20 Best Instagrammable Places To Eat in Spain

El Perro y La Galleta Retiro in Madrid - Photo from elperroylagalleta.com

Restaurants are not just places to eat nowadays. They are more of romantic destinations with a touch of design and love.

Dining in one of the best countries in the world is the kind of treatment you and your significant other need for this holiday season.

Spain is absolutely one of the most romantic destinations for couples and families.

The country is not only home to many great cities and world-famous attractions, but also home to some of the most popular and world-class restaurants.

On this page, you get to see 20 Best Instagrammable Places To Eat in Spain while romantically involved with their gorgeous settings.

If your Instagram needs a bit of boosts, El perro y la galleta, HABANERA, and Restaurant Montiel are some of the best recommendations to go to.

Other incredible restaurants like StreetXo, Àbac, and Tickets are also ready to bring the best dining experience for you. There are still many options for you. Read along for more!



Spain is one of the best countries that offers any kind of excitement and entertainment for your vacation. The country is incredibly wealthy of culture, attractions, and cuisine.

This restaurant is one of the best recommendations to enjoy the combination of Mediterranean, Europe, and Spanish foods while served with Spanish hospitality. Its well-thought interior brings satisfaction to your dining experience. Not only you get to taste its signature dish, Octopus, but you can also visit the popular Cathedral of Santiago, as it is located near the cathedral. The Mel Gibson seafood rice is totally unmissable.

A Noiesa

This is a Michelin-class restaurant at unbelievably low prices.

The croquettes are excellent, the Galician cheese and sausage mix board is great.

They also offer a large and delicious wine selection.

Everyone who works there is very warm and welcoming, they really care.

Address : Rúa do Franco, 40, 15702 Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, Spain


What makes your Instagram feed special is good pictures with the right angles and a little bit of luck. As a bar and grill, this beautiful Spanish restaurant comes with indoor and outdoor settings offering Croquettes and Chorizo as two of its most popular dishes.

You can choose where you want set yourself in, whether inside or outside. These sets have its own specialties - one is allowing you to get closer with your table with the intimate atmosphere, while the other brings you relaxing breeze of the surrounding. The simple decorations are perfect for your Instagram feed.

O Sendeiro

The restaurant is in an old building decorated in a modern style which works well.

The food comes with a unique twist on traditional dishes and uses delicious ingredients.

Romantic and relaxing outdoor terrace, food combinations cleverly thought out.

The wine list is outstanding, with several high quality choices.

Worth a visit to sample some Galician food in a beautiful setting.

Address : Rúa do Olvido, 22, 15703 Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, Spain


You can't beat everything is served in this popular restaurant in Madrid. Located in El Corte Inglés Serrano 52 Man, this lively restaurant is a bless for those who loves to eat. Not only the food is variously delicious, but the atmosphere won't let you get bored.

Its vibe is so inviting that you don't want to hurry. All you need is relax and snap some Instagram-worthy pictures while accompanied by deliciousness all over with stunning colorful set. Not to mention the attentive and well-trained staff. Chef Dabiz Muñoz will take a good care of you with tasty dishes like Lasagna and Chili Crab. Make sure to book your spot in advance, StreetXo restaurant can be too crowded as there's a fun show held every week.


This is an excellent place that offers a creative fusion of Asian and Spanish cuisine.

The Asian-Spanish fusion cuisine (an Asian flavor featuring Spanish ingredients) is creative and delicious.

The kitchen show in the middle of the restaurant is really beautiful organized chaos.

Address : Calle de Serrano, 52, 28001 Madrid, Spain


When you are in this popular restaurant in Madrid, not just the setting space is Instagrammable, but also its incredible-looking foods and plates. A great background with a good-looking plate would make a perfect combination for your Instagram feed.

The taste of Spanish authenticity can be tasted here while soaking in its people's hospitality. The tasting menu will have you hooked to the very corner of your seat. La Tasquería restaurant attracts its guests with the best Offal in the area - or also known as gizzards. It comes with avant-garde concept of new creations that treats ingredients with love. Definitely a must try!

La Tasquería

A well run restaurant that offers great food and great service.

An innovative menu that makes use of interesting animal parts.

Delicious food to eat and take home prepared with great care and great taste to enjoy.

Address : Calle Duque de Sesto, 48, 28009 Madrid, Spain


While you are in Madrid, the popularity of this chocolate cafe is undeniable. Founded in 1894, this cafe is known as one of the oldest as well as one of the most popular places to eat in the entire Spain region.

This cafe is serving its savory chocolate with churros as its signature. While its indoor bright color set bring good lights for your camera, the outdoor seating is great for capturing the city's vibes. Pick your convenient spot - all are totally great for dining.

Aside from being historical, your visit will be treated with a line of photos of celebrities or famous personalities that have come and visited the cafe displayed along the wall.

Chocolatería San Ginés

A must go in Madrid Classic churros with generous chocolate dipping conveniently located in the heart of the city, what is more to ask ?

Tasty but strict rules We had to queue but it was very good chocolate. Dark and strong. Nice doughtsticks too. They have strict rules about face painting other guests as we discovered to our cost, so don't assume you can use...

Sooo good! Of course you have to order the traditional Churros con Chocolate! The churros came fresh and crunchy and the chocolate is thick and not so sweet (you can add sugar if you want). Because they require you to order first...

Address : Pasadizo de San Ginés, 5, 28013 Madrid, Spain


Spain is not only home to many incredible world-class attractions, but also home to famous and high-class restaurants.

This restaurant in Madrid is one of the best examples for it. Offering international, Mediterranean, and European dishes, this restaurant is ready to bring class to your dining experience while surrounded by beautiful set. As a Michelin Star restaurant, this gastronomic restaurant is also home to a beautiful garden to take your dining experience to another level. There is also a tasting menu you can try.

Dos Cielos Madrid by Hermanos Torres

This place is beautifully designed with pretty dishes and comfortable seats.

They offer excellent service and the servers are friendly.

Address : Cuesta de Sto. Domingo, 5, 28013 Madrid, Spain


As you further your journey in the country, the excitement become increasing and your moments are better and better. This popular Mediterranean restaurant is where you should be at. As a gastronomic oriented restaurant situated in Montjuic, Martínez offers traditional Spanish cuisine such as seafood, Paelle, and grilled meat as its signatures.

Its location is one of the highlights, it is very quiet - giving you the relaxation you needed after many explorations in the country. The stunning city view is not right not to mention. If you want to have some chill, head there on Friday afternoon as the restaurant offers fun music from talented DJ.


A lovely restaurant that is perfect for a special occasion.

Everything is gorgeous starting from main course, dessert, wine selection and healthy food.

Strong seafood flavor throughout, crispy rice, perfectly cooked sea cucumber.

highly recommend this restaurant for an anniversary or birthday.

Address : Ctra. de Miramar, 38, 08038 Barcelona, Spain


Visiting this restaurant in Barcelona is what you need for great dining experience and cool Instagram picture. Offering Mediterranean, European, and Spanish food, this fine dining restaurant is blessed with a gorgeous room setting with flowered ceiling. From its lighting, the romantic coloration of the room, to the furniture they're using, this restaurant is worth your attention.

Once you are in this restaurant, you must try the iconic tapas and you'll know why it is very popular in the area. And also, there is a bar in it that is worth your attention.


One of the spots to get the best dining experience that must be tried if you are in Barcelona.

The way in which restaurants are served is amazing and the dishes are out of this world.

Each dish is carefully crafted and has an excellent wine pairing.

A true experience that you will never forget and worth every penny.

Address : Avinguda del Paral·lel, 164, 08015 Barcelona, Spain


One of the best places to eat in Barcelona has to be this popular restaurant. Known for its healthy menu, this restaurant represents itself very thoughtfully. From its colorful and good-looking plates, the comfortable seats, nice and relaxing atmosphere, to the attentive working staff.

Enjoy weekend brunch such as the classic Avo toast, the Açai Bowl, the Mango Passion Youghourt, the healthy pancakes, and Eggs Benedict. These menus are exclusively available on the weekend only.

There is an urban garden at the outdoor space on the first floor, away from the terrace with tables and chairs only. You can expect to see aromatic trees and herbs there.


Spacious restaurant suitable for enjoying a variety of vegetarian and vegan food.

The interior is very pleasant with a cozy and original design, high ceilings and large windows onto the street.

Great variety of delicious dishes and drinks, all organic with detailed descriptions.

Everything is fresh, flavorful, mindfully presented and put together.

Address : Carrer dels Tallers, 74b, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

10. ÀBAC

The best way to treat yourself with good hospitality and professionally is by visiting this restaurant. This luxury restaurant is set in a contemporary hotel known for its delicious food and a luxe spa. So, not only you get to taste the Spanish's specials, you can also relax yourself with spa treatment. Its sophisticated setting space is definitely need to mention - it is very comforting.

This popular restaurant represents itself through the finest product and ingredient that can be seen from the quality, freshness, and natural flavor. With a 50% of tradition and 50% of avant-garde, this Michelin-Star restaurant is a perfect treatment for a classy dining.


A fine dining restaurant located within a hotel and offering a delightful dining experience.

The restaurant has high quality food and service, with lots of imagination and gorgeous plate decorations.

Unbelievably delicious wine selection in an impressive elegant setting.

It must be experienced by everyone who is a foodie.

Address : Plaza J. F. Kennedy, Av. del Tibidabo, 1, 08022 Barcelona, Spain

11. CHéRI

Serving Mediterranean specials, this popular restaurant makes it to this list and offers the vibe of Paris. From the wide various drink and food, the spacious space, the lively floor, to the intimate atmosphere, this restaurant will definitely bring the best dining experience for you and your travel buddy. The calming and relaxing light is great for your Instagram.

Located between the Diagonal and the exclusive Passeig de Gràcia, Chéri is totally an elegant restaurant to visit. The chic dishes will seduce you.


A beautifully decorated restaurant with delightful service and food.

Nice outdoor terrace, the inside is really luxurious & beautiful.

The large selection of wines and cocktails arranged on a very attractive shelf.

Would recommend ordering the whole menu with starter, main and dessert.

Address : Carrer d'Enric Granados, 122, 08008 Barcelona, Spain


Fun, colorful, positive vibes, and South American music is what this restaurant all about. As a good personality, you'd definitely love this kind of restaurant. Because not only you can blend yourself with Caribbean specials such as Chicken Curry, Prawns, Crabs, and Burritos, but this restaurant also brings lively color to your visit. Everything about this restaurant is totally Instagram worthy.

Tropical cocktails are served at the bar alongside with international appetizing that's combined with traditional touch. Best whiskeys and liqueurs will also be guaranteed here.

Restaurant Club Bananas

Beautiful and trendy place to eat or catching up with friends.

There is room for large groups, and it has a terrace.

Address : Carrer de la Fusina, 7, 08003 Barcelona, Spain


If you feel like your Instagram is a bit flat and you want to add class to it, you can definitely come to this chic restaurant in Barcelona. This restaurant is where you can spoil your taste with Mediterranean, European, and Spanish foods while being served professionally.

This stunning restaurant is the best for you because it serves ingredients that comes from local and small producers - they support the importance of local products and the efforts of small producers. By visiting this restaurant, you're also being a part in supporting them.

There is a tasting menu available and you can try it once you are in this restaurant. Be sure to also head to its bar to enjoy more than one hundred natural wines.

Restaurant Montiel

Offering incredible and unique experience, with a number of meals that are extremely surprising.

A must-visit for any foodie visiting Barcelona.

Address : Carrer dels Flassaders, 19, 08003 Barcelona, Spain


Located in Museo de Cera in the heart of Madrid, this incredible restaurant allows you to enjoy Cuban food in Madrid. This is a great combination one could experience. The restaurant is set perfectly and elegantly with its low light, sprawling tropical flora, and comforting seats.

There would be not one second you get bored in this restaurant. Because the moment you step into this restaurant to the walk you make towards your table, you will be charmed by its stunning set.

HABANERA comes with a spectacular idea of a space that revolves around a patio inspired by Cuban colonial architecture. This 8-meter-high patio is perfect to enjoy your menu while surrounded by the old facades of Havana that reflects through the metal mesh, warm lighting, and vegetation set.


A beautifully exotic-decorated bar restaurant in central Madrid.

Offering a Caribbean and Mediterranean mix menu.

Address : Calle de Génova, 28, local Habanera, 28004 Madrid, Spain


As one of the most visited restaurants in Barcelona, this restaurant attracts its guests with Tapas special. While its set is comforting and inviting, the amazing staff will always make sure you have what you want. Don't get surprised if you see there is a queue, this is how popular this restaurant is.

Popular menus like Foie Gras, Montadito, and Beef Tenderlion are worth trying. They are scrumptious.

Cervesería Catalana

Hugely popular tapas place with extremely delicious food.

They will recommend wines and dishes for you.

Address : Carrer de Mallorca, 236, 08008 Barcelona, Spain


The kind of sophistication you can feel in this restaurant is needed for your Instagram feed. This fusion restaurant comes with the idea of Bacira’s high ceilings, Spanish-style iron columns with bright blue color, and industrial lighting. All these facilities are definitely perfect for picture opportunity.

As a popular restaurant itself, Bacira offers its guest with the gastronomic experience where the Mediterranean and Asia go hand in hand. Some of the highlight menus are the meatballs, scallop, Rabo de Toro, and the Tartare.


A recommendable place if you are into fusion.

Perfect for a romantic dinner or just a hang out with friends.

Address : Calle del Castillo, 16, 28010 Madrid, Spain

17. MéRIMéE

Your Instagram needs more calming tones? This restaurant in Madrid is where you should be heading. As beautiful as it is, this restaurant brings you together through good set, nice ambience, classy furniture, and elegant interior. This is all you need to surround yourself with after a tired day.

Dishes like Risotto and Eggplant are not only great in quality but also satisfying in quantity.


A lovely place with a modern decor, tasteful and in a beautiful area of the centre of Madrid.

It's very good, both price and food, good portions.

Address : Calle de Fuencarral, 61, 28004 Madrid, Spain


Not only you'll get to create aesthetic Instagram pictures in this restaurant, but you'll also be a part of one of the most popular restaurants in Madrid, Spain. Thanks to its floor-to-ceiling windows, this restaurant comes with some old and vintage décors such as radios, books, and lamps. Not to forget the wooden tables and chairs that brings delightful experience.

Before reserving your table that'll get confirmed immediately, Tripboba recommends you to know some of the most popular dishes you need to try - and they are Risotto, Champiñones, and Vanilla Slice. Just so you know, this restaurant is a pet friendly restaurant.

El perro y la galleta

Cozy cafe where stylish interior meet quality food.

Great selection of breakfast dishes - from eggs Benedict to simple coffee and croissant.

Address : Calle de Claudio Coello, 1, 28009 Madrid, Spain


The combination of modern and classic is certainly all about this restaurant. As a popular restaurant, Bosco de Lobos attracts its customers with outdoor patio, gorgeous indoor high ceilings, geometric shapes, and inviting atmosphere. This restaurant in Madrid is highly recommended.

Situated in right in the heart of the city of Madrid, this historic restaurant offers Italian food in a garden that's also functioned as a bar, a terrace, and a meeting and work center. It is perfect for relaxing with family and friends with the company of cozy atmosphere.

Bosco de Lobos

An awesome terrace restaurant in the centre of Madrid.

Food is good is good with many option.

There is an open kitchen in the very middle of the it, where you can watch the chefs preparing your dish.

Address : COAM, Calle de Hortaleza, 63, 28004 Madrid, Spain


Among Madrid's most popular and Instagrammable places to eat is this Spanish restaurant. Funky, fun, criss-crossed strands of lights, flower styling, and romantic is what this restaurant all about. Once you are here, you are perfectly treated with all greatness. From the set, the price, the attentive staff, even to the food presentation.

Enjoy your Chicken Curry or Risotto at Saporem's patio for a memorable dining experience.


A cozy restaurant in the heart of Madrid offering a wide variety of food.

Come with live music for a pleasant experience.

Address : Calle de Hortaleza, 74, 28004 Madrid, Spain