20 Best Restaurants in Amsterdam

Google Map - Photo by N S (Bistrot des Alpes)

Amsterdam is one of the beautiful cities in the Netherlands, even in Europe.

This city has several incredible places to go to and so do the culinary destinations.

You can find plenty of restaurants here such as Nepalese restaurants, Mediterranean restaurants, and even you can go to an Indonesian restaurant here.

Tripboba gathered the best 20 eateries that you should go to while coming to Amsterdam, Netherlands.

So, if you have a plan to go to Amsterdam and looking for great places to get rid of your hunger, then you have to read this article first.



Graham's Kitchen is the first restaurant on this list that we recommended you to visit while coming to Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Graham's Kitchen is located at Hemonystraat 38, starts open from 6.00 until 10.00 PM every Tuesday to Saturday, and has great food, excellent service, friendly staff, and top-quality food alongside a great atmosphere.

You can enjoy some fares here such as Hamachi Potato, Burrata, Red Gurnard, Roasted Lamb, Cheese Selection, Strawberry Buttermilk, Savoury Waffles (crème Fraiche, Black pearl Caviar), Oysters, and Charcuterie.

Graham's Kitchen

Recommend this cozy restaurant for your taste buds who will explore with taste.

They have high quality food with well designed dishes.

Their takeaway menu is as you would expect also of the highest quality.

Address : Hemonystraat 38, 1074 BS Amsterdam, Netherlands


De Silveren Spiegel is a local Dutch restaurant with great food, excellent service by the staff, high-end dishes, and a great atmosphere alongside.

De Silveren Spiegel is located at Kattengat 4-6 and it starts open from 6.00 until 9.00 PM on Wednesday and Thursday, and from 12.00 until 9.00 PM on Friday to Sunday. Then, you have several tasty food available such as Terrine of vegetables, Dry aged Rib Eye of Beef, Strawberries, Selectie van seizoensgroenten, Zeeuwse Mosselen, Dry aged Rib Eye van het rund, Noordzee Tongschar, and more.

de Silveren Spiegel

If you want to enjoy traditional Dutch cuisine in a convenient setting, this is it.

Kind servers serve delicious sumptuous dishes accompanied by wine pairing.

The food portions are big, tasty and traditional Dutch.

Address : Kattengat 4-6, 1012 SZ Amsterdam, Netherlands


Ta Toru is one of the best Indonesian restaurants that you can find in Amsterdam and if you love Indonesian dishes, you have to visit this eatery.

Located in The Food Department, Ta Toru is open daily from 12.00 until 8.00 PM and offers a great place to enjoy a meal, friendly staff, and very delicious grilled dishes at reasonable prices.

Ta Toru offers a lot of tasty Indonesian dishes which include, Raw Stick Pork, Sate Set, Sate Pesta, Sate Maranggi, Chicken Sticks, Codfish, Chicken Breast, Chicken Wings, Sticky Fried Chicken Wings, Nasi Kuning, Fresh Ginger Salad, Pangsit Chicken, Lontong, Emping, and Carrot Crackers.

Ta Toru

Nice restaurant to whet your appetite.

All dishes are served colorfully with perfect taste.

They have dishes that are grilled to perfection with a spiced satay sauce.

Address : Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 182I, 1012 SJ Amsterdam, Netherlands


If you are looking for the best place to enjoy your breakfast, brunch, and lunch, Mortimer is the best answer for you. Mortimer is located at Nieuwezijds Kolk 33 and it opens every day from 7.30 AM until 4.00 PM on weekdays, and from 9.00 AM until 4.00 PM on weekends.

Mortimer also has some good things like nice service, great place with friendly people, and some tasty food for breakfast such as Croissant, Toasted Brioche, Banana Bread French Toast, Veggie Breakfast, Shrimp Cocktail, Eggs Benedict, Mortimer Eggs, Smoked Scrambled Eggs, Full English Breakfast, Humus, Smoked Ribeye Sandwich, Hong Kong Avocado, and Croque Madame A La Mortimer.

Mortimer Restaurant

A cozy spot to enjoy breakfast or brunch at a reasonable price.

They have bacon, sausages, amazing poached eggs, coffee lattes, cakes and more.

Their staff is very friendly and amazing.

Address : Nieuwezijds Kolk 33, 1012 PV Amsterdam, Netherlands


Tacos & Tequila is the right place if you want to enjoy Mexican food in Amsterdam. Situated in The Food Department, Tacos & Tequila has friendly staff, good vibes surrounding, super tasty dishes, and it opens every day from around 12.00 PM until 8.00 PM.

Enjoy some delicious food available such as De Chorizo, Le Bistecca Vegana, El Pescado, De Camaron, Salsa Verde, Pollo Burritos, Barbacoa Burritos, Fruta de Jack, Chili sin Carne, Quesadillas, Totopos, Cassava Fritas, and many more.

Tacos & Tequila, Amsterdam

A beautifully decorated restaurant with a variety of delicious dishes on offer.

It offers real corn tortillas, gluten free, vegan options, selection of sauces, tacos, etc.

Address : Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 182, 1012 SJ Amsterdam, Netherlands


Café Sonneveld is located at Egelantiersgracht 72 74, 1015 RM Amsterdam, starts open from 11.00 AM until 11.00 PM every day, and has pleasant service, beautiful interior, and plenty of tasty food alongside with soft relaxing music. Café Sonneveld has two different menus available, appetizers and the main course menu.

For the appetizer menu, you can try Tomato Soup, Breadboard, Bruschetta, Carpaccio of Smoked Beef, Scottish Smoked Salmon, Shrimp Croquettes, and Gamba's Piri Piri. Then, you have Tenderloin Steak, Round Steak, Chicken Skewer Wim Sonneveld, Sparibs Sonneveld, Pork Tenderloin, Schnitzel Parmigiana, Spaghetti Bolognese, Stampot, and Fish of the day on the Main Course menu.

Café Sonneveld

If you are looking for a beautiful and picturesque cafe in a convenient location, this is it.

This cafe comes with a beautiful interior with semi dim lighting, and relaxing music.

They offer traditional Dutch food with a variety of delicious food and drinks.

Address : Egelantiersgracht 72 74, 1015 RM Amsterdam, Netherlands


Restaurant Zaza's is located at Daniël Stalpertstraat 103, 1072 XD Amsterdam and starts open from 5.00 PM until 10.00 PM every Monday to Saturday. Restaurant Zaza's also offers great food, lovely waitresses, and delicious foods available.

For the food selections, you have Fresh Burrata, Tuna Tempura, Pan Fried Scallops, Thinly Sliced Duck Breast, Fillet of Cod, Jumbo Prawns in Kataifi, Homemade Ravioli, Char-Grilled Irish Ribeye, and some desserts like Bailey's Panna Cotta, Sgroppino, Brioche Bread & Butter Pudding, and Ginger and Almond Creme Brulee.

Restaurant Zaza's

A rather upscale restaurant perfect for birthdays and special occasions.

They have slick main menu, drink selection and impeccable service.

Desserts like their bread pudding are one of the best parts of the meal.

Address : Daniël Stalpertstraat 103, 1072 XD Amsterdam, Netherlands


Bhatti Pasal - Authentic Nepalese Food is the first Nepalese restaurant on this list and very recommended to visit while coming to Amsterdam, Netherlands.

You can go to Voetboogstraat 23 to reach this restaurant and it starts open from around 12.00 until 10.00 PM every day. Bhatti Pasal - Authentic Nepalese Food has menus which include tasty fares such as Chicken Steamed, Pan-Fried Chicken, Chowmien Chicken, Chowmien Pork, Chicken Sekuwa, Pork Choila, Khaja Set, Bhati Pasal Thali, Aalu Ko Achar, and Gajar Ko Haluwa.

Bhatti Pasal - Authentic Nepalese Food

Really cozy and modern restaurant to enjoy authentic Nepalese dishes.

They even have some dishes that are crunchy on the outside, soft dough, juicy filling and spicy sauce.

They offer very reasonable prices for food that is truly out of the world.

Address : Voetboogstraat 23, 1012 XK Amsterdam, Netherlands


Palmyra Syrian Restaurant is a Syrian restaurant that serves tasty soft kebabs, incredible service, super-friendly staff, and top-quality food.

Palmyra Syrian Restaurant is located at Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 53H and it opens daily from 12.00 until 10.00 PM, so you can visit this restaurant every day with family or friends.

For the food options, you have Humous, Baba Ganoug, Labneh, Mutabai, Tahina, Kebba Makkiieh, Tarator Djeedj, Fatajer Sabaneg, Fatajer Gudra, Falafel, Shish Taouk, Special Mix Grill, Burgui Bel Djajh, and more.

Palmyra Syrian Restaurant

If you want to try or get a little slice of Syrian cuisine, head to Palmyra Syrian Restaurant.

They have an extensive menu and have delicious and quality vegan options.

All the staff are happy to tell about their menu highlights.

Address : Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 53H, 1012 RD Amsterdam, Netherlands


Bistrot des Alpes is a French restaurant that serves innovative Dutch-Asian cuisines in an elegant minimalist setting with an open kitchen. Bistrot des Alpes is located at Utrechtsedwarsstraat 141 and it starts open from 5.30 until 9.30 PM every day.

Then, you have several tasty dishes available that you can order here such as Cream of Fennel, Homemade Pate, Foie Gras, Rillettes of Trout Filet, Canard Confit, Candied Sea Bass, Ratatouille, Lemon Meringue Tart, Creme Brulee, and Dessert of the moment.

Bistrot des Alpes

Authentic delicious French food in such a lovely restaurant.

They serve authentic French cuisine with high quality ingredients from the region.

Address : Utrechtsedwarsstraat 141, 1017 WE Amsterdam, Netherlands


You can go to DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam Central Station to reach Eastwood Beer & Grill and it opens daily from 11.00 AM until 10.00 PM, so you can enjoy your meal here every day with your family or friends.

Eastwood Beer & Grill also offers all the guests great service, a cozy atmosphere, and a great selection of tasty food. There are Smoked Salmon, Carpaccio, Burrata, Avocado, Croque Monsieur, Tomato Soup, Caesar Salad, Steak Tartare, Tuna Tataki, Tomahawk, Eastwood 'MRIJ' Beef Burger, Skirt Steak, Portobello, Gambas, Picanha Steak, Apple Pice, Chocolate Lava Cake, Eastwood Ice Bucket, and Strawberry Romanoff.

Eastwood Beer & Grill

A restaurant with lots of lovely space for a dining experience.

You can taste the freshness of the food with always polite service.

Steak cooked perfectly with great beer.

Address : Oosterdoksstraat 4, 1011 DK Amsterdam, Netherlands


The Chicken Bar is located at Voetboogstraat 6, open every day from around 1.00 until 10.00 PM, and offers really nice food, welcoming staff, great prices, and a cozy atmosphere surrounding.

The Chicken Bar has a menu that contains many delicious foods like Bread and Butter, Chicken Tenders, Chicken Wings, Pulled Chicken Taco's, Homemade Corn Soup, Fried Chicken, Spicy Pulled, Spare Ribs, and some desserts such as Oreo's & Cream Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Apple Cinnamon Streusel Loaf, and Salted Caramel Pecan Fudge Brownies.

The Chicken Bar

A cozy restaurant to devour delicious chicken in the orange glow of candlelight.

This restaurant is famous for the best rotisserie chicken in town.

All the starters are to die for and the main chicken is outstanding.

They even have a great wine list.

Address : Voetboogstraat 6, 1012 XL Amsterdam, Netherlands


Piqniq is a perfect brunch restaurant to visit in Amsterdam since it offers friendly staff, delicious fares, and a cozy environment. Piqniq is located at Lindengracht 59HS and it starts open from around 10.00 AM until 4.00 PM on Wednesday to Monday and closed on Tuesday. Piqniq has several tasty foods on the lunch menu which include, Tuna Salad, Smoked Salmon, Hummus, Old Cheese, Egg Baguette, Brie, Mozzarella, Greek Salad, Thai Vegetable Soup, Green Pea soup, Italian Tomato Soup, Goat Cheese, and Pulled Chicken.

Piqniq Restaurant

A restaurant with simple decor and casual seating area for a good brunch experience.

They offer a selection of sandwiches, salads and soups, gluten-free cakes and a wide variety of drinks.

Address : Lindengracht 59HS, 1015 KC Amsterdam, Netherlands


Restaurant Olijfje is one of the best Mediterranean restaurants in Amsterdam and very recommended to visit.

Located at Valkenburgerstraat 223D, 1011 MJ Amsterdam, Restaurant Olijfje is open daily from 11.30 AM until 10.00 PM, then you can go to this restaurant every day with family or friends.

Restaurant Olijfje has a menu called, Grilled Specialities which contains many tasty fares such as Grill Kofte, Adana Kebab, Chicken Kebab, Sis Kebap, Grilled Chicken Thighs, Children's Menu, Mixed Grill, Grilled Lamb Cutlets, Lamb Tenderloin, and Beef Tenderloin.

Restaurant Olijfje

Great atmosphere with music, nice decoration and variety of dishes.

Their menu is varied from tapas to meat, fish from the grill.

They serve all kinds of amazing Mediterranean and Turkish dishes.

Address : Valkenburgerstraat 223D, 1011 MJ Amsterdam, Netherlands


Sherpa Restaurant is the second Nepalese restaurant on this list and you can visit it while coming to Amsterdam, Netherlands. Sherpa Restaurant is situated at Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 58, starts open from 3.00 until 10.00 PM, and has super-friendly staff, flavorful dishes, and a cozy place to visit.

For the appetizers menu, you can order Benda Thang, Onion Bhajee, Paneer Pakora, Aloo Chili, King Prawn Pakora, Chicken Chili, Seekh Kebab, and Lusha Momo. Then, you can enjoy some tasty local dishes on Nepalese Main Dishes which include, Dal Bhaat Tarkarira Masu, Chunlaa Dhulo Masu, Gorkha Style Khasi ko Masu, Gorkha Style Kukhura ko Masu, Kukhura ko Masu ra Palungo, and many more.

Sherpa Restaurant

If you like Nepali/Indian food, this restaurant is the place to be.

They have a great selection of beers, delicious curries and more at reasonable prices.

Address : Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 58, 1017 RD Amsterdam, Netherlands


Spectrum is one of the best fine dining restaurants in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Spectrum offers you inventive global cuisine with local ingredients, amazing food, incredible staff, and high-class service.

Start open from 5.30 until 8.00 PM, Spectrum has some tasty dishes such as Mackerel, Sea Buckthorn, Conch, Veal liver, Herring, Carabinero, Sepia, Eel, Duck, Tremella, Pure Chocolate, Bell Pepper, Shitake, Cauliflower, Jerusalem Artichoke, Waterlemon, Sweet Corn, Beetroot, Black Truffle, Blackberries, and Tremella.

Spectrum Restaurant

Classy restaurant with high standards of service and food.

Each dish has a slick combination of flavors and textures.

Address : Herengracht 542-556, 1017 CG Amsterdam, Netherlands


Grillhouse Nàder is a steak house located at Kerkstraat 66, starts open from 1.00 PM until 10.00 PM every day, and has great service, reasonable price, very friendly staff, and a cozy place to visit.

Grillhouse Nàder has an incredible selection of menus available such as Vegetable Soup, Goulash Soup, Lentil Soup, Goat Cheese Salad, Tuna Salad, Tuna with soy sauce, Chicken Salad, Meatballs in Tomato Sauce, Meat Patties, Fried Mushrooms with garlic, Deep Fried Squid Rings, Fillet of Beef, Ribeye, Kip Anubis, Vlees Anubis, and Beef Steak with 2 Fried Eggs.

Grillhouse Nàder

Nice classy restaurant with a very attentative owner.

They have very tasty meat from Argentina.

Address : Kerkstraat 66, 3011 WZ Amsterdam, Netherlands


De Royal Chophouse is located at Amstelveenseweg 128, 1075 XL Amsterdam and it opens daily from 3.00 until 11.00 PM, so you can visit this eatery as long as you want every day with your friends.

De Royal Chophouse also has an amazing classy atmosphere, excellent service, and the food is ten out ten, incredible. For the menu selections, De Royal Chophouse has Argentinian Fillet, New-Zealand Fillet, Rib Eye Steak, Entrecote, Filet de Brochet, Lamb Chops, Spare ribs, Chicken Fillet, Filet Mignon Fajitas, Chicken Fajitas, Fresh Salmon Fillet, and Grilled Gambas.

De Royal Chop House - Beste Steakhouse & BBQ Grill Restaurant in Amsterdam

Classy restaurant with variety of meat.

Address : Amstelveenseweg 128, 1075 XL Amsterdam, Netherlands


The Happy Bull is a low-key American-style eatery with selections of food, friendly staff, great service, and a great place to enjoy your burgers. The Happy Bull is located at Hoofddorpweg 9H and starts open from 5.00 until 9.30 PM on weekdays, and from 1.00 PM on weekends.

The Happy Bull offers you some tasty burgers on the menu which include Classic Burger, Cheese Burger, Smoked Bacon Burger, Turkey Bacon Burger, Hottie Burger, Grilled Goat Cheese Burger, California Burger, Texas Burger, Roquefort Burger, El Chicano Burger, Villy Burger, El Macho Nacho Burger, Crispy Chicken Burger, Hermano Pollo, Spicy Crispy Chicken, and Pulled Pork Burger.

The Happy Bull

Cozy little restaurant with delicious burgers and lots of beer.

They serve delicious and customizable burgers.

Address : Hoofddorpweg 9H, 1059 CS Amsterdam, Netherlands


Brasserie Ambassade is located in The 9 Streets, open every day from around 7.00 AM until 10.00 PM, and has excellent food, great service, delicious and flavorful food, and a classy place to visit and enjoy your meal. Brasserie Ambassade has amazing food options such as Steak Tartare, Steak Frites, Paddenstoelen Ravioli, Confit de Canard, Burger Ambassade, Cote De Bœuf, Vis Van De Dag, Gemarineerde zalm, Uiensoep, Eendenlever terrine, and more to go.

Brasserie Ambassade

A classy restaurant with well-crafted dishes.

Their soup has great taste and the octopus dish is tender.

Address : Herengracht 339, 1016 AZ Amsterdam, Netherlands