20 Best Restaurants in Rome

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Find some warm, top-quality, and amazing restaurants in Rome, Italy.

This iconic city has the best places to go for vacation and the best places to go for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Tripboba gathered the best 20 restaurants that you can visit in Rome, and all of them are recommended.

For example, there are Amerina la Pizzetta, La Baguetteria Del Valle, Pizza della Madonna dei Monti, and more to go.

Make sure to visit at least one of them when you arrived in Rome, Italy.



If we talk about the best restaurants in Rome, it's also talking about good Italian restaurants. But, the first restaurant that Tripboba gathered in this list is not an Italian eatery, but a Japanese restaurant. It's called Domò Sushi and one of the best Japanese restaurants in Italy.

Domò Sushi is located at Via Novara and opens daily from 9.30 AM until 12.30 AM, so you can visit this Japanese restaurant every day. This restaurant has wide menu selections contain tasty dishes such as Salmon Tartare, Edamame, Mango Salad, Takoyaki, Pescado Harumaki, Niko Gyoza, Misoshiru, Ramen Chamumiso, Katsu Ramen, Kaisen Udon, Yakitori, Salmon Tataki, Ebi Tempura, Yasai Teppanyaki, and more Japanese food to go.

Domò Sushi

A restaurant equipped with plants and greenery and professional staff.

There is a variety of sushi & sashimi, plus tempura, ramen dishes & desserts.

The fish they use are of high quality and freshness.

Address : Via Novara, 21, 00198 Roma RM, Italy


Amerina la Pizzetta is a pizza restaurant located at Largo dei Librari 82, and open daily from 5.00 PM until 12.00 AM on Sunday to Thursday, from 11.00 AM until 02.00 AM on Saturday, and from around 5.00 PM until 2.00 AM on Friday. Then, you have plenty of Italian food options such as Bianca, Margherita, Rossa Alici, Pepperoni, Angelucci, Magliochetti, Gran Formaggi, Vegetariana, Patate Salsiccia, Pizzeta Nutella, and Tiramisu.

Amerina la Pizzetta

A lovely pizzeria.

Good pizza dough using quality ingredients for an appetizing delicacy.

Great option for an evening snack with a full bar.

Address : Largo dei Librari, 82, 00186 Roma RM, Italy


La Nicchia Cafe is a quite famous sandwich shop in Rome, starts open from 7.30 AM until 6.00 PM on weekdays, and from 11.00 AM until 5.00 PM on Saturday.

La Nicchia Cafe is located at Via Cipro 4L and offers all the guests very friendly staff, very good customer service, and a great place to enjoy sandwiches in Rome, Italy. La Nicchia Cafe is also near the Vatican Museum and could be a perfect place to go to after visiting the iconic museum with honest prices plus a decent selection of gourmet sandwiches.

La Nicchia Cafe

A fantastic cafe to have a fresh menu and located in a convenient location.

They have a great selection of sandwiches, fresh salads, fruit juices, avocado toast and more.

Sandwiches are prepared on the premises, with always fresh and delicious ingredients for all tastes.

Address : Via Cipro, 4L, 00136 Roma RM, Italy


If you are looking for one of the best fast-food restaurants in Rome, StuPisci is the first place that you should go. StuPisci is located at Via Bellinzona 11 and opens twice a day from 12.00 until 3.00 PM, and from around 7.00 until 11.00 PM.

It's also open daily so you can go to StuPisci every day with your friends at lunch or dinner time. For the dishes options on the menu, there are Innamorata, Stupisci-Spada, Polpo al cuore, Cacio e pepe, U Pani Cunsatu, Sim Sala Mon, Calammare, Senzapisci, Tartare di Gambero, Tartare di Salmone, and Tartare di Tonno.


Cozy spot for dinner or a unique culinary experience.

Every detail is treated in detail and the combination of fish with some typical Calabrian products is meticulous.

Address : Via Bellinzona, 11, 00198 Roma RM, Italy


CiPASSO Bistrot is an incredible restaurant featuring delicious foods, great service, excellent staff plus a cozy atmosphere surrounding. You can go to Via Metastasio to reach CiPASSO Bistrot and open daily from 12.00 until 11.30 PM, so you can visit this upscale eatery every day.

CiPASSO Bistrot offers you some tasty fares such as Cipasso Board, Fried Cartoccio, Tuna Tartare, Beef Carpaccio, Vegetarian Board, Cacio E Pepe, Hummus, Smoked Swordfish, Truffle, Orecchiette, Ravioli Cacio E Pepe, Spaghetti and Clams, Gricia Con Le Fave, Artichoke Carpaccio, Smoked Tuna, Chicken Salad, and Lasagna of the day.

CiPASSO Bistrot

Restaurant serving creative bistro dishes & fine wines.

In general all the menu is good and the wine selection is good.

Try the crostini which are the typical “Roman dish”.

Address : Via Metastasio, 21, 00186 Roma RM, Italy


La Baguetteria Del Valle is another sandwich shop that you should go to while coming to Rome, Italy. This amazing restaurant offers many good things like super-friendly staff, great prices, a nice ambiance plus a wide selection of foods available.

La Baguetteria Del Valle is located at Via del Teatro Valle and open every day from 9.30 AM until 7.30 PM. La Baguetteria Del Valle has variety of baguettes foods plus Croissant Francese, Mini Muffin, Mini Girelia, Mini Saccottini, and Muffin.

La Baguetteria Del Valle

Amazing place to have lunch or have a variety of delicious sandwiches.

Have a good variety of sandwiches and beers at great prices.

Address : Via del Teatro Valle, 40, 00186 Roma RM, Italy


Tuk Tuk Ride is one of the best Thai restaurants in Rome and very recommended to visit. Tuk Tuk Ride is located at Via Giovannipoli, open daily from 7.00 until 11.55 PM, and has a lovely atmosphere, attentive service, reasonable prices, and a very cute place to visit.

Tuk Tuk Ride has a lot of delicious foods on the menu to make all the guests comfortable such as Hoo Ping, Papaya Salad, Fried Squid, Miang Lao, Spring Thai, Ground Fish, Roast Duck & Pineapple Salad, Rice Bowl, Fish Pad Thai, Chicken Pad Thai, Beef Green Curry, Shrimp Red Curry, Fried Rice with Pineapple, Fish Cake Bao, Banana Chilli with Fried Rice, and Duck Soup.

Tuk Tuk Ride

A very good Thai restaurant for an ethnic culinary experience.

Offers a variety of Thai type dishes as well as great cocktails.

Address : Via Giovannipoli, 125, 00145 Roma RM, Italy


La Tavernetta 29 da Tony e Andrea is located at Via della Pelliccia, starts open from 12.00 until 11.30 PM, and offers tasty food, fantastic service, friendly staff, and fair prices.

Then, La Tavernetta 29 da Tony e Andrea also offers a variety of foods available such as Spaghetti alla Carbonara, Fettuccine al Salmone, Ravioli al Tartufo, Lasagne al Forno, Gnocchi al Gorgonzola, Risotto agli Scampi, Rigatoni alla Tavernetta, Tortellini al ragu, Salmone Fresco, Frittura di Paranza, Scaloppine di vitella al limone, Ossobuco, and more.

La Tavernetta 29 da Tony e Andrea

Restaurant with a large outdoor seating area, where you can enjoy your meal.

Offering absolutely delicious wine with main entrees.

Address : Via della Pelliccia, 29a, 00153 Roma RM, Italy


Located at Via Ugo Ojetti, That's Amore Barbecue is open twice a week from 12.00 until 3.00 PM, and from around 7.00 until 11.30 PM. That's Amore Barbecue also offers so many good things like a welcoming place, kind staff, excellent service, and delicious food.

For the food options, That's Amore Barbecue has Onion Rings, Chicken Wings, Nacho Specials, Cheese Nuggets, Pulled Pork Bites, Stuffed Potato Skins, Pork Ribs, Short Cut Ribs, Chicken Barbecue, Pulled Pork, Lobster Sandwich, Cheeseburger, Bacon Cheeseburger, Egg Bacon Cheeseburger, and some desserts like Brownies Pecan, Apple Crunch, Carrot Cake, and Cheesecake.

That's Amore Barbecue

This is a restaurant with good typical American food.

The particular and delicious side dishes.

The taste and deliciousness of the homemade sauce stands out.

Address : Via Soriso, 13, 00166 Roma RM, Italy


Pane e Salame is the must-visit restaurant in Rome since it offers the best Italian food in the city paired with Italian wines. Besides the best foods, Pane e Salame also offers fantastic service, friendly staff, reasonable prices, and a good atmosphere, totally worth visiting.

Pane e Salame is located at Via Santa Maria in Via and opens at 11.30 AM until 10.00 PM every day. Pane e Salame offers all the guests tasty food on the menu such as Prosciutto Crudo, Salame, Mortadella, Pesta Di Tacchino Arrosto, Prosciutto Cotto Mozzarella, Smoked Ham, Hot salami, Roasted Turkey Breast, and Mortadella.

Pane e Salame

Restaurant with Indoor and outdoor options available.

Offers excellent sandwiches, good wines, meats and cheeses.

Address : Via Santa Maria in Via, 19, 00187 Roma RM, Italy


Casa Manco is a pizza restaurant located at Via Aldo Manuzio 66C Nuovo Mercato di Testaccio, and starts open from 9.30 AM until 3.00 PM on Monday until Saturday.

You can also enjoy some good things here like friendly staff, fantastic pizza, flavorful dishes, and cheap prices. Then, Pizza Margherita, Pizza Barese, Pizza Crostino, Pizza Zecchine e Stracchino, Pizza Melone, Pizza Porchetta, Pizza Regina, Pizza Hummus, Pizza Mango, Pizza Limone E Provola, and more.

Casa Manco

Spectacular pizzeria.

The combination of ingredients is unique and delicious.

An absolute must try for anyone visiting Rome.

Address : Via Aldo Manuzio 66C Nuovo Mercato di Testaccio, Box 22, 00153 Roma RM, Italy


Pizza della Madonna dei Monti is another pizza restaurant sitauted Via Della Modonna de Monti and starts open from 12.00 until 10.30 PM on Tuesday to Sunday with amazing service, friendly staff, and yummy food.

Pizza della Madonna dei Monti has offers several delicious Italian food like Gnocchi Al Gorgonzola, Gnocchi All'amatriciana, Lasagna Classica, Lasagna Vegetariana, Pugatorio, Pizza Fritta, and some pizza classics such as Margherita, Napoli, Capricciosa, Diavola, Carbonara, Tonna Cipolla, and Prosciutto Funghi.

Pizza della Madonna dei Monti

This is a good pizzeria for a variety of pizza.

Amazing pizza and amazing service.

Address : Via della Madonna dei Monti, 110, 00184 Roma RM, Italy

13. MIMì E COCò

Mimì e Cocò is the eatery that you have to visit while coming to Rome, Italy. Located at Via del Governo Vecchio, Mimì e Cocò is open every day from 5.00 PM until 1.00 AM on Monday to Thursday, and from around 11.00 AM until 1.00 AM on Friday to Sunday. There are some tasty dishes on the menu which are available such as Spaghetti Alla Carbonara, Lasagna Bolognese, Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce and Bacon, Mum's Meatballs, Chicken Skewers, Roast Beef with tartar sauce, and more to go.

Mimì e Cocò

This is a favorite bistro to have a pure taste of local cuisine.

Has a variety of wines, caprese salad, ravioli, pizza and tiramisu.

Address : Via del Governo Vecchio, 72, 00186 Roma RM, Italy


Mattarello Piazza Bologna offers all the guests plenty of nice things like lovely and tasty food, friendly service, patient staff, and a nice atmosphere. Mattarello Piazza Bologna is situated at Via Bari 9-11 and opens twice a week from 12.30 until 3.30 PM, and from around 7.30 until 11.00 PM every day.

For the food selections, there are Fettuccine Carbonara, Roast Beef, Lasagna al ragu, Polpettone Tonno e Patate, Lasagna Zucchine e Salmone, Crochette, Bomba Amatriciana, Fiore di Zucca Fresco, Gnocchi alla Sorrentina, Bacon Burger, Cheeseburger, and Tiramisu.

Mattarello Piazza Bologna

This is a good restaurant with quality pizza and beer.

The price is quite good for the quality.

They have aperitifs, small sandwiches, suppli, polenta, pizza and sausage wrapped in cheese.

Address : Via Bari, 9-11, 00161 Roma RM, Italy


Mun Sushi Bar - Roma is another Japanese restaurant on this list besides Domò Sushi that very recommended to visit while coming to Rome, Italy. This sushi bar is situated at Via del Gelsi 43, opens from 6.00 until 11.00 PM, and has excellent dishes, incredible service, and a cozy ambiance.

Mun Sushi Bar - Roma has some roll, tartare, other Japanese menus which include, Gyoza Pork, Gyoza Chicken, Tempura Di Gamberoni, Lunar Roll, Sunset Roll, Flame Roll, Tuna Truffle, Crunch Spicy Ebi, Salmon Roll, Cheese Salmon Roll, Tuna Roll, Chicken Fries Roll, Spicy Tuna, Spicy Salmon, Tartare Salmone, Gunkan Salmon, Gunkan Tuna, Sashimi Ricciola, and Maki Mango.

Mun Sushi Bar - Roma

A special sushi spot with a choice of wine.

Top sushi, very high quality and courtesy of the staff.

Address : Via dei Gelsi, 43, 00171 Roma RM, Italy


Dar Bruttone (Roma San Giovanni) is a Roman restaurant situated at Via Taranto, open twice a week every day, and offers helpful staff, top-quality food, and amazing dishes. For the food options, there are Carbonara Top, Fettuccine Fatte, Carbonara Con Asparagi, Coda Alla Vaccinara, Salti In Bocca, Verdure Grigliaie, Patate Fritte, and some desserts like Tiramisu, Panna Cotta, Cheesecake, and Frutta Di Stagione.

Dar Bruttone (Roma San Giovanni)

One of the best places to enjoy traditional Roman Cuisine.

Offers great transitional Roman cuisine, great carbonara dishes and main courses.

Address : Via Taranto, 118, 00182 Asti RM, Italy


Restaurant Dumpling Bar is a Chinese restaurant that you have to visit while coming to Rome, Italy. Restaurant Dumpling Bar is located at Piazza Antonio Meucci, starts open from 12.30 until 10.00 PM on Tuesday to Sunday, and has excellent food, friendly staff, fresh ingredients, and tasty flavors.

Restaurant Dumpling Bar also offers some delicious foods such as Patate E Cipolla, Manzo E Peperoni, Camberi E Castagne, Verdure Miste, Baozi Di Verdure, Lamian Saltati Con Verdure, Pollo Al Currey, Gamberi Salsa Verdure, and Pancetta in Salsa Char Siu.

Restaurant Dumpling Bar

Great place for authentic Chinese dumplings.

They have good noodle dishes too.

Address : Piazza Antonio Meucci, 1, 00193 Roma RM, Italy


El Maìz - Venezuelan Street Food is the one and only Venezuelan restaurant on this list and recommended to visit in Rome. Located at Via Tolemaide, This family-run restaurant starts open from 12.00 until 11.00 PM every Monday to Saturday and has friendly service, a great place, tasty food, and fair prices. For the food options, you have Reina Pepiada, Carne Mechada, Pollo Mechado, Tres Quesos, Pelua, Pabellon, Vegetariana, Carne Mechada, and more.

El Maìz - Venezuelan Street Food

A spot to have the most delicious Venezuelan food.

Also a great place for people who want to eat gluten free.

Address : Via Tolemaide, 16, 00191 Roma RM, Italy


Il Ristoro dal Patriota is located at Piazza Accademia di S.Luca and open daily from 11.00 AM until 12.00 AM, so you can go to this restaurant every day. Il Ristoro dal Patriota offers all the guests good service, soft furniture, delicious fast food, and a good atmosphere surrounding.

Il Ristoro dal Patriota also offers a wide menu selection which includes, Fresh Spaghetti, Oven-Baked Lasagna, Mediterranean Seafood Risotto, Chitarra Spaghetti Carbonara, Small Potato Dumplings, Chitarra Spaghetti, Pappardelle with Lobster, Hand-made Fettuccine with Shellfish, Cavatelli Boscaiola, and Bucatini Alla Gricia.

Il Ristoro dal Patriota

A memorable place for having an excellent food.

Address : Piazza Accademia di S. Luca, 76, 00187 Roma RM, Italy


Pasta e Vino Osteria is a warm and simple restaurant that offers homestyle Roman eats such as pasta, grilled meats, and more.

Pasta e Vino Osteria is located at Via della Peliccia, starts open from 12.00 PM until 12.00 AM, high-class service, great food with reasonable prices, and a lovely ambience with jazz piano alongside. Pasta e Vino Osteria offers Polpette Della Nonna, Melanzane Alla Parmigiana, Polpette Alla Cacciatora, Galletto Al Forno, Bistecca Alla Griglia Con Patate, Bufala E Prosciutto, Burrata, Insalata Greca, Porchetta Di Veroli, and more.

Pasta e Vino Osteria

A cozy restaurant with a variety of delicious dishes at affordable prices with a soft jazz piano.

It offers delicious home-cooked Roman dishes like pasta & grilled meats.

Address : Via della Pelliccia, 12, 00153 Roma RM, Italy