20 Best Instagrammable Urban Destinations in Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia - Photo by Alifia Harina from Pexels

One of the best things you can take away from traveling in Indonesia is you get to be a part of its culture through its wonderful and colorful attractions.

The country is lively filled with many incredible cities such as Kuta, Balikpapan, Medan, Yogyakarta, Makassar, Jakarta, and many more.

You must explore Indonesia more if you want to be a part of its gems and classic beauties. There are numerous unforgettable destinations available in the country!

All you need to do is to be prepared and brace yourself for amazing trip opportunities.

When talking about diversity, Indonesia is home to great destinations such as Bamboo Forest in Surabaya and Satrya Gatotkaca Park in Kuta.

Museum Tsunami Aceh in Banda Aceh and Losari Beach Platform in Makassar are ready to be your iconic destinations.

Bring all of your traveling essentials and see more of 20 Best Instagrammable Urban Destinations in Indonesia by reading this page along.



As the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is a massive urban city you can visit this holiday season. It is known for its metropolitan and diverse self and there are many popular places you can go to including this popular beachfront attraction. This spot offers a theme park, water-based rides, multiple hotels, and a golf course. Many fun opportunities are definitely guaranteed in this place.

Some of the most popular attractions we recommend you to try are the Sea World, the favorite Dufan ride, the Ocean Dream Samudra, and the Atlantis Water Adventure. Tripboba also recommends you to visit the popular Ancol Beach for a relaxation. The park itself is actually known as the center of excitement and leisure. Totally recommended!

Taman Impian Jaya Ancol

This is a popular and favorite destination in Jakarta for healing time with lots of activities you can do.

You can enjoy the beach and other attractions in it with complete quality facilities.

It is great for refreshing, family activities and gatherings, games, education and also has a beach view.

They provide free buses to reach destinations like SeaWorld, Dufan, and Trans Jakarta as well.

You can easily spend a whole day here and experience a lot.

Address : Jl. Lodan Timur No.7, RW.10, Ancol, Kec. Pademangan, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14430, Indonesia


Your next recommendation for an Instagrammable urban destination in Jakarta is this popular bustling city square. It is one of the most visited attractions in Jakarta surrounded by historic buildings with frequent street performances. So, not only you get to explore many interesting spots, but you can also be a part of the street performances of the locals.

Museums are the most popular attractions in this square, you should definitely make a stop. There are also many street vendors available if you want to try the local foods and souvenirs. Afternoon is a good recommendation to go because you can rent bikes and take pictures with the pigeons. Along with those, restaurants are also there in the area for dining.

Fatahillah Square

This is a favorite museum that has a lot of history and is suitable for both locals and tourists.

There are many things that you can learn and know here, from painting, architecture, history, culture, even culinary delights.

Here, you will see many old buildings and museums, great places to take pictures.

Address : Jl. Lada Dalam No.7, RT.7/RW.7, Pinangsia, Kec. Taman Sari, Kota Jakarta Barat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 11110, Indonesia


Among the top cities you need to visit in Indonesia is Yogyakarta. This city is a combination of culture, education, and urban lifestyle. It is home to famous attractions, and one of them is Malioboro. As one of the icons of the city, Malioboro is where you can see the daily life of the locals and blending in with the local products and souvenirs. It's the best place to create many aesthetic Instagram pictures.

Make sure to take away the best souvenirs like the iconic Batik clothing here. You'll see various food stalls, street musicians, and many other stores in the area selling all kinds of goodies. Accessories, souvenirs, and local foods comes with the most affordable prices for you. And thanks to its location, Malioboro is just a few minutes away from the icon of the city, Tugu Yogyakarta.

Malioboro Jogjakarta

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Address : Jl. Malioboro, Sosromenduran, Gedong Tengen, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55271, Indonesia


In Yogyakarta, you'll get many opportunities to explore its incredible attractions. But one of its popular spots is this historical landmark simply known as Tugu. Not only an iconic spot, but Tugu Yogyakarta is also perfectly located in the city center - gives you access to many other fun spots easily.

Leaving this spot without taking pictures would be a mistake. So, taking pictures or selfies is the most popular thing to do in the area. If you need places to sit and relax, there are many local cafes and food stalls around the area. Even hotels are also sprinkled around.


Tugu Jogja is a landmark that is closely related to Yogyakarta.

Must see place in Yogyakarta and feel the beauty and hospitality of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat.

Address : Gowongan, Jetis, Yogyakarta City, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55233, Indonesia


This list is totally incomplete without including the iconic self of Kuta, Bali. Kuta is a popular city in Bali and home to many incredible beaches and landmarks. Kuta Beach is a popular example of it. It is a large public stretch beach popularly known as the best spot for swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking. Sunboards rents are available if you want to do surfing.

Famous for its sunsets, Kuta Beach is a perfect destination for photography. You can definitely create so many incredible pictures on this beach. In case you're wondering, there are many vendors on and along the beach selling a wide variety of local souvenirs. Its popularity brings businesses like bars, restaurants, hotels, malls, and snack centers close and can be reached easily. It's definitely the worldwide famous beach you've been looking for!

Kuta Beach - Bali

An alternative pedestrian thoroughfare, for walking between the main districts of central Bali. One of the world's most famous beaches and no trip to Bali, is really 100% complete, without a visit to the saltwater. And, Kuta Beach...

surfing beach Massive beach with plenty of space for everyone ! quite relaxing and very sunny most of the times ! the sea thought is very rough and you cant swimm because the waves are big and there is many people surfing! if you...

Kuta Beach - Bali Kuta Beach is very hectic. I used to have a long stroll here. Nice for people watching. It is crowded with tourists, there are those who just want to sit and drink all day long. I did find the beach was...

Address : Jl. Pantai Kuta, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia


While you are in Bali, Satrya Gatotkaca Park is too popular to miss. It is one of the top attractions in Kuta offering paved paths, flower beds, fountains, and a striking statue of a mythical hero known as Gatotkaca. This park is so beautiful that you don't want to leave it too soon. There are many other cool things you can do here, but taking a selfie with the Gatotkaca statue is definitely a must.

Its locations is very easy to find and close to the airport. In the day, you can see the stunning details of the iconic statue clearly, while in the evening, it's even better with the lighting around it.

Satrya Gatotkaca Park

Stunning statues and fountains, great for a quick stop.

The statue lights up the sky at night and becomes a giant light source for cars.

The place is cool to hang out while watching planes and enjoying grilled corn or meatballs.

Address : Jl. Raya Tuban No.1, Tuban, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia


In Bandung city, there is this popular tourist attraction that you can visit with your family, friends, or your travel buddies. The park attracts many tourists with many cool and fun attractions and spots such as traffic jam, ship canal, and magic carpets. This place is best known as a selfie and picture opportunity.

If the Aladdin Carpet is the most sought attraction, other attractions like the Butterfly Bridge and the Golden Horse are also great to try. Pretty much all about this place is very attractive and inviting. The Sky Tree, the Up House, the Love Seat, and the Sky Bike are other popular attractions you must try in the park.

Dago Dreampark

The coolest place to have fun and take some pictures with natural green screens as the background.

Unique shape that follows nature and very attractive for holidays and sports.

Has various kinds of activities such as horse riding, bicycle riding, ATV, shooting, flying fox, etc.

Entrance fees and game tickets are affordable.

Address : Jl. Dago Giri Km. 2.2 Mekarwangi, Pagerwangi, Lembang, West Bandung Regency, West Java 40135, Indonesia


As a vibrant and lively city, Bandung is a definitely a fun city to visit. Rabbit Town is a tourist attraction and one of the popular spot where you can take as many pictures as want for your Instagram feeds. This theme park is popular for a selfie spot offering colorful installations inspired by iconic global artworks.

Whether you're an adult with kids or not, Rabbit Town is a perfect destination and one of the most Instagrammable spots for family. There is a food court in the area to enjoy many local food and drink. You can also feed animals like rabbit, monkeys, and owls.

Rabbit Town

This is the most instagrammable place to hang out on holidays and take the best photos.

Have lots of fun spots to take selfies or take pictures together.

This place is also very suitable for children, besides cute art installations.

Address : Jl. Rancabentang No.30-32, Ciumbuleuit, Kec. Cidadap, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40142, Indonesia


Among Indonesia's top city has to be Balikpapan. Balikpapan is a popular city where you can create stunning landscapes and enjoy nature beauty. The city is heavenly blessed with pristine beaches just like this popular beach. Known for its white sandy beach, Pantai Kemala Balikpapan is home to calm waters, panoramic sea views, and dancing palm trees.

It is a great spot for swimming, leisure and relaxing, picnicking, and sunset gazing. Local eateries can also be enjoyed in the beach area. The beach is easy to reach because it's located near the city center.

Pantai Kemala Balikpapan

This is a beautiful white sandy beach with many vendors, small restaurants and complete facilities.

It is very easy to access the beach because of its location near the city center.

Perfect when you are looking for a quiet beach.

Address : Balikpapan City, East Kalimantan, Indonesia


To further your beach life in Balikpapan city, you must visit this other popular beach. It is one of the most popular and visited beaches in the city with its wonderful sunset opportunity. This beach is perfect for an afternoon walk while accompanied by calm waters and colorful sunset.

Things you can do here are swimming, jogging, walking, exercise, enjoying the sunset, and relaxing. There are stalls offering food foods like baked corn, Gapit banana, and coconut ice.

Pantai Melawai

The best place to hunt for the sunset with lots of vendors and sellers of coffee or other foods.

This beach is always a destination for teenagers on Saturday nights, here they gather with fellow bikers.

Address : Jl. Pelabuhan Semayang, Prapatan, Balikpapan Kota, Kota Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur 76111, Indonesia


One of the best things you can take away from traveling in Indonesia is you get to be a part of its culture through its wonderful and colorful attractions.

This lively attraction in Makassar city is the kind of place that'll bring excitement to your trip. It is a splashy theme park offering rides for all ages and upscale concessions. You can enjoy many attractions in this park with a very affordable price. And since it is located in a mall, this attraction is not only great for fun games and offers, you can also do shopping and enjoy dining in the building.

Trans Studio Makassar

Splashy theme park inside Trans Studio Mall offering rides for all ages & upscale concessions.

A wonderful place for leisure time with family.

Address : Kawasan Terpadu, Jl. Metro Tj. Bunga, Maccini Sombala, Kec. Tamalate, Kota Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan 90224, Indonesia


While you are in Makassar, the need to visit this popular city park has to be done. Because not only you'll be a part of one of the city's top attractions, but you can also see many never-before-seen architectures. The best of all, these architectures are perfectly combined with beach vibes. So, it gives you a stunning skyline for your photograph.

As one of Makassar's landmarks, this beach park is free to visit and there are many photogenic spots to stop by. There are also many food stalls in the area selling good local foods. Walking and taking pictures are the most popular things to do in this beach park area.

Losari Beach Platform

Waterside gathering place with street hawkers & paved walkways, plus a nearby beach.

There's a lot of restaurant nearby for the best dining experience while enjoying sunset.

Address : Maloku, Jl. Penghibur, Losari, Kec. Ujung Pandang, Kota Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan 90113, Indonesia


From north to south and west to east, Indonesia is filled with many incredible cities and destinations. In Banda Aceh city, you will be treated with some of the most popular places such as Baiturrahman Grand Mosque and Tugu Simpang Lima Banda Aceh.

One is a striking and iconic white-walled mosque with 7 black domes, 7 minarets, and a 35-meter-high tower, while the other is a historic landmark and one of the city's icons with unique architecture. One thing that's guaranteed from these places is you will be able to create the most intriguing and beautiful pictures for your social medias.

Baiturrahman Grand Mosque

Striking, white-walled mosque with 7 black domes, 7 minarets & a 35m-high tower, built in 1879.

Address : Jl. Moh. Jam No.1, Kp. Baru, Kec. Baiturrahman, Kota Banda Aceh, Aceh, Indonesia

Tugu Simpang Lima Banda Aceh

One of the iconic and symbolic place at Banda Aceh.

It's a good spot for taking pictures with Tugu Simpang Lima as background.

Address : JL. Sri Ratu Safiatuddin No.1 Simpang Lima, Banda Aceh, Peunayong, Kuta Alam, Banda Aceh City, Aceh 13430, Indonesia


When you are in Banda Aceh, you will definitely be appreciated if you visit this incredible museum. It is an iconic museum and a symbolic center for honoring victims and survivors of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami disaster.

In this museum, you can explore exhibitions and great pieces related to the disaster. The wall full of the names of the victim is absolutely a must see. And while the museum is filled with heartfelt pieces, the architecture itself has to be mentioned specifically. It is very interesting and great for photography.

Museum Tsunami Aceh

Symbolic center honoring victims & survivors of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake & tsunami disaster.

You can see many photographs on display during the tsunami.

Address : Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, Sukaramai, Kec. Baiturrahman, Kota Banda Aceh, Aceh 23116, Indonesia


When talking about Instagrammable urban destinations in Indonesia, the popularity of Surabaya city has to be included in this writing. The city is home to stunning places such as this Bamboo Forest.

This Bamboo Forest is very Instagrammable with its landscaped park offering unpaved walkways. But the most interesting part of this area has to be the bamboo formation that's beautifully displayed and great to capture. With an affordable ticket price, you can walk in this area with the company of peaceful surrounding and beautiful greenery.

Bamboo Forest

Landscaped park with unpaved walkways through archways of towering bamboo trees.

Good place for selfies and family hang out under the shade.

Address : Jl. Raya Marina Asri, Keputih, Kec. Sukolilo, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60111, Indonesia


Once you are in Surabaya, you definitely don't want to miss the colorful self of this fountain. It is a one of the city's top attractions with cool and playful fountain that lights up with beautiful illumination. This spot is perfect for picture taking.

This spot attracts the visitors with its beautiful fountain show that is so beautiful to see. The show lasts for an hour and displayed with stunning lighting decoration while accompanied by the national anthems. The Suramadu bridge can be seen beautifully in this area.

Taman Air Mancur Menari Kenjeran

A beautiful dance fountain show in Surabaya.

Make sure you come around sunrise or sunset for better view.

Address : Kenjeran, Bulak, Surabaya City, East Java 60123, Indonesia


You must explore Indonesia more if you want to be a part of its gems and classic beauties. This palace in Medan city is one of Tripboba's best recommendations to complete your travel in Indonesia. As a royal palace, Istana Maimun comes with an old building that was built in the late 1800s offering exhibits, costume displays, and vendors. The colorful architecture is one of its incredible attractions.

To make your visit all traditional, you can rent the traditional dress to wear in the palace with a very affordable price and you can walk with it exploring the palace. Great culinary experience can also be a part of your visit.

Istana Maimun

Built in the late 1800s, this royal palace has historical exhibits, costume displays & vendors.

A king chairs and other unique sofas to picture beautiful memories.

Address : Jl. Brigjend Katamso No.66, A U R, Kec. Medan Maimun, Kota Medan, Sumatera Utara 20151, Indonesia


On the other side of Medan city, stands this magical Catholic church that's absolutely great to visit. It is one of the most visited places in Medan with Indo-Mogul style and colorful set. As a dedication to the Lady of Good Health, this Catholic church is perfect to bring color to your Instagram feeds. You might have never seen a church like this before, so you don't want miss this one.

In this church, you can visit some of its most popular spots. But some of its highlights are The Marian Shrine and The Marian Shrine. They are full of colorful structures and very peaceful.

Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni

Built in 2005, this Indo-Mogul-style Catholic temple is dedicated to Our Lady of Good Health.

They also have a natural spring, which is believed to bring positive effect to the people.

Address : Jl. Sakura III No.7-10, Tj. Selamat, Kec. Medan Tuntungan, Kota Medan, Sumatera Utara 20135, Indonesia


The uniqueness of Jayapura city brought itself on this list and you must be a part of it. It is totally a beautiful city to visit. As a tourist destination, Jayapura is home to many natural spots such as this Pantai Ceberi Jayapura. This attraction lets you combine the beauty of nature and modern facilities. It is totally worth visiting.

This spot is very popular for picture taking as it has a beautiful background of the see as well as the popular red bridge. The beautiful park filled with tall trees is a great spot for walking and capturing aesthetic pictures.

Pantai Ciberi Jayapura (Pasar Ciberi)

Beautiful beach with instagrammable photo spot, and lots of various kinds of snacks & culinary delights.

Address : Engros, Abepura, Jayapura City, Papua, Indonesia


You have to feel and see the diversity of Jayapura whenever you are in the city. Visiting this beach would be a great idea for you. Pantai Hamadi Jayapura is definitely the most popular beach in Jayapura with nice sandy beach, calm waters, beautiful trees, and the lovely locals.

In this beach area, you can enjoy sunsets, picnic, swim, walking, and sit back. Since the building of red Youtefa Bridge, this beach become a favorite destination for family to create good pictures.

Pantai Hamadi Jayapura

Pantai Hamadi Jayapura is definitely the most popular beach in Jayapura with nice sandy beach, calm waters, beautiful trees, and the lively locals.

You have to feel the diversity of Jayapura whenever you are in the city. Visiting its beach would be a great idea for you.

Address : Tobati, South Jayapura, Jayapura City, Papua, Indonesia