20 Best Instagrammable Urban Destinations In Portugal


Portugal is world-widely known for its football players and its architectural style in the cities.

Visiting Portugal can be the best decision to make which offers you the best destinations, from historical, cultural, and many more.

Since Portugal is one of the best destinations in Europe, you can visit its various urban destinations.

The places are range from Gothic-style buildings, museums, landmarks, parks, to the beautiful beaches on islands.

If you're planning to visit it, here are the 20 best instagrammable urban destinations in Portugal for your reference.



Sao Jorge castle or commonly called the castle of St. George, in his day was also called the moor castle. Since the Moors were a nation of Muslim descent who ruled the Iberian peninsula, this castle is located on the top of the sao jorge hill in an Alfama district. Lisbon's castle and city were liberated from Moorish rule in 1147. It is the oldest building in Lisbon, Portugal. You can visit as an urban destination that is full of history.

Sao Jorge castle is one of the oldest monuments in Lisbon, around it are also scattered buildings that make the castle of sao Jorge look even more beautiful when seen from a distance. When the sunrise and sunset, it looks very beautiful when seen from the castle and you can also see the view of the atmosphere of the Portuguese capital and the Tejo river which looks like golden.

Castelo de São Jorge castle

a historic castle entwined in Lisbon’s early history

Address : R. de Santa Cruz do Castelo, 1100-129 Lisboa, Portugal


Parque das Nacoes is a growing area in the Lisbon area, close to the Tagus River. This place offers tourist attractions with beautiful views along the river. In addition, the view of the city with its buildings will be very interesting to see from across the river and bridge. You can visit the Camoes Theater and the Lisbon Oceanarium in the city.

The Paque das Nacoes is one of the best destinations you can expect for numerous landmark in Portugal. Plenty of interesting spots and landmarks are here. The Llisbon Oceanarium is also located in this place. Most of the landmark is photogenic and going to be the best photo objects.

Parque das Nacoes

The place where you see modern skyscrapers, glass buildings and small squares with modern art.

You can take a walk near the beach.

Address : Avenida Dom Joao II 13B, Lisbon 1990-998 Portugal


Palacio Nacional or Sintra National Palace is one of the most beautiful palaces in Portugal. The interior is a mix of Moorish and Manueline styles, with arabesque courtyards, twist columns and geometric columns. The palace is of Moorish origin, although much of what can be seen today can be traced back to 1385, when king John I ordered a complete reconstruction of the palace. This palace was used by the royal family until 1880.

The colors of the Pena Palace, which stands above the city of Sintra, are indeed very interesting to be used as photo objects, not a few couples took pre-wedding photos in Sintra, especially at Palácio Nacional da Pena. Istana Pena is indeed very Instagrammable, if the Portuguese is "Instagramáveis." So, don't miss your chance to visit this place!

Sintra National Palace

It is an interesting palace to see how these Portuguese kings lived through the centuries

And you can also learn about the royal family.

Address : Largo Rainha Dona Amelia, Sintra 2710-616 Portugal


Ponte Dom Luis is a major attraction in the city. It is a two-story metal arch bridge connecting Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia, one of Portugal's wine cellars. This bridge is one of the icons that you must visit while in Porto. The beautiful urban scenery from the bridge will be a photo object with a very instagrammable urban background.

The Ponte Dom Luis is the city's main attraction, a two-story arch bridge of metal connecting Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia, one of Portugal's wine cellars. The Ponte Dom Luis is the city's main attraction, a two-story arch bridge of metal connecting Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia, one of Portugal's wine cellars. The Douro River in the heart of Lisbon is made even more beautiful with this bridge. You can walk on a charming side walk complete with cafes, restaurants, live music, and street vendors selling various souvenirs.

Ponte de Dom Luis I

Cool place to take a romantic walk and enjoy a nearby bar or restaurant.

Try to take the top walking trails for panoramic views of Porto and Gaia.

If you are on a sightseeing tour, you can visit the bridges over or under the bridge.

Address : Pte. Luiz I, Porto Portugal


Vila Nova de Gaia is a city famous for its wine production in Portugal. Located in the district of Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia is one of the destinations that is undoubtedly the beauty of its tourist attractions. You can try tasting the best produced wines by visiting one of the wineries in the city center. In addition, on the western coast, you can try to stop at one of the restaurants and taste seafood.

Vila Nova De Gaia is known for interesting sites like Tropicalia. Besides that, there are still many destinations that you will find here. Walking around the city will be great fun. You have to bring your camera, because there are many Instagrammable spots here.

Vila Nova De Gaia

One of the cool places that offers many tourist destinations.

Address : 4430-204 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal


Igreja de Sao Francisco is a gothic church built in the 14th century. This building is the most prominent example of Gothic architecture in Porto. Initially this building was part of the Monastery of Sts. Francis built in the 13th century. The church building is the only structure that survived a fire that occurred in 1842.

The coastal beauty seen from the incline leading to the church is an attractive tourist attraction for tourists. Besides that, there are many other locations that can be visited close to this place. This church is a quite good place to get around. You can take some pictures of the place, because the look is amazing!

Igreja de Sao Francisco

This is the most beautiful church in Porto.

Inside you will see the interior of the most beautiful church in Porto and one of the most amazing churches in Portugal.

A small museum and underground burial area are also available.

Well worth taking about half and hour to an hour out of your day in Porto to pay it a visit.

Address : Rua do Infante D. Henrique, Porto 4050-297 Portugal


Igreja de Santa Maria do Castelo or Church of Santa Maria is a Katolok church located in Tavira, Portugal. This church is said to have been built in the 13th century AD and is still in existence today. The unique characteristic and Gothic building shape of the building is the main attraction. You will love to explore and see every corner of this church that is still preserved. In addition, this church can be a very instagrammable photo object.

This Gothic building has been in existence for 500 years, but a major earthquake in 1755 brought down monuments all over Portugal. It was later rebuilt in a Baroque design, but retained its medieval Gothic form. Its unique shape will give you really instagrammable photos.

Igreja De Santa Maria

This is a church that is well maintained and has a positive vibe.

Address : R. da Igreja 160, 4470-558 Vila Nova da Telha, Portugal


Nucleo Islamico is one of the Islamic museums located in Tavira, Portugal. This museum was inaugurated in 2012 and is a sign of the development of Islam in Portugal. This museum displays various artifacts related to the entry of Islam to Portugal.

You can also find several displays about the ethnicities at the beginning of the establishment of Portugal and also the entry of Islam. Interesting and very historical, you must come to this place. If you're looking for the other side of Portugal's destinations about Islam, this museum is a good place to visit.

Islamic Museum

This museum was inaugurated in 2012 and is a sign of the development of Islam in Portugal.

Address : Praça da República 5, 8800-349 Tavira, Portugal


Tavira is one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal which is 2 miles from the ocean on the southern coast of the Algave. This city has been around since the bronze era and is split by the Rio Gilao river. Tavira is a pedestrian's paradise, cobbled streets descending through shady gardens, to a legacy of the castle that looks tall and tall, over Roman bridges, and the many Gothic and Renaissance churches that dot the corners of the city.

Even though it is a small city, its atmosphere and beauty will not be inferior to other tourist destinations in Portugal. Since it is a small city, you can spend a day to explore the whole area of the city. Plenty of instagrammable buildings and landscapes are here.

Tavira Island

A great island to relax in with lots of great dining options.

An island complete with restaurants, camping areas and all the beach facilities and services.

Address : Tavira Island, 8800, Portugal


Velha Universidade or University of Coimbra is one of the oldest universities in Portugal. This university building was built in 1290 in Lisbon and has undergone many movements, now finally standing in Coimbra. The interesting thing about this place is the shape of the building which is very unique, thick with Gothic and Portuguese nuances.

You can learn about the development of Portuguese society in the past and also see its unique architectural style. This university is one of the oldest in the world. No wonder you will find many old and ancient artifacts on its interior. Besides, it is an instagrammable object to visit in Portugal.

Velha Universidade

A very nice campus located in the middle of nature.

The University has modern facilities and the quality and variety of programs on offer.

Address : Estr. da Penha 139, 8005-139 Faro, Portugal


Biblioteca Joanina is a public library that is part of the University of Coimbra. This public library is referred to as "The House of the Bookshop." Inside the library, there are three large rooms divided by ornate arches, namely decorated ceilings or roofs, rich in gold and exotic wood, and the walls are covered by two-storey book shelves. Today the library is the National Monument of Portugal and one of the university's main tourist attractions.

Each room had sizable shelves gilded with gold, and a large table made of dark hardwood that came from Brazil. There are more than 250,000 collections of books here, which date from the 1500s to 1700s on various themes such as history, geography, medicine, law and science. The library also maintains bats that were bred to eat book-destroying insects.

Biblioteca Joanina

It is considered one of the most beautiful libraries in the world.

The second floor is a reading area for academic prison wardens.

The top floor is an ancient library that once held only 150 volumes.

Address : Pátio das Escolas da Universidade de, 3000-515 Coimbra, Portugal


Portugal dos Pequenitos is an amusement park located in Coimbra, Portugal. This park is also known as a miniature park displaying Santa Clara e Castelo Viegas, a municipality in Coimbra. The park also has Portuguese buildings and monuments and pavilions dedicated to Portuguese colonies in the past. You can visit this park and become one of your best urban destinations in Portugal.

Dos Pequenitos, which is a miniature garden of buildings and monuments in Portugal, is one of the objects you must visit. There are many buildings and miniatures of famous landmarks here. So that it will be very suitable as an Instagrammable object for you.

Portugal dos Pequenitos

Opened on 8 June 1940, Portugal dos Pequenitos in Coimbra is a recreational-educational park intended primarily for children.

Address : Largo Rossio de Santa Clara, 3040-256 Coimbra, Portugal


Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Consolação is one of the Catholic greja that has become an icon in the city of Guimaraes. This church is very thick with Gothic nuances, you can pay attention to the architectural style of the building. Located in Guimaraes, this landmark is always one of the best spots to take pictures. Besides that, you can also go around the church by getting around in Guimaraes and Braga.

The church is located in Guimaraes and nearby Braga. It is one of the best landmark where you can admire the magnificent building and also beautiful and complex interior. It can be your best instgarammable photo object. Most of the cities in Portugal are dominated by this kind of churches. So, you will not be disappointed.

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Consolação

This church is very thick with Gothic nuances, you can pay attention to the architectural style of the building.

Address : Largo de São Brás 42, 4810-225 Guimarães, Portugal


Viana do Castelo is one of the most beautiful cities in northern Portugal. The city is well known for its involvement in the history of Portuguese Discoveries and the beauty of the beaches on the edge of the city. You can find many historical and unique landmarks in this city.

Apart from that, the beautiful atmosphere with the urban spots scattered all over the city will make you feel comfortable. Lots of interesting spots and angles to be used as good photo objects. So, make sure you will not miss this place, because it has a good and warm atmosphere.

Viana do Castelo

Viana do Castelo is an attractive tourist destination.

The proximity of the mountains, sea and rivers creates a very pleasant and beautiful environment.

Address : Marginal 4900, 4900 Viana do Castelo, Portugal


Guimarães was the first capital of Portugal, where in the 12th century Portugal's first average, Afonso I, ruled. Therefore, Guimarães is often called the hometown of Portugal. The main attraction in this place is an old castle that was once the residence of kings and other historical figures. It is only 50 kilometers from Porto and can be reached by car or bus.

Guimaraes is a small example of a city that is really well run but still maintains its medieval style while still advancing into the modern era. With a rich building history, Guimaraes is increasingly favored by tourists. Moreover, the residents of this city are known to be young at heart and fond of art and culture.


It’s known for well-preserved medieval buildings like the hilltop, 10th-century Guimarães Castle, with its sweeping city views.

Address : Guimaraes, Portugal


Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. This city is one of the oldest cities in Western Europe, you know. Many interesting places in Lisbon with affordable budget that you can visit. The city has many small alleys and cobbled streets for you to walk around. You will also find shops with ancient architecture. The main attraction in the city is Tram 28, an ancient tram used as a tourist transportation around Lisbon's historical districts.

There are lots of tourist destinations in Lisbon that we can visit. One destination that really represents lisbon is the Belem Tower. This tower is also often referred to as the Tower of Saint Vincent. The architecture of this building belongs to the very typical Portuguese type of Manuelin architecture which is suitable as an object for your Instagram photos.


Nearby, the National Azulejo Museum displays 5 centuries of decorative ceramic tiles.

Address : Lisbon, Portugal


Porto is a city in northern Portugal, where fishing boats dock. You will find colorful buildings with beautiful architecture stretching along the hills and overlooking the Douro River. In the heart of this culturally rich city lies a charming pedestrian zone complete with cafes, restaurants, live music and street vendors selling various souvenirs. The Ponte Dom Luis is the city's main attraction, a two-story arched metal bridge connecting Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia, one of Portugal's wine cellars.

The Douro River can also be your destination for getting around the city of Porto. If interested, you can also tour along the river by boat or river sports. You can see the iron arch of the Dom Louis I bridge which divides the Douro river and connects Porto with Vila Nova de Gaia.

Porto City

In the medieval Ribeira (riverside) district, narrow cobbled streets wind past merchants’ houses and cafes.

Address : Porto, Portugal


The town of Óbidos is surrounded by old fortified walls and is situated on a hilltop west of Portugal. You will find a magnificent medieval castle and several other historical sites. There are several narrow, maze-shaped streets that lead to the town square. White-painted settlements decorated with colorful flowers, several cafes and ancient shops selling souvenirs are attractive spots for taking pictures.

While in Obidos, you should try Ginja de Óbidos, a cherry liqueur sometimes served in small chocolate cups. It was once offered as a wedding gift from Portuguese kings to their queens. Obidos developed a reputation as one of Portugal's most romantic destinations. It has also been labeled a city for book lovers thanks to the amazing Hotel Sastra Man.


The municipality population in 2011 was 11,772, in an area of 141.55 square kilometres.

Address : 2510 Óbidos, Portugal


Lagoa das Sete Cidades is a twin lake bordered by a small lane in Ponta Delgada, São Miguel. These twin lakes have a very beautiful view with green and blue colors. You will feel a little trembling mixed with emotion when listening to the legend of the twin lakes which depicts a beautiful royal princess and a young shepherd who fall in love. However, their second marriage was rejected by the King so that the two of them cry until the twin lakes are formed, green and blue. In addition, these two freshwater lakes are a very important source of irrigation in the Azores archipelago.

This lake has a beautiful view seen from the high ground of Azores. You will not miss its breathtaking view on sunny day. The sparkling reflection of the sun light forms such amazing views. If you're looking for a place to contemplate, this place is recommended.

Lagoa das Sete Cidades

What a beautiful and peaceful place to unwind.

Address : Lagoa das Sete Cidades, 9555, Portugal


São Miguel, is an island and one of the best tourist attractions in Portugal which is easiest to reach by air, and there are lots of activities to do, such as hiking, visiting waterfalls and the beautiful twin lakes called Lagoa das Sete Cidades. Apart from that, you can also visit Furnas, which is a small village where visitors can relax and have a culinary tour.

Since Sao Miguel is located in Azores, it has plenty of things offered. You can get around this place by hiking through the trails, soft trekking, and many more. On the top of the hills, you can see amazing views of the surroundings. It will be a best place to get great pictures.

São Miguel Island

There are many things to do on this island such as taking a tour by ferry, taking a walk in the Sete Cidades, visiting romantic spots on the Blue and Green Lakes.

Address : São Miguel Island, Portugal