20 Best Instagrammable Urban Destinations in Spain

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao - Photo from guggenheim-bilbao.eus

When you are in Spain, you don't need to think twice to explore its interesting offers. In fact, you should go as far as you can to be able to see the country's gems!

The country is home to some of the most fascinating cities in the world including Segovia, Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, and Granada.

Segovia, for instance, is one of the most attractive and Instagrammable cities in Spain and home to popular places like Aqueduct of Segovia and Plaza Mayor.

You are definitely the luckiest person to be able to explore Spain's vibrant and classy lifestyle. The country will treat you with nothing but satisfaction.

In a city like San Sebastian you get to live an urban life yet surrounded by many classic things. Aquarium de San Sebastián and La Concha Beach are ready for fun trips.

The thing about Spain is that you get to see many rare combination of urban and classic in almost every place. And as a traveler, this gives you goosebumps and excitement at the same time.

Cities in Spain are filled with many landmarks and historic sites until the very corner. Check out these 20 Best Instagrammable Urban Destinations in Spain for more.



Segovia is one of the most attractive and Instagrammable cities in Spain. It is home to many classy and stunning attractions such as this world-class historic place, the Aqueduct of Segovia. This Roman tower is a grand landmark monument constructed with 2 tiers and 167 archers. The combination of old buildings with a gorgeous skyline is perfect for your Instagram feeds. But the best part is you'll be mesmerized by its structure and architecture - basically everything about this place is absolutely impressive.

The most popular thing to do in this area is exploring and walking, as well as taking picture while admiring the 1st-century building. Go climb up the stairs to near the top for even more magnificent views. And thanks to its popularity, restaurants and eateries are sprinkled around this place, making it a great destination to visit.

Aqueduct of Segovia

One of the best Aqueducts.

The Aqueduct is historically important and interesting.

Nice to photograph.

Definitely one of the many things to see and enjoy in Segovia.

Address : Plaza del Azoguejo, 1, 40001 Segovia, Spain


Cities in Spain are filled with many landmarks and historic sites until the very corner. Just like this historical landmark in Segovia. It is one of the city's top attractions where tourists can see the daily life of the locals. You can get to know the city by coming to this area. The cool thing is that you can also be a part of its urban life and yet you are surrounded by old buildings. This would be an interesting trip for you.

Tripboba recommends you to take a closer look to some of the popular buildings in the area, such as the town hall, the Juan Bravo Theatre, the San Miguel Church, as well as the cathedral. The existence of restaurants or eateries are unquestionable, there are many available in the area.

Another great thing is that this plaza is the center of Segovia's holidays including the popular fiestas Frutos de Segovian where Segovian artists are being celebrated.

Plaza Mayor in Segovia

It is one of the city's top attractions where tourists can see the daily life of the locals.

You can get to know the city by coming to this area.

The cool thing is you can also be a part of its urban life and yet you are being surrounded by old buildings.

Address : 40001 Segovia, Spain


When we talk about urban life combined with classiness, Santiago de Compostela city has to be included in this list. The city is too good to miss out.

Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is the city's top attraction and a well known destination throughout Spain. It is a Romanesque cathedral and site of pilgrimage best known for Master Mateo's carved arched portico. Its majestic beauty has brought international travelers to explore many interesting facts and stunning details of it.

Things you can do here include touch the pillar, hug the Santiago, light the candle, and wish something in the crypt. These activities has been done by many visitors.

Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

Fantastic Cathedral located in Santiago de Compostela where pilgrims traveled from all corners of Spain and France.

Nice to visit with tour guide to find out little interesting facts.

Amazing, very spacious, the architecture and attention to detail is simply amazing.

The overall environment of the whole place is amazing.

Address : Praza do Obradoiro, s/n, 15704 Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, Spain


Among Santiago de Compostela's top attractions has to be this ethnographic museum. It is one of the most fascinating buildings ever existed in the city.

The museum itself is a dedication to Galician history and culture and it is housed in a convent that was founded in the 13th century. Not only you get to see its details closely, but you can also have the most unique Instagram pictures with interesting angles.

The helical staircase is one of the best structures you can see and it's the most photographed object in the building.

Museo del Pueblo Gallego

The perfect place to get to know the culture of the Galician countryside and suitable for families with children.

It has a wide variety of interesting tools and constructions of the Galician people.

The displays show the life and trade of ancient Galicia.

It will be an insightful and rich experience of the history, culture and customs of the Galicians.

Address : Costa de San Domingos, s/n, 15703 Santiago de Compostela, La Coruña, Spain


When we bring urban destination topic to the table, San Sebastian city is among the most popular destinations in Spain you can visit. From aquarium, iconic beaches, to old stunning buildings - this city has it all.

Head to this popular beach and take a moment to admire its pristine self. There is no doubt that this beach is San Sebastian's top beach and one of the most famous attractions. And you'll definitely have the best beach experience here.

As a beach popular for families, La Concha Beach is a great destination for swimming and picnicking. There are also volleyball courses for your enjoyment. And since it is located in the city center, you can easily reach it and spot cafes, restaurants, and bars around. It is totally a treatment for beach goers.

La Concha Beach

Nice city beach with nice view on the rocks and boats.

It has a nice sandy beach, beautiful blue water, lots of shade and the water is warmer.

There are many small stalls dotted along the waterfront where you can buy drinks or snacks.

Address : 6 Kontxa Pasealekua, 20007 Donostia, Gipuzkoa, Spain


When you are in San Sebastian city, you don't need to think twice to explore its interesting offers. In fact, you should go as far as you can to be able to see its gems.

This seaside aquarium is one of the city's popular attractions because of many reasons such as you can see the stunning sea world right in front of your presence, you can create many Instagrammable pictures, you can discover many interesting pieces, and you can enjoy the beach vibes outside.

With about 300,000 visits per year, this aquarium stands beautifully only a few minutes from the city center and it is divided into two parts, which are the maritime museum and the aquarium itself. You can definitely visit them for amazing experiences. Make sure to take a moment to see the huge skeleton.

Aquarium de San Sebastián

This is an interesting aquarium with a large collection of beautiful fish and sea animals.

A wide variety of fish can be seen and the information provided is very accurate.

There is a large whale skeleton which gives you a perspective on reality.

You can learn about the fishing history of the area and see historical ships, weapons and other interesting things.

Address : 1 Plaza de Carlos Blasco Imaz, 20003 Donostia, Gipuzkoa, Spain


The combination of nature and ancient sites and buildings in Merida city is totally worth your attention. The city is literally home to many incredible beauties such as old museums, nature spots, and more.

But one of the most popular attractions in the city has to be this sophisticated national museum. This museum is known as a home to Roman mosaics, sculptures, and artifacts that's sourced from the nearby theater and amphitheater. While its materials are gorgeous, the architecture of the museum is everything you and your Instagram feeds need.

With an affordable fee entrance, you get to see the most impressive mosaics that are totally worth seeing. The crypt under the museum is a must see, you discover great facts from there.

National Museum of Roman Art

An outstanding museum both for its content and architecture.

Some huge mosaics with interesting restoration techniques.

Inside it is truly amazing and shows the artifacts very well on 3 floors.

Lots of info in both Spanish and English.

Well worth the time and effort.

Address : C/ José Ramón Mélida, s/n, 06800 Mérida, Badajoz, Spain


You are definitely the luckiest person to be able to explore Spain's vibrant and classy lifestyle. The country will treat you with nothing but satisfaction. just like this incredible historic spot in Mérida. It is a hilltop remains of a Roman arena, as well as the waiting rooms used for gladiator and animal fights.

Every time you walk through this famous spot, you will be reminded of your own self - of how lucky you are to have come this far. It leaves you a huge impact that leads to your own realization.

Its theater is still used for plays that are usually held in July. Apart from the theater, the amphitheater is another popular thing to see. Both are very architecturally delightful and accessible to walk around.

Teatro Romano de Mérida

Stunning and well preserved historical site used for theater purposes.

It is particularly interesting to walk through the various walkways and into the arena.

Visit the museum and see fabulous mosaic floors suspended like paintings.

Definitely worth visiting if you dig historical sites and appreciate ancient architecture.

Address : Plaza Margarita Xirgu, s/n, 06800 Mérida, Badajoz, Spain


To take this list to another level, Tripboba must include the uniqueness of this stunning museum in Bilbao city. It is one of the top attractions in the city with its unique and unbothered building.

This gleaming titanium and glass museum comes with one of the most fascinating designs that houses major 20th-century artworks. Thanks to the designer, Frank Gehry, you can be a part of this intriguing museum while having the best Instagram moment.

Be sure to check out some of the most popular collections from Mark Rothko, Jeff Koons, Richard Serra, Anselm Kiefer, and more.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Bilbao's most iconic building.

The building is magnificent and filled with lots of strange columns and columns.

There are various styles of artifacts at their disposal from photography to sculpture to paintings and installations.

The permanent exhibition features some of the most famous artists in the world.

The photos you take are completely Instagram material.

Address : Abandoibarra Etorb., 2, 48009 Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spain


While you are in Bilbao city, take the opportunity to be part of this urban plaza and you'll love it. It is a very popular spot for walking and just relaxing yourself with beautiful sights. The plaza itself has been established in 1876 and features a circular fountain, benches, paved paths, and flower beds.

Located in the heart of Bilbao, this plaza is home to many buildings including major banks and brands. The Bilbao's "Sacred heart" can also be seen in the distance. As a popular spot, Plaza Moyúa is also a great spot for photo session. So, don't leave the plaza before capturing your moments.

Moyúa Plaza

A magnificent plaza in a shopping area and filled with greenery and flowers which is truly delightful.

It is a very busy intersection with lots of bus connections and heavy traffic.

The flowers are beautiful and colorful, the fountain is nice and some of the buildings that surround it are beautiful.

The perfect place to meet friends and take some photos as the location is so close to all the worth seeing in the city.

Address : Federico Moyúa Plaza, Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spain


Because of its liveliness, Salamanca city has to be included in this list of Instagrammable urban destinations - and you wouldn't want to complain about it.

The city is blessed with this popular plaza. It is an 18th-century Spanish baroque public plaza and bordered by shops, restaurants, and city hall. In this area, you get to know the other side of Spain's beautiful self through the daily life of people in Salamanca city.

Find a table and soak in all the exciting offers from this plaza. Treat yourself with some great food and drink, and also the local products. Whether in the morning or during the day, don't miss the beautiful sunshine on the sandstone as it glows golden unlike elsewhere. In the night is even more beautiful, the buildings are beautifully illuminated.

Plaza Mayor in Salamanca

It is an 18th-century Spanish baroque public plaza and bordered by shops, restaurants, and city hall.

In this area, you get to know the other side of Spain's beautiful self through the daily life of people in Salamanca city.

Address : Plaza Mayor, s/n, 37002 Salamanca, Spain


The thing about Salamanca city is that you get to see rare combination of urban and classic together in a way that'll make you want to see more. This interesting art museum is a perfect example for this. You can explore the old dolls collection, as well as other fascinating collections. You can also admire and be a part of its stunningly colorful glass. These two are some of the most fascinating pieces in the museum.

But aside from dolls and glass collections, we also recommends you to see the stunning jewelry collection with pieces from the Masriera, Fabergé or Lalique workshops, and others. In this section, you'll absolutely witness some of the most beautiful jewelry pieces from the old era.

Casa Lis

Art nouveau & art deco museum in a mansion with colorful glass, jewelry & a collection of dolls.

The cafe is in keeping with the displays and has views towards the Roman bridge.

Address : Gibraltar, 14, 37008 Salamanca, Spain


Cordoba city is another good reference for your Instagram urban destination. This city is home to many popular places like this ancient fortress.

As one of the city's top destinations, this fortress attracts its visitors with 1300s Mudéjar-style building that offers terraced gardens and gorgeous Roman mosaics. The Gothic towers can be visited to enjoy panoramic views around. You might as well want to check out interior of the patio, it comes with Moorish architecture style.

Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs

Alcázar's old gardens have been turned into an impressive area of ​​extraordinary gardens

There are palm, spruce, orange and lemon trees, which surround a number of elegant fountains and ponds.

It is a nice way to get out of the heat and enjoy nature.

The highlight of this visit is the delightful garden.

Address : Plaza Campo Santo de los Mártires, s/n, 14004 Córdoba, Spain


This plaza in Cordoba city is also worth visiting. It is a popular spot for enjoying the city's classy environment. The plaza is a historical town square dating back to the 17th century and bounded by an old town hall and a jail. The colorful buildings is just right for your Instagram posts.

Apart from taking pictures and admiring the building's beauty, you can also spend your time and head to the popular La Corredera market nearby for a good shopping opportunity. And there are bars on the other side of the market if you need a relax. This is definitely going to be an epic journey.

Plaza de la Corredera

Historical town square dating to the 17th century & bounded by an old town hall & a jail.

Bustling spot with typical antique baroque market squares that you find in many cities in Spain.

Address : Plaza de la Corredera, s/n, 14002 Córdoba, Spain


Valencia is definitely one of the best cities to experience Instagrammable urban destinations. It is home to some of the most incredible architecture buildings such as this science museum. With its bright and modern design, this museum is one of Valencia's top attractions featuring a variety of interactive exhibits and workshops. It's not your fault if you gag over this museum.

Apart from its intriguing building, this museum also comes with the idea of attracting visitors with many incredible activities such as Passport to Space where you can get your ticket and get digitally wedge each of the activities related to astronomy and you can win great prizes.

You must also try the Science on Stage and enjoy spectacular, participatory, and fun experimental demonstrations. This opportunity allows you to learn basic scientific principles.

Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe

Bright, modern science museum featuring a variety of interactive exhibits & workshops.

This place is one of the most unique and gorgeous modern architecture in all of Spain.

Address : Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias, Av. del Professor López Piñero, 7, 46013 Valencia, Spain


In Valencia, there is also this aquarium that'll make your jaw drop just by its building alone. It is one of the most charming and interesting places with many offers such as dolphinarium and 500 species. But the most attractive thing about it has to be its intriguing building - it is very unique and well made.

As the biggest aquarium in Europe, you can enjoy the star of the visit which is the dolphin show. And for good experience, you can use the audio guides. If you need time to relax, there are plenty of eating spots in the area.


This is an incredible aquarium for children or adults to observe marine life and learn so many new things.

The building is spacious and well designed with clean tanks for all fish to swim freely.

Featuring mostly wildlife from the ocean, there are quite a few additional displays of birds, turtles and plants.

The ecosystem is well planned and varied, depending on the habitat of each animal and is well cared for.

If there is only time to do one thing in Valencia, then get here and you won't be disappointed.

Address : Carrer d'Eduardo Primo Yúfera, 1B, 46013 València, Valencia, Spain


The colorful life of Madrid city is obviously not to be forgotten. It is one of the most important cities you can to visit during your holiday season. Among the city's top attractions is this plaza. It is a leafy square surrounded by charming buildings with stone and bronze statue of Cervantes on horseback.

As the best place to hang out with family and friends, this plaza is very lively and full of entertainment including the street performances. Several important landmarks like the Royal Palace and the Temple of Debod are just a few steps away from the plaza. Make sure to walk to the back to see the playful fountains and snap some Instagram-worthy pictures there. Restaurants with goods and the flea market with the handicrafts are also parts of this plaza that are great to see.

Plaza de España

It is a leafy square surrounded by charming buildings with stone and bronze statue of Cervantes on horseback.

You can absolutely capture some interesting pictures here.

Address : Plaza de España, 28008 Madrid, Spain


If you want have the most fun while surrounded by iconic stuff, this amusement park in Barcelona is the perfect spot to go to. It is one of Barcelona's top attractions and has been open since 1868. The park features 25 fun rides, great restaurants, picnic areas, and views over the city. Its perfect location gives you the opportunity to access some of the city's best places easily.

Head to the top the basilica that is free to access or get on the Ferris wheel (with small fee) for a maximum experience. You can witness Barcelona in 360 view and you'll absolutely be stunned by it.

Tibidabo Amusement Park

Amusement park, opened in 1868, with 25 rides, restaurants & picnic areas, plus views over the city.

The view form the top is really breathtaking.

Address : Plaça del Tibidabo, 3, 4, 08035 Barcelona, Spain


This whole list is totally incomplete if we don't include the iconic Granada city. The city has contributed in making Spain a favorite and memorable destination to visit.

In Granada, you can visit some of the most popular places such as this spot called Generalife. Not only it is a great spot for picture, but it also an ancient Muslim palace with elegant ornamental gardens featuring pools, courtyards, and vibrant blooms.

And since it is located in the iconic Alhambra, you can also take your time to explore many striking palaces and gorgeous gardens. You can also be a part and see the musical theater show in the area.


Ancient Muslim palace with elegant ornamental gardens featuring pools, courtyards & vibrant blooms.

Address : 18009 Granada, Spain


When you are in Granada, you can also expect to explore modern and urban buildings like this science museum. It is a popular extensive science park offering a planetarium, an interactive museum, a butterfly park, and viewing tower.

Once you are in the park, you need to be a part of its exhibits, they are great, interesting, and beautiful to see. The BioDome is absolutely a must see, as well as the cages that are very spacious to explore.

Granada Science Park

Extensive science park with a planetarium, an interactive museum, a butterfly park & viewing tower.

This is truly more the worth your time, unimaginably fun and unique.

Address : Av. de la Ciencia, s/n, 18006 Granada, Spain