20 Best Instagrammable Urban Destinations in Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey - Photo by Adam Hles from Pexels

Turkey is a various country where you can combine history and urban lifestyle together. The country is home to many incredible cities with many exciting offers.

To start journey, make sure to explore Ankara's popular places such as Anıtkabir and Altınköy Açık Hava Müzesi. These top attractions are full of excitement.

In Antalya, you get to be a part of one of Turkey's top attractions; Antalya Aquarium and the unique Antalya Sand Sculpture Museum.

There are always fun places to discover in Turkey. Whether the stunning Saitabat Şelalesi in Bursa, the traditional Alaçatı Çarşı in Cesme, or the interesting Balıklıgöl in Urfa.

You'll definitely be able to create as many great pictures as you want for your Instagram feeds.

See more of 20 Best Instagrammable Urban Destinations in Turkey below and find out why they're perfect for you.



Known as the second most populated city, Ankara is not just all about government buildings, it also home to the country's finest attractions such as museums, castles, beaches, and other nature spots.

This monument is one of Turkey's most popular places and very well known in the eye of travelers across the world. It is best known as a resting place of the former president, Kemal Ataturk. The area is lively completed with a marble hall and turrets.

The museums are totally worth visiting. You can explore many incredible art pieces including the stunning panoramas and the amazing oil paintings. To explore and absorb everything, you will need at least 3 to 4 hours at this monument area.


Very impressive, but not accessible for wheelchair access This was quite a spectacular visit and informative about Turkish history. If you're there long enough you get to see the guards changing which was very interesting. Staff...

First place to start in Ankara! Huge Memorial place with vast grounds to walk around, it has also good views from the top to the city of Ankara. The museum contains full story and history of Ataturk. A must visit to understand this...

Must see in Ankara A huge building whit the mausoleum of Ataturk, which is the founder of the Republic of Turkey. There are lots of paintings from that time of the Turkish war of independence and how the republican identity...

Address : Anitkabir Command Anittepe, Ankara 06570 Turkey


As one of Ankara's top attractions, this museum is a unique, open-air museum featuring traditional Anatolian houses, craft and agriculture exhibits, and farm animals. The museum is stunningly displayed with nature all around while completed with several old buildings. The nature's color combined with old buildings would make a perfect combination for your Instagram feeds.

With its location not too far from the city center, this outdoor museum is easily accessible and it is a place where the fun gathered. You can enjoy your photo session in this area, it is a popular thing to do. There are several small restaurants and cafes for enjoying the Turkish traditional meals and drinks. If you haven't had enough with this place, there is a wildlife museum nearby that's absolutely worth the visit.

Altınköy Açık Hava Müzesi

Must be Depending on population increase and as a result of building apartments for accomodating unfortunately we are loosing our village culture and the children living at the apartments they do not know the village life and...

SEARCHING FOR NATURAL In a big capital city if you are searching for natural and primitive this location is perfect .In the middle of the city,you forget everything about city.And most probably your dream will be mobing one day to...

Very nice place to visit. This is one of the most important place to visit in cappadocia.near to goreme city centre and about 15-20 min. to walk. We visited in november 5th and weather was ok to visit. Our hotel's owner( aren cave...

Address : Beşikkaya, 2022. Sk, 06230 Altındağ/Ankara, Turkey


The most famous and iconic city in Turkey has to be Istanbul, hands down. Other than the city's history and stunning skyline, Istanbul is also the source of entertainment and urban lifestyle. The city is internationally known for its many unforgettable destinations and restaurants.

But among the city's most popular places is this classy museum and palace. Visiting this opulent 15th-century palace is like finding a treasure in the middle of the urban life of Turkey. It is well known for housing Ottoman treasures and a gorgeous spot for Instagram. You don't want to miss this one.

As popular as it is, this palace museum is conveniently located in the city center of Istanbul and situated right next to the iconic Hagia Sophia and overlooks the popular Bosphorus Strait. The vast garden in the area is great to pamper yourself with some nature and get relaxed.

Topkapi Palace Museum

Topkapi Palace Museum in a museum and one of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is huge and you can see how the world emperors used to live.

You will also learn stories from hagia Sofia and about religion and the Ottoman Empire.

At the end of the palace there is a cafe and you can take beautiful photos of the bosphorus and istanbul.

Address : Cankurtaran, 34122 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey


To know Istanbul better means to visit this famous bazaar. Unlike other bazaar, this shopping place combines every classic piece with modern vibes. This area is where you can find anything related to Istanbul and Turkey, from peddling leather, jewelry, to beautiful gift. All are exclusively available only in this bazaar and you won't find it elsewhere.

Once you are in this market, you need to know the skill of bargain to avoid getting ripped off. The market is largely completed with more than 40,000 shops and 66 streets offering anything local from affordable pashmina fabrics to striking lamps and antiques. Outside the bazaar also has an alley selling the same stuff.

Grand Bazaar

This market is an iconic location full of treasures, food, authentic goods and interesting characters.

The Grand Bazaar is a popular attraction with tourists to end their Istanbul visit with some shopping.

Offers world famous Turkish handmade carpets, some Turkish silver art, souvenirs and decorations made of copper.

Walking through this Bazaar is a journey amidst the dazzling aroma of spices and colors and beautiful sounds.

A sparkling shopping experience awaits you once you enter the Grand Bazaar.

Address : Beyazıt, Kalpakçılar Cd. No:22, 34126 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey


Among the country's best city for Instagrammable urban destination is Izmir. This city is home to impressive collection of museums, historic landmarks, and white sandy beaches.

This historic landmark, for example, is a very popular spot for tourist to enjoy the city's view through a charming historical tower. The sweeping ocean views and a viewing platform can be a part of your journey. At the base of the elevator is where you can treat yourself with cafes and pubs. Don't forget to also take some memorable pictures.

İzmir Tarihi Asansör Binası

It is a delightful place to enjoy a beautiful or romantic afternoon.

Upstairs and downstairs they have several restaurants and bars to enjoy wine.

The view from above is very beautiful, especially at sunset.

Address : Turgut Reis, Şht. Nihatbey Cd. 76/A, 35000 Konak/İzmir, Turkey


For your next recommendation in Izmir city, you may be interested in visiting this spot located in Smyrna Agora Ancient City. It is an open-air museum featuring the remains of an ancient Greek and Roman market, as well as city center. Every spot in this area is worth clicking because there are many unique-looking stones and buildings to see.

As was once an ancient market place, Agora Open Air Museum is filled with classical waterways, classical columns, and arches that are great to explore.

Agora Open Air Museum

Excellent historic open air museum with ancient architecture.

For a very nominal entry fee you can walk the ancient Agora of Smyrna (now Izmir).

You can see the classic columns, arches and open domes.

One day if you visit İzmir you must go to see this location.

Address : Iki Cesmelik Mah. 816 Sok. No:16 Konak Merkez, Konak, Izmir Turkey


There is no doubt that Antalya is among Turkey's best destinations for tourism. The city is home to many incredible nature and iconic spots.

Antalya also proudly represents Antalya Aquarium as one of its best and top attractions. It is a very large and contemporary aquarium offering themed exhibits, tropical reptiles, and also eateries. Every moment you walk in this beautiful place is blessed with different type of color, making it a lively destination to visit.

In this aquarium, you can see the the 131-meter glass tunnel which is known as the biggest in the world. And through this tunnel, the sights of sharks, rays, and tropical fish will accompany your visit as you pass by.

Antalya Aquarium

This place is a gem that should be on your tour list to see the various types of species that live in the wild oceans.

The display is beautifully and creatively arranged and the fish variety is interesting.

Shark tank with all tunnels running is great, lots of sharks to see.

You are like diving in a fairy tale with beautiful views, magical glass corridors where you can see fish in all the beauty of the sea.

Address : Arapsuyu Mahallesi Dumlupınar Bulvarı No:502 Minicity and Hillside Su Hotel eastern corner of Konyaaltı Beach, Arapsuyu, 07200 Konyaaltı/Antalya, Turkey


This open air museum in Antalya is one of Tripboba's best recommendations for your Instagrammable urban destinations. This place is where you can witness many massive and professionally designed sand sculptures. With its uniqueness, this place is one of the most visited spots for vacationing. And another thing, the massive sand sculptures light up at night. So, it is totally a treatment.

For more excitement, this museum is perfectly located in the beach area. It is absolutely perfect for you who also wants to spend some time swimming and picnicking.

Antalya Sand Sculpture Museum

The museum is superbly maintained with sand sculptures from various countries.

Antalya Sand Sculpture Museum is considered to be one of the biggest sand events in the world.

Beautiful historical and mythical sand sculptures, you can take amazing pictures and enjoy the sunset.

Address : Güzeloba Mahallesi, Güzeloba, Lara Caddesi Lara Birlik Halk Plajı, 07230 Muratpaşa/Antalya, Turkey


In another part of Turkey, this magnificent mosque is the main attraction of Edirne city and has been included in UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place is dating back to 1575 and stands beautifully with 71 meters of minarets and a grand dome. There will always be an Instagram moment you can create here, as it is a beautiful spot for photo session.

Discovering is the most popular thing can be done in this mosque. The tile decorations are very stunning and great to take a close look at. And then the 101 different tulip patterns, which are used in these ornaments are totally worth seeing. Thanks to its location in the city center, this mosque can easily be reached.

Selimiye Mosque, Turkey

Selimiye is the largest of all the Ottoman mosque complexes.

Right in the middle, with a harmony of interior, decoration and magnificent architecture.

It is the pinnacle of an art form and the pinnacle of the architect's life ambition, Sinan.

The complex includes a medrese, houses the Turkish and Islamic Art Museum, school, and Kavaflar Arasta.

This masterpiece of history is a must-visit.

Address : Meydan, Meydan, Mimar Sinan Cd., 22020 Edirne Merkez/Edirne, Turkey


While you are in Edirne city, you must be a part of this popular museum. Based in a historic complex, this health museum is featuring exhibits on ancient medicine and treatment. One of the best things about this museum has to be its wonderful architecture and detail. They are very classy and well made.

The museum houses the recreated rooms from an Ottoman hospital. As an award-winning museum, you can take a walk to its beautiful garden that's full of beautiful plants and even animals.

Complex Of Bayezid II Health Museum

This amazingly majestic museum offers a lot of interesting history and is a must visit in Edirne.

It explains a very good history of health and especially about mental health.

Address : Yeniimaret, 22000 Edirne Merkez/Edirne, Turkey


Once you are in Turkey, you can't skip its amazing and mesmerizing historical places and buildings. In the city Bursa, there are many fine opportunities for memorable experiences. This iconic landmark is one of the best examples of it.

As the city's icon, İnkaya Historical Plane Tree is a centuries-old tree stands 35 meters tall with branches that spread 18 meters in diameter. It is a popular spot for hang out, dining, city viewing, and of course for picture taking.

As a 600-year-old historical plane tree, this place is famously known for its incredible views. So, you should definitely take the time for capturing the views.

İnkaya Historical Plane Tree

It is one of the oldest trees in Turkey featuring a trunk that ranges from two to three meters, and has large branches.

The perfect place to enjoy tea under a 6 century old tree.

Address : İnkaya, Uludağ Cd. No:163, 16370 Osmangazi/Bursa, Turkey


If you're looking for adventurous trip, this popular attraction in Bursa city would be a perfect option for you. It is a wooded waterfall attraction offering waterfall, stone cliff, shops, and parrot selfies. The stunning nature surrounding is perfectly put to give you a memorable experience.

In this area, you can also take the horseback riding for more fun. Even small cafes and restaurants are also available for quick bites.

Saitabat Şelalesi

Wooded waterfall attraction surrounded by cafes & shops, with horseback riding & parrot selfies.

There is some farms that offers their own goods and offers you tea and pastry.

Address : Saitabat, 16450 Kestel/Bursa, Turkey


When it comes to beach life, Cesme city is a great city to be. It is home to many incredible and popular beaches as well as landmarks and historic sites. Ilıca Plajı is a popular public beach known for its gorgeous white sandy beach, crystal water, and windsurfing. It has a wide shoreline, shallow waters for children, eateries, beach chairs, and umbrellas. All of these facilities are perfect to complete your summer break.

Other facilities like restrooms, showers, and changing cabins are also available. Take this moment to really treat yourself with goodness like swimming, picnicking, walking in the smooth sand, and enjoying the sunset light.

Ilıca Plajı

Roomy beach with a wide shoreline & shallow waters for children, plus chairs & umbrellas.

Lots of restaurants right on the beach to order anything you want.

Address : Ilıca, 35930 Çeşme/İzmir, Turkey

14. ALAçATı ÇARşı

If you want to enjoy the urban life of Cesme city and yet still has the touch of classiness, this spot would be a great destination to visit. It is a district full of entertainment, life, and deliciousness. Many tourists like to spend their times here just to be a part of the simplicity of the city. Its colorful surrounding makes a perfect combination for your Instagram.

As a historical village, you can also take a walk to its narrow streets and still there's a sense of history you can feel. Since it is a very popular destination, it can get too crowded - don't come during the Turkish public holidays.

Alaçatı Çarşı

One of the most attractive place with authentic Turkey vibes.

Nice to walk around and lots of small shops and good restaurants.

Address : Alaçatı, 1057. Sk. No:7, 35930 Çeşme/İzmir, Turkey


To create an aesthetic Instagram picture, you need to explore your angle and photography skill. This popular historic landmark in Bodrum city is where you can bring that expectation to life. It is an amphitheater dating back to Greco-Roman times and usually host festivals, concerts, and other local events.

Apart from being a popular destination, Halicarnassus Ancient City also has a unique way to bring excitement to your journey - it offers modern and local events while surrounded by ancient vibes. The museum in the area can be visited too.

Halicarnassus Ancient City

This amphitheater dating back to Greco-Roman times hosts festivals, concerts & other events.

The place looks so beautiful and the view from the top of the stairs is really worth watching.

Address : Yeniköy, 48400 Bodrum/Muğla, Turkey


While you are in Bodrum city, you should spend some of your quality time exploring this historic place. It was once known as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, as well as the birth place of the legendary travel writer Herodotus. The area is full of ancient ruins and old stuff.

As an ancient site, Mausoleum at Halicarnassus or also known as Tomb of Mausolus was built between 353 and 350 BC in Halicarnassus and it offers a collection of old marble stones with a small museum. You can literally stand proudly in the middle just to feel blessed and be a part of what was one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world.

Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

Historically significant A beautiful place full of history and remains of the past. You will have to use your imagination, since there is not much left of the original structure. Make sure to visit if you are in Bodrum!

Important Historical Place! I was on a day trip from Kalymnos, Greece to Turgutreis/Bodrum Turkey (in August 2019) and this Mausoleum was my main to-do during the 5-6 hours we had here (we also saw the Bodrum Castle and the Ancient...

Weird hours, but quite a monument to imagine Obviously, these are ruins. But it is certainly worth a trip to see this Ancient Wonder. There is a nice viewing area and small museum, which provides some explanation. However, you...

Address : Tepecik, Bodrum City Turkey


One of the best cities to go to for an Instagrammable urban destination is Konya. This city is lively and colorful and perfect for you who seek fun trip This picturesque public park offers paved pathways, playful and colorful fountains, beautiful flower beds, lawns, and an amphitheater. It is among the city's top attraction.

Located in the city center, Kültür Park is blessed with ponds filled with beautiful swans to watch. Be sure to also check out the library.

Kültür Park

A landscape urban park with fountain and concert area.

There is a tartan runway for walking and running.

Address : Ferhuniye, Fuar Alanı 4 D, 42060 Selçuklu/Konya, Turkey


An exciting park like this park in Konya is the kind of place that'll bring an unforgettable experience. This tropical garden features exotic plants and butterflies with children's programs. This place will take you closer to nature while surrounded by urban and modern amenities. Its building lights up at night with various color, making it a gorgeous spot for picture opportunity.

As a popular destination, you might want to avoid standing in the queue for tickets. Booking your ticket ahead is what Tripboba recommends you to do. The small insect museum is a great spot to be at. It showcases the butterfly and different stages of their lives.

Konya Tropikal Kelebek Bahçesi

Tropical garden featuring exotic plants & butterflies, plus an insect museum.

They have interactive terminals with games for children and small cinema with cartoons about bugs life.

Address : No:, Sille Parsana Mahallesi, İsmail Kaya Cd. No:206, 42250 Selçuklu/Konya, Turkey

19. BALıKLıGöL

To further your trip in Turkey, Urfa is located on Turkey's southern border and believed to be the town of Abraham. If you'd like to explore the prehistory era, you should visit this city as it is home to some of the oldest sites in the world.

This historical landmark is a fish-filled pool where Nimrod threw Abraham into the fire - this is according to the Muslim belief. But aside from its interesting history, its beautiful self has attracted many locals and tourist alike.

The sacred fish ponds are among its most popular spots. You should definitely take your time to explore them. As place that's filled with sacred things, Balıklıgöl is home to sacred lakes that are full of beautiful water animals.


Holy and mystical place Under the Urfa castle, this place is really full of history. If you are into history of religions, than you should know about Abraham who is the great ancestor of all prophets.

Beautiful place of great history Beautiful park and sacred pool. In centre of Sanliurfa. Good pathways all around. Despite huge crowds, the area seems calm and peaceful. Plenty of eateries and park areas all around.

Loved it. The pool, the park, the cave in the mosque... All super. I went back a second time, I loved it so much.

Address : Eyyubiye, Sanliurfa 63200 Turkey


You can also be a part of this beautiful park when you are in Urfa city. This state park is a calm and relaxing spot for afternoon walk while accompanied by beautiful nature and garden. With its beauty, this spot is popular for wedding photoshoot location, making it a fine option for your Instagram needs.

This park is also completed with many playgrounds, old trees and sport areas for your enjoyment. Take a closer look and be a part of this park for more fun.

Kasaptaşı Parkı

Spacious garden with a special track for sports, playground and seating places with full grass.

Address : Refahiye, 289. Sk. 8 A, 63300 Şanlıurfa Merkez/Şanlıurfa, Turkey