20 Best Instagrammable Outdoor Destinations In Italy

Italy - Photo by Neelakandan S from flickr

Italy is one of the countries that is very popular when it comes to existing tours.

Even Italy has places that can be said to be very cool to visit such as the Tower of Pisa, Venice Canal, Colosseum and many other places.

Even though it has a cool place, it turns out that Italy also has natural outdoor tourism that is very beautiful and instagrammable to visit.

Starting from the mountains to its beaches, Italy has several natural tourist attractions that you must visit and can't miss.

Here are the 20 best instagrammable outdoor destinations in Italy for your reference.



Sardinia lies between Italy, Spain and Tunisia. This island is an autonomous region of Italy, with Cagliari as its capital. Sardinia can be reached by plane about 1 hour from the city of Rome and landing in Cagliari. Sardinia has been included in the list of favorite honeymoon destinations for tourists in Italy.

With a coastline of 1,840 km long, Sardinia is blessed with exotic beaches. Among them are La Pelosa whose water is very clear like crystal, Is Arutas, whose beach sand is really soft and white, Porto Giunco which is a favorite of yachts anchored, Cala Luna which has a row of fierce cliffs and many more. If you're looking for instagrammable place to visit in Italy, Sardinia is one of the best recommendation.


A beautiful island offering stunning beaches, history or motorbike trails.

It has nearly 2,000 km of coastline, sandy beaches and mountainous interiors that are traversed by hiking trails.

Address : Sardinia, Italy


Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy and must be recognized as having the ability to bewitch European and Asian tourists. Each year the number of travelers who visit this place continues to increase. It is not surprising that the name Lake Garda is increasingly fluttering and becoming famous throughout the world.

Lake Garda is elongated in shape. Along the side of Lake Garda there are many charming little villages with pretty views. At least, there are 27 villages that have been transformed into tourist villages and become regular destinations for travelers to enjoy summer vacations. One of them is Sirmione which is located at the southern end of the lake.

Lake Garda

This is a stunning place in Northern Italy and offers a beautiful view of the house and mountains as a backdrop.

Address : Lake Garda, Italy


Cortina d'Ampezzo is a ski resort in northern Italy. This place is also part of the Dolomiti Superski area which is the best ski destination in winter. If you like outdoor and instagrammable activities, this place could be the best destination when in Italy. In addition, the ski track is quite challenging and amazing with mountainous landscapes making it a favorite spot for many tourists.

Cortina D'Ampezzo is suitable for those of you who are just starting to learn skiing as well as those who are professionals. The scenery that can be enjoyed in this place is the five peaks of the Cinque Torri mountains. Want to bring your family along? No need to worry because the lodging in the area is guaranteed to be very comfortable with complete facilities.

Cortina d'Ampezzo

This is one tourist destination which is famous for its ski resorts.

Address : 32043 Cortina d'Ampezzo, Province of Belluno, Italy


Val Gardena is a green valley surrounded by high mountains and is part of the Dolomites. Located just a short walk from Cortina d'Ampezzo, this property is perfect for those who like to walk around. The scenery of local residents with a mountain and snow background is very beautiful. You can visit this place in winter, summer, and in spring. You will be amazed by the beautiful scenery.

Smaller resorts like Val Gardena offer more intimate skiing than their glamorous bigger Dolomites neighbor, Cortina D'Ampezzo. One of several adjacent valleys between the peaks known as Gruppo del Sella, the 160 km of Val Gardena trails and lifts connect with each other, forming nearly 400 kilometers of interconnected skiing. From here, you can ski on the Marmolada Glacier.

Val Gardena

A scenic spot with stunning views of the Dolomites and offers a stunning ski resort.

Amazing place for everyone, especially those of you who want to ski or motorbike riders.

Address : Val Gardena, 39047 Santa Cristina Gherdëina, South Tyrol, Italy


Livigno is a ski resort in the Alps mountains, adjacent to the Swiss border. The city is known for its snow gardens, slippery and challenging hiking trails. You can also visit the museum in the city center, namely Mus! Livigno and Trepalle Museum. This museum displays ancient agricultural equipment as well as several working diaries from local residents.

Renowned for its incredible terrain parks, considered the best in Europe, and for its remote location, Livigno is far from being commonplace among skiers. But its relative inaccessibility makes it more attractive to those who find their way to the three cul-de-sac villages. This place could be your best family vacation destination in Italy.


Quality ski areas, accommodation, friendliness, quality food and very affordable prices.

Address : Via Saroch, 1098/a, 23030 Livigno SO, Italy


Madona di Campiglio is one of the many ski resorts in northern Italy. This place is surrounded by Adamello Brenta Nature Park which is also part of the Brenta Dolomites mountains. There are many outdoor activities that can be done such as hiking, skiing, and walking around the mountains. You can also find Orti della Regina, an area of ancient fossils around the mountains.

As part of Dolomites, this ski resort is also a recommended place to visit. It is one of the best ski resorts that is surrounded by Adamello Brenta Park. You can take up all your family to enjoy a warm tea or coffee in the cafe nearby.

Madonna Di Campiglio

A lodging that offers complete facilities and a fairly spacious room.

Located close to the ski area, so it is perfect for resting.

Address : 38086 Madonna di Campiglio TN, Italy


If you are bored with beaches, you can visit Cervinia Valtournenche which is located in northwest Italy. It is an Alpine resort located in Valle d'Aosta and famous for its snow-capped mountains. This place is one of the popular destinations to spend your winter holidays and do outdoor activities.

In the city center is the A Mountain of Work Museum which displays ancient construction equipment during the construction of the cable-car system. It is always fun to learn about history in tourist attraction especially in Cervinia. You can make this place as your family vacation destination in Italy.

Cervinia Valtournenche

Very nice and wide slopes suitable for beginners or intermediate to ski.

All the slopes are very well cared for, the hills sparkling with the sun are very panoromic.

If you are a beginner, the training ground is very easy which makes getting to the real course quite challenging.

Address : Frazione Breuil Cervinia, 11028 Breuil-Cervinia AO, Italy


Considered the most active volcano on Earth, Mount Etna forms the day-to-day backdrop for Sicilians in Italy. And for Sicilians, living at the foot of Mount Etna is a complex and emotional task. At the top of the hill overlooking the village of Nicolosi, a standing monument was built in 1776. At the monument there is a legend about a halted lava flow, which tells of a saint putting his robe on the flowing lava. Tourists usually go to Mount Etna, taking the winding route, which is a former lava flow. Lava flows left miles of sediment.

On the southern side of the volcano, at the highest point tourists can reach, a small cluster of shops and restaurants have been built around the ski lifts that bring people closer to the summit. At the top of a hill overlooking the village of Nicolosi, a standing monument was built in 1776. At the monument there is a legend about a halted lava flow, which tells of a saint laying his robe on the flowing lava. And the lava stopped not hitting the village. Currently, Mount Etna is one of the most popular destinations. So, if you are on a family vacation, this place can be one of your destinations.

Mount Etna

The Ätna itself is definitely a must see when in sicily.

If you're in good shape, hop on the cable car and hike for a better view.

Views are astonishing especially really early at the morning or during sunset.

Address : Mount Etna, 95012 Castiglione di Sicilia, Province of Catania, Italy


The northern part of Italy is dominated by beautiful mountains and highlands. Kronplatz is one of the many mountain ranges in northern Italy. This mountain is usually a hiking spot for tourists from all over the world. With an altitude of 2,275 above sea level, this mountain is a challenging hiking spot. If you want to have a different and thrilling and beautiful experience, Krontplatz can be your best destination.

At the top of the Kronplatz, there is a museum showing the history of the beauty of this mountain. Skirama Kronplatz, a ski resort that aims to maintain the attractiveness of Kronplatz Ski Mountain in every season. This museum is a milestone for facilities on top of the mountains. It will be very unique and exciting if you can see a museum on the top of a mountain.


This is the perfect spot if you are looking for perfect skiing and perfect terrain.

Address : Kronplatz, 39030 Mareo, South Tyrol, Italy


Courmayeur is a city located at an altitude of 1,224 meters above sea level. This place offers a thick mountain atmosphere and a fresh atmosphere. Right at the foot of Mont Blanc, the city is also popular with the SkyWay Monte Blanco cable car. You can rent and ride them and see incredible views from up high.

In addition, there is the Saussurea Alpine Botanical Garden which is famous for its medicinal plants and rare plants in the highlands. You can visit it and have an unforgettable experience. It will be more fun traveling with family and Courmayeur is the best place to take your family.


Courmayeur is an Alpine resort in northwest Italy.

Offers a great ski resort with well maintained trails.

Address : Viale Monte Bianco, 10, 11013 Courmayeur AO, Italy


Merano is also a city that you should consider as a vacation destination. This city in the southern part of Italy, precisely in the Tyrol region, is popular for its art nouveau buldings and spas. You will find many unique and historical buildings. You can try visiting Trauttmansdorff Castle which has a terrace garden.

In addition, there is a museum inside so you can see developments about Alpine Tourism. Situated at the foot of Mount Ifinger, Merano is the ideal destination for outdoor lovers. Doing a simple family hiking or soft-trekking would be very fun.


An Alpine town in Italy’s South Tyrol region known for its spas and art nouveau buildings.

Address : Merano, South Tyrol, Italy

12. SëLVA

Selva is a community belonging to Val Gardena in South Tyrol, offering views of a settlement surrounded by tall and green mountains. If you like adventure in nature and outdoors, Selva is the best place. You can look around by walking, hiking, or climbing mountains. You will be amazed by the natural beauty that is in Selva, and don't forget to capture your best moments by taking pictures.

Selva di Val Gardena is considered to be the busiest and most popular resort in the Val Gardena valley. In large part due to its height and proximity to the famous Sellaronda ring. In addition there are slopes and lifts that tourists use to go to the most attractive slopes of the Dolomiti Superski region.

Sëlva Italy

The Ladin place name derives from the Latin word silva.

Address : 39048 Selva di Val Gardena BZ, Italy


Sestriere is a resort village located in the western part of the Alps, Italy. It is also adjacent to the French border, well known and popular by its Vialattea ski area. This area often holds events and competitions that attract many tourists. The Kandahar Banchetta Giovanni Nasi is a challenging level of Olympic competition. This competition challenges participants to run a marathon from Mount Motta to Mount Banchetta. Sounds challenging and fun, right?

Its village and countryside atmosphere gives such calming ambiance. It is an ideal place to spend a family time during holiday. You can consider to visit the Mount Motta or Mount Bachetta. Taking up your kids should be considered before deciding to go to these places.


An upscale resort with excellent snowmaking and mountain view.

Address : 10058 Sestriere, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy


Seiser Alm or Alpe di Siusi is a highland area in the Dolomites Mountains, South Tyrol. This area has an area of 57 square km and is located at an altitude of 970 meters above sea level. Seiser Alm is very popular visited by tourists, especially ski and hiking lovers. Its territory is surrounded by the peaks of the Dolomites mountains, creating incredible views. If you are a lover of hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities, you can visit this place.

Some of the peaks that can be your hiking destinations at Seiser Alm are Langkofel, Plattkofe, Rosszahne, Schlern, and Puflatsch. Around this mountain range there are also several cities that can be a place of rest such as Saltria, Compatsch, Kastelruth, and also Sankt Ulrich. This place is one of the best recommendations for a family vacation in Italy.

Seiser Alm

Picturesque alpine meadow in the Dolomites offering skiing, hiking & panoramic views.

Address : Seiser Alm, 39048 Sëlva, South Tyrol, Italy


Aeolian Island can be one of the tourist destinations that you can visit while in Italy. This island, which is in the northeast of Sicily, offers many exciting tourist attractions such as snorkeling and scuba diving. In addition, there is the largest island called Lipari which will offer you a very beautiful cliff-top view.

Not only islands, there is also an active volcanic mountain called Stromboli, which allows tourists to see lava bursts falling into the ocean from a far distance. Besides exploring the beaches of the island, you will find numerous interesting thing in this island. It is an ideal place where you can spend your family time during the holiday.

Aeolian Islands

Small volcanic island with beaches & ancient fort ruins, plus dining, lodging & scenic views.

Address : Lipari, 98050 Lipari, Province of Messina, Italy


Puster Valley is a valley surrounded by the mountains of the Alps, Italy. Located in the east-west part of Lienz, East Tyrol, this place is one of the recommended destinations. The view of the green valley against the backdrop of the Alp mountains is amazing and will make you feel comfortable for long. You can also go around and cycle around the valley. Don't forget to take a photo with the Alps mountains in the background.

Puster Valley can be your best destination to see the breathtaking view of Alp mountains. A small cafe and restaurant are available nearby, perfect place to enjoy some coffee or tea. If you're coming with your family, Puster Valley is highly recommended to visit.

Puster Valley

Picturesque, year-round mountain destination for hiking, skiing, climbing, biking & swimming.

Address : Puster Valley, 39038 Innichen, South Tyrol, Italy


Corvara is a commune in northern Italy, precisely in South Tyrol. The view of the mountains that surround it is the main attraction of this place. In addition, there are several interesting places that you can visit, such as Sassongher, panoramic mountain peaks and hiking spots. There is also the Gardena Pass which is a scenic area for summer holidays and winter sports.

Most of the northern places in Italy are dominated by mountainous surroundings. Corvara can be one of the best underrated destinations you can visit in northern Italy. The calm and good atmosphere is the best thing you can expect. Besides, during the winter season, you will see many tourists visit it to have fun on the ski resorts.


A beautiful village with a variety of shops, restaurant and classic ski resort.

Address : 39033 Corvara, South Tyrol, Italy


Amalfi Coast is a city located in Italy. Where, the city is surrounded by hills and mountains facing directly to the sea. The beautiful hills which directly face the Tyrrhenian sea, make this city has some very cool places for you to visit. Amalfi is also famous for having a road that has a very beautiful sea view with sharp bends and also climbs, descents that are quite dangerous, the road is known as SS163.

Among the many historical buildings in Amalfi, Pompei is one that is worth visiting. Especially if it's on vacation to the Amalfi Coast. You can spend the afternoon walking while enjoying the beauty of ancient Roman villas. Besides that, you can also visit Cetara. Cetara is an ancient fishing village on the Amalfi Coast that was founded in the 9th century. One of the must-try fish is tuna. For matters of taste, there's no need to hesitate. It is definitely delicious, especially the fish used are fresh fish caught by the fishermen.

Amalfi Coast

Even though it is on the beach, people can still enjoy the beautiful vineyards of this Amalfi Coast.

Address : 84011 Amalfi, SA, Italy


Cinque Terre is a rugged coastal region on the Riviera, Italy that is part of the Liguria region. This area is located west of the city of La Spezia and consists of five villages, namely Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. The buildings in this village stand on a rock. It was only after the railway line that divided the mountain was opened, in the 1870s ago, access to this place was open. In Cinque Terre, there are villages with narrow roads in 'paving blocks' and terraced houses with festive colors such as yellow, pink, orange, brown.

Apart from the beautiful views of the city, in Cinque Terre you can also find many historical landmarks. One of these is the Church of San Francesco, also known as the Convento dei Cappuccini e Chiesa di San Francesco and the Convent of the Capuchin Friars, which contain many extraordinary works of art, including "The Crucifixion" by Anthony van Dyck. If you only have limited time in the Cinque Terre and want to get an overview of the area, many tourists recommend seeing the five cities by boat. Very exciting and fun!

Cinque Terre

In each of the 5 towns, colorful houses and vineyards cling to steep terraces, harbors are filled with fishing boats and trattorias turn out seafood specialties.

Address : Cinque Terre, SP, Italy


Lazise is a commune located in the Province of Verona, namely the Veneto Region. It is located on the eastern shore of Lake Garda, providing panoramic views of the coast. Around the shore, there are many hotels and resorts as well as restaurants, the best spots to relax. You can also rent a boat to get around on the beach and see the city view from the center.

If you have time and are not tired, you can stop by for a moment. Behind the fort walls you can find a shopping center. Historical buildings and thick with ancient Italy will be the best spot to tour in Lazise. You will definitely like and enjoy it.


One of popular picturesque towns and a medieval historic center full of shops plus restaurant.

Address : 37017 Lazise, VR, Italy