20 Best Instagrammable Outdoor Destinations in Philippines

Palawan Island, Philippines - Photo from palawanislandphilippines.com

Outdoor activity in Philippines has to be one of the most exciting experiences one can feel. The country is full of natural beauty spots with incredible beaches and islands.

Whether it's Siargao Island or Coron Island, this country is a perfect getaway for your holiday season.

The best thing about Philippines is that you get to be a part of its incredible attractions that you might have never tried before.

You will be served with everything natural and unique such as Twin Lagoon Entrance and Barracuda Lake.

If beach is your kind of go-to place, Philippines is absolutely the best country to visit.

There are many pristine beaches in the country such as Kalanggaman Island, Nacpan Beach, and Alona Beach.

Take a closer look at this writing because Tripboba has listed 20 Best Instagrammable Outdoor Destinations in Philippines for you to visit.



Outdoor activity in Philippines has to be one of the most exciting experiences one can feel. The country is full of natural beauty spots with incredible beaches and islands.

This stunning island is a very popular spot to enjoy summer break. It is home to many gorgeous white sandy beaches and crystal waters. Magpupungko and Cloud 9 Surfing Area are some of the island's top attractions with many interesting outdoor activities to offer, including swimming, surfing, sunbathing, picnicking, and obviously picture taking.

Cloud 9 Surfing Area

A very popular spot for surfing & usually always gets a crowd of surfers.

You can stay here if you want to see different people trying to learn to surf.

Or just watch the waves hitting the sand and rocks and take a walk around the beach.

Address : General Luna, Surigao del Norte, Philippines


Beautifully maintained place for those of you who are looking for spots for snorkeling and swimming.

There is a jumping area in the middle, and if you walk round the corner there is a big rock you can take photos.

Address : Pilar, Surigao del Norte, Philippines


As a country that's filled with many pristine islands, Philippines is ready to bring the best experiences in your life.

Boracay is one of the most popular islands in the country that attracts international travelers to explore its stunning beaches. White Beach and Diniwid Beach are some of the most popular beaches that are not only great for your outdoor fun, but also full of excitement and activities.

White beach is completed with fun activities like swimming, snorkeling, with diverse lodging and dining. Diniwid Beach is not only great for beach life, but also offers nearby dining and shopping options. Its picturesque setting is unquestionable.

White Beach

A narrow beach leads to clear, turquoise waters at this scenic locale & popular snorkeling site

Diniwid Beach

If you want serenity in a quality beach, then this is a place you can visit.

The cliff side trail is safe and short and easy even for children to pass on clear calm weather.

Diniwid Beach shows amazing views, and the most beautiful sunsets.

If you want real chilling thing, you should visit here.

Address : Diniwid Beach Rd, Malay, Aklan, Philippines


Cebu is one of the most popular places that provides many incredible outdoor destinations for your holiday season. It is home to many natural spots, old buildings, and many other popular attractions. Kawasan Falls and Fort San Pedro are the best options you can visit during your trip in Philippines.

Kawasan Falls is where you can be a part of trio picturesque waterfalls with many fun activities like canyoneering, rafting, jumping off the cliffs, and many more. While Fort San Pedro is the remains of a triangular stone Spanish fortress dating to 1738 offering interactive tour guide that speaks about the history and artifacts within the fortress.

Kawasan Falls

Trio of picturesque waterfalls into natural swimming pools & lagoons, accessible via jungle trails

Address : Badian, 6031 Cebu, Philippines

Fort San Pedro

Located in the center of Cebu city is this historic fort.

This place provides an insight into Cebu City's rich culture and history.

Educational and highly recommended for history buffs.

Address : A. Pigafetta Street, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines


Your fun trip continues at this mesmerizing island. This island is a great treatment for you who love spending the day at the beach. There are many incredible beaches and sights you can visit in this island - whether the dramatic Twin Lagoon Entrance or the stunning Kayangan Lake.

Once you are in Twin Lagoon Entrance, the stunning beach surrounding is the kind of treatment you get. You can do fun activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking. At Kayangan Lake, you can treat yourself with unforgettable outdoor activities like swimming, boating, kayaking, and snorkeling.

These attractive places will totally blow your mind. They are so beautifully pristine that you don't want to leave it.

Kayangan Lake

It is the most popular tourist destination in Coron.

You can take a small boat with a gentle breeze, clear blue sky and water, rock formations on lakes and beaches.

There is a small wooden walkway and a platform to store your belongings if you go swimming.

If you did not visit this area on your visit to the Philippines then your trip is not complete.

Address : Swimming Area, Island Hopping - Kayangan Lake, Bayan ng Coron, Palawan, Philippines

Twin Lagoon Entrance

Twin Lagoons is one of the must-visit tourist destinations on the Coron Island Hopping Tour.

The first lagoon is where ships dock, while the second lagoon is beautifully hidden.

You can take photos at the top of the stairs at the second entrance to the lagoon.

In the second lagoon, cooler water comes from the limestone that surrounds it.

Definitely a must when you visit Coron.

Address : Coron, Palawan, Philippines


Another island that's perfect for your Instagrammable outdoor destination is the vibrant Bohol. It is home to many world-class destinations including the popular Chocolate Hills.

Chocolate Hills is a hiking area offering great photography opportunities and unique geological formation with more than 1,200 round, grass-covered hills. It provides an easy access for everyone through stair climbing. Once you are at the observation deck, the view will take you to the world of wonder. It is so beautifully shown. For another fun offer, you can take the ATV option

In recognition for its nature, Chocolate Hills has been declared as national Geological Monument.

Chocolate Hills

Hiking & photography at a unique geological formation comprising 1,200+ round, grass-covered hills.

Address : Chocolate Hills Complex, Carmen, 6319 Bohol, Philippines


While you are in Bohol island, you have to try this fun attraction and you will have another moment of your life. This adventure park is where you can enjoy many fun activities such as caving, zip-lining, rappelling, kayaking, root climbing, and other high-adrenaline activities.

This kind of activity has to be tried once in a lifetime, because you're getting out of your comfort zone and it's great to try something new every day.

Danao Adventure Park

If you really want to go on an extreme adventure, this is the place to be.

Danao Adventure Park offers caving, zip-line, rappelling, kayaking, and other adrenaline-pumping activities.

Danao Adventure Park offers several rooms to stay in as well as a restaurant.

A must try for those who are not afraid of falling.

Address : Buenavista-Carmen-Danao-Jetafe Road, Danao, 6344 Bohol, Philippines


The best thing about Philippines is that you get to be a part of many incredible attractions that you might have never tried before. This gorgeous spot in El Nido island has to be a part of your fun trip in Philippines. In fact, it would be a mistake if you don't visit this one.

Popularly known for sightseeing, this place can only be accessed through a small cave. After going through the intriguing cave, exciting activities like kayaking and snorkeling awaits. The incredibly gorgeous cliff and beach surrounding will sooth your whole being. Just like its name, visiting this spot literally means you're discovering a secret.

Secret Lagoon

Beautiful hidden lagoon which is very favorite visited by tourists.

So many people line up to enter the secret lagoon which is absolutely beautiful.

Nature-loving people must visit this place and it is guaranteed that you will love it.

Address : El Nido, Palawan, Philippines


If beach is your kind of go-to place, Philippines is absolutely the best country to visit. This stunning beach in El Nido island is breathtakingly gorgeous with its charming white sandy beach and is ready be your summer break destination.

While picnicking, you will be accompanied by the calming breeze with the most panoramic views. This beach will totally take your trip to another level.

Tripboba recommends you to rent a scooter to get to the beach, because the access can be uneasy. Don't forget to bring some food and drink with you. But there are enough cottages and eateries near the beach. Expect to pay a small entrance fee as well.

Nacpan Beach

One of the best beaches in the world... Glad I got to see it Awesome beach - we droned the whole thing and the islands just sitting off the coast. Great little restaurant on the beach too. Hawkers were too much of a bother.

Big Clean Beach Nacpan Beach is a must see if you are in El Nido. The beach is large with many shops, drink stands and places to eat. As with all must see tourist sites it can get very crowed. Still worth it for a day trip.

Good Swimming We visited this beach for swimming and catching some sun Nacpan beach is a mix of backpacker accommodations, hotels, shops, beach bars and decent swimming. A small purchase of a bottle of water off the beach bar will...

Address : Nacpan Beach, Philippines


There is always something exciting to try in Philippines. This fine spot in Puerto Galera island is where you can enjoy the island's scenic views while riding a fun boat. This would be a great idea for you if you like to relax yourself with the company of nature surrounding.

Boat riding is the most popular activity in this area. And while you're here, you can also buy some souvenirs from the locals.

Muelle Puerto Galera Pier

This fine spot in Puerto Galera island is where you can enjoy the the island's scenic views while riding a fun boat.

This would be a great idea for you if you like to relax yourself with the company of nature surrounding.

Address : Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines


Philippines is, no doubt, the country that'll serve you with magnificent beauty of nature. This popular waterfall in Baler island is one of the best of examples. It is among the island's top attractions with many scenic view opportunities. Aesthetic picture taking, hiking, swimming and discovering can be done in this spot.

You can do easy trekking to the waterfalls, and once you arrive, the amazing waterfalls are spotless. Its surrounding is very beautiful and clean. So, you will make sure not to throw any kind of trash around the area. Take the advantage of the inviting water, as you can swim in it.

Be sure to wear a proper footwear, the roads are pretty rough. You will also see barbecue grills and huts in the area.

Ditumabo Mother Falls

One of the most popular waterfalls known for its crystal clear water and scenic view.

Address : Ditumabo Mother Falls St, San Luis, Aurora, Philippines


Every opportunity that comes to your way must be taken and you should use it for fun. This country won't spare you with many stunning waterfalls including this popular waterfall in San Juan island. The Cascading waterfalls are the highlight of this popular and picturesque natural spot.

To go to the spot, you either take a ride or hike. Hiking would definitely be an adventurous and interesting thing to do. Once you are at falls area, you will see one of the most beautiful waterfalls and you can also do swimming. Rent the lifejackets nearby if you need to.

Tangadan Falls

Cascading waterfalls are the highlight of this popular & picturesque natural attraction.

You will see much more of the beauty of San Gabriel's mountains and river by hiking anyway.

Address : San Gabriel, La Union, Philippines


To further your trip in this beautiful country, this natural spot in Banaue will absolutely bring peace in mind and excitement at the same time. It is one of the most beautiful places in the area with rice terraces carved into mountainsides and panoramic views. Your Instagram need this kind of views.

As a National Cultural Treasure of the Philippines, this attraction has been considered to be the 8th Natural Wonder of the World by many Filipinos. To avoid being lost, be sure to hire a guide if you want to.

It is a year-round spot, but the best time for a visit is during the harvest between June and July and also between February and March when the cleaning and planting time occurs

Banaue Rice Terraces

Storied historic site featuring rice terraces carved into mountainsides & panoramic views.

One of the best ways to disconnect from the stress of The City.

Address : Nueva Vizcaya - Ifugao - Mountain Province Rd, Banaue, Ifugao, Philippines


Beach life in Philippines is literally another level of fun and excitement. This pristine beach is the kind of beach and treatment you need for your summer break. Thanks to its white sandy beach and crystal water, this beach is recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. You can enjoy many fun activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, dolphin watching, and even boat activity.

In the day, this beach is stunningly appealing. But at night, it gets more alive with the entertainment like bars, restaurants, resorts, and shops and vendors. This is the kind of beach you don't want to escape.

Alona Beach

Best new pizza in alona beach panglao We got a takeaway order the Hawaiian, Diablo, Maradona, quattro formaggi and margherita, our group of friends all agreed they were all fantastic. Quality ingredients and nice pizza crust. Best...

Mixed reviews I visited Alona Beach 3/13/20 and was very impressed with how clean the beach was. There are several hotels and restaurants on the beach front from various price points. Due to covid 19 we had to leave early as the...

Address : Alona Beach, Bohol, Philippines


If you're looking for a unique kind of object for your photography world, this popular cave attraction would be a perfect destination for you. Not only best for your camera, this attraction is also great for you who enjoy trying new things in life. This popular spot is best known for its limestone cave with dramatic stalactites, tours, and a lagoon. You'll definitely love this kind of place.

Release yourself by swimming in the crystal water with the free life vests available inside. There are tour guides at the area if you need help. They are informative and funny and also are just volunteers. Their income comes from the tourists only.

Hinagdanan Cave

Beautiful but not that impressed The cave is interesting, but not as big as I had thought. I didn't swim, but people do soak in the cave lagoon. (I would be worried about contaminants from the bats who live and sleep above it). The...

Hinagdanan Cave It is a very small cave with beautiful rock formations inside. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit because there is a small pond inside the cave for you to swim. The water is very cold. Life jackets are provided...

I don't get the hype It's a small cave with small body of water. You can finish looking at the cave in less than 1 minute, standing in just one position. They open really early and apparently are packed with ppl by the afternoon....

Address : Bingag, Dauis Philippines


On Palawan island, there is this interesting spot where you can combine an intriguing cave with the stunningly natural river. This mountainous national park is known for its 5-mile underground river and caves. As it provides boat tours, you can explore this area with boat riding. This is a fun way to discover this national park.

As one of the seven wonders in Philippines, this place is too great to miss. Make sure you take advantage of the informative audio guide.

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

Being one of the 7 natural wonders, it is a must-visit in Puerto Princesa.

The river in the cave is very long so traveling, you can see all the bats and special rocks.

You will take a boat to a dark cave and they will provide you with an audio device to guide you along the way.

Words cannot describe how beautiful the place is and is definitely a must see when you head to Puerto Princesa.

Address : Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines


One of the best spots to enjoy your outdoor activities in Philippines is engaging yourself with this incredible volcano in Talisay. It is located about 37 miles south of Metro Manila offering nothing but magnificent beauty.

Boating and horse riding are some of the most popular activities here. Its scenic view has brought many travelers across the world.

Taal Volcano

Great to see! Recently exploded but rare to see Volcano in island. Very near Manila and well worth seeing. Lots of Hotels and Eateries. Easy to and Starbucks overlooks Taal

Visit Taal Volcano to appreciate the breathtaking views of Nature! Taal Volcano is a must-see Attraction in the Philippines. A trip to Manila is not complete without a visit to see Taal Volcano. Located about 100 km from Manila, it...

a volcano in a volcanic lake Long time ago (not in 2019 as I was requested to fill in the visiting date!) as a volcanologist I had the opportunity to visit this incredible place. Now that it has erupted I didi not return yet but...

Address : Taal Volcano, Talisay, Philippines


Having fun with family and friends at this popular spot would be a great idea for your outdoor activity. It is a picturesque day-trip locale best known for fun outdoor activities such as cliff diving, kayaking, snorkeling, cliff jumping, and other water activities. Other than having fun, you'll be able to collect some Instagram-worthy pictures here.

Visiting this place means you must be prepared for everything you need in the area. Be sure to bring your travel essentials like swimsuit, beach towel, flip-flops, sunscreen, waterproof bag, hat, sunglasses, rash guard, and water shoes. Don't forget your camera, because it is too gorgeous not to capture in your camera.

Ariel's Point

Amazing value for money, great experience. This is a must-do. From beginning to end, it was so much fun. The staff were great, and very attentive. They knew how to keep up the party atmosphere, always keeping everyone's drinks...

So much fun Had a great time, fun staff. Amazing lunch provided. Safe fun activities. Lovely fun way to spend a day!!!

Exhilarating Experience! Ariel's Point is amazing! We were blessed to have the owner (ex US Navy officer and now legit Bon Vivant), Ariel join us on our trip to his cliff diving spot! The boat trip there was fun and I guess we...

Address : Malay, Aklan Province 5608 Philippines


Go farther if you want to see Philippines' gems and let this gorgeous spot be your next destination. As a popular tourist attraction, this spot is where you can pamper yourself with the stunning white sandy beach and turquoise crystal water.

Swimming is the most popular activities done here. Many visitors like spending their time swimming and seeing the underwater living things through a snorkeling. The pure white sandbar in the middle of the ocean facing the pacific ocean is literally jaw dropping.

This is nothing but heaven you need to engage yourself with. It is a such a gem and you will be regretful if you don't visit this spot.

Naked Island, Siargao

It's definitely a beautiful place to visit for surfers and everyone.

There is plenty of room to find your own corner of the island.

Address : Siargao Island, Union Rd, Dapa, Surigao del Norte, Philippines


Kalanggaman Island has to be one of the most fascinating islands ever existed in Philippines. It is best known for its long sandbar and clear turquoise water.

If you want to stay over night, tent renting is available on the island. You can also engage with the almost 2-hour boat ride. Diving is absolutely unmissable to try.

Summer break in Philippines would be one of the best decisions one could ever make, because heavenly beautiful island like this can be a part of your journey.

Kalanggaman Island

Postcard Perfect If you are staying on Malapascua Island then a day trip to Kalanggaman Island is an absolute must. Just ask the resort where you are staying to organise or negotiate with one of the boat owners along bounty beach....

Heaven on Earth Picture perfect postcard of a paradise island. Fine, white sand and turquoise, clear water. Access to the island is regulated so you dont have to deal with hordes of tourists. Getting there is not easy, but it's so...

Rizal Park with my Baby Girl There is fountain with colorful lights. Its very relaxing. You can take pictures with your love ones.

Address : Kalanggaman Island, Philippines


The enchanted beauty of this popular lake is too precious not to be included on this list of Instagrammable outdoor destinations. This incredible lake is known as a unique diving spot for its varying water temperature. The tranquil cliff right next to the lake makes this spot one of the most sought attractions in the whole country. You should definitely visit this one.

Grab the available lifejackets and swim and snorkel away with your whole heart. This is going to be an unforgettable spot for you.

Barracuda Lake

Nice for a Short Stop Barracuda Lake is one of the smaller stops but worth it. The stairs can be a little tough but on you are on the swim platform you will enjoy it. There are a few place near the rocks that are a good place to...

Amazing Place.... One of the best place in the world to visit.. Amazing with the crystal clear water that will clear your mind after visiting.

Mystical Baracuda Lake Baracuda lake is a unique dive famous for its thermocline, i.e., the water temperature varies at different layers and becomes warmer as you go deeper. It has a depth of about 40 m deep which makes it...

Address : Barracuda Lake, Coron, Palawan, Philippines