clusaz is a commune located in the south-eastern part of France. This place is famous for its beautiful mountain views and real French housing. Apart from that, La Clusaz is part of a ski resort in the Alps and is perfect as an instagrammable outdoor destination.

If you're planning to visit the mountainous region in France, La Clusaz can be your another option. Its beautiful surroundings of the Alps mountain will give such great atmosphere. It is recommended to visit La Clusaz during the winter season.

La Clusaz

Ski hol Good for beginners and advanced skiers a like. It’s a smallish family friendly resort perfect for long weekends and a week. Short transfer from Geneva.

Great skiing It’s a lovely town with plenty of great places to eat and bars to visit. The skiing is good too. Mainly blue and red runs so nothing too hard. It’s fairly large but you’d cover all the runs in a couple of...

Our favourite ski resort Our favourite ski resort. Runs for every level. Great hotels, restaurants and bars. Will be returning.

Address : 161 Place de l Eglise Bp 7, 74220 La Clusaz France


The French Riviera is the Mediterranean coastline in the southeast corner of the world's fashion country. This region beautifully stretches from Cassis or Toulon from the west to the eastern Franco-Italian border. Several places in this region are well known in various parts of the world. Call it Cannes, this city is known for its international class film festival. Meanwhile, Monte-Carlo, which is famous for its world-class gambling area. That's where the international class circuit was built. Every year the Formula 1 or Moto GP races are held lively.

The French Riviera or what is in French is called Cote d'Azur is the coastline or coastal area in southeastern France, in the Mediterranean sea. There are many cities along the French Riviera, from Cassis or Toulon in the west to Menton in the east which is close to the Italian Riviera. The largest city on the French Riviera is Nice, which is home to about 350,000 people. Monaco is also located on the French Riviera.

French Riviera

One of the most iconic and scenic coastal routes of Europe.

Known for its captivating scenery, Provencal culture and cuisine.

Address : French Riviera, France


Vanoise National Park is a national park located between the valleys of Tarentaise and Maurienne. It is surrounded by small villages and is famous for its population of ibex alpen, a type of wild goat. Apart from ibex alpen, you can also find chamois (a kind of goat), alpine guinea pig, wolf, lynx, mountain rabbit, weasel, and more than 100 species of birds. Vanoise National Park is also filled with thousands of species of beautiful flora, such as edelweiss and Linaria alpina. If you are interested in seeing the beautiful flora in Vanoise National Park firsthand, then June to August is the best time to visit this national park.

Vanoise has plenty of interesting things to do and see. Unique animals and plants are well preserved and protected. If you're looking for a place to get around the wildlife. The panoramic views is also the best thing you can get, so you should always bring your camera to get some good instagrammable pictures.

Vanoise National Park

France's first National Park, this mountain area is home to wolves, lynx & rare bird species.

Address : France


Tours is an educational center in France, located between France's Cher and the Loire rivers. Here you can explore many historical sites about Gallic-Roman and others. There are many historical sites and buildings to learn about the history of this city. If you like outdoor activities, Tours can be one of your tourist destinations in France.

Since Tours is located between Cher and Loire river, its landscape is undoubtedly incredible. The city is also home to numerous both historical and cultural sites. If you love traveling outside and do outdoor activities, Tours can be your best destination to get around.

Tours, France

Here you can explore many historical sites about Gallic-Roman and others.

Address : Tours, France


Valloire is a commune in south-eastern France, is a place with views of the surrounding mountains. If you like natural scenery with high mountain backgrounds, Valloire can be your best tourist destination. In addition, this place is also a ski resort area where tourists from all over the world visit every year. Outdoor sports such as skiing and hiking can be fun activities.

Valloire is the perfect choice because of its winding green and blue trails, and there are wooded trails at La Sétaz too. Here you can see skiers and snowboarders playing along the beautiful tracks set against the mountainous backdrop. It will be very suitable for spot photography.


Valloire is the leading ski resort in the less developed Maurienne Valley in the French Alps.

More than 100 ski instructors are happy to welcome you at their ski resort.

Address : 73450 Valloire, France


Mercantour National Park is a French national park located in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. This national park is popular for its stunning views as well as towering plateaus, perfect for outdoor activities. If you want to exercise lightly by walking or hiking, this park can be your choice of tourist destination in France.

Mercantour has a beautiful green center area with views of the mountains. The beauty of the alpine rock formations and the Mediterranean climate make a perfect combination and result in a beautiful canyon. This place has been popular with wild boars, rock ptarmigans, and others.

Mercantour National Park

If you like nature, trekking and the mountains this is the place to be.

Well maintained paths with good signs give you endless opportunities for treks in all degrees.

Interesting to walk around, many nooks and crannies.

Wonderful National Park with crazy view and great hike.

Address : France


Languedoc-Russillon is a coastal region in southern France. This place is a place where you can find and explore many historical sites, natural attractions, and famous wine producers. Its beautiful coastline and views of the bustling city will make your vacation even more enjoyable. You can visit this place every season of the year.

The first impression you will get when you set foot in Languedoc-Rusillon is that the atmosphere in this city is very different from Paris. If in Paris you will find a metropolitan city with all the hustle and bustle, from workers, local residents who are carrying out activities, as well as thousands of foreign tourists who are on summer vacation. However, in Languedoc-Rusillon you will find a beautiful European city full of serenity. Crowded, but calm and very neatly arranged. The view of the city is also beautiful enough to be used as a photo spot against the backdrop of historical buildings.


A historical coastal region in southern France known for largest vineyard area in the world.

Address : Languedoc-Roussillon, France


Annecy is nicknamed the “French Alps pearl” or “Venice of the Alps” because of the many canals that run through the city. Annecy may not be the first city that comes to mind when it comes to France, but this hidden gem won't disappoint. Known for its tourist-filled lakes in the summer, this picturesque town has many attractions such as the Château d'Annecy which towers over the city.

In Annecy, your vacation will be even more perfect with a walk through the city streets. On the street "du Pâquier" at the end of the small harbor, you will see luxurious buildings like the ones built by the working family which later served as the residence of the princes de Savoy. After that it became the headquarters of the "Bank of Savoy", and after the Savoy reunion with France in 1860. By wandering the streets, you will find it easy to reach this building which is adjoined by the church "Notre-Dame de Liesse". This building is none other than the former City Hall famous for its 18th-century façade. We can see the beautiful city of Annecy from the first floor. Surely you will imagine yourself living in this architectural masterpiece.


The pretty river that flows between the houses makes it very interesting to visit.

Address : Place de la Gare, 74000 Annecy, France


For those of you who are looking for a new atmosphere, you can visit the island of Oleron. It is the second largest island that is a favorite place for French citizens to spend their summer holidays. Summer vacation is certainly awaited by many people to enjoy the warmth of the sun that touches the skin. For those of you who live in the continent of Europe, before welcoming a cheerful summer, you have been through months of hard work apart from fighting the cold winter winds.

There is an impression of being untouched when you visit this island. Like the 'undiscovered island' because the beauty is so orderly even so natural. Even so, this island is a favorite of tourists to spend their summer with family for a long period of time. Tourism is the main source of income for this island apart from its abundant marine products, such as oysters and fish.


Atlantic island with sand beaches & fishing ports, oysters, a lighthouse, a museum & bike trails.

Address : Oléron, France