20 Best Restaurants in Cleveland

Google Map - Photo by Market Garden Brewery

If you have a plan to go to Cleveland to search for the best restaurants, then you are on the right path.

Because, Tripboba gathered the best 20 eateries in Cleveland, Ohio.

You can find kinds of restaurants here such as steakhouses, seafood restaurants, or even a healthy food restaurant.

For example, there are Blue Point Grille, Mia Bella Restaurant, RED the Steakhouse Downtown, and more to go.

So, before you arrived in Cleveland, make sure to visit at least one of these restaurants.



Slyman's Restaurant and Deli is the first restaurant on this list and very recommended to visit while you go to Cleveland, Ohio. Slyman's Restaurant and Deli is a retro breakfast and lunch which starts from 8.00 AM until 2.30 PM on Monday to Friday.

Slyman's Restaurant and Deli also offers wide menu selections which include, Corned Beef Sandwich, Pastrami Sandwich, Tuna Sandwich, Reuben, Roast Beef Reuben, Turkey Reuben, Turkey Melt, Cheeseburger, Hamburger, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Hot BBQ, Tuna Plate, Bumble Bee Plate, and Homemade Soup of the Day.

Slyman's Restaurant and Deli

If you want to enjoy a variety of foods or want to share your dining experience, make sure it's Slyman.

A restaurant known for the best corned beef sandwich.

Address : 3106 St Clair Ave NE, Cleveland, OH 44114, USA


EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute is a high-end French restaurant that serves meat and seafood on the menu. Located in Shaker Square, EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute starts open from 5.00 until 8.30 PM on Monday to Saturday and has great service, fantastic food, and a nice atmosphere.

EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute has much delicious food on the menu such as Lobster Bisque, Salade Nicoise, New Zealand Lamb Lollipops, Grilled Seafood Sausage, Frog Legs, Artichokes, Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras, Salmon Croquette with lemon caper cream sauce, Escargot de Bourgogne, Fromage, Pan-Roasted Duck Breast, Prime Filet Mignon, and Truffled Cauliflower Gratin.

EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute

A restaurant with lots of French specialties and lots of delicious drinks.

It serves upscale French dishes including meat & seafood options with a wide range of drinks.

They even have homemade entrees including pasta and desserts.

Address : 13101 Shaker Square, Cleveland, OH 44120, USA


Blue Point Grille is a seafood restaurant that serves upscale seafood with great food, nice portions, and fantastic service. Situated in Hoyt Block, Blue Point Grille is open daily from 3.00 until 9.00 PM and you can visit this restaurant every day with your family or your lovely one.

Blue Point Grille has two different menus available like starters and entrees menu, then for the starters menu, you have Blue Point Oysters, Ahi Tuna Tartare, Oysters Rock, Gulf Shrimp Cocktail, Seared Scallops, Chicken Alaskan King Crab, Roasted Wild Mushrooms, Chilled Seafood Tower, and Crab Cake.

Then, you can have Nags Head Grouper, Grilled Swordfish, Pan-Roasted Coleman Farms Chicken, New Bedford Scallops, Filet Mignon Oscar, Hawaiian Ahi Tuna, Lobster Bolognese, Surf & Turf, Gulf of Maine Salmon, and Crab Cake Entree.

Blue Point Grille, Cleveland

This is a restaurant that is perfect for seafood enthusiasts.

Flavors well executed, portions are perfect and mimosas are great.

Sausage, bacon, chorizo, peppers, onion, cheddar, topped with sausage gravy.

The mussels and grouper are amazing and cooked to perfection and the ice cream is great as well.

Address : 700 W St Clair Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113, USA


The Bourbon Street Barrel Room is one of the best Cajun restaurants in Cleveland. The Bourbon Street Barrel Room is located at 2393 Professor Ave, start open from 4.30 PM and offers delicious cajun fares, attentive service, and a comfortable atmosphere.

The Bourbon Street Barrel Room also offers some delicious dishes on the restaurant's menu which include, Mardi Gras Pasta, Louisiana Red Beans & Rice, SW Louisiana Cajun Jambalaya, New Orleans Shrimp Creole, Fresh Blackened Catfish Meuniere, Black Angus Reserve Sirloin, The Bourbon Street Pork Chop, Big Easy BBQ Chicken, Cresent City Combo, and Jail Island Antarctic Blackened Salmon.

The Bourbon Street Barrel Room

A Cajun restaurant with 2 floors of indoor seating and outdoor seating.

Try their Cocktails and cajun, both are great.

Address : 2393 Professor Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113, USA


Taza a Lebanese Grill Cleveland is the Lebanese restaurant that you have to visit while coming to Cleveland, Ohio. Taza a Lebanese Grill Cleveland is located at 1400 W 6th Street and open every day from 11.00 AM until 9.30 PM.

This restaurant also offers a great place to enjoy the meal, fantastic service, and a very nice atmosphere. For the food options, Spicy Cauliflower, Lentil, Shish Lamb Specially Salad, French Fries, Taza Chicken Salad, Mixed Grill, Ahi Tuna, Chicken Kafta, Hummus Chicken, Shish Lamb, Shish Kabob, Kabob, Mujadara, Hummos Shawarma, Fatteh, Samakeh Seana, Samakeh Tajin, Samakeh Harra, and Grilled Veggie.

Taza - a Lebanese Grill Cleveland

Truly a good restaurant for small or large parties.

They have combo of chicken, beef, lamb, rice and vegetables, Taza salad with pita bread, and a wine list.

Address : 1400 W 6th St, Cleveland, OH 44113, USA


Mia Bella Restaurant is the first Italian restaurant on this list and a very recommended place to visit while coming to Cleveland. Mia Bella Restaurant located at 12200 Mayfield Rd, open daily from 4.00 PM and it has excellent service, family-friendly staff, and tasty Italian dishes in a lovely atmosphere.

Then, there are some tasty foods that you can try such as Gnocchi Alla Romana, Bolognese, Cheese Ravioli, Lobster Ravioli, Grilled Lamb Chops, Veal Piccata, Veal Braciole, Mia Bella Especiale, Ribeye Steak 16oz, Seared Sea Scallops, Grilled Chicken Risotto, Scampi Pappardelle, and Steamed Middle Neck Clams Linguini.

Mia Bella Restaurant

A beautifully maintained and immaculate restaurant perfect for a culinary experience of all ages.

Featuring Italian cuisine with some Mediterranean dishes.

Address : 12200 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland, OH 44106, USA


Sokolowski's University Inn is the right place to go if you are looking for the best Polish restaurant in the city.

Sokolowski's University Inn is located at 1201 University Rd and offers so many good things such as excellent home-cooked Polish food in a homey atmosphere and relaxing piano music alongside.

For the food selections, you have Salisbury Steak, Fresh Bratwurst, Kielbasa, Sauteed Pierogi, Chicken Paprikash, Corn Beef Reuben, Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, Pastrami & Cheese, Black Angus Burger and Fries, Garden Salad, Soup of the day, and Scrod Meal.

Sokolowski's University Inn

A restaurant featuring home-cooked Polish dishes served on a buffet line.

It has a full bar and several opportunities to buy beer or liquor.

Address : 1201 University Rd, Cleveland, OH 44113, USA


Grumpy's Cafe is another good place for breakfast and lunch since it's open from 7.00 AM until 2.00 PM every day. Grumpy's Cafe is situated at 2621 W 14th Street and offers good service, super-friendly staff, and tasty dishes available.

Grumpy's Cafe also offers you a wide selection of foods available on the menu which include, Chessy Chorizo Soft Pretzels, Mediterranean Flatbread, Spinach Power Bowl, Cranberry Apple Walnut Salad, BBQ Chicken Caesar, Meatloaf Melt, Corned Beef, Grilled Salmon BLT, Black Bean Burger, Steak Burger, Chicken Philly, Jambalaya, Vegetable Stir-Fry, Mojo Pork Tacos, Cajun Chicken Alfredo, Pulled Pork Boxty, Salmon Quinoa Bowl, and Smothered Chicken.

Grumpy's Cafe, Cleveland

An organized restaurant serving a variety of comforting American food.

Has sausage, bacon, chorizo, peppers, onions, cheddar, sausage.

Address : 2621 W 14th St, Cleveland, OH 44113, USA


Stancato's Italian Restaurant is another Italian restaurant that serves Italian traditional fares and a lunch buffet. Stancato's Italian Restaurant is open every day from 11.00 AM until 9.00 PM and gives all the guests great food, nice staff, reasonable prices, and a cozy atmosphere.

You have a lot of food selections here such as Eggplant Rollatini, Italian Pork Chop, Romano Fillet, Scallops Genovese, Seafood Ciapinno, Scallops Oreganato, Cod Sorrento, Chicken Napoli, Salmon Salerno, Pork Chop Pasquale, Veal Calabrese, Giuseppe Filleto, and Friday Fish Fry Special.

Stancato's Italian Restaurant

Italian restaurant & bar comes with variety of traditional dishes & buffet lunch.

Has a variety of delicious food as well as a good selection of drinks in portions.

Address : 7380 State Rd, Parma, OH 44134, USA


One of the best and must-visit eateries that you can visit in Cleveland, it's Great Lakes Brewing Company. Located at 2516 Market Ave, Great Lakes Brewing Company starts open from 12.00 until 10.00 PM on Wednesday to Saturday and from 12.00 until 5.00 PM on Sunday.

Great Lakes Brewing Company has a main menu that includes many delicious things such as Bavarian Pretzel Sticks, West Side-Winders, East Side-Winders, Sausage Sampler. Pub Wings, Stilton Soup, Garden Salad, Ohio City Salad, Fish & Chips, Pretzel Chicken Sandwich, The Brewben Burger, The Fitz Burger, The Pierogi Flatbread, and BBQ Chicken Flatbread.

Great Lakes Brewing Company

If you want to have craft beer as well as a delicious meal, this is it.

They feature great burgers and sandwiches and great home made chips.

Address : 5300 Riverside Dr, Cleveland, OH 44135, USA


TownHall is one of the best health food restaurants in Cleveland with locally sourced served in a contemporary setting with a patio. TownHall is situated at 1909 W 25th Street, open every day from 11.00 AM until 2.30 PM, and offers organic food, healthy dishes, and a great selection of vegan food.

TownHall has a vegan brunch menu which includes Vegan Crepes, Avo Classic, Vegan Beet Hummus, Vegan Spicy Mediterranean, Vegan Wakey Wakey, Vegan Eggwich, Vegan Huevos Ranchero, Vegan Power Bowl, Vegan Grilled Cheese + Egg Bars, and Vegan Scrambled "Eggs".

TownHall, Cleveland

Locally sourced & innovative bar bites & vegan options served in a contemporary setting with patio.

The decor and layout works well with great sight lines.

Address : 1909 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH 44113, USA


Dante is a modern Mediterranean-tinged New American restaurant located at 2247 Professor Ave C and opens from 5.00 until 10.00 PM. Dante also offers all the guests top-quality food, great prices, and the atmosphere is just too great.

There are some delicious foods that you can order such as DND Breakfast, French Toast Napolean, Orange Marmalade Pancakes, Banana Foster Waffle, Pasta Carbonara Fritatta, Shrimp & Grits, Ham and Gruyere Omelette, Angus Cheeseburger, "Occhio di Bue", Croque Madame, Traditional Benedict, Smoked Salmon Croissant, and many more.

Dante, Cleveland

Modern, Mediterranean-tinged New American dining & late-night noodles in a former bank building.

This is hands down one of Cleveland’s best restaurants.

Address : 2247 Professor Ave C, Cleveland, OH 44113, USA


Soho Chicken + Whiskey is located at 1889 W 25th Street, starts open from 4.00 until 8.30 PM, and has decent food, reasonable prices, a wide selection of menu, and very nice service. Then, you have several tasty foods on the menu such as 2 Buttermilk Biscuit, Chicken plus Waffles, Shrimp plus Grits, Fried Green Tomatoes, Pimento Cheese, Deviled Eggs, Gumbo, Fingers plus Fries, Good Golly Hot Sauce, Green Goddes, and Country Captain.

Soho Chicken + Whiskey

Eatery serving modern takes on Southern cuisine, with signature cocktails, in atmospheric digs.

This place just knows how to conjure up flavor with everything they prepare.

Address : 1889 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH 44113, USA


Jack's Deli and Restaurant will make you comfortable while coming here because it offers a lot of menu selections. Jack's Deli and Restaurant is situated at 14490 Cedar Rd and has tasty dishes, reasonable prices, clear service, and big portions of food.

Jack's Deli and Restaurant also offers you some tasty dishes such as Prime Deluxe Burger, Bacon Cheddar Burger, Patty Melt, Famous Cheeseburger Club, Homemade Turkey Burger, Garden Burger, Grilled Chicken Breast, Grilled Chicken Mushroom Melt, Chicken Club, Jumbo Vienna Dog, Grilled Cheese, and Hylari's Tuna Melt on the "From Jack's Grill" menu.

Jack's Deli and Restaurant

Old-school deli specialties, plus other American eats are served all day at this family-run fixture.

Great place for traditional deli food.

Address : 14490 Cedar Rd, University Heights, OH 44118, USA


Corky and Lenny's serves a classic Jewish deli with delicious fares, a good dining experience, and great service. Located in Village Square, Corky and Lenny's starts open from 8.00 AM until 7.00 PM every Tuesday to Sunday.

Then, you have several delicious foods on the menu such as Smoked Salmon Lox, Fat-Free Tuna Salad, Smoked Canadian Whitefish, Chunky Chicken Salad, Smoked Sable, Chicken Fingers, Kippered Salmon, Roast Brisket of Beef, Smoked Breast of Turkey, Beef Tongue, Tuna Salad, Quesadilla Reuben, Cold Steak Pastrami, Turkey Breast, Chopped Liver, Sturgeon, Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage, Chopped Sirloin with grilled onions, and more.

Corky and Lenny's

Longtime, classic Jewish deli known for its oversized sandwiches, malts & unpretentious vibe.

They have a varied menu from breakfast to dinner that definitely worth the trip.

Address : 27091 Chagrin Blvd, Woodmere, OH 44122, USA


If you are looking for a simple place to enjoy your meal in Cleveland, then you have to visit Adega. Situated in Metropolitan at the 9 Autograph Collection, Adega offers you fantastic service, a classy atmosphere, and absolutely decent food.

For the food selections, you have Sweet Basil, Burrata, Quinta & Cherry, Caesar, Salmon, Short Rib, Market Fish, Brick Oven Chicken, Local Sausage & Goat Cheese, Three Cheese, 8oz Filet, 16oz Bone-in Ribeye, Polenta Cubes, Hummus, Seared Scallops, Mussels, Charred Octopus, Charcuterie Bread, Pappardelle Ciopinno, Gargenelli Bolognese, Confit Garlic Shrimp, Meyer Lemon Tart, and Roasted Pear.

Adega, Cleveland

Elegant hotel restaurant offering refined Mediterranean mains, weekend brunch & a glass wine vault.

The atmosphere is really classy with good music and lighting.

Address : 2017 E 9th St, Cleveland, OH 44115, USA


Urban Farmer Cleveland's Steakhouse is one of the best steakhouses that you should visit in Cleveland, Ohio. Urban Farmer Cleveland's Steakhouse is situated at 1325 R 6th Street and has an amazing place to enjoy the meal, a relaxing atmosphere, and delicious food.

You can enjoy some tasty dishes here which include Artisanal Cheese, Charcuterie, Farm Fries, Twice-Baked Fingerling Potato Tart, Prime Beef Tartar, Chilled Shrimp, Roasted Foraged Mushrooms, Local Greens, New York Steak Tasting, Filet Mignon, New York Strip, Caesar, Ribeye, Steak Frites, King Salmon, and Squash Pasta.

Urban Farmer Cleveland's Steakhouse

Upscale place serving locally sourced beef dishes, plus regional wines & beers, in rustic-chic digs.

The restaurant is well decorated and has many seating areas to accommodate parties of all sizes.

Address : 1325 E 6th St, Cleveland, OH 44114, USA


RED the Steakhouse Downtown is a modern steak house with traditional chophouse fare, pasta, and seafood on the menu. RED the Steakhouse Downtown is located at 417 Prospect Ave E and starts open from 4.30 until 10.00 PM on Tuesday to Saturday.

You can enjoy some tasty food on the appetizers menu such as Antipasti Board, Steak Tartare, Lump Crab Cake, Shrimp Scampi, Mussels Diavolo, Stuffed Hot Peppers, Crisp Chili Calamari, French Onion Dip, and King Crab Bisque.

Then, you have Shrimp Cocktail, Tuna Poke, Dozen Oysters, Red Seafood Tasting, Lobster Bake Gnocchi, Meatball Pasta, Shrimp Carbonara, Sixty South Salmon, Spicy Tuna, and King Crab on Raw Bar, Seafood, and Pasta menu.

RED the Steakhouse Downtown

Sleek, modern outpost of a small chain specializing in traditional chophouse fare, pasta & seafood.

The Steaks are seasoned perfectly and the broccoli & garlic is just perfect.

Address : 417 Prospect Ave E, Cleveland, OH 44115, USA


Marble Room Steaks and Raw Bar is the place that you have to go to while coming to Cleveland and it offers some good things such as amazing decor, top-notch food quality, excellent service, and a charming ambiance surrounding.

Marble Room Steaks and Raw Bar is located at 623 Euclid Ave and starts open from 5.00 until 11.00 PM on Monday to Saturday. You can enjoy some tasty dishes here such as Filet Mignon, Dry-Aged Delmonico, Rack of Lamb, Seared Duck Breast, French Onion Soup, Beef Tartare, Duck Confit Spring Rolls, Lump Crabcake, King Crab Leg Chilled, Seafood Tasting, Kaluga Caviar, and more to go.

Marble Room Steaks and Raw Bar

Upscale chophouse for steaks, seafood & cocktails in an opulent historic bank building.

Address : 623 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44114, USA


Market Garden Brewery is the last restaurant that Tripboba recommended you to visit in Cleveland, Ohio. Market Garden Brewery is an American gastropub with a patio, great food, fantastic service, and good selections of food.

You'll be pampered by some tasty dishes on the menu which include, Bavarian Pretzel, Scotch Eggs, Buffalo Ranch Wings, Chipotle Maple Wings, C.A.B Smash Burger, Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Mushroom Goat Cheese, Smoked Brisket, Vegan Mac& Cheese, Kimchi Rice Bowl, Cinnamon Roll, French Toast, Egg Sandwich, and Brownie Sundae.

Market Garden Brewery

American gastropub with a patio, house beers, a distillery & a menu of creative sandwiches & tacos.

Amazing Brewery! We had the best food & service here. Krista was our server & she was wonderful. Food was amazing and the Mimosa flights are a must have if you come here!!

Excellent service Our group of 11 walked in without a reservation on a saturday evening, and the staff and manager did everything to accommodate us.Very reasonable prices, good food and exceptional staff.Everyone from the...

Address : 1947 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH 44113-3418