20 Best Instagrammable Urban Destinations in Philippines

Philippines - Photo by Ellen Grace from Pinterest

Philippines is one of the beautiful countries in the South East Asia, boasting the natural and urban destinations.

If you're planning to spend your holiday in Philippines, you can consider its urban destinations such as the city of Manila.

Even though it is popular for its natural attractions, there's plenty of beautiful sides you can find in its urban places.

The urban spots of the Philippines are ranging from the bustling city, beautiful public parks, and many more!

Here are the 20 best Instagrammable urban destinations in the Philippines you can visit in the next holiday season.



This marine park located in Manila is bigger than Singapore Ocean Park in Singapore. Since it was inaugurated in March 2008, this marine park has more than 14,000 marine life. In Manila Ocean Park, there are also swimming pools and water rides that will make you and your kids happy. To be able to enjoy the beauty of Manila Ocean Park, you have to prepare a fund of 600 Pesos or around 500 thousand Rupiah. This price includes tickets to visit the Oceanarium, and also tickets to watch the Symphony Evening Show.

Manila Ocean Park has a very charming collection of fish and marine life. You just have to walk in each glass alley and you can immediately see the fish swimming freely above where you are walking. This oceanarium, located in Manila, has a water volume of about 8000 cubic meters with a depth of 25 meters. The glass tunnel is acrylic glass that has been tested for impact resistance and is not easily broken.

Manila Ocean Park

A stunning place for the family and enjoy marine life and other animals.

Apart from educational tours that you can do, there are many activities that you can enjoy here.

The giant aquarium is the highlight where you can see different species of sea creatures, especially sharks and rays.

You can also enjoy dancing jellyfish, penguins and farm animals.

Highly recommend this place to anyone visiting Manila.

Address : 666 Behind, Quirino Grandstand, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila, Philippines


The museum, which was established by the Philippine government, has collections from various fields of science, such as archeology, anthropology, botany, zoology, and geology. One of the collections belonging to the National Museum of the Philippines, the most famous is San Diego. San Diego is a wreck that was used for trade from Manila to Acapulco, Mexico. When found, the artifacts in this ship were still intact.

The National Museum of the Philippines is a government agency in the Philippines and serves as an educational, scientific and cultural institution presenting permanent national collections featuring anthropology, archeology and fine arts in the Philippines. The historical collections owned by tourist attractions in the Philippines National Museum are divided into four categories. Art, ethnography, archeology and history.

National Museum of the Philippines

The museum displays rich history and culture including ethnographic, anthropological, archaeological and visual arts collections.

Address : Padre Burgos Ave, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila, Philippines


Rizal Park is a park specifically established to commemorate the services of Jose Rizal who was one of the heroes of independence in the Philippines during the colonial period. This park is a tourist destination because it is one of the largest parks in Asia. You can visit the park which is also known as the Luneta National Park to learn about the history of the Philippines.

The area of this open park reaches 60 hectares consisting of elephant grass around the monument, then there are ornamental gardens, paved roads and there are also forested areas, a kind of artificial forest in the middle of the city. Near the Monument, there is a flagpole 46 meters high and guarded by guards in a complete regalia, which contains the hero's body and stands as a symbol of Filipino nationality.

Rizal Park

Grand 140-acre park featuring lawns, gardens, outdoor events & a monument to hero José Rizal.

Address : Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila, Philippines


Located 216 miles north of Manila, Banaue is one of four cities in the UNESCO-recognized province of Ifugao. Ancient rice terraces are relatively common sites in Asia, but Ifugao is unique for its elevation. These rice fields were introduced by the Chinese more than 2,000 years ago. Bordered by mud walls, this impressive swath of rice fields sits more than 4,900 feet above sea level.

Banaue Rice Terraces is located at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level and is estimated to be around 2,000 years old. With its unique natural conditions which have an area of about 10,360 square kilometers, UNESCO designated it as a world heritage site in 1995.

Banaue Rice Terraces

Stunning As a wonder of the world this does not disappoint. Be prepared to walk down 300+ steps to the village and find out about rice growing in this area. You can borrow/ire a walking pole at the top to help you over the uneven...

Stunning picturesque views Stunning picturesque views Nice hike around the monumental rice fields terraces Green, green, green mountain surroundings. Must do activity on nice sunny day

Two nights three day visit to Banaue > Cambulo > Batad Having read all of the reviews on the Banaue Rice Terraces, I can see why most would rate the Batad Rice Terraces to be far more beautiful. This review is for the 3 day trek...

Address : Banaue, Luzon Philippines


Boracay is one of the tourist attractions in the Philippines that must be visited when you are on vacation in the Philippines. Located approximately 315 kilometers south of Manila, Boracay offers extraordinary natural beauty. Boracay's natural beauty has even succeeded in making this tourist spot into the list of beaches that must be visited by tourists around the world.

To be able to reach Boracay, there are several ways, namely by using a ferry, airplane, or a combination of ferry and bus. For travelers who want to save money, it is advisable to choose a ferry, but keep in mind that traveling by ferry can take more than 10 hours. If you want to arrive quickly, then you should choose this trip using an airplane at a higher price.

Boracay, Malay

Great place to relax and have fun.

Best white sand beach and great sunsets.

Life is short, explore and witness the true beauty of nature.

Address : Boracay, Malay, Philippines


This island in Cebu Province has an area of about 65 square kilometers and is inhabited by around 430,000 people, making this island one of the most populous islands in the Philippines. One of the main attractions of this island is the large production of musical instruments that can be used as souvenirs such as ukuleles, guitars, and others.

Mactan Island has beautiful beaches with white sand. As well as a variety of beachfront resorts offering a luxurious experience that will not be forgotten. You can choose from a variety of luxury resorts there. Many tourists also lie on the sand of the beachside resorts for sunbathing. Accommodation in Mactan ranges from affordable guesthouses to the extravagant Shangri-La Mactan Resort & Spa, which is also known as the top resort in Asia.


The island is part of Cebu Province and it is divided into Lapu-Lapu City and the municipality of Cordova.

Address : Mactan, Philippines


Fort Santiago in Manila is a fortress built by the Spanish as a defensive fort within the city walls. This fort is one of the tourist attractions in the Philippines which is very popular and has an interesting story. Jose Rizal was a Philippine national hero who was imprisoned in the fort until his execution in 1896. As you explore the fort, you can see bronze footprints that have been embedded in the ground to mark the prisoners' final steps before execution.

Fort Santiago is an 8-minute walk from Manila Cathedral, tourists must cross Soriano Avenue, pass General Luna Street to the northernmost end until it meets Santa Clara Street. From here the entrance to Fort Santiago is visible. The entrance fee to Fort Santiago is PHP 100 (approx. $ 2.10). The fort is open every day of the week, from Tuesday to Sunday, guests can enter from 8 am to 5 pm, with an hour break at 12 noon. On Mondays, the Fort is only open from 1pm to 5pm.

Fort Santiago, Manila

If you like museums and history, this is the one stop for you.

Well-preserved heritage house garden from the Spanish Colonial period.

The structure and architectural characteristics are still visible from the past.

Address : Intramuros, Manila, 1002 Metro Manila, Philippines


Basilica del Santo Nino also known as Minor Basilica of the Holy Child, this church is the oldest Roman Catholic Church in the country and was built in 1739. When the Spaniards found an image of Santo Nino de Cebu, a statue of the baby Jesus, then in the same place they build this church. Inside the Basilica complex is a museum that tells the history of Christianity in Cebu and is well worth a visit after you have seen the Basilica.

Walking to the other side of the church, there is a crowd of people busy taking pictures of objects. It turned out that the object photographed was a Santo Nino doll, a legacy of Ferdinand Magellan. On the side of the statue is a stream of water which visitors use to wash their faces. On weekdays the Basilica del Santo Nino is not too crowded, but on certain days the Catholic church will be full of worshipers.

Museo Basílica Del Santo Niño

It was founded in the 1565 by Fray Andrés de Urdaneta, O.S.A. and Fray Diego de Herrera, O.S.A.

Address : Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines


The Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene is a Roman Catholic Church in the city of Manila. The church became famous for the Shrine of The Black Nazarene. The Black Nazarene is a statue of Jesus Christ which is said to have magical powers. This tourist spot in the Philippines is visited by many local people and foreigners who want to see the Black Nazarene and kiss its feet or wipe it with their handkerchiefs. Every year in January the statue leaves the church for the Black Nazarene and is paraded through the streets as part of a ritual procession.

The Black Nazarene is a statue of Jesus Christ which is said to have magical powers. This tourist spot in the Philippines is visited by many local people and foreigners who want to see the Black Nazarene and kiss its feet or wipe it with their handkerchiefs. Every year in January the statue leaves the church for the Black Nazarene and is paraded through the streets as part of a ritual procession.

Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene

It is a prominent basilica in the district of Quiapo in the city of Manila, Philippines.

Address : 363 Quezon Blvd, Quiapo, Manila, 1001 Metro Manila, Philippines


Burnham Park is located in Baguio, Philippines. The park is named after Daniel Hudson Burnham (an American architect who created the town plan for the city of Baguio). The park has a variety of activities you can do such as sliding the skating rink and playing ball on the soccer field. You can also rent a bicycle so that you can explore this 32 heaktar park. You can also rent a boat so you can explore the water park that is inside Burnham Park. This tourist spot in the Philippines has a lot of flowers and a trip to the Orchidarium is not to be missed while in the park.

The park has a variety of activities you can do such as sliding the skating rink and playing ball on the soccer field. You can also rent a bicycle so that you can explore this 32 hectare park. You can also rent a boat so you can explore the water park that is inside Burnham Park.

Burnham Park

It was designed by American architect and Baguio city planner, Daniel Burnham who is also the namesake of the park.

Address : Jose Abad Santos Dr, Baguio, 2600 Benguet, Philippines


Cebu Taoist Temple was built by a large number of Chinese people who live in the area around the temple. The temple stands 300 meters above sea level and is a large construction that can be accessed by three different roads. This temple is also a temple for adherents of the Taoist faith and you will see a lot of people praying there when you visit.

This tourist spot in the Philippines has 81 steps leading to it, each step representing one of the 81 chapters of Taoism's scriptures. The entrance to the temple was deliberately designed to look like the Great Wall of China. When inside the temple you will be able to walk to the balcony where you will enjoy fantastic views of Cebu.

Cebu Taoist Temple

The temple is built by Cebu's substantial Chinese community in 1972.

Address : Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines


Mines View Park in Baguio is one of the best view spots from the list of tourist attractions in the Philippines. There's an observation deck here that offers views of the gold and copper mines below you, and the mountains ahead of you. To get to the place to see the sights, you need to climb some winding steps and it can get very slippery after the rain so it is always advisable to keep an eye on your steps. When you reach the top, you can rent some binoculars or have your photo taken by one of the many photographers around.

If you have more time visit the former gold and copper mine known as Balatoc. The location of the mine is located in the town of Itogon about 16 km from the town of Baugio. You can go down the alleys of the former mining using the subway. From there you will see how to mine gold and copper in ancient times.

Mines View Park

It is five kilometers away from the Heart of Baguio, and gives the best view of the natural surrounding.

Address : Mines View Park, Baguio, Benguet, Philippines


If diving is too difficult for you then maybe you might consider snorkeling at Honda Bay. This tourist spot in the Philippines is on the eastern coast of Palawan, the waters in this area are filled with starfish (Starfish Island) and they provide a beautiful view as you snorkel casually in the calm waters.

One of the places in Honday Bay is a meeting point in the middle of the ocean, where you can snorkel to see marine life such as coral reefs and fish. Here you can enjoy the underwater beauty that is diverse with fish and coral reefs. You will enjoy chatting and playing with the colorful fish.

Honda Bay

Hooonda bayyy I would love to come back! Nice place, free food, fresh coconuts, very kind people!!! The agencies who book the day trip their choose the best guides! Bravo!

Nature never gets old We had an island hopping tour last October 2019. It was an amazing experience. The place do not look abused despite the fact that there are a lot of tourist on the islands. It was a good trip. Want to go back...

close by and nice trip hey....this was a great choice for us,as we did not want to sit in a bus for 6-8 hr going to el nido.....that is for the most part for kids...this honda bay trip was great....good boating around 3 islands...

Address : Puerto Princesa, Palawan Island Philippines


San Agustin Church is located in Manila and is an extraordinary church built during the Spanish Colonial Period. This church is the third building built at this location because the first and second churches were made of burnt wood previously. The building is now made of stone and remains firmly on its feet even though it is late experiencing earthquake shocks 7 times. Many people come to visit this beautiful church to learn about its extraordinary history and to see its amazing beauty.

San Agustin Church, the only building left intact after the destruction of Intramuros in World War II. Built between 1587 and 1606, San Agustin Church is the oldest church in the Philippines. The massive façade hides ornate interiors filled with objects of great historical and cultural value. Note the intricate trompe l'oeil frescoes on the dome ceiling. This church is a busy church and many events are being held here, from religious events to wedding blessings.

San Agustin Church, Manila

What a fantastic treasure trove tucked away in the hustle and bustle of Intramuros.

Original art, beautiful gardens, 400+ year old doors and stunning 3D painted ceilings.

The ceiling is filled with 3D paintings that look and feel like 3D carvings, it's simply amazing.

This museum is a must visit for its peaceful and serene environment.

Address : General Luna St, Manila, 1002 Metro Manila, Philippines


If you want to see something a little special then a trip to this National Park will leave you feeling that you have just seen something extraordinary. The area is protected and has a very complex cave system. There is a river that flows through the cave which is 8.2 km long before flowing directly into the sea. The Puerto Princesa Underground River has been declared one of the Seven Natural Wonders that you should put on your bucket list for tourist attractions in the Philippines.

Throughout the tour you can enjoy various forms of stalactites and stalagmites. He exclaimed, these satalactites and stalagmites have unique shapes. Of course, use your imagination when you look at the various forms that arise from the stalactites and stalagmites in the cave. For those of you who want to enjoy an adventure to the underground rivers in Puerto Princesa, Palawan Philippines, you can choose one of the many airline choices here, starting from Cebu Pacific, Airphill Express, Zest Air, SeAir, AirAsia Philippines, and the Philippines. Airlines.

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

Being one of the 7 natural wonders, it is a must-visit in Puerto Princesa.

The river in the cave is very long so traveling, you can see all the bats and special rocks.

You will take a boat to a dark cave and they will provide you with an audio device to guide you along the way.

Words cannot describe how beautiful the place is and is definitely a must see when you head to Puerto Princesa.

Address : Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines


Basco is a great base from which to explore the Batanes Islands and you can also take a walk on its flowery trails. Basco is also a good starting point for hikes to the top of nearby Mount Iraya, a 4,977-foot active volcano that can be reached in a three-hour drive from the city. Basco looks more like a part of rural Europe than the municipal capital of Batanes in the Philippines. Pretty Basco Lighthouse is located about 0.7 miles north of town and offers fantastic coastal views.

Basco Lighthouse, a 66 foot (20 meter) long lighthouse built in 2003, is another stunning sight in Basco. Located on a hill, this lighthouse is a photographer's favorite. Right near Basco Lighthouse are WWII ruins; structures that were once part of the war. This facility once connected Batanes with the government.


According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 8,579 people. Basco is located on Batan Island, the second largest among the Batanes Islands, the northernmost islands of the Philippines.

Address : Basco, Batanes, Philippines


Alaminos is home to the Seratus Islands, 123 islands which lie offshore. Each of the islands is different with many being known for their mushroom-like appearance caused by the tides over the years. Island boat trips are a popular activity. Some of the islands are home to beautiful beaches, caves and interesting bird life.

The city is dominated by urban landscapes as well as its natural beauty. If you are looking for other alternatives to a vacation to the Philippines, Alaminos could be a great destination. In certain seasons, the city will be crowded with tourists from various parts of the world.


It is composed of 124 islands and is located off the coast of Barangay Lucap.

Address : Alaminos, Pangasinan, Philippines


Tagaytay has awe-inspiring views of Taal Volcano, the smallest volcano in the world. Mount Taal is not actually located in Tagaytay. But the city's elevation makes it the perfect place to admire this famous mountain peak. You can also take a boat across the lake and climb the volcano for a closer look. With cooler temperatures and beautiful natural scenery, Tagaytay is a place loved by locals to escape the bustle of the big city and enjoy the fresh air.

One place that must be visited while on vacation to Tagaytay City is Sky Ranch. This amusement park offers a variety of exciting rides that you can enjoy. The Ferris Wheel is a favorite vehicle for tourists. By trying the Ferris Wheel, a traveler can see amazing views of Tagaytay City.


Known for its mild climate, it sits on a ridge above Taal Volcano Island, an active volcano surrounded by Taal Lake.

Address : Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines


Intramuros is an old city area which is a legacy of the Spanish colonial era that Toppers can find in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. In this historical tourist area, Toppers can enjoy a variety of historical buildings such as the Santiago Fortress, the Cathedral Church, and various other buildings that are no less interesting.

The entire city tour can take 4-5 hours. Even though it has an old city concept, it doesn't mean that only historical tourism enthusiasts are interested in visiting Intramuros. Photography enthusiasts or those who like to be the object of photos are definitely enthusiastic about the very beautiful architecture of the whole district.


Ancient Intramuros is the location of famous Spanish-era buildings such as Fort Santiago, with large stone gates and temples for national hero José Rizal


You can also go on a historical tour in the Philippines by visiting the city of Vigan. The city that was built in the 16th century with an architectural mix of Spanish and Filipino cultures makes this city very interesting to explore. No less than 187 cultural heritage buildings are located in this area. These buildings are still very well maintained and are used as restaurants, kiosks, and lodging.

Souvenir sellers, a series of restaurants and cafes, street musicians seem busy with their respective activities coloring the life of this city. Tracing Crisologo evokes the atmosphere of the past and takes us to explore the trails of Spain in the Philippines with its old, unspoiled buildings. These buildings were once the homes of the wealthy during the Spanish occupation of the Philippines. What is unique here is that these buildings are still original, the walls are left dying and aging without ever being polished.

Vigan City

A town known for its preserved Spanish colonial and Asian architecture.

Offering fountain light shows, and Plaza Burgos, known for its street-food stalls.

Address : Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, Philippines