20 Best Instagrammable Urban Destinations In Ireland

20 Best Instagrammable Urban Destinations In Ireland - Photo from travelinspires.org

Ireland is a country in Europe with a rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes, a source of artistic inspiration and friendly people.

This makes Ireland very suitable as a tourist destination because it offers many interesting things.

Cities in Ireland have their own uniqueness and idiosyncrasies that attract tourists.

If you prefer urban tourism in Ireland, you can follow some of the cities in this article.

Here are the 20 best instagrammable urban destinations in Ireland for your reference.



Dublin itself is a city that combines old world charm and modern spirit, so it looks unique and is a must to explore. In this city, you can easily find pubs that provide Guinness, a magnificent medieval church, restaurants that offer mouth-watering local cuisine, and friendly citizens. Some of these factors make Dublin a tourist spot in Ireland that must be visited while on vacation.

Dublin Castle can be one of your destinations in Dublin. This castle is the seat of government of the Republic of Ireland which is open to tourists. This castle was built in 1204, during the reign of King John of England. Take your time on this one hour tour around the castle. During the tour, you can enjoy the beautiful architecture of the castle while seeing the various collections inside. Taking this short tour will also increase your knowledge of Irish history and Dublin Castle.

Dublin City

Dublin is the capital of Ireland which offers many popular tourist attractions.

Address : Dublin, Ireland


Galway is the largest city in the western part of Ireland and has a lot for you to enjoy. InKota with one of the youngest populations in all of Europe. it has a vibrant atmosphere, rich history, and streets with beautiful colorful buildings.

In Galway you will find lively taverns, quirky shops and cobbled streets filled with students, artists, writers and craftsmen. You may even hear the Gaelic spoken here. To enjoy a full day trip, try taking the Ferry to Inis Mor island. You will definitely feel more excited thanks to the sea air and the amazing view. Don't forget to use sunscreen if you are going to visit the island, even though the air is cold.


A port city that offers many popular destinations and historical buildings.

The city also offers many pubs, seafood restaurants and more.

Address : 11 Henry St, North City, Dublin 1, Ireland


Belfast is a new Irish city with the shipyard where the ill-fated Titanic was built being one of its main attractions. One of the most exciting things to see in Ireland, Titanic Belfast has six floors that mimic the height of the Titanic with 9 galleries, interactive exhibits, underwater theater and fun rides to visit.

Ulster museum can be one of the landmarks that you visit in Belfast. The museum is located in the Botanical Gardens complex, Stranmilis, south of the city. This museum is also the largest museum in Northern Ireland and is part of the National Museums Northern Ireland. The collections on display are diverse, ranging from works of art, ethnography, botany, zoology, and others. It will be a very exciting destination for you to visit.

Belfast City

a capital city of Northern Ireland


Limerick is one of the major cities in Ireland, located in the southern province of Munster. This city is famous as a medieval-town where you can find old buildings such as St. John's Square and St. John's Mary's Cathedral. The buildings in this city are dominated by Georgian style architecture. At King John's Castle, you can see a thick medieval architectural style. Limerick is an interesting city to visit and as a historical tourist destination.

Limerick is the third largest city in Ireland. The main landmarks and attractions that you can explore here include the King John's Castle, Hunt Museum, Treaty Stone, and many others. You will enjoy the urban atmosphere in Limerick because it is dominated by magnificent and beautiful buildings.


Limerick is a major city in the Republic of Ireland.

Limerick has a pace and dynamism you will hardly find anywhere else in Ireland.

The city center is filled with colorful boutiques, upscale hotels, legendary pubs and nightclubs.

Address : Limerick, Ireland


Kilkenny is one of the oldest cities in Ireland, around 400 years old. But this doesn't make the city ancient, the combination of modern and past will catch your eye. The city is filled with cathedrals, palaces, monasteries, and other large stone structures that are very enchanting. In this city there is always a party every year in a series of festival events. The endless arts festivals with the theme of theater, comedy, bluegrass music, and dance always color this city with a new atmosphere, passionate spirit, and international nuances.

Kilkenny has an interesting cave tourist destination to explore. In the cave tourism area, there is a visitor center building equipped with an exhibition area, an audio visual room and a cafe. There, a traveler can get complete information about the ecology, myths and history of Dunmore Cave, before actually entering the cave.


A town in Ireland that offers a diverse culture, friendly people, and a welcoming environment.

The town has deep religious roots and many well-preserved churches and monasteries.

The town also offers many pubs and nightclubs, shops and more.

Address : Kilkenny, Ireland


Ireland's second largest city tops the list of the best places to visit when you are in the country. In this city, almost every corner of the street there are pubs, cafes, bars and restaurants that you can visit. Plus, a vibrant art gallery and several museums are perfect for those of you who love history.

If you want to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere in Cork, in the city center there is Cork Harbor which is one of the largest ports in the world. Many landmarks that you can see such as Cork City Gaol, St. Mary's Cathedral, Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral, and many others. You will enjoy every corner of the city of Cork because it has extraordinary beauty.


Second largest city in Ireland with a lot of attraction and beautiful place to visit.

Address : Cork, Ireland


Grafton Street is Dublin's main shopping complex. Dublin's most famous shopping street is the much-trafficked Grafton Street, which runs between St. Stephen's Green and Trinity College. Recently, together with the surrounding environment, it has been classified as an 'Architectural Conservation Zone.' This will involve re-establishing the rich historical charm and character of Urban.

Grafton Street can be your shopping destination in Dublin. This place provides many stalls and shops selling souvenirs which are quite good. By walking around this complex, you will get unique items and gifts at affordable prices. Shopping for souvenirs will be fun on Grafton Street.

Grafton Street

Grafton Street is the most popular street with many shops, cafes, restaurants, department stores and gift shops.

The streets are filled with everything from high-end department stores to convenient stores on all corners.

The buildings are an eclectic mix of modern shops and historic architecture.

What makes Grafton Street unique is the pedestrian street, as it is very aesthetic and colorful.

If you're visiting Dublin, highly recommend visiting Grafton Street.

Address : 101-3 Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland


Killarney is a small town in Ireland. The city is on the northeast coast of Lough Leane which is part of Killarney National Park. Killarney has attracted a lot of global attention because of its diverse natural and historical heritage. Its location on the Ring of Ferry also adds a plus in the eyes of foreign tourists. Muckross House or Mucross House is a very grand Victorian mansion.

Inside this house there are rooms with luxurious furnishings that reflect the lifestyle of the nobility. There are many interesting historical and religious sites located in Killarney National Park. Coupled with stunning natural scenery, you will feel comfortable walking around in this place. Here you can see a 4,000 year old copper mine site dating from the Bronze Age.

Muckross House

A beautiful & attractive house in great condition with a truly spectacular garden and grounds.

The gardens are large and very well maintained, with great trails.

There is also plenty of well-marked parking and decent toilets.

Address : The National Park, Dromyrourk, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland


The next interesting tourist destination in Dublin can be found when visiting Kilmainham Gaol. This building is an old prison that was founded in 1796. In the past, this building was used not only to imprison male convicts, but also women and children. Kilmainham Gaol is also known as the place of imprisonment for several important Irish figures, including Michael Collins, Daniel O'Connel, Ernie O'Malley, and others.

This building used to be a prison that was built in 1796. At that time, this prison was called the “New Gaol”, and was built to replace the old prison building which is located underground, just a few meters from this building.

Kilmainham Gaol

An interesting area with a knowledgeable tour guide who will take you through the old parts of the prison.

The prison itself is quite scary and you will hear lots of stories about the inmates.

The history of the prison is very interesting and quite surprising, it tells the story of Ireland during difficult times.

A must see if you're visiting Dublin.

Address : Inchicore Rd, Kilmainham, Dublin 8, D08 RK28, Ireland


Located on the Harbor of Kinsale, Kinsale is a historic fishing town on the Bandon River. The narrow city streets are dotted with charming shops, galleries and pubs, providing a quiet oasis away from the bustle of downtown Cork. The old ring fort provides a spectacular view of the port of Kinsale, and Kinsale. Yacht clubs and marinas also attract annual visitors, with many fishing boats regularly bobbing on the inlet. The city also hosts an annual arts festival, which is well worth a visit.

Kinsale is full of hidden historic gems. The winding lanes of the colorful coastal village are lined with art galleries, local shops, delicious pubs and fabulous restaurants. You can join the visitors flocking to this city from all over the world to experience yachting, walking, and fishing in the beautiful surroundings.


This is a city on Ireland's southern coast that offers sandy beaches, many museums and historic homes.

The beaches offered in this city are sandy and beautiful and have stunning rock formations.

Address : Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland


One small town that is interesting to visit is Westport. When you visit it, you will have an experience that will impress you with this city. You can explore this city by bicycle or on foot. There are many interesting places that you can visit here. Don't forget to prepare your camera.

In Westport, there is a tourist attraction called the Pirate Adventure Park. Everyone will love it. Come visit in September to witness the amazing Westport Arts Festival, suitable for all ages. In addition, Westport is the first city to be rendered entirely in 3D on Google Earth. It will be very exciting if you can also visit it while on vacation to Ireland.

Westport, County Mayo

It is situated on the Ireland's west coast with its Georgian town center.

Address : Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland


Waterford is a medieval town with beautiful views located on the southeast coast of Ireland. Although often overshadowed by big cities like Dublin and Galway, there is a lot to do here. Waterford is Ireland's oldest city, founded in 914 by Viking pirates who attempted to establish settlements on the coast to aid their travel and trade across Europe. Therefore, a collection of objects, from swords to woven clothes, dating from this period, are on display in one of its best museums, the Medieval Museum.

The main landmarks that you can find in Waterford include the Waterford Museum of Treasures, The Mall, The House of Waterford, and many others. This city can be one of your urban outdoor tourist destinations in Ireland. Beautiful city views and historical building landscapes will give the impression of travel back in time.


Viking history make this one of Ireland's most engaging cities.

Address : Waterford, Ireland


Tralee is a city with a beauty that is not inferior to other cities in Ireland. The city is dominated by old buildings as well as many pubs serving drinks. If you like to walk around at night, you can enter one of the pubs in this city. In addition, in Tralee you can find historical buildings that are suitable for taking pictures.

Tralee can be an alternative for your evening vacation in Ireland. In this city there are many pubs and bars which are open every night. Apart from that the ambience and atmosphere is good enough to spend an evening with a bottle of beer. If you have a soul that likes to go out at night, Tralee can be one of the best choices.


Beautiful town known for the Rose of Tralee International Festival.

Address : Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland


The city of Athlone is split by the Shannon River, the longest river in Ireland. The two sides of the city are connected by a bridge. The city of Athlone is located in County Westmeath. County Westmeath itself is included in the Midland-Region. In Midland there are 4 counties, while in County Westmeath there are about 7 major cities. And Athlone, whose population is probably only about 20 thousand people, is the largest city in Westmeath, even arguably the "biggest" in Midland.

Further south, Athlone exudes medieval charm with its narrow lanes and atmospheric Sean's Bar, Ireland's oldest tavern. During the final voyage, moor the boat to find the destroyed Clonmacnoise Abbey with tall crosses, round towers, and ancient churches. These monasteries first appeared over the reeds of rivers such as the Irish Avalon.


Athlone and the surrounding area has so much to offer.

Both bustling urban and tranquil rural locations including rivers, lakes and all waiting to be explored.

Address : Athlone, Co. Westmeath, Ireland


Blackrock is a suburb of Dublin, located about 3 kilometers northwest of Dun Laoghaire. This area is famous for its unique and cheap souvenir shops and souvenirs. If you're on vacation in Dublin, the last stop for shopping is at Blackrock Market. Here you can buy unique, quality items, and of course affordable prices.

At Blackrock you can find one of the popular markets, namely Blackrock Market. You can find lots of good quality goods at affordable prices here. You will love exploring this market complex because it will give you a wide selection of souvenirs to buy.

Blackrock Ireland

This area is famous for its unique and cheap souvenir shops and souvenirs.

Address : Blackrock, Co. Dublin, Ireland


Carrick-on-Shannon is the name of a city in Ireland, precisely in County Leitrim. The city is located at the confluence point of the Shannon River, meaning you can have a beautiful view of the river. If you want to enjoy sightseeing here, you can take a walk to the city center by visiting museums and historical landmarks. You can also see beautiful views over the bridge on the Shannon River and play with the geese. Don't forget to prepare your camera because the view is quite beautiful.

In Shannon, you can charter a river cruiser, focus on the center, and navigate the backdrop of medieval monasteries, villages and hills. Take a day to explore pretty Carrick's County Leitrim with its tiny Costello Chapel, said to be one of the smallest in the world. You can also sail along the narrow river paths that open to Lough Ree, the vast lake dotted with islands.


The largest town in the county of Leitrim.

Boasts a beautiful modern marina and is the most northerly hire base on the Shannon.

Address : Carrick-On-Shannon, Co. Leitrim, Ireland

17. COBH

One city in Ireland that still keeps its history is Cobh. There you can visit a museum that tells about the Titanic so you can visit the cathedral church which is one of the icons here. This place will be a gateway to Ireland's past, and you can capture its beauty with a camera.

In Cobh you will find rows of houses with striking colors. This housing estate is one of the attractions that is suitable as a photo object. You will enjoy being in Cobh, because the atmosphere is thick with history and culture that is still well preserved.


This beautiful town known as the Titanic’s last port of call in 1912.

Titanic Experience Cobh is a themed attraction in the former White Star Line ticket office.

Address : Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland


Ennis is a city located in County Clare, Ireland. The city offers beautiful buildings with comfortable urban streets and many restaurants. The city atmosphere is not too crowded and the buildings are neatly lined up are the main attraction. At night, Ennis transforms into a lively city with lights in the restaurants and pubs. This city can be your tourist destination in Ireland.

Ennis is also a popular destination for music festival. Its fresh atmosphere during the spring attracts many tourist to attend annual festival. Besides, Ennis is a good place to have a short trip in Ireland. So, you won't miss this city.

Ennis Ireland

The city offers beautiful buildings with comfortable urban streets and many restaurants.

Address : Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland


Glengarriff is located on the Beara Peninsula in Cork. It is a well-known tourist location, for its spectacular views and beautiful views. The city is surrounded by rugged mountains, which contain Lady Bantry's Lookout, and provides stunning views of the area. The town itself offers visitors a wide variety of shops, galleries, pubs and restaurants.

At Glengarriff you will find a variety of flowers and plants that are very diverse and rare growing here. The park is beautifully exhibited in the form of the well-known and well-known Garnish Island gardens, which are laid out in various streets all accessible to the public. You can visit Glengarriff to enjoy the beauty of its city park.

Glengarriff, County Cork

It is nearby the Beara Peninsula of County Cork, Ireland. It is popular for the tourism venue and natural attractions.

Address : Monteensudder, Glengarriff, Co. Cork, Ireland


At the foot of the Knockmealdown Mountains, Lismore is a historic town in Waterford. The main attraction of the city is the 800 year old castle, which is located on the site of the city's old monastery. Built in medieval times, this majestic castle sits on a steep hill, providing impressive views of the city and the nearby Blackwater Valley. Notable artifacts from Lismore Castle include the Book of Lismore, now located at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, and the Lismore Crozier, now housed in the National Museum of Ireland.

Since it is located in mountainous place, Lismore is one of the best destination to enjoy outdoor and urban activities. You can take your time to do hiking through the hiking trails, or enjoying the magnificent look of the mountains from a small cafe on the valley. It is a perfect spot to have the best look of Irish mountains.


Lismore is a historic town in County Waterford, in the province of Munster, Ireland.

Address : Lismore, Co. Waterford, Ireland