20 Best Instagrammable Places to Eat in United Kingdom

Collins Room, London - Photo by Collins Room from the-berkeley.co.uk

United Kingdom is definitely one of the best destinations in the world for tourism. The country is home to many great destinations, attractions, cities, cultures, and histories.

In a one particular topic, United Kingdom is also a great destination for dining with Instagram worthy.

Instagram has totally took restaurant industry to another level of excitement.

Restaurants are no more about eating delicious food and sipping tasty drink, but also about a perfect destination for picture opportunity.

In this country, you are treated this way. Searcys at The Gherkin, Aubaine, and Collins Room are some of the perfect examples for this.

There are many incredible Instagram-worthy places to eat in the country. Whether the sleek Bar Douro London Bridge or the sophisticated Cafe St Honorė.

After doing many explorations in the country, places like these are all you need for relaxing. Check out this page to know more about 20 Best Instagrammable Places to Eat in UK.



Instagram has totally took restaurant industry to another level. Restaurants are no more about eating delicious food and sipping tasty drink, but also about a perfect destination for picture opportunity. This is actually exciting.

This modern European restaurant is a great example for this. Not only serving good-looking dishes and drinks from locally sourced ingredients, this popular restaurant has become a favorite dining destination because of its beautiful decoration. And the most exciting is that the owner changes the display on its terrace to reflect the season.

Dalloway Terrace is a perfect spot to enjoy the English tea routine with the company of tasty pancakes and flowery set. You can also have the best taste of lunch and dinner menu, brunch menu, breakfast menu, and a fine list of cocktails and wine.

Dalloway Terrace

This is a fine dining restaurant that specializes in seasonal British cuisine and is located in a perfect location.

Their patio walls are decorated beautifully with flowers of all seasons.

They offer superb selection on the breakfast and smoothie menu.

Apart from that, the staff are very helpful, friendly and caring.

Address : 16-22 Great Russell St, Fitzrovia, London WC1B 3NN, UK


The best thing about dining in United Kingdom, London to be exact, is you get to engage in their stunning old architecture while enjoying their food and drink.

This quirky European restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in London and popularly known for its incredible 18th-century decoration. As an Instagrammable dining destination, this place attracts its guests with tea room in the day and then transform it into a cocktail lounge in the evening. What a great treatment!

In this restaurant, not only you get to taste some of London's best dishes, but you can also take a part of its lecture room and library. This is the intriguing part of this restaurant. The setting space though, is a mix of sort of Japanese and Middle-Eastern themes - making it an interesting destination for dining.


A luxurious restaurant with a beautiful decoration that provides plenty of space making it perfect for birthday parties, anniversaries or meetings.

All meals are served of high quality with lots of cocktails or wines.

Full English breakfast is one of the best in London for a sumptuous breakfast.

This place is great for Instagram if that's what you need and the staff are very receptive of people taking photos and videos.

Address : 9 Conduit St, Mayfair, London W1S 2XG, UK


Relaxing in a cafe while being charmed by its sophisticated decor is definitely a good idea for you. This cafe in Edinburgh makes it to this list because of its simple yet memorable French-style and smart Parisian brasserie setting space. You get to enjoy fresh Scottish produce while served with great hospitality.

You can treat yourself with many incredible products in this restaurant, such as gift and treats, patisserie, drink, tarts, bread, cakes, platters, as well as breakfast and lunch.

Cafe St Honorė

This is a restaurant with an authentic French atmosphere and is perfect for a memorable dining experience.

The food is superb and the menu is very thoughtfully put together.

Hake is cooked beautifully and pairs well with mushrooms, mash and bacon.

The staff is friendly, professional and very knowledgeable.

Address : 34 Thistle St N W Ln, Edinburgh EH2 1EA, UK


While you are in Edinburgh city, you don't want to miss this popular restaurant/bar for your Instagram moment. This place is known for its good decoration and location. Enjoying British menu has never been this fun. Your Instagram followers need to see the excitement this place is serving.

As an award-winning restaurant, Makars Gourmet Mash Bar offers sides, soups, and salads as its highlights. Once you are in this restaurant, don't forget to try the most popular dish, Haggis - it is famously known and people would spend their times waiting a long line just to have a taste of this special menu.

Makars Gourmet Mash Bar (Mound)

Classy restaurant that provides a variety of quality food and friendly service.

Offers a healthy and balanced food, as well as a large beer selection.

The sausages are incredibly tasty, the chicken is a small portion but enough.

Address : 9 & 12 Bank St, Edinburgh EH1 2LN, UK


Take a closer look to this stunning restaurant in Liverpool and you will be in awe of its fine offerings. This Greek restaurant is serving locally sourced British ingredients with great hospitality and its beautiful set is unquestionable. It is very gorgeous with the touch of minimalist color and yet gives you the comfort you need.

As a legendary party venue, Christakis is a restaurant where you can expect the best of Greek and Mediterranean food with an expanded menu. Fabulous party atmosphere with Greek dancers, belly dancers, and DJs can also be enjoyed on the weekends.


A fine dining restaurant with an elegant setting suitable for parties or business meetings.

The meze is very delicious, a very delicious treat in a large portion.

Brilliant and friendly staff in a well organized restaurant considering current climate challenges.

Address : 136-138 Duke St, Liverpool L1 5BB, UK


One of the best ways to pamper your camera with great images is by visiting this Portuguese restaurant located in London. As popular as it is, this restaurant attracts its customers with traditional Portuguese plates with interesting native wine. And all are served in a bright-colored set and yet comforting for the eye and mind.

Bar Douro comes with exquisite Portuguese wines with all the tradition of local Portuguese food. The 30-cover marble counter-top dining space offers an atmospheric experience to the best of Portuguese culinary heritage. Its ingredients are locally sourced and imported from artisanal producers across Portugal. Make sure to try the classic Bacalhau à Brás (salt cod hash) and Octopus with sweet potato.

Bar Douro London Bridge

An elegant restaurant offering authentic Portuguese cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere.

Traditional Portuguese sharing plates are served in the sunny bar as well as in the comfortable open space.

All dishes are made from quality ingredients and served perfectly.

The open kitchen provides an interesting spectacle as you watch the chefs drop the beautiful small plates.

Address : Arch, 35B, 85B Southwark Bridge Rd, London SE1 0NQ, UK


Eating British's special dishes is definitely an unforgettable moment for you. And best of all, you get to experience this with the company of British's hospitality and sophisticated setting space. This is exactly how this cool restaurant will serve your visit. The intimacy feeling allows you to get closer to your menus like never before.

Located on the first floor of the Town Hall Hotel, Corner Room is a perfect spot where you can hang out any time of the day with the company of 30 lights. Enjoy the savory breakfast menus such as organic sourdough breads, pastries, cheeses, charcuterie, fresh juices, and traditional hot dishes from 07:00-10:00 (Mon-Fri) and 07:30-10:30 (Sat-Sun). Lunch from Monday to Saturday at 12:00 — 14:30 and dinner from Sunday to Wednesday at 18:00 — 21:45 and Thursday to Saturday at 18:00 — 22:00 are also available.

Corner Room

An upscale restaurant with a beautiful interior offering unique as well as authentic dishes.

Sharing plates with a variety of dishes and carefully selected drinks menu.

One of the best culinary experiences you will get from London easily considering quality and price.

Address : Town Hall Hotel, Patriot Square, London E2 9NF, UK


Whenever you are in Liverpool, you should visit this good-looking restaurant. This Greek restaurant is too good to miss. It offers an array of traditional Greek plates in an easygoing and Instagram-worthy setting. The incredible food and drink are ready to make you stay longer.

As a traditional Greek restaurant, Greek Taverna Bold Street offers the highest services with authentic taste. Classic Greek beverages like Retsina, Metaxa, Ouzu, and Greek beers are also available to choose from. Book your table to experience a relaxing time in an authentic Greek atmosphere.

Greek Taverna Bold Street

A stylish spot that offers classy dishes with a large wine selection in a cozy atmosphere.

All food is presented beautifully and creatively.

Chicken Skortates are perfect, served with crackers and homemade rice.

The waiters are amazing and they really do take it upon themselves to give you the best possible experience.

Address : 76 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4HR, UK


If you happen to be in Manchester and looking for dining place that is different, Wah Ji Wah is the perfect restaurant for you. As an Indian restaurant, it offers anything related to Indian specials such as Naan Bread, Tandoori, Punjabi Samosa, and many more.

And since we are talking about Instagram-worthy restaurants, this restaurant is classy with its nice amenities, good design, and great coloring.

Wah Ji Wah

The restaurant offers authentic Indian cuisine in a laid back atmosphere.

The restaurant interior is beautiful and makes you feel like you are entering luxury.

Lovely fresh taste, generous portion and worth trying.

Worth checking out if you want fancy Indian food at an affordable price.

Address : 37 King St W, Manchester M3 2PW, UK


The interior of this popular bar/restaurant is absolutely perfect for those who wants to experience new thing. From its high ceilings, wrap-around windows, plenty of shrubs, to the stunning emerald velvet seating. While tasting Italian specials, this beautiful restaurant brings you comfort till the very corner of your seat.

The interesting thing about this restaurant is you can shake your own cocktails and you are allowed to make your own gin from their in-house distillery. And if you happen to have a gathering or want to have a private space, Serata Hall has lots of different spaces for all types of parties. You can also join their weekly quiz on a Wednesday. From 5 pm, bottles of Prosecco are £15 all evening for quiz-goers.

Serata Hall

It is a lovely place & offers a special vibe at a decent price (London prices).

Serves large portions of food, delicious coffee and other options.

They serve a wide variety of Italian food and drinks which is quite good.

On the weekends they do bottomless brunch and a DJ plays music.

Address : Serata Hall, 207 Old Street, Old Street, London EC1V 9NR, UK


This private club is absolutely one of the most Instagrammable places you can go to in London. As elegant as it is, this place offer a starlit dance floor, lively atmosphere, colorful building decoration, gorgeous interior and exterior lighting, and comforting and lavish Victorian-inspired decorations.

The charming garden is also a part of your visit while served professionally with good hospitality. And what's interesting is that this place is full of celebrities and paparazzi. Who knows you get to see your favorite celebrities in this club.

A private room like The Flower Room is a space where you'll be served with the combination of world-class food, wine, and service. In this room you will also be entertained with intricate details and fairy tale colors, but at the same time the tranquil elegance will lead this experience to another level of excitement. Private dining rooms are available for members and non-members.


Elegant private club with starlit dance floor for the famous, the dressed-up and the well-heeled.

A fantastic place for evening spend with great friends.

Address : 46 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London W1J 5AT, UK


This how it should be! You are such a lucky person to be able to travel to this beautiful country. Every step you make is memorable and hard to let go.

This popular British restaurant will treat you exactly like that. Located in Selfridges London, this restaurant offers local food and drink but also keeps in touch with international menus. The room set comes with an art decoration with high ceilings and natural light. One of its most popular attractions is this stunning, giant sparkling Pegasus by Damien Hirst. Your Instagram feed need this!

Brasserie of light

Beautiful place for a fantastic dining experience.

Their main dishes are memorable and delicious.

Address : 41 Duke St, Marylebone, London W1U 1LP, UK


The intimacy in your dining experience needs to be kept. This Mexican restaurant represents itself with this vibe. Known for its creative cocktails, this place allows you to enjoy a glamorous atmosphere while treated with deliciousness all over. The room set with its warming lighting has a special feeling for your Instagram feed.

Ella Canta comes with the idea of blending the beauty of art and good food. Every plate that comes out to your table is perfectly put and very thoughtfully displayed. You can literally see the owner really loves art through its good plates and glasses. A wide variety of drinks is also ready to be your company.

Ella Canta

Lauded chef Martha Ortiz’s inventive Mexican menu and creative cocktails headline at this glam spot.

The flavour is extraordinary with the best quality ingredients are being used.

Address : One Hamilton Place, Park Ln, Mayfair, London W1J 7QY, UK


Once you are in London, this charming restaurant simply can't be missed. There are many reasons why you should visit this restaurant. From the special Scandinavian dishes, the sleek Martin Brudnizki-designed interiors, the cluster of lighting, to pine cones in winter.

Everything about this restaurant is perfect for you who love to try new things and for you who want to bring color to your Instagram feed. As a Michelin Star restaurant, Aquavit London is conveniently located near the popular Prince of Wales Theatre. Whether before or after, Tripboba recommends you to go to the theater for fun and great experiences.

Aquavit London

A Michelin-starred, contemporary, Nordic restaurant offering all time classic food.

Address : 1 Carlton St, St. James's, London SW1Y 4QQ, UK


Talking about Instagrammable places to eat is definitely not complete without including this stunning restaurant. Located on the 36th floor in Sky Garden of The Walkie Talkie, this sleek restaurant serves seasonal British dishes from breakfast to dinner.

But its most popular attraction is definitely the city views than can bee seen through the giant, curved glass wall. It is so wonderful that you don't want to miss a bit of it. You and your camera will totally love this!

Darwin Brasserie

This sleek 36th-floor oasis in Sky Garden serves seasonal British dishes from breakfast to dinner.

You can get a table at a window with awesome view.

Address : Level 36 Sky Garden, 20 Philpot Ln, Bridge, London EC3M 8AF, UK


There is nothing better than being treated so sophisticatedly by this incredible fine dining restaurant. As an all-day dining place, this restaurant offers all of British classic menus in The Berkeley. From the furniture, the minimalist coloration, the architecture and design, to the comforting atmosphere, this restaurant is the kind of Instagrammable place you shouldn't be missing.

Created by acclaimed designer Robert Angell, this stunning restaurant offers freshness with charming dining room. It has become a total favorite of fashionistas and food-lovers alike. Your Instagram followers will totally speechless with this restaurant's beauty!

You can enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks or take a front row seat for their afternoon Prêt-à-Portea – a delectable homage to the world of fashion.

Collins Room

All-day fine dining menu of British classics in an elegant hotel, plus afternoon tea and mezze.

The patisserie is beautifully prepared and presented.

Address : The Berkeley, Wilton Pl, Belgravia, London SW1X 7RL, UK


Enjoying cafe life has never been this exciting! As an Instagrammable cafe, this coffee shop attracts its visitors with an unusual pink color scheme offering a range of coffee and sweets.

If your Instagram feed is looking a bit colorless, this cafe is absolutely a perfect option for you. Make sure to try their milk cakes - it's very delicious.

Elan Cafe

Beautiful and mesmerising cafe for taking photos and tasting mouth watering meals.

Drinks are delicious and recommend the host chocolate with marshmallow on top.

Address : 25G Lowndes St, Belgravia, London SW1X 9JF, UK


Not only you get to taste French specials in this restaurant, you can also have an opportunity to create aesthetic pictures for your Instagram. Located on the 2nd floor in London’s favorite high end store, Selfridges London, this French restaurant comes with flowery ceilings, gorgeous furniture, great service, and relaxing atmosphere.

Aubaine feels right at home right next to the luxury shoe collections and it offers a unique setting for lunch or a glass of champagne. The wisteria covered ceiling is just a perfect addition to take your comfort to another level.


Venue offering a quirky setting for French food served under a wisteria ceiling.

Address : 2nd floor, 400 Oxford St, Marylebone, London W1A 1AB, UK


Visiting United Kingdom is definitely not yet enough before trying its iconic tea routine. In London, you can perfectly set your schedule to visit this tea house. It attracts people with its chic room set with designer chandelier. Classy and stylish are the perfect terms to describe this space - making it a great destination for your Instagram needs.

This experience become more intimate and memorable with the existence of the amazing pianist. Corinthia London is such a perfect place to escape the busy city with the company of various tea flavors.

Afternoon Tea at Corinthia London

Chic hotel lounge, with designer chandelier, for light meals, stylish afternoon tea and drinks.

The staff is excellent and very tentative to our needs without being over the top.

Address : 10 Whitehall Pl, Westminster, London SW1A 2BD, UK


Dining with your favorite person in one of the best cities in the world is totally the best moment ever. This modern British restaurant is where you can pamper yourself with local food and drink while being served with the 360-degree views of London city.

Located in 30 St Mary Axe, this gorgeous restaurant will definitely bring the best dining experience for you, especially for your Instagram feed. Its architecture and building design are jaw dropping.

You can take a part of its sparkling afternoon tea, memorable food and drink, private dining, and even parties and event. And as stunning as it is, this restaurant is also a popular spot for wedding.

Searcys at The Gherkin

360-degree city views in restaurant, bar and private dining rooms on top 3 floors of iconic tower.

They have some interesting cocktails to offer.

Address : 30 St Mary Axe, London EC3A 8EP, UK