20 Best Instagrammable Urban Destinations in United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom - Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

Just when you think UK is only home to many old and classic buildings with histories, you'll be fascinated to know its urban side.

UK represents its cities beautifully through various places and destinations, such as Camera Obscura & World of Illusions in Edinburgh or SEA LIFE Centre London Aquarium in London.

Basically, UK is perfect for your Instagrammable urban destination with many fun and exciting places to offer!

Roald Dahl Plass in Cardiff and Titanic Belfast in Belfast are the kind of urban destinations that'll make your jaw drop just by its incredible buildings alone.

Once you are in UK, you can't escape from its wonderful castles and old buildings. Cardiff Castle and Edinburgh Castle are ready to bring classiness to your fun trip.

There are many other places you can discover. Have a look at these 20 Best Instagrammable Urban Destinations in United Kingdom and get inspired!



Edinburgh's varied architecture and famous festival make it one of the best cities in the UK to visit this holiday season. The city is home to many incredible attractions such as this famous castle, Edinburgh Castle. As an 11th-century castle and barracks, Edinburgh Castle is known for housing the Crown Jewels and National War Museum of Scotland. Its old building and location on a hill make this castle a favorite spot to explore.

In this castle, you can explore so many exciting spots. The Great Hall's exquisite wooden roof is one of the most superb things in Britain and you can see it yourself. The Stone of Destiny is also worth exploring. It is an ancient symbol of Scotland's monarchy. Other highlights of the castle you need to explore are The Royal Palace, Honours of Scotland, St Margaret's Chapel, Mons Meg, One O'clock Gun, Regimental Museums, and many more.

Edinburgh Castle

One of the best historical places in Edinburgh Scotland.

There is lot to see and learn about history , landscape and architecture.

It has plenty of history to keep you entertained and the view from top is great.

The castle tour takes you to the same era and make you feel like you are one of them.

Overall would recommend as a must see attraction.

Address : Castlehill, Edinburgh EH1 2NG, UK


Not only a classic city, but Edinburgh is also a great city for urban attraction with a touch of the old era. This long-standing tower would be an interesting spot to visit! This place has 5 floors that showcases hands-on exhibits of whimsical optical illusions. Many fun and colorful illusions are ready to be a part of your journey.

While it also let you see the city of Edinburgh in 360 degree, you can choose which attraction you have the desire to try the most. But as a person who wants to try new things in life, you need to try as many attractions as possible. Because you get to be a part of something you might have never tried or seen before.

Tripboba recommends you to try The Camera Obscura Show where you and your travel buddies are positioned in a dark room with a large table and a beam of light. Through this, you can see Edinburgh city shown on the big table and its visual can only be reflected through the daylight that comes down from the ceiling. You can also try many other interesting attractions including the Magic Gallery, the Light Fantastic, the Eye Spy Edinburgh, the Bewilderworld, and the Mirror Maze.

Camera Obscura & World of Illusions

The most interesting and creative spot for children with many interesting interactive exhibits in this one location.

You can go up to the 5th floor and be surprised by the illusion and the best views of Edinburgh above.

The best features are the light mirror maze, the tunnel vortex and the observation deck.

It is worth taking more time there and enjoying all things to the fullest.

Address : Castlehill, Royal Mile, Edinburgh EH1 2ND, UK


Having fun with your family and friends in London has to be one of the best things ever. This city is well known for its world-famous attractions and its hub of 32 boroughs. And the popularity of this bridge is hard not to include in this list of urban destinations. It is too iconic to miss!

As we all know, this bridge has been a part of one of London's icons and it has attracted many tourists across the world to witness its iconic self. Here, you can enjoy London's panoramic views while taking many pictures. You must spend your time for picture taking session here, or you'll regret it if you don't!

At the top part of the bridge, there is a glass floor you can go to. It allows you to see the road and city view underneath the bridge. And also there's a mirror on the ceiling that you can use to take pictures of yourself with the bridge.

Tower Bridge

Iconic places are sprinkled around in London, just like this one popular Tower Bridge.

It is absolutely among United Kingdom's most popular places.

Panoramic views and aesthetic pictures are guaranteed for you and your love.

Address : Tower Bridge Rd, London SE1 2UP, UK


While soaking in the classiness of London, you can be a part of this popular aquarium and have fun with your travel buddies. This aquarium is where you can take your family and enjoy the exhibits with a variety of sea creatures such as penguin, jellyfish, sharks, starfish, and seahorse.

This aquarium also features some interesting things such as the Rainforest Adventure. This features leads to an exciting adventure where you can enter a world of creepy crawlies, charming crocs, and curious critters.

Our other recommendations are exploring the Coral Kingdom and the Ocean Invaders. One is where you can see the most beautiful sea creatures and the other is a spot where you can step into the world of Jellyfish. These offers will take your journey to a fascinating worlds.

SEA LIFE Centre London Aquarium

Sea Life is an aquarium with a large collection of marine animals and is the largest collection of coral reefs in the UK.

Lots of sharks, smaller fish insects, and all kinds of wildlife from around the world.

As well as the Antarctic area with super cute penguins.

Definitely recommend a visit to the London aquarium.

Address : Riverside Building, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Rd, South Bank, London SE1 7PB, UK


As you walk through the country's intriguing self, you'll be mesmerized by its various cities. Liverpool has to be included in this list with its uniqueness from the best restaurants, hotels, to bars, not to mention some incredible attractions! As the most popular attraction in Liverpool, this historic landmark is a place for everyone. These renovated red-brick dock buildings are housing a range of museums, restaurants, cafes, and bars. The best part is, you can create many great contents for your Instagram feeds - it's very Instagrammable!

There are other attractions too; Ferris wheel, carousel, and exciting gift shops. We recommend you to visit the incredible The Maritime Museum. In this museum, you can explore see the interesting displays on Titanic, Lusitania and Slavery. Make sure to also take yourself to the Beatle sculpture and Beatles story museum. You'll absolutely love them.

Royal Albert Dock Liverpool

This is a great dock for walking trails, looking at grand buildings, or just eating a snack.

Lots to see with free museums and local cafes, bars & restaurants.

Lots of choices depending on your taste and the perfect place to watch the sunset.

Enjoy taking a walk along the jetty and seeing the various boats dock or sail through the locks.

Address : 3-4 The Colonnades, Liverpool L3 4AA, UK


While you are in Liverpool, you must make a stop at this local history museum. Not only you'll be interested in its unique and urban building shape, but you'll also be able to be a part of its interactive displays on the city's heritage. There's also a popular cafe for relaxing.

With free entrance, you can explore many departments of the museum including the Land Transport where you can see a collection of more than 200 vehicles ranging from Lion locomotive. There is also the Liverpool blitz photographs which showcases the bombing of Merseyside during the Second World War. The Huxley Hoard and First World War collections are some other great options to see.

Museum of Liverpool

Very interesting place and great insight into the history of the docks and Liverpool in general.

Great exhibition about the cathedral plans, there is an exhibition of John Lennon and Yoko Ono also very interesting.

They also have a kids section, with interactive games where children can enjoy and learn at the same time.

Small souvenir shop but full of quality items associated with exhibits.

This is something that must be experienced for all ages and very informative about Liverpool's cultural history.

Address : Pier Head, Liverpool Waterfront, Liverpool L3 1DG, UK


Oxford's charm can't be left out. This city's combination of nature and classic buildings has its own specialty to attract tourists. Being a part of Britain's oldest botanic garden like this must be great fun for you. Oxford Botanic Garden comes with plants from around the world, both indoor and outdoor. Its natural beauty deserves to be photographed.

In this garden, you can visit its green houses that are fascinating and it has lots of pitcher plants. You can also spend your time relaxing and sitting at the river side with the company of nature while having a good coffee and snack - there's a take-away cart for coffee and snack in the area.

Oxford Botanic Garden

Britain's oldest botanical garden, with plants from around the world, both indoors and outdoors.

They have a good explanation of the history of the plant species and all are beautifully preserved.

Many of the information points with plants describing their use, growing area and full name.

Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a quiet place to explore.

Address : Rose Ln, Oxford OX1 4AZ, United Kingdom


Once you are in Oxford city, the interesting offers from this historical place have to be explored. It is one of the most popular places in the city offering remains of a large medieval castle. The help of costumed guides in the area can be used for touring. You'll get to know many fascinating histories and facts including the 900-year-old crypt.

Take the tour guide for about an hour for a better experience. The staff are very knowledgeable and informative and will show you around. There's is a well stocked souvenir shop near the ticket counter if you're interested in shopping. A coffee shop is also available for relaxing.

In the castle itself, you can experience some of its offers such as climbing the 101 steps to see the panoramic views of Oxford from St.Georges Tower. You can also go to the underground into the candle-lit crypt. Other references are stepping inside the 18th-century prison cells and exploring the mound on an outside tour.

Oxford Castle & Prison

Good tour and interesting description about the castle and prison.

Oxford university standard guide, with passion, imagination and outstanding narrative skills.

It's full of brilliant history and a must do if you visit Oxford.

Address : 46 Oxford Castle New Road Oxford Castle Quarter, Oxford OX1 1AY England


The prettiness of Bath city is something you need to be a part of. Because Bath isn't just one of UK's best cities, it is also among the prettiest cities in Europe.

In this place, you will walk through the Roman's bathhouse and temple while surrounded by ancient vibes. Spring water, Pump Room restaurant, museum, and audio tour for kids can be enjoyed here.

The Roman Baths is situated below the modern street level and it has the Sacred Spring, the Roman Temple, the Roman Bath House, and finds from Roman Bath as its 4 main features.

The Roman Baths

The amazing preservation of one of the most unique features of Roman Britain.

Interesting displays where you can see some of the original foundations, hypercausts etc.

As well as the holy spring, where the hot springs flow out and of course the great Roman bath itself.

The Roman architecture as well as the Roman sculptures on the walkway above the Roman bathing pools are simply stunning.

Don't forget to get the audio guide given at the gate, there is a lot of information at every step.

Address : Abbey Churchyard, Bath BA1 1LZ, United Kingdom


While wondering around Bath's city, be sure to take a moment to stop by at this popular bridge. It is one of the oldest bridges in the city that was built in 1774. The bridge is completed with notable architecture and rows of stores lining each side. And the view is very Instagrammable - great for you who enjoy traveling and collecting Instagram pictures at the same time.

See the river that's completed with the existence of a gorgeous and unique waterfall right in front of it. The boat ride in the area can also be a part of your trip here. The informative staff will take you to a fun boat trip. And to excite you even more, Pulteney Bridge is home to unique shops and cafes for your convenience.

Pulteney Bridge

The Pulteney Bridge is one of the jewels in Bath's British Georgian architectural crown.

The perfect connection to the setting of the river and the list of languid oval weirs that really make it stand out.

The bridge is home to several unique shops and cafes, and most offer panoramic views of the weir and river from its windows.

There are benches by the water side for evening lounging and coffee in a flask for peaceful chat.

Address : Bridge St, Bath BA1 1EE England


One of the biggest parts of your travel in UK is you'll face its history whatever city you are in. In Cambridge city is no different. The city also has its own fascinating history.

You can learn about the city and the world's interesting history by coming to this huge museum. The Fitzwilliam Museum showcases classical art and historical artefacts such as Asian ceramics, armor, coins, and masterpiece paintings. As a not-profit museum, you can also have a look at many other intriguing collections such as arts and armors, ancient near east, archives, Cyprus, furniture and clocks, prints, and more.

The Fitzwilliam Museum

The Fitzwilliam Museum is recently voted as the most popular free attraction in the East of England.

This is located on Trumpington Street across from Fitzwilliam Street in the center of Cambridge.

The museum has a large collection of European / Asian art including sculpture, pottery, sculpture and paintings.

Works of various famous masters (including several paintings from each of Titian, Rubens, Van Dyck, etc.).

A must see place for tourists especially locals.

Address : Trumpington St, Cambridge CB2 1RB, United Kingdom


After a culture trip, you should visit this popular botanical garden for a little bit of nature love. It is one of the city's popular attraction with 40 acres of gardens and plants. Families and couples love to spend their time in this garden because of its beautiful surrounding. Glasshouses and a cafe are also available to for more fun.

With an affordable fee entrance, Cambridge University Botanic Garden shows a collection of over 8,000 plant species from around the world. The collection include Herbarium, Living Collections, and Seed Bank. For more information about the garden, head to the Cory Library and you'll see around 7,000 books and over 50 periodical titles both historic and current in it.

Cambridge University Botanic Garden

This is a botanical garden that offers thousands of different plant species and is perfect for a day's vacation.

Everything especially flowers is clearly labeled for reference.

There is plenty of sitting space both in the sun and the shade to enjoy a picnic.

The gardens are large and educational, and a fun way to spend a few hours on a hot summer's day.

Address : 1 Brookside, Cambridge CB2 1JE, UK


Cardiff's combination of urban and classic buildings has to be appreciated by exploring them. This popular oval-shaped plaza is a center of crowds and fun events like fairs, festivals, and music. You can enjoy many exciting offers from this area while taking good pictures with monuments, statues, and more.

In this area, the Cardiff Bay become you view. You can sit firmly while surrounded by iconic buildings. Even restaurants, cafes, and shops are available for your treatment.

Roald Dahl Plass

Oval-shaped plaza named for Cardiff-born author Roald Dahl, now hosting fairs, festivals & music.

There are tons of amazing restaurants and bars each with there own unique selling point.

Address : Roald Dahl Plass, Cardiff, UK


And to complete your visit in Cardiff city, you must visit this iconic castle and discover many intriguing facts about it. This Victorian Gothic fantasy is built on the remains of Norman and Roman ruins with a colorful interior. Its location on a reachable hill with greenery surrounding makes a stunning object for your Instagram feeds.

For a better experience, Tripboba recommends you to take the audio tour to learn about the history closely. Make sure to take a look at the interesting interior as it is made of murals, stained glass, marbles, and wood carvings. This is one of the best things about the castle. While enjoying the views, the walls will definitely bring greatness.

Cardiff Castle

a medieval castle and Victorian Gothic revival mansion located in the city centre of Cardiff, Wales

Address : Castle St, Cardiff CF10 3RB, Inggris Raya


Among the best cities for your Instagrammable urban destination is Glasgow. This city's buzzy life and urban spots are perfect for you who wants to see new things and new perspective.

As a science and technology museum, Glasgow Science Centre is one of Glasgow's top attractions offering interactive exhibits with a planetarium, IMAX theater, and cafes. But the most obvious attraction has to be its interesting-shaped building.

Among the most popular attractions in this center is the planetarium show. See many attractive games there and you'll walk out with satisfaction.

Glasgow Science Centre

It is one of Scotland's most popular paid visitor attractions.

There are many interactive exhibits spread across 3 floors - puzzles, illusions.

And creative building stations as well as information about the past, future uses of science.

You can see why there are so many excited kids there because it is so well thought out.

Address : 50 Pacific Quay, Glasgow G51 1EA, UK


Don't forget to pay a visit to this popular botanical garden when you are in Glasgow. This 27-acre garden is great for Instagram with many pretty displays of plants, working vegetable plot, Victorian cast-iron glasshouse, beautiful river, statues, and many more.

There are many exciting things to be done in this garden, whether learning its history, walking through the lively gardens, or even joining the tearooms. There is also a play park for kids as well as a glass greenhouse where you can see lots of different plants.

Under the gardens there are underground railway platforms that's actually little known by the visitors. You may as well want to check it out.

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Wonderful place with huge variety of plants and flowers to view.

The gardens are beautiful and well kept, with a herb garden, and vegetable garden.

Trees and flowers from around the globe in vast gardens with huge greenhouses and Treetop Walkway.

Parking nearby and the location is close to lovely cafes and restaurants.

Make sure you explore it all as there is plenty to offer.

Address : 730 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G12 0UE, UK


You can't ignore the popularity of Belfast city when you're planning a trip to UK. This city's contribution in making UK a favorite tourist destination is unquestionable.

This incredible place is too precious to miss. It is one of the city's top attractions with dark ride, underwater exploration theater, and re-created decks/cabins. But the best thing has to be its enchanted building structure - it is very sophisticated and urban. You might have never seen something like this before.

The informative audio guide can be used freely and it is worth using. Add the shipbuilding ride to your list, it is fun and absolutely interesting to try.

Titanic Belfast

Family visit This tour is an excellent tour . It takes you from the beginning before titanic was built. There is a lot of history before titanic . Our time was 4pm the only thing we felt we were been rushed through each section...

Amazing This is a fantastic tour with plenty of information on the Titanic and related topics. It is an interactive tour and is suitable for all the family. Make sure you give plenty of time and wear comfortable footwear as you...

Unmissable Friends had told me how good this was, and it did not disappoint! The perfect balance between informative and moving, without being crass. The exhibits are really high-quality and the layout is so well planned. The...

Address : 1 Olympic Way, Queen's Road, Belfast BT3 9EP, UK


While walking down Belfast's street, you may as well want to take a moment to admire every effort that has been put at this historical landmark area. This peace wall was built to end Northern Irish conflict and now it functions as a repository for art and messages.

We recommend you to do the walking tour, because you can closely explore the wall and the inviting murals.

Peace Wall Belfast

Section of wall erected to quell Northern Irish conflict, now a repository for art & messages.

The walking tour are good option to explore the wall and murals.

Address : 15 Cupar Way, Belfast BT13 2RX, UK


If you want to try something fun and colorful with your family and friends, this escape room center in Manchester would be a cool place to stop by. Not only you'll be served with many exciting indoor activities, but you'll also be nostalgic with the classic tv shows. Its attractive crystal is one of the most popular attractions in this area, it is very colorful and great for your Instagram feeds.

Once you are here, the excitement from The Crystal Maze game must a part of your visit. You must try it and there's no reason not to. It is actually one of the top attractions in the building. From this game, you will be united in a group of 6 people and play along to win the stunning crystals that can be taken home. Totally a great fun!

The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience is also available in London.

The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience

Truly A-MAZING! WOW WOW WOW! What a fantastic, adrenaline fuelled couple of hours! It is sooooo like the TV show, with the theme tune played intermittently throughout. My partner and I got to play 8 games each and won 8 crystals in...

Crystal-mazing Amazing experience. Brought for me as a birthday present by my partner. Was just the same as you see on the tv. The maze master Madame Singeful was funny, sometimes helpful lol, but made it sooo enjoyable. Would...

Great experience Great day, really is like the real thing! DCI lionheart was our host and he was brilliant and setting the tone from the word go, with a barrel of laughs! Group of 6, worked really well to spread the game load...

Address : St Johns, Lower Byrom St, Manchester M3 4FP, UK


Since you are in Manchester, you can't miss this popular urban park. Heaton park offers many fun attractions for you, from a championship golf course for grown-ups, farm animals, play areas for kids, and old buildings.

As the biggest and the best park in Norwest, Heaton Park also offers the boating lake for a fun ride. There is also a popular cafe in the area for your enjoyment. You can also be a part of the park's event Lightopia that's held from 20 November to 3 January. There are so many things and spots to explore in this park and you'll definitely have no complaint about it.

Heaton Park

This is a great place to go for families.

are playgrounds for children, a boating lake, a heritage tramway and some animals to see.

Lots of grass and fields to wander, it's really good.

Address : Middleton Rd, Manchester M25 2SW, United Kingdom